The questions belong to heterogeneous array, here it goes: 1. Intelligent questions stimulate, provoke, inform and inspire. Deep quotes that make you think and see life different. 37. But the gaming company didn't just spring up in the '80s: In fact, Nintendo was founded in 1889. Below are seven mind-blowing questions that might make you rethink your life if you take the time to give a thoughtful answer. Questions that make you think can be entertaining starters for a discussion or meeting. Try to make … Do you daydream more about the future or your past? Luckily for you, we did all the work and discovered some truly precious gems. After all, reflection is the key to progression. 20 Unanswerable Questions That Will Make You Think Alot. You’ll probably never have to answer this question–unless you apply for a job at Apple. A new illustrated thought question is posted daily. Also, if you think that your relationship is not mature enough, refrain from asking them. 200 Questions to get to know someone – A lot lighter in tone than the questions on this page, but perfect for getting to know someone! Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Feel Good. Philosophical questions are those uniquely interesting, thought-provoking questions, that really make you think deeply… and often get harder the more you think about them.. Far from your basic small talk, these are the questions to ask when you want to spark a fascinating discussion about heavy topics. They are just meant to get your wheels turning, and maybe help you see the decisions you’ve been making, and the ones you’d like to make from now on. However, not just any question elicits the desired response. What would instantly make you fall out of love with someone? Maybe she has some different thinking about herself, which doesn’t match your opinion about her, and you are able to know more about your girlfriend. stupid questions things that make you go "hmmm", imponderables We call them "Dumb Questions" here at Brain Candy, and we're sure that ours is THE BEST collection anywhere, with 350 questions! Or we declare statements to … The beauty of these questions is there are no right or wrong answers. They can serve as icebreakers in formal or informal gatherings. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. So, for today, I’ve put together a list of 20 questions for you to ponder on. Philosophy (the study of ideas… about knowledge, truth, nature and meaning) is one of the oldest-practiced sciences in human history. We recommend that you read and reread these questions regularly when you have some quiet time to think. We appreciate your support. These questions stop and make you think, which is what I liked best about them. 2. It is all about triggering those locked aspects that you never got to thought upon. Learn about peoples likes, dislikes, values, dreams, and more. 99 Humorous, amusing and thought provoking questions and ponderables. I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of philosophical questions and found some that made you think. Finally, if you want to use deep questions to spark the interest of someone you're interested in, then you should also check out these two resources: For guys, there are 3 text message that can get a girl interested in you. Questions that help you figure out what you want. The questions given below are serious and may have a bearing on your relationship, and because they are serious, be prepared for serious answers. Thought provoking questions are great when you're in the mood to dig into conversation with real substance. Deep Questions to Ask Someone You Love. What scares you the most about growing old? They invite wide participation and serve as some ‘thoughtful’ additions to gatherings. If you would like to maximize the benefits of self reflection, our new sister site, Thought Questions, is for you. 33. We’re all used to the daily thoughts and ideas that cross our minds. This question works best when you have nothing specific to talk about. Questions help us to teach as well as to learn.” Do you question where you’re headed? After ending up in a part of the internet I don't know how I got to, I've compiled a list of mind-boggling questions that I just can't seem to figure out.. 1. 34. These are heavy questions for a comedy to tackle, but director Marc Forster pulls it off with aplomb. The answers to these mind trick questions are not far fetched, but not after some level of manipulation and mind twisting. Which celebrity do you think you’d be BFFs with? Improve your Decision Making by Reading More Books: Get a free guide of the 8 strategies I use to read 60 books a year, and 67 must-read books for entrepreneurs — including the best books on business, life, and the philosophy of work.