NSWC Crane put out an approved list for Mk.17 use. I have a Bushnell Tactical Elite on my SCAR 17S and have not had any problems with the scope. A lot of people have had issues with using shims to time their mounts. This is a discussion on Best suited suppressor for SCAR 17 within the FN SCAR 17S forums, part of the FN SCARS Forum category; General query from everyone with an opinion...and why , as to most appropriate/best suited can for SCAR 17. A trijicon accupoint and a Leopold MK6 have both survived thousands of rounds on mine. You can mitigate the Scar 17s problem with scopes by using the ADM Delta mount which is made specifically for the SCAR 17S. Best suited suppressor for SCAR 17. I'm interested in picking up a suppressor for a SCAR 17S but want to keep the gas system factory and don't want to mess around with different aftermarket gas jets. It was quite spendy, but it gets great reviews, so...hopefully I'll be happy with it. He was very against a 13” barrel at that distance and recommended sticking with my 16”. Tried to get help and needed to ship it and have them go over it but no luck. Then I ran into a buddy who is a veteran PRS shooter and gunsmith. I understand that only certain suppressors work well with the SCAR 17S and using the wrong one without changing out gas jets will damage the BCG. FN is a company that cares very little about the consumer market as their focus is military sales. The SCAR has a very small shoulder on its threads that has contributed to baffle strikes. The Scar 17, in my opinion, is the jack of all trades, master of none. Most owners will never experience these issues IMO. I decided a while back to eventually send my SCAR 17 barrel to PMM to have it cut to 13”. Some people in other places are under the full impression the SCAR has no issues what so ever. Some Problems in the Field With Mk-17 SCAR . Lastly, if you run it suppressed you will want to tune the gas. It wasn't only optics shitting the bed riding a Mk.17. I want to shoot to 600 yards with this setup at my local range with a can. FN customer service was a joke. I got mine from Liberty Optics. You just have to let them know or they'll include their standard one. Got a scar 17 and giving me complete hell. The … My FN SCAR 17S with a "real" muzzle tamer on it, rather than that horrible stock muzzle brake that makes me NOT want to shoot the thing. I've always been a fan of the SCAR heavy but there's some QA issues that need to be addressed. I was lucky enough to find the propper mount for my Surefire 7.62K for the SCAR that indexes on the muzzle. I bring this up because if you run your SCAR suppressed it will void the FN warranty. Due to the pencil profile barrel and lack of consistency when warm and suppressed, I bought the Scar 13.5 inch barrel and SBR'd mine, and have much better results now. Open to hear all comments, thoughts and ... Forum; FN SCARS Forum; FN SCAR 17S; Best suited suppressor for SCAR 17 Anyways what's going on is its completely inaccurate...I've owned 4 or 5 differnt scars with same mods and not once had an issue. There is an issue with the barrel as it has no shoulder but Dead Air makes a special brake specifically for the 17 that they will include with the suppressor. They are mostly correct, but as the gun is pushed some things do develop. Yes, I know it has an adjustable gas block, but FN claims it is not for a suppressor.

scar 17 suppressed issues

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