WRONG! If you are fairly new to the off-road or overland scene, you may be asking yourself…. In the rear, your stock 3rd Gen bumper offers around 24.5″ of clearance at the bedsides and 17.75″ of clearance at the hitch if you have one. The website states that the rear bumper is 200lbs. It’s good that you also reviewed the bumper company. If you own a Tacoma and take your vehicle on technical trails, a high clearance rear bumper is a MUST have. As long as you don’t use a smaller gauge on a larger gauge you will be good to go. I can confidently say it will be well worth your time. Since most people splurged with their stimulus check, you can expect lead times to be a little higher now. Available with a single or dual swing out. I am also looking for a bumper for my 3rd Gen Tacoma. I initially told myself that I would not get a rear bumper for my Tacoma unless I destroyed it. I would absolutely be sure to reach out to ATH Fab regarding any questions on the product. With over 15 years in the off road industry, you can trust that C4 products will be the absolute best choice for your vehicle. The factory trailer wiring is composed of approximately 4 different gauges. Well, when you are going up a steep incline to get to your secret camp spot, or coming off the trail on the final obstacle, you can worry less about causing any serious damage to your rear end with the extra height in the back. The CBI Offroad Tacoma Gen 3 (2016+) rear bumper is a perfect replacement for your stock rear bumper that will offer increased protection and an enhanced look. ATH Fabrication High Clearance Rear Bumper for the 3rd Gen Tacoma: Product Overview & Complete Trail-Tested Review. Once the cuts were made, I used the top of the angle grinder disk to level out, and smooth the cut instead of a sanding disk shown in the installation video. With this particular bumper, the clearance goes up to 30″ on the bedsides and 27.5″ at the hitch. el.innerHTML = "Loading..."; No more scraping your rear bumper on steep trails. BumperBumper. One great thing about this bumper is that it uses all factory mounting holes and bolts. They DO NOT replace the factory bumper cap.-All colors that are stated to be "color matches" are molded with the correct color code. Outer Shell: 3/16″ CNC Laser Cut and Formed Plate Steel. Overland Series High Clearance Rear Bumper -License plate mount kit with light. Not only does ATH Fabrication offer high clearance rear bumpers for the 3rd Gen Tacoma, but they also offer standard bumpers, bed stiffeners, bed tie-downs, and plenty of 2nd Gen products as well. 2016+ Tacoma (3rd Gen) Overland Series High Clearance Rear Bumper System. Proudly made right here in the USA. Tire Carrier Type. Those were probably the most confusing part of the installation. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Something that I really liked about the company is that you have the option to pay a $100 deposit to hold your place in line for ten weeks and can pay the remaining amount when the bumper is finished. Well, I can tell you that destroying a stock rear bumper and damaging your bed sides between your rear tire and rear bumper can be easily done on a pickup truck if you are into off-roading due to the extra over hang in comparison to Jeeps or 4Runners. Other than that, this bumper is a solid 10/10 in all areas. High clearance rear bumper / Requires cutting rear fender. The licence plate flip hinge works great. I will be giving you a solid review on a high clearance rear bumper from At The Helm (ATH) Fabrication and a quick look into the company. Powder Coat. T3 High Clearance Rear Bumper | 2016-Current - CBI Offroad Fab. The reason I emphasize that it is a one-man company is because of how great the customer service is. Aluminum base bumper weight: 60 lbs. I will definitely buy this bumper. 05-15 TACOMA. $159.00. There are also a couple of good YouTube videos on how to remove the OEM parts. I’m so Proud of you Son! Our High Clearance Bumper is made of the highest quality products and designed specially for the 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma … If you want a great-looking, radically high-clearance, crawling-inspired bumper with clearance for 35s for your 3rd gen 4Runner, I’ve got you covered. Looking back, maybe I should have gotten it, but oh well. $ 2,599.99 USD. If I do happen to find anything I don’t like, I’ll be sure to update everyone. I did attempt this but was still about an 1 inch short from making a proper connection. ATH Fab provided some very clear written instructions with some pictures to outline how you remove your OEM bumper and wiring. All-Pro Off-Roads APEXG3N Series Steel Rear Bumper for 16+ 3rd Gen Tacoma. So that means there is no drilling into the frame of your truck. The company was very upfront with lead times and expected ship dates. Thanks very much. Starting at $109 /mo with Affirm. The same idea is used for the departure angle, which gives you an idea of how aggressive you can be on a hill or rock face before dragging your rear bumper. Lower portion of bedsides behind rear fenders need to be cut off for Hi-Clearance bumper to fit onto the vehi More information Tacoma Overland Series High Clearance Rear Bumper / 3rd Gen / 2016+ - … Black Wolf likes this. Our 3rd gen High-Clearance Tacoma rear bumper provides to most protection for the rear of you Tacoma. But "liked" all the stuff in posts above that matches what I would want for my 3rd gen. Sunnier, Jan 11, 2019 #31. While I opted for behind the plate, it will look great and perform either way. (** 05/12/20 NOTE – the v11 bumpers have sold out; the v12 series is now in the prototyping phase, and will be available for pre-order very soon. What caught my eye was how sleek this bumper looks and the way that it follows the body lines of the Tacoma. Corners are one a piece design made on a 12 axis CNC press brake for maximum strength and … I’ll go into more detail soon. Bare Metal Powder Coat Black. It’s really well built and I couldn’t be happier. After the cut was made, I did apply anti-rust paint to the cut surface using my finger to prevent future problems from occurring. Also supplied are bedside support brackets, huge plus there. Highly versatile, and ready for whatever gets thrown its way. My wife and I did it together and it was tough. A Step-By-Step Installation Guide to the High Clearance Bumper Cut on the 3rd Gen Tacoma. Also, most off-road bumpers are typically made of steel and occasionally aluminum. Installation was very straight forward. All 3rd Gen Tacoma Products; All 5th Gen 4Runner Products; All 3rd Gen Tundra Products; 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016-2020) ... C4 Overland Series High Clearance Rear Bumper - 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma. Contact us if you have any build questions. When you need maximum protection, factory tow capacity, plus recovery options for your Toyota Tacoma; our Strike Series rear bumper is the pefect choice. Kit includes camera mounting bracket and wire to extend the harness, Tire carriers are optional but must be built with the bumper- they. 07+ TUNDRA. That gives you some peace of mind that you didn’t dish out $1,000+ just to be kept in the dark about your order, or waiting around six months for your product to arrive after already paying upfront. Hey guys, Nick here! This is nice. Features Included: Built from CNC cut and brake formed 3/16″ HRPO steel plate with 1/4″ mounting plates. Optional Powder Coat is a Satin Black Textured Finish. I used a 10, 20, and a 12 when lengthening the wiring approximately 4 inches. ... on creating a high clearance rear bumper. Also, you are removing the factory bumper, and factory trailer hitch which was surprisingly heavy. -Camp table included on every swing out. -Zip tie tabs and relief cuts included on all swing outs in key areas to allow for easy routing of wiring. There are plenty of other options to carry a full-size spare that I wouldn’t mind trying out, like the RIGd Ultraswing. If you’re considering this bumper, I would just reach out via email and get an updated lead time. The most time consuming part of the installation was the wiring for the trailer electrical attachment . -Holes for CB antenna mounts included at the top corner of each swing out. Prior to receiving the T3 high clearance rear bumper, I did all necessary preparations (cutting) which is explained in a detailed video found on the CBI Offroad website or Youtube. This will be a detailed overview of a small company that produces high-quality products and their high clearance rear bumper for the 3rd Gen. Let’s get started! Everything from the quality to the customer service was top notch. Now I know what you’re thinking… This bumper HAS to have something wrong with it right? I can confirm that you do not need to wire the provided rear licence LED light into the tail light. Sort by Sort by View as CBI 2016-Current Tacoma T3 Rear Bumper ... CBI 2016-Current Tacoma T3 High Clearance Rear Bumper $1,199.99 Get the clearance you need to traverse the terrain to your camping spot. Cutting the bed might seem like a big deal, but at this point, this is a functional modification and I’ve done quite a bit of mods on the truck. This is a high clearance weld-together plate bumper kit for the 3rd generation (2016-2020) Toyota Tacoma. This bumper is a direct bolt-on and does not require any drilling or modification. This means you gain an additional 5.5″ of clearance on your sides and 9.25″ where your hitch used to be. 3rd Gen Tacoma High Clearance Phantom Rear. The bumper is priced very fairly ranging from $1095 to $1715 depending on your options. No more scraping your rear bumper on steep trails. If you have been following the trends in the Toyota Tacoma community, you have likely seen the so-called “Viper Cut” on a few trucks. I will be giving you a solid review on a high clearance rear bumper from At The Helm (ATH) Fabrication and a quick look into the company. Well after a couple of off-road trips with the boys, I was dead set on getting a rear bumper. Providing solid steel all the way to the rear tire, this bumper will stand up to the worst you can throw at your Tacoma. I could never.”. Required fields are marked *. At the time of my purchase, there was a ten-week lead time, but I talked with a few people, who had ordered in recent months, and they reported that they had their bumpers well within that deadline. This bumper throws out the rule book with a compact design dedicated to maximizing total clearance yet still being there for those unplanned drops protecting your truck and allowing you to continue unimpeded. I would definetly rock this bumper. Get the clearance and strength you need while adding style! **Please note this item will ship from the manufacturer - Please allow estimated 8 weeks production time. Super clean lines and crazy high clearance. The T3 bumper is solid, and provides excellent protection to the entire rear end of your vehicle from nasty drop offs. The frame is similar in design to that of the 1st gen Tacoma, which experienced bent frames with heavy swingouts so far back. If you have any other questions about the bumper, please feel free to reach out and I will get you an answer! FJ CRUISER. Your review is very detailed and complete. Damn! Strike II Tacoma High Clearance Rear Bumper | 3rd Gen (2016+) When you need maximum protection, recovery options, and a modular swing-out system; our Strike Series rear bumper is the perfect choice. It features heavy duty 3/16" plate steel or 1/4" aluminum construction, recessed 2" receiver hitch, and the best departure angle on the market. It looks like it was meant to be a direct replacement in the back. 2016+ Toyota Tacoma High Clearance Bumper by ATH Fab. I cut the bed sides using an angle grinder, after thoroughly masking off the paint to allow for a straight cut. 100% made in the USA near Rapid City, South Dakota. Don’t be fooled, ditch the tin foil and upgrade to Mobtown Offroad’s 3/16″ thick CNC laser cut and formed rear high clearance plate bumper. 16+ TACOMA. Now, why would this be beneficial for you? 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma APEX Front Bumper . If you are in the market for a rear bumper, this should be one of the first options on your list. So your post is exactly what I need. Keep up the good work and your reviews! The bumper has taken a couple of hits and it is tough! CALL US! I don’t know the exact weight without the swing outs, but I can tell you that it is nowhere near 200lbs. C4 Fabrication is proud to produce industry leading off road Toyota bumpers, sliders, and armor. Let’s take a look at one of the popular options for rear bumpers on the 3rd Gen Tacoma. Trail Tacoma participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links or to other retailer sites including Trail4R.com. It features heavy duty 3/16″ plate steel or 1/4″ aluminum construction, recessed 2″ receiver hitch, and the best departure angle on the market. 3rd Gen. Tacoma Service Manual Common acronyms Cali Raised molle bed panel install MBRP rear modular bumper install Portable air conditioner made from a cooler Safari snorkel install SDHQ Switch Pro install SSO Slimline bumper and ... High Clearance/Viper Cut 3rd Gen Tacoma Bumper. This bumper will not only protect you, but it will make your Tacoma look great while doing so. That’s hard to say about some of ATH’s larger competitors. We will contact you after the order is confirmed with an estimated ship date** C4 - Tacoma Overland Series High Clearance Rear Bumper / 3rd Gen / 2016+ Ships to the freight hub nearest the customers residential address unless a commercial address is provided in which case product can be sent For a one-man team, I have to say that the overall quality of this bumper is great. I love to be outside and everything that comes with it. No more factory trailer hitch scraping rock as you come down those steep parts of the trails and no need to worry about destroying your bed sides from drop offs. 3/4″ thick shackle tabs pass through the bumper … CBI's high clearance rear bumper for 2016 and up Tacoma's! If you are interested in the tire swing out option, then be sure to select it while checking out; it is not available to be added after the bumper is made. All of the welds were extremely clean and it came with all the pieces needed for installation which arrived promptly after purchasing.

3rd gen tacoma high clearance rear bumper

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