Let’s get down to business and talk about picking out lubricants. While it’s in the middle of the journey down, it sounds a click, which helps you understand that the click has been registered. wholesale high quality best lube for tactile switches. Grade 0 is what you’ll be wanting if you’re going to be lubing your switches. We have purchased switch films from them in the past and had no issues with shipping or receiving the product on time. The higher viscosity of greases guarantees better adhesion and makes switches feel buttery smooth compared to oils. You have to pick the best lube for tactile switches for you to improve their performance. Grade 0 is the smoothest consistency. I went deep into the rabbit hole researching ergonomic alternatives. For this reason, a thinner lube is the best so as to maintain its tactility. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering and wants to apply his expertise to break down how mechanical keyboards and other tech work to show the world all of the cool aspects of the hobby. Each vial is $15, is 2ml of lube, which is enough for lubing over 100 switches. Note: this is not the regular Krytox GPL 203 nor is this a pure product from Krytox. When it comes to getting the best tactile switches for your keyboard, you should not settle for less.This is because there are many models out there claiming to be the best. While it doesn’t have much vertical wobble, the horizontal wobble is far more pronounced. You’ll definitely need a different kind of lubricant for your switches and your stabilizers. The Firm Tactile Quiet switch is enjoying a renaissance in popularity with the Mechanical Keyboard Community and as a result, many enthusiasts are experimenting with mixtures of the Tactile Quiet and Firm Tactile Quiet by swapping components of the switches back and forth. It is formerly known as CaiLube MCL. Keyboard Kings. The renowned switch designer Gazzew has worked in tandem with Outemu to produce perhaps his best switch yet: the Boba U4. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'keyboardkings_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_5',107,'0','0'])); Also, consider that the lube you use should be able to reduce friction, but at the same time not take away the level of resistance that should be felt as you use it. The primary difference between the two comes down to the application. The bog-standard switch lubricant used by keyboard enthusiasts across the world happens to be Krytox brand lube. However, to be more precise in lubing the parts that actually need to be lubed, using a oil lube with a paintbrush may be a better option. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Some of the best switches available for a nice blend of gaming and general day to day work are linear switches. Made with stems from Halo switches, housing found on Invyr Panda switches, Holy Panda switches combine the best of both worlds. In the case of tactile switches, lubing can help to accentuate or emphasize the bump more by reducing the feel of other imperfections or reduce the tactile bump to one’s taste. You can use these lubes for quality results on any switch: A point to note is that some of the lubes are appearing in multiple sections. improve the functioning ability of your keyboard switch. Choose from the most popular weights and brands. The renowned switch designer Gazzew has worked in tandem with Outemu to produce perhaps his best switch yet: the Boba U4. Available in J bend, gull wing, illuminated, sealed, low-profile, low-noise, SMT and through hole versions, C&K’s tactile switches are designed for the most demanding applications. Subscribe to get updates on the latest keyboard news, reviews, and giveaway updates. Search for the best Tactile Switches at gangyuantech.com. Im thinking of making a split 60% keyboard to carry around and use at school/uni, instead of a laptop keyboard. Krytox GPL 107 Oil, which is a very thick oil and is recommended to switch springs and linear switches. band-aid, clip, and lube your stabilizers, Which Lube for Switch Lube: An updated guide on the what, how, and where of switch lubricants. As a recap, a 205g0 would be a grease that is the smoothest consistency with grade 0. They also sell Tribosys 3203 and 3204 switch lubricants that range from $5.00 to $6.25. The Lube Kit contains the following: Viscosity is extremely important for picking out lubricant for you switches and stabilizers. Once in a while, you will need to lube your tactile switches. It’s plastic-safe and durable and available in the form of oil or grease. GH V4 Thick Lube kits are filled in a 2ml leak-proof vial. Krytox GPL 205 g0 / Grade 0 Krytox switch lubricant. Here is our recommended lube options for linear switches: Tactile switches have a small tactile bump with each keystroke, so will lubing the switch ruin the tactility? It could be a linear, clicky, or tactile switch. They move straight up and down without any tactile feedback or clicking noise. Krytox GPL 206g0, which is thicker than 205g0 and recommended for linear switches and stabilizers, NOT tactile switches. Our favorite lubricant for a tactile switch is the Krytox GPL 105 Switch Lubricant. We’ll go into more detail about why we chose these specific products and talk about what you should get based on your budget. Krytox is meant to be used within a closed system such as within cars with extreme temperatures. Neither are better when it comes to performance, but you can make the lubing process a bit quicker if you choose oil/grease smartly. Christo-Lube MCG 129g2 is very similar to Krytox 205g0. The switches will only improve. Purchase Krytox 205g0 lube or get your switches lubed here. Another option is the Krytox 206G switch lubricant. Since this article is mainly about picking out the best lube, we won’t go into too much detail about how to lube your switches. Krytox is regularly used in the automotive industry. This includes the best lube for linear switches, the best lube for tactile switches, and the best lube for linear switches. White semifluid grease for linear switches and stabilizers for ultra smooth application. When you’re thinking about buying a new high-quality gaming chair, the last thing you’re going to be thinking about is if the gaming chair can explode. Tealios are much more smooth then cream switches, especially with lube. One thing to note that the oils and the PTFE solids within the lubricant separates after a few days. This is a specially formulated version with Krytox GPL 203 g0 raw material specifically designed by Specialty Lubricants for tactile switches / mechanical switch grease. A member within the mechanical keyboard community, /u/uln, wanted to test and provide answers for a cheaper option than expensive Krytox Lubricants. It has the consistency of oil but contains PTFE particles as well. A higher viscosity means the more dense and thicker the lubricant will be. Holiday sale now live! Trust us, you won’t regret it. Apexkeyboards.ca offers 3 different lubricating products specifically for mechanical keyboards. It can be a little messy, so make sure you have a workstation that is ready to get sprayed. This is a semi-fluid grease used for switch lubrication. Also you may need different types of lube depending on how your switches actuate, whether they are clicky, tactile, or linear. • Tactile switch with mold, housing, and stem redesigned by KBDfans • Silent switch with a lubricated stem that glides smoother than stock switches • 4 spring weights to choose 60G/70G/80G/100G • Choice of either Pcb mount (5 leg) - with transparent housings • Support for SMD RGB LEDs, 2 Leg LEDs and 4 Leg RGB LEDs It is great for linear switches, tactile switches, springs, and stabilizers. However, the switches still sound great and I would still recommend them if you were in the market for a very good tactile switch. If you are not able to use the recommended lubes for your keyboard switches, there are a couple of good alternatives that you can opt for. Basically, the thicker it gets. Keep in mind, you’ll need a different type of lubricant for your stabilizers, so keep reading for our recommendations. Permatex super lube is a great lubricant for lubricating keyboard switches. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. 10 grams - for at least 250-400 switches lubrication!! Lubing your switches and stabilizers is one of the best modifications you can do to improve your mechanical keyboard, so we’re super excited to help you with this fun and rewarding project. So why then do I have a website on computer keyboards?The fact is, I’ve always loved computers. TriboSys 3204 is a fluorinated polymer, non-migrating Grade 0 grease intended for all switch types. All rights reserved. Which one to avoid? It is a bit more expensive at $24.95 currently on Amazon. Choose from the most popular weights and brands. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'keyboardkings_com-box-4','ezslot_7',108,'0','0'])); All switches face issues of friction at some point of their use. You can make parts that scratch against each other rub smoothly and more quietly. Don’t feel like reading? This product is recommended for lubricating stabilizers ONLY. Lubing your stabilizers is much much easier than lubing your switches and you can feel the difference right away. A change was needed. Search across 8,416 Tactile Switches from 42 Manufacturers and 102 Distributors to get the best pricing, availability, datasheets, specs, CAD models and more. Friction makes it difficult for switches to function well. This lubricant is produced by Chemours. Generates a loud click and tactile bump when a key is pressed. Make sure that you do not overlube and test beforehand on a non-vital switch to make sure you like the way it feels before doing it to your entire keyboard.But it does dial down to preference and experimentation. Formulated specifically for mechanical keyboard switches, this lubricant is treated as a semifluid grease for precise application. In that sense, this is not the best switch for beginners or folks that don’t plan to lube or film the switches. One vial is enough for a full size keyboard and a bit more. A GH V4 thick lube is a mixture of thick Krytox oil and a grade 3 Krytox grease. Krytox GPL 205 g0 (grade 0 switch lube Krytox GPL 205) GENUINE! We use only the best high quality lubricants with quality additives such as from Krytox. Some people prefer to bottom-out keys while streaming, these people prefer linear switches most. Also, I only looked at 11 Best silent mechanical keyboard switches commercially available switches because if you take lubed and custom silenced switches into account, the amount of possibilities becomes endless and writing a review about them would be impossible as well as useless. THE MOST TACTILE SWITCHES IN THE WORLD: With a name like Holy Panda, these switches had to be epic. Tribosys 3203, which is like Krytox 203g0. Designed in collaboration with ZealPC and manufactured by Gateron, which makes a clone of Cherry switches.. Zealios are like the caviar of keyboard switches, and you'll pay a premium for them. For a linear switch, you want a thicker viscosity, our favorite lubricant for a linear switch is the Krytox 205G switch lubricant on Kebo Store. You can consider the following lubes to lubricate your clicky switches: There are lubricants that work well with any keyboard switch. This is where lubes come in handy. The biggest factor is the thickness of the lube. reduce friction on all keyboard switches to allow for effective performance. The Halo Clear, designed and invented by Jacob Alexander, uses a special spring to give it the weight of the Cherry MX Clear, while still providing the velvety sensation from using a … You will get 2ml which is enough for over 100 switches. When you’re lubing stabilizers, make sure to use a small amount, equivalent to the size of a grain of rice for each point of contact you are lubing. Ashkeebs is your one-stop shop for all things mechanical keyboards for the smoothest experience. Picking out the best lube is hardest part. we are best best lube for tactile switches suppliers,manufacturers,wholesalers from China. With virtually no linear pre-travel, the tactile bump in these switches starts at the very beginning of the downstroke, in similar fashion to other highly tactile switches. 205G0 is recommended for linear switches but with very light application, this lube may be used for any tactile switch… Does not generate a click when pressed, but the tactile bump is still present. For example, a thick layer of GH V4 Thick Lube is recommended for a linear switch while a thin layer of the same lube is recommended for a tactile switch. MX Cherry Black could or could not be the best switch for everyone even though it is the switch that fits the best for gaming and vice versa for MX Cherry Blue. The heaviest switch available. Some of the best switches available for a nice blend of gaming and general day to day work are linear switches. Switches are open systems that are open to the air, dust, and temperature. Tactile, yet silent, this is an ideal switch for those who like to feel their switches actuate while not being a nuisance to their (or others') ears. Currently they have a deal where you get 15% off with a purchase of 2 or more lubricant vials. 4. Generates a loud click and tactile bump when a key is pressed. Kebo store is a great place to buy a variety of different lubes from. The best lube is one that is able to minimize sound to the desired levels, as well as maintain the preferred smoothness. Switch Lube Station Keyboard Stabilizer Usb cable Carrying Case keyboard Foam Silence O ... Tactile switches tester. They’re intended for general purpose and low thickness switch lubricants. It is completely safe to use on ABS and PBT plastics, however, like other lubes, there is a downside. Switch lube is the best way to enhance the smoothness of the switches on your mechanical keyboard. SpecLub, your specialty lubricant partner for Krytox in Europe! SPECLUB 3203 SWITCH GREASE made with Krytox (Higher quality alternative for Tribosys 3203) Specially formulated from KRYTOX GPL-203 grade 0 - White semifluid grease for tactile, linear switches and springs, thinner than SpecLub 3204. for ultra smooth application + FREE BRUSH Contents: 5 grams (for servicing approx. The general rule of thumb for viscosity is: Lower viscosity lubricants are better for tactile and clicky switches. In addition, here is a great picture guide on exactly where to lube on the housing, stem, and spring. Know more about our affliate disclosure terms. They also have different grades. Grease can only be brushed on each individual part: housing, stem, and spring. They offer Tribosys 3204 and 3203 (5ml for $35), Krytox GPL 205g0 (5g for $25, approximately 300 switches), GH V4 thick or thin lube (2ml for $15). These mixtures are great for each respective switch types. Read More. In general, switches require a slighly thinner lube, but that doesn’t mean getting your can of canola spray from the kitchen. Tribosys 3203. There are many different types of lubricants to use. 2.1.1 Best Lube for Linear Switches 2.1.2 Best Lube for Tactile switches 2.1.3 Best Lube for clicky switches 2.2 Switch Opener; 2.3 A Small Brush; 2.4 Soldering Tools or Switch Puller; 2.5 Tweezers; 3 How to Lube Keyboard Switches – The Step by Step Guide. For a tactile switch your going to want a lubricant that is a lower viscosity. He emailed Super Lube, and they emailed him back, saying that you can combine both the Oil and the Multi-Purpose Grease to get the desired viscosity that you want, although it does warrant some experimentation. This is recommended for tactile switches. Recommended for tactile switches. As mentioned breifly before, the viscosity of the lubricant is important depending on the type of switch you are lubing, so we’ll go over some of our recommendations for the best products. These are wonderfully tactile and still smooth.

best lube for tactile switches

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