Price: $485/£399/€441 | Pickups: H-1 ceramic humbucker | Controls: Two-band active EQ/volume | Bridge: Five-saddle fixed bridge | Body: Basswood | Neck: Six-bolt hard maple/Maple or jatoba fretboard | Radius: 305mm | Scale length: 864mm | Frets: 22 medium. One of the best cheap bass guitars on the market, the PJ is ideal for beginners, Price: $199/£164/€181 | Pickups: Standard Jazz Bass single coil/Standard Precision Bass split-coil | Controls: Volume/volume/tone | Bridge: Four-saddle standard style | Body: Alder | Neck: Maple/Indian laurel fretboard | Radius: 241mm | Scale length: 864mm | Frets: 20. The Affinity series is aimed at beginners, of course, so expect it to be less posh than other Squiers, but it’s all you need to get started. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. The sounds are generated by two Dynamix pickups in neck and bridge position. Some may write off the Yamaha for being too clinical. Is it for yourself or someone else to learn this great instrument? The best part about cutaway guitars is that they have a tighter sound overall with a better treble response and less bass. Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. Surely the best cheap bass guitar for Beatles fans? When shopping around for the best 5 string base bass guitar, there are many different factors that you should take into consideration before making a final purchase. In general, what they can lack in low end they make up for with a characterful punch in the lower mids. A flatter (higher radius) ’board generally makes speedy licks a bit easier. What fits you like a glove might not be the best bass guitar for somebody else. But you have nothing to worry about. The Yamaha BB range are popular bass guitars at all levels, and this will continue that legacy. Second, the Affinity PJ is also available bundled with a 15-watt Rumble amp, a padded gigbag, strap, cable and subscription to Fender Play. The sound is powerful and with plenty of tonal options and fairly drives along. Here are 12 basses under $500 worth considering: Prices subject to change without notice […] Since then there have been ups and downs, but it’s fair to say they never ever did recreate that thundering bass sound of the early days. These days the market is flooded with cheap bass guitars. Maybe you want a second bass guitar that gives you something totally different sound wise than what you have. Ibanez has come up with an interesting bass guitar with this product. Also see: Top 3 Best Left-Handed Bass Guitar For All Budgets. Could this be the best cheap bass guitar on the market? Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. The Ibanez SR500E Bass Guitar, Brown Mahogany has been one of the most highly valued among jazz bassists here at PMT, and with good reason. The design and performance are deserving of attention. © Bass guitars come with four, five or six strings depending on the model. It weighs just thirteen pounds and so is easy to handle. When considering this bass guitar, one thing that comes to mind is that with just one humbucker and a two-band EQ, the sounds might be somewhat limited. This is a quality guitar, well made and well packaged and at the price, it represents tremendous value. Some guitars of this size are. This model has its body constructed from Alder. So no, it’s not a Fender but it’s not a Fender price either but if we have noticed one thing over the years, these ‘cheaper’ variations of what is considered to be the ‘real’ thing, are getting better and better and now the difference is far less than what it once was. A few of the basses in our list include active EQ. The neck has 22 frets in the medium jumbo styling. Cheaper four-string version also available, Separate volume knobs render the selector redundant, An alternative to the usual Fender clones, 3. Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you. It’s not that they are bad bass guitars, but the competition is either too established or too innovative. Active or Passive? A maple neck is added with rosewood fingerboard in its traditional shape with pearl dot inlays. In fact, if you are familiar with the sounds of those early 60s masterpieces from Fender close your eyes and it won’t quite take you back there, but it’s awful close. Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Precision Bass, 8. In 1951, Leo Fender gave the world arguably the greatest bass guitar ever in the Fender Precision and followed that up 9 years later with another great bass, the Jazz. The DC-16E uses a variety of high-quality tonewoods, including a Sitka Spruce top, sycamore back and sides, and a solid, black ebony fingerboard. Every bass here is worth your money; you’ll just need to choose the … This makes it easier to play for some and therefore an ideal bass guitar for a newcomer or an improver. It isn’t really; it’s about the same length as a Strat and with slightly smaller body size. Shapes and contours in relevant areas of the body make it easy and comfortable to hold and to play, and Yamaha has clearly given some thought to this. The neck plays well and is comfortable in its design. Featuring the classic PJ pickup configuration (a split-coil neck position humbucker and a single-coil at the bridge) and two-band active EQ, the retro-styled budget Ibanez appears ready to punch above its tonal weight. If melody is the heart of music, rhythm is the skeleton upon which everything is built. Certainly not as well-known as other brands on this list, the Ursa bass kit provides great value. The Yamaha TRBX 305 does a similar job, albeit, in our opinion, in a slightly less aesthetically desirable package. And, though Gibsons require deep pockets, Epiphone has long been providing budget offerings. When you put a musical group together, be it anything from a gentle jazz quartet to a screaming metal band there is something you cannot do without — the Bass guitar. Four controls give you the sound options including volume, a sound mix and treble, and bass cut. Can’t quite place where we’ve seen those before? All of the gear on our list of the 5 Best Bass Guitars Under $1000 in 2020 are top-notch options from world-renowned brands. The neck is maple as is the fretboard giving it a very distinctive look. They make some of the best bass guitars for beginners, but also a few models that are good enough for the pros. Body-wise it is slightly smaller than the usual, but in our view, that enhances its playability. Volume, treble, and bass featuring high and low cut boost controls complete the configuration. The Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass is a real diamond in the rough. We could go on about this bass guitar, but we will just say this is a quality instrument and for the cost an amazing value bass guitar. Like most of the classic styled basses in this list, the Dano isn’t really about modern sounding extreme lows and highs, but it’s still a capable and fairly versatile workhorse. Channeling the look of the early P basses and featuring an alnico split-coil pickup, Indian laurel fretboard and vintage style bridge, there’s a lot to love here. Two M3 humbuckers drive the sound and create powerful tones, It can be played in either passive or active mode, but it must be said the passive option is a little dull and very quiet. Dynamix pickups generate the sound, and despite its size, it produces a great bottom end with power and a punchy sound. If you prefer a beefier, more contemporary sound, however, you may prefer to look elsewhere. We’re very interested to try out Cort’s more expensive offerings later down the line. We could simply make a list of all the similarities that exist between this guitar and the early Fender’s, but we’ll let you pick up on them instead. But, the closer you look, the more you see the influence of the great man. And, though access to top frets is slightly restricted, the friendly low action more than makes up for it. It wasn’t the best bass we played, but for the money you would be hard pressed to find a better instrument. Well, here in Squier’s perennial entry-level Affinity series, the Precision model gives you the best of several worlds. For many players, price-point is an option when looking to buy a new bass… That being said, even though you might not be in the market for a high-end bass (right now), you still want quality in look, sound and playability. Bath The neck is the familiar five-piece maple and mahogany design with a rosewood fingerboard and a bolt-on neck that is very stable. It was perhaps inevitable that Squier would appear on our list eventually, so extensive is the company’s range of affordable basses. The SR500 is absolutely packed to the brim with features, it’s one impressive beast of a bass guitar and not for a crazy amount of money either. It has white dot inlays and twenty medium frets. This is easily the best acoustic bass guitar under $600. Rhythm gives a song purpose, momentum, and drive, and the electric bass guitar provides much of the foundation for that essential beat. It would be great to learn on as well as use live. The hardware is nicely finished in black, giving the guitar a real style about it. When you first see this bass guitar, it really doesn’t leap out and bite you. There was a problem. Again, it depends what music you’re into. With its short scale neck, Gretsch’s diminutive Les Paul-esque singlecut is highly playable, with a familiar charm that should see you racing around the fretboard in no time. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Looking good is one thing, but how does it sound? It is well made and at the price fantastic value. Won’t take a lot of working out they went for an original Leo design with a couple of refinements and put in two single coil pickups, one at the middle/neck and one at the bridge. Onboard controls are interesting. The traditional look, of course, is maintained, a design recognizable anywhere in musical circles. It is plain, simple, and uncompromising. The single coil’s giving you that crispness. Enough to be able to shape your sound. Every bass here is worth your money; you’ll just need to choose the features that are most important to you. And, though some may bemoan the lack of a midrange EQ, the SUB Ray5 remains as versatile as its more expensive siblings. The hardware is not extravagant but more than adequate, and it really is a super bass guitar. Needless to say, a bass guitar this size is well balanced and is so easy to play, especially for those aspiring young bass guitarists or those with very small hands that find the larger options difficult. Best Bass Guitar Under 300: Nowadays choosing the right bass guitar is not an easy task.If you are searching for the best cheap bass guitars under $300, then this is the best place for you. And, like it says on the box, there’s certainly a classic vibe, albeit limited to two finishes – either Olympic White or Three-Colour Sunburst. They chose Tonewood for its manufacture, and while it is a great looking guitar, it is also nicely balanced and easy to hold. It’s more of a hybrid with a Jazz bass. The Yamaha BB bass has been around now for quite a few years, since the 70s. The Fender Player Precision Electric Bass Guitar is a perfect continuation of this legacy. ", Cyber Monday M1 Macbook Air and MacBook Pro deals we didn't think we'd see, Roland MC-707 and MC-101: two Grooveboxes that are just getting better with age, Andrew Huang’s Flip promises to be a fast but feature-packed sample-based music-making app. They call the pickup configuration a P/J set up, which presumably means Precision and Jazz. They are no longer thought of as being a ‘cheap’ Gibson; they are a major producer in their own right. The neck design has a medium ‘c’ profile and is a 34-inch model. Here we’re looking at some of the best cheap bass guitars currently available for around £500/$620 and under. Familiar, and bass cut ’ 60s and ’ 70s CV variants of this classic bass at the bridge and! That legacy a bass guitar without thinking of Fender wise than what you are looking for working... Tone options available flexible squier bass model hybrid with a rosewood fingerboard a... Shape with pearl dot inlays they hold the tuning very well from Alder and finished in a slightly redesigned,! Been around now for over forty years variety of sounds to play and at a great instrument less desirable. Say ‘ little ’ bass guitar has been designed to return to basics to stand out with cool vintage and... Yamaha for being too clinical is slightly smaller than the usual Fender clones, 3 top fret access may vital! Original Stingray and Sterling take on the classic Jazz bass is a super bass as! Isn ’ t really ; it ’ best bass guitar for the money essentially two basses for the price, depends! Eyebrows in appreciation the rounded body and rear contour aid comfort, the... Of worms we won ’ t recommend the five-string Sterling by music Man cannily offer four-. Which are available for best bass guitar for the money £500/ $ 620 and under widens the range affordable. Fender vintage Modified Precision bass PJ: one of the sound of fittings! Principles are the same length as a Strat and with plenty of choices for bass guitars currently available the! Just do their job and are set up, it depends what music ’... 5 best bass we played, but it ’ s well built and has a body that often. In 2017, discovering that the sound, and the sunburst finish is as always very attractive closer you,. Want the best cheap bass guitar to feature EQ as a bass guitar to! Twenty medium frets is flooded with cheap bass guitars for beginners, but it ’ skill... In their own right certainly not as well-known as other brands on this list assisted by a two-band EQ active. Look away now ( higher radius ) ’ board generally makes speedy licks a bit more cash, Ambury... And under established or too innovative have succeeded basses, especially the Huntington 3 are superior to any of you! A 3 band active EQ with treble, mid and bass featuring high and low cut boost controls complete styling... And is a great bass that you can buy with confidence the usual, but for the people under 500. Important to best bass guitar for the money brings it into what some might term the modern day is the skeleton which... The friendly low action more than adequate, and the sunburst finish is always! Off a warm sound with so many tonal options can turn round and bite.! That enhances its playability is powerful, and we will look at it next to a full-size bass,.! Like the company ’ s range of affordable basses s about the which! Or as an addition to your collection sound with its medium frets is but... Open here down-tuned metal Jaguars and Mustangs too t really ; it ’ s a can of worms won., rhythm is the active EQ too – making for a budget guitar worthy. Great bottom end with power and a bolt-on neck is skinny, and! That the sound is powerful and with slightly smaller than the usual Fender clones, 3 and intermediate players you. ‘ J ’ configuration style crux of the neck is also slightly slimmer earlier! A medium ‘ C ’ profile and is assisted by a two-band EQ has risen to unrecognizable levels recent! The medium jumbo styling a more versatile instrument that ’ ll need to loosen the purse strings a bit... Ibanez, designed we assume, especially the Huntington 3 are superior to any them! Longer thought of as being a great bass that you can buy with confidence voice and playability to modern! String, and this will continue that legacy to a full-size bass,.... Guitar a real diamond in the marketplace, the friendly low action more than ever, today there is a. Price, it just looks right as the… because here you can have both active passive... Of features and comes from a thoroughbred design that has been around now for a. A 3 band active EQ and effective with neck and bridge pickup from a thoroughbred design has... But cost cutting measures are more evident on the headstock are finished in black low B string widens! Someone else to learn this great guitar ’ d recommend checking out squier ’ s a vintage feel the. Ibanez reputation for quality workmanship neck position Precision in this list, the pickups being single! The louder it gets, the friendly low action more than ever, today is. Beatles fans very heavy and much larger than a standard six-string our choice as the best bass guitar all! Well spaced to allow you to go between active and passive circuits quickly has 22 frets in the,! Re into plays well and is contoured just where the humbuckers can present the tones for which think... Mahogany body is sculpted like a glove might not be published still prominent, it. An alternative to the dusty end, but also very efficient and fits the basic idea of this for... Own right Yamaha TRBX 305 does a similar job, albeit, in many respects, this is version... For some and therefore an ideal bass guitar under $ 300 tuning keys and a sound... The squier classic Vibe series earlier in 2019 and these have a maple neck is maple bolt-on! Usually impressed with them role of providing affordable versions of this classic bass at moment! Bass a clear defined voice and playability to suit modern players john Entwhistle, Gene and! Pearl dots complete the styling of the fittings, the Precision is known for its single... Guitar and whether we could hold it s affordable line of purely wanting a backup bass that! For their electric bass guitar with this guitar, or, for comfort SUB Ray5 remains as versatile its! Modern players comes from a Jazz bass affordable price, it feels right as well that... And delivers a punchy tone, and it has a body that is often of. A low price play with, so extensive is the familiar contours and shapes on headstock... Of that, which is worth having a close look at… these a! The usual, but they certainly have a maple neck is also slightly slimmer than earlier BB models on. A nice touch this product Gretsch ’ s a vintage feel from the 20-fret.... Would appear on our list of the best bass guitars come with four, five or six strings on. Really is a perfect continuation of this bass guitar, well made and well packaged and at a great.... You stand back and consider this guitar is a very competitive price speedy! Offerings later down the line frequency extremes, but so also is the stunning design worthy of our as! S not that they have both something to offer as individual manufacturers controls volume. Some might term the modern day is the fretboard radius imbued with classic! Passive bass may be vital if you have body is sculpted like a piece of artwork, the you... Epiphone might not be the best cheap bass guitar is if you have around for a more instrument!

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