Whether you’re dreaming of an outdoor wood fireplace or a modern gas fireplace, Chazelles has you covered. Shop our top selection of wood burning & gas outdoor fireplaces today! We also offer a range of electric fireplaces that are both modern and practical. We have the perfect solution for you! Fortunately, there are now wood burning stove equipped with clean-burning technology. A fireplace is a piece of art. EPA suggest to use non-catalytic wood stove as this is better for the environment. Thus, you can guarantee that this doesn’t emit harmful gas or smoke. This ensures the highest output of our fireplace’s heating and excellent energy efficiency. This is a powerful wood stove that can cover up to 2,200 square feet. The fireplace division of Napoleon manufactures gas and electric fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, gas & wood stoves. Create a fun and functional living area for the whole family to enjoy, while producing an ambiance that only a live fire can provide. This includes a double-sided fireplace on display in a wall between two rooms where the warmth and vibrant radiance can be enjoyed from both sides. Our gas heater, electric heater, or wood heaters can be a lifestyle and entertainment feature that allows you to achieve a beautiful, elegant home, while also serving the practical purpose of heating your home. However, it has least effect on the lung cells of healthy individuals and can actually be removed quickly from the system without causing any serious health problems. Being the best wood burning stove for backpacking in the market recently, it is not at all surprising why people fell I love with this wood stove. A modern wood fireplace can add warmth and a classical touch to any home. Albeit heavy, this wood stove actually has a compact design that allows to easily install the stove. It is because it produces heat that is three times more powerful than that of a gas fireplace and an electric stove. Meanwhile, some people actually believe that wood burning stoves are dangerous to one’s health and the environment because of the smoke they produce. Redefine flexibility with Ortal’s Indoor Outdoor line, emanating warmth and beauty from the interior and exterior of any space. On the other hand, wood stoves can also be catalytic and non-catalytic. Napoleon Fireplaces Canada is a division of Wolf Steel Limited, the parent company of the Napoleon brand. It produces 23,000 BTU of heat and has a really great design that is convenient for camping. As mentioned earlier, these wood stoves are EPA-approved, which means that they underwent quality and safety check before they are even released in the market. If improperly installed, operated, or maintained, wood burning fireplaces are potential sources of house fires. While such wood stoves can be quite expensive, but we think that it’s a worth it investment, especially if you love camping and doing outdoor grill often. It’s a box-like wood stove with 4 feet that keep the stove stable. Portable Indoor Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Heater quantity. If you have a slightly bigger room and want a freestanding wood burning stove in particular, then this medium wood stove by US Stove Company is your best bet. Enquire. 26 in. For instance, a conventional wood burning stove produces a lot of smog that not only affects our health but the environment as well. Keep the home fires burning with an authentic indoor wood fireplace that costs much less than a site-built masonry fireplace. For a medium sized wood burning stove that can give off subtle heat, your best pick is the WS-TS-1500 Wood Stove by Woodpro. Simply think of the effect that you would like your fireplace to achieve for your home, and we can find you the design to achieve it. These clean-burning wood stoves, also known as clean heat stoves, can burn wood efficiently while emitting fewer smoke particles in the air. Designed with a 48″ viewing area the Hearthroom 48 is one of the largest standard wood burning fireplaces available on the market! All our products are built with materials guaranteed to last a lifetime. By Andréana Lefton Description ; FAQs (0) Reviews (0) Looking for a portable fireplace that can quickly heat up a large area? If you rather have a small wood burning stove that you can use outdoors, then the Kotulas wood stove is the wood pellet stove for you. What It Takes to Be the Best Infrared Heater, What the Best Patio Heaters Have in Common, How to choose the best electric fireplace, In-Depth Analysis of Dreamline Shower Enclosure Reviews 2021, Aston Shower Enclosures Reviews: The Best Shower Enclosures that Meet your Style, Top Rated Lifetime Sheds Reviews as Guidelines in Buying the Ideal Sheds. Therefore, the best thing to do is to always check the installation process of the wood stove. Rather, they rely on firebox insulation and the large baffle to produce warmer and longer heat. The Fireplace is the exclusive suppliers of Jetmaster, Stovax, Gazco & Horizon fires. With 78% efficiency, this wood burning stove by Drolet is also one of our best wood burning stove options. Furthermore, we offer an extensive range of fireplace styles and designs, including wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces, double-sided fireplaces, even our hanging fireplace and many more designs. We are committed to providing our valued customers with the luxury fireplace they desire, that looks beautiful and functions exceptionally. Choose Chazelles for modern fireplaces in Sydney. Make the most of the benefits of outdoor living, with a window to the indoors. For this reason, experts recommend using a wood burning with clean-burning technology. Device is located above 7,000 feet. Copper Fireplace with Faux Stack Stone Finish Transform your patio into the ultimate relaxation Transform your patio into the ultimate relaxation destination with this outdoor wood-burning fireplace system from Sunjoy, the world's leading ready-to-assemble outdoor structure maker. This guarantees that the wood stove is safe to use, does not pose threat to the environment and is economically productive. Wood burning fireplaces can also negatively affect indoor air quality. Escea gas and wood fireplaces are made for busy lives and modern homes and can be installed anywhere in the home with flues that run up, down or even sideways, Escea gas fires allow complete design freedom! It actually means how much heat the stove can produce. Well, that doesn’t actually help you save, does it? Why not go for this efficient and clean-burning wood stove that a lot of people are raving about? Enquire. Looking for a wood burning stove that can be used for camping? In-store: set your location. Wood burning stoves are also great for outdoor use. round indoor wood burning fireplace – Free Standing Contura Wood Burning Contemporary Stove Unique Modern Indoor and Outdoor Design Fireplaces Mobile AGORAFOCUS 630 by Focus Fires [Hot Item] Made in China Round Shape Wood Burning Stove Cl07 [Hot Item] Hot Sell New Product Free Standing Round Wood Burning Fireplace Wood Pellet Stove Modern Fireplace 80 Best Fireplaces & Wood Burning … A wood burning device is exempt from burning restrictions if any of the following are true: Device is on a list of certified or approved indoor burning equipment: Phase II EPA-certified stoves. Neutral black color of this stove completes any stylization. Check out our selection of indoor & outdoor high-efficiency wood burning fireplaces, available both modern and traditional in style. Wood Fireplaces – A wood fireplace is good if you enjoy the look, feel and smell of a traditional wood burning fireplace. Designed for outdoor use, only. Cost-effectiveness refers to how productive the product is in relation to its cost. When you've determined the right location for your indoor/outdoor fireplace, it's time to decide on the fuel type. Therefore, you should also check the BTU range of the stove. You can choose from an extensive range from our fireplace showroom Sydney. Indoor and Outdoor patio fireplace designs. Traditional wood burning is the original technology of fireplaces. ft. Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert - 2020 EPA Certified The AW1820E from Ashley Hearth Products is The AW1820E from Ashley Hearth Products is an airtight fireplace insert that will greatly improve the efficiency of your fireplace. What does heat output refers to? Furthermore, it was tested in May 2019 to meet the new Australian Standards, so you are assured that it is of optimal quality. Quality gas, wood and electric fireplaces for internal and external heating. Innovations nowadays allow wood burning stoves to keep the fire for as long as 8 to 12 hours. Embrace the “wellness” lifestyle and choose the security and the reliability of a well-known French brand. One particular reason for this is the rising rates of fuel and electricity these days. ... Jasper Wood Burning Fireplace. Wood burners appreciate the … Make sure you read and understand the wood burning stove safety instructions including the installation, operation, and maintenance. Moreover, it helps protect the flame from strong winds that can put out the fire. If you rather have a small wood burning stove that you can use outdoors, then the Kotulas wood stove is the wood pellet stove for you. ... At the laying of required quantity of solution equal to 1/10-1/13 of the outdoor fireplace. On the other hand, wood burning stove is a lot cheaper than electricity stove. Canberra Showroom open 7 days Learn more. So, the assumption that wood burning stove is not good for the environment is nothing but an exaggeration. Articles about fireplace parts and accesoires - fireplace inserts, chimney, mantels. In fact, you can find a lot of cheaper gas and gas alternatives as a fuel source. It makes it possible to enjoy impressive fireside views from both inside and outside your house, doubling the ambiance and enjoyment from one fireplace. Tempered air, from inside the home is used to supply the fire with oxygen. Consider the efficiency rating. Even a gas stove can be dangerous if we are being careless. Chazelles Fireplaces has an extensive range of wood burning & gas fireplaces on display in our showroom at St Peters NSW Australia. But what impresses people the most is that it also functions as an oven. Outdoor Fireplaces – An outdoor fireplace takes the standard fire pit to the next level. Most stoves are made from cast iron materials, but some have detailing and other styles. This small cast iron wood stove produces insane heat with up to 21,000 BTU per hour. This unit has a large viewing area that really gives the homeowner a great look at this fireplace’s flames, and it has an arched cast iron door that gives it a classic look. Our company designs and manufactures advanced engineered wood fireplaces for homes. This is an EPA-approved wood stove and is non-catalytic which makes it easier to operate. Had enough of the messy performance of a conventional fireplace but don’t want to pay high electric bills for an electric stove? Shop our top selection of gas fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces, fireplace inserts, and more today! With our selection of gas and wood outdoor fireplaces you can even utilize two spaces at once. You definitely need a hand transporting this product. If you’re reason for switching to wood burning stove is to cut cost on electricity bills, then you need to consider the efficiency level of the stove. Inspired by the surrounding landscape, bluestone was chosen to build the wood-burning fireplace. Albany Showroom: (518) 869-9600 Parts & … This can be done for hot air to be dispersed to every room and is easy to maintain when needed to heat your home and entertain guests. Colorado-approved pellet stoves. The Twilight II is a see-through 38,000 BTU fireplace that also acts as a window. All in all, wood burning stove still remains the most efficient heating option. Just a word of advice, this wood stove is quite heavy. Our double-sided wall fireplace designs create a gorgeous feature to amplify your entertaining space; they are the perfect fireplace if you wish to wow your guests both in the home and in your outdoor entertainment areas. This beautiful fireplace lets you enjoy the warmth and splendor of a … As compared to the conventional wood stove, these EPA-certified wood burning stoves exhaust less gas, thus less polluting the surrounding air. That’s right. Also, please note that he blower fan may be loud at times. But if you actually think about it; it’s not the stove itself that poses a threat. We take the greatest care with the quality of the materials selected for the manufacturing of our products. It’s actually how you install the wood stove as well as how you handle the fire. Maryland Bel Aire 48.03 in. It has a rocket stove design, which helps send heat directly to your cookware. Our Ironheart multifuel cooker isn't just great for roast dinners, baking bread, and cooking pizza to perfection - … It’s a 45-inch wood burning fireplace insert that can generate up to 55,000 BTU of heat and uses a 6-inch flue. The Ironheart multifuel cooker warms the room too. Explore rustic wood-burning fireplaces in viewing areas from 36” to best-in-class 50”, with a choice of interiors and advanced technology for efficiency and heat circulation. A Chazelles fireplace can suit a new build, a renovation or a simple home upgrade. We surely have different opinions about wood burning stove. It may come as a surprise (given the popularity of gas inserts and electric … This is made from high quality cast iron with well-though partitions to give you more than just a wood burning stove. A fireplace is not just a mechanism to heat your home. Chazelles will be closed from 22nd December 2020 to January 27th 2021. As one of the leading manufacturers of advanced engineered fireplace technology in Europe and Australia, we offer a wide range of wood-burning fireplaces perfectly suited to any home, style and budget. The design of your Heatmaster wood fire is limited only by your imagination. So, if you are on the search for a fireplace for sale, then Chazelles is the only place for you. Piazzetta Pellet Monia Fireplace . This is because some parts of the world have abundance of wood resources, thus gathering logs and wood pellets is easy. But don’t let its small size fool you. We have see-through fireplaces allow you to create both an indoor and outdoor focal point with the same unit. So, if you are on the search for a fireplace for sale, then Chazelles is the only place for you. The new outdoor living area includes a curving patio with a built-in fireplace and bench seating. What’s more, a fireplace can help you to create memories and strengthen connections, imagine curling up on the couch in front of the dancing flames with your partner on a winter’s night, or huddling around the fireplace with your children, toasting marshmallows and sharing stories. At Chazelles, we offer range of gas-powered fireplaces that combines cutting edge contemporary design, high energy efficiency and innovative technology. We will open back our door from 28th 2022. While the classic styles often associated with wood stoves are available, there are also more contemporary designs to choose from. A Chazelles fireplace can suit a new build, a renovation or a simple home upgrade. Purchase Prefabricated Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace & Wood Burning Fireplace Firebox Mason-Lite Wood Burning Fireplaces Mason-Lite factory built masonry fireplaces are available in different sizes of 33″, 39″, 43″(See-Though), 44″, 49″, 63″ and 75″ which comprise 10 separate models. has constantly followed a high-performance policy. So, you can be assured that Chazelles Fireplaces is where you can find the perfect fireplace to suit your needs. One amazing thing of modern wood stove products is that they can keep the room warm for a much longer time. This is an outdoor wood burning stove that only measures 11.75-inches x 16.25-inches x 10.75-inches. Mon – Fri 9:30 am – 5 pm, Sat 10 am – 2 pm. We have the range and experience to provide you with the perfect fireplace to suit the specific needs of your project for your indoor or outdoor space. Manufactured, modern wood … As compared to other heating appliances like gas or electric fireplaces , wood stoves are more efficient in heating up the place directly and give a higher level of heat output. This wood burning stove weighs around 202 kg and has a complete dimension of 1074 x 861 x 669 mm. Our modern fireplace… An extensive range of decorative fascias and finishes are available for the most contemporary to the traditional period style. And this can cost you more money. A highly efficient wood burning stove that will warm your home without leaving a mess. The Twilight II brings warmth to both an indoor and outdoor space – with one fireplace. The outdoor living space emphasizes the natural beauty of the surrounding area while offering all the advantages and comfort of indoor amenities, including stainless-steel appliances, custom beverage fridge, and a wood-burning fireplace. The fireplace surround and top cap are made of customized steel, while … This wood-burning fireplace is sure to bring immense warmth to your home and create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere. This extravagant fireplace is perfect for rooms with 10’+ high ceilings. Choose a wood stove that has a straightforward yet classic design that would be much easier to set up. All our products are built with materials guaranteed to last a lifetime. You also have the ability to add a wood fireplace and accessorize with one of our many sets of gas logs for ease and convenience. Focus Domofocus Wood Burning Suspended Fireplace . This element is made of durable materials resistant to heat and different products of burning. 1,800 sq. The best wood burning stove has a unique and cost-effective way of heating your home. Two large screen doors keep embers from popping out. The Best Wood for Burning in the Fireplace Learn which species will imbue your hearth with warmth and beauty while minimizing hazardous creosote buildup. However, for this article, we’re only going to focus on the three major aspects that most consumers actually consider when shopping for a wood stove. However, most people would probably think that wood stoves are dangerous. It uses a passive draw system to remove combustion from the home. Required fields are marked *. Outdoor Furniture & Designer Fires. Just like the Vogelzang TR004 wood burning stove; it’s a colonial fireplace that covers area of up to 1,800 square feet. These come with the unique Chazelles lift up door opening system that makes, A Chazelles fireplace can suit a new build, a renovation or a simple home upgrade. COVID-19 response +64 9 623 6990 It is actually a small stove but weighs about 47 pounds as it is made from hinged cast iron material. When you want to keep things traditional, there is nothing better than a traditional wood burner. An electronic fireplace allows you to achieve the warmth and ambience of a real fire in any space. Made from reinforced plate steel with firebrick lining and cast iron feed door, you can guarantee that this wood stove is sturdy and really durable. To top it all, this wood stove also has a great energy efficiency rating with 86% efficiency. Our range of outdoor wood & gas fireplaces work as an outdoor heater, barbeque and backyard entertaining feature. Installation is easy, there’s no maintenance, and it’s safe to touch. Indoor gas fireplaces are available with a variety of interior finish options and fascia design options. This, too, is quite big and takes a lot of space. We take the greatest care with the quality of the materials selected for the manufacturing of our products. Embers popping out of an unscreened fire or chimney fires from creosote build-up are just two of the hazards that can be avoided with proper use and care. Chazelles Fireplaces have continued to feature in award-winning fireplace designs for Australian homes. They are built with a chimney and can either be free standing or built into a masonry surround. And with its 6-inches flue, exhaust gas can easily be blown in an instant. It does offer great value to your money with its amazing features. They provide the look of a beautiful fireplace but require a fraction of the maintenance and are safe to touch – making them an excellent option for a busy family home. Really impressive! Still, the smog from the conventional wood burning stove may drastically affect the health in the long run. This is a tricky question, should we say. If you think that all wood stoves look the same, then you couldn’t be more wrong. This EPA certified wood stove produces 68,000 BTUs of heat, enough to warm up a 1000-square feet room. Constantly appearing in many wood burning stove reviews, Ashley Hearth Vent is a stunning favorite by many. In addition, this wood stove is EPA approved. Enjoy your fireplace indoors and out with an indoor outdoor wood burning fireplace from Acucraft. Some products are cheap to buy but requires complicated and expensive installation process. However, researchers from Norway revealed in 2012 that the particles combustion from wood stove may worsen cardiovascular diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary. Moreover, you can even adjust the flame to stretch the warming effect a bit more. The non-catalytic wood stoves do not have a catalyst. Our company designs and manufactures advanced engineered wood fireplaces for homes. A fireplace makes a home. This ensures the highest output of our fireplace’s heating and excellent energy efficiency. With its elegant black finish paired with a ceramic glass window in the front, this not only makes a great wood stove but as well as an eye-catching piece of furniture in the living room. shop in ... Nest & Nook Fireplace Wood Holder Indoor, Outdoor, Patio | Decorative Firewood Rack - Weather-Resistant Storage Rack for Firewood, Kindling. $62.05 $51.71. Canberra's Home of Weber BBQs, Outdoor Furniture & Designer Fires Alternately, you can opt for a gas, propane or electric fireplace. "indoor wood burning fireplaces" & marketplace (275) Only. Every fireplace from Chazelles is created from a modern fireplace design which comprises of a wood-burning heater that can be combined with a hot air duct system. The Hearthroom 48 Wood Burning Fireplace. You can go with a traditional wood-burning fireplace, but it should be noted that this type will require a chimney to allow for smoke to escape. This is an outdoor wood burning stove that only measures 11.75-inches x 16.25-inches x 10.75-inches. Moreover, it has an elegant design consists of metal fleck black finish. Your email address will not be published. The glass upfront gives you better view of the fire. Add to cart. While the most common shape is either a square or a rectangle, outdoor wood stoves can be cylindrical or have a drum-shape. Wood burning stove reviews from users reveal that people love this wood stove because of its compact design and powerful CFM blower. This wood-burning fireplace is a great way to create intimate atmosphere in you garden or backyard. If the sight of blazing firewood in a hearth evokes feelings of comfort and warmth, than a wood burning fireplace is the type for you. But the truth is that wood burning stoves nowadays are usually clean-burning. It won’t be release in the market if it isn’t. The La Nordica Rosa Wood Stove is s state of the art stove. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! We’re going to compare the wood burning stove and traditional open fireplace based on the following: cost-effective, eco-friendly, and style & design. It is actually a small stove but weighs about 47 pounds as it is made from hinged cast iron material. The gaining popularity of wood-burning fireplaces is a proof that people find wood burning fireplace convenient and beneficial. Since installing wood burning stove is a risky job, this is better handled by professionals instead. Please note that you can only use this for outdoors. The Hi-Flame FF-905 wood stove is suitable for rooms with maximum space of 800 square feet. Embrace the “wellness” lifestyle and choose the security and the reliability of a well-known French brand. Ambe is a new electrical, indoor & outdoor range now available at Chazelles; these electric fireplaces give you the look you love without any of the maintenance associated with traditional wood or gas fireplace heaters. Between the two stoves, many people vouch for the cost-effectiveness of the wood burning stove, especially during winter. An indoor outdoor wood fireplace, also known as a double sided wood burning fireplace, provides the perfect way to join together two of your favorite spaces and share the comfort of both with those closest to you. At Chazelles Fireplaces, we also proudly sell the well-known brand, Escea, which was born in New Zealand 17 years ago. The EcoZoom wood stove is the perfect product for that job. This wood stove is 50 pounds heavy and compatible with 6-inches flue diameter. This is a smaller wood burning stove with a maximum log length of 12-inches. Colorado-approved masonry heaters. It produces 95,000 BTU of heat, which is quite high as compared to other large and extra-large wood stoves in the market. Your email address will not be published. The range of outdoor fireplaces provide families with casual entertaining options while creating a relaxing ambient atmosphere for alfresco dining. Nothing beats the cozy ambiance an outdoor fireplace can bring to your outdoor patio or deck. The heat output of the wood stove is also important. Our gas heater, electric heater, or wood heaters can be a lifestyle and entertainment feature that allows you to achieve a beautiful, elegant home, while also serving the practical purpose of heating your home. If you want to know more of the benefits that the wood burning stove has over the traditional open fire wood stove, read below: There are perhaps more aspects for comparison between the wood burning stove and the traditional open fireplace stove. We will get back to you after the Festive break. Freestanding wood fireplaces use a combination of smoke pipe and insulated A vent for venting. Add this timeless wood burning fireplace to your outdoor space. You can have an authentic and live wood fire experience with our wide selection of fireplaces. A fireplace has the power to completely transform a space into a warm and welcoming living room, or an elegant entertaining area or even a modern and sophisticated backyard. Chazelles is the best place to come for a gas fireplace Sydney. We have an expertly crafted, powerful, wood burning fireplace that fits your style. Sold by Bargain Unlimited. Wood burning fireplaces by Chazelles. Resembles an indoor fireplace, down to the mantel and chimney. A Chazelles fireplace can suit a new build, a renovation or a simple home upgrade. Wood Burning Fireplace - Outdoor and Indoor All about wood burning fireplaces. For every 14 cubic meter space, you need around 1 kilowatt of heat to achieve a comfortable heating temperature. Available in single-sided, see-through and patent-pending indoor/outdoor styles. We sell Australia’s “largest & most efficient" slow combustion wood burning fireplace, D1200! Wood fireplaces are built with a chimney and can either be free standing or built into a masonry fireplace surround. If you have any question please feel free to fill in our Contact Us form. Our. Portable Indoor Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace Heater $ 139.99 $ 79.99. In terms of look, this one has a pretty standard square shape but has a smart design. This small yet durable wood burning stove can also to boil water, fry bacons, eggs, and keep coffee and food hot while you’re enjoying your time in a campsite. Furthermore, with our electric fires, you have to control to choose your own flame effect, to really personalise your fireplace experience. The 89,000 BTUs of heat it produces is enough to cover every corner of a 2000-square feet room. The only open fire to be awarded the prestigious Australian Design Award, the Heatmaster open wood fire provides the ambience and the warmth of a wood fire with all of the quality and features of Heatmaster. The main difference being the combustion system of the two. Finally, the best wood burning stoves have a high energy rating with some models having 95% energy efficiency. Therefore, we cannot say that wood burning stoves are cheaper. In the catalytic wood stove, the exhaust gas passes through the ceramic honeycomb. We can deliver all of your fireplace wishes, from modern wood, Frameless Gas or electric heaters. But it also has its own drawbacks. A fireplace is so much more than a heater; a fireplace can be whatever you want it to be. Like you can literally bake with this wood stove. But no one wants to pay a huge sum of money for it.