In the wild, flowers are usually pale pink, but brighter pinks and white are available as cultivated plants. Utilisation : Plante couvre-sol. This is a complete mixture of many of the garden forms of this popular rockery plant which is a mat-forming evergreen perennial with dense, needle-like leaves, bearing compact clusters of cup-shaped pink, purple, white or red flowers in late spring and summer. Seeds can take some time to germinate so be patient. Size: A) 1000 Seeds A) 1000 Seeds. (You can check the meaning of any technical terms new to you in the Botany section of the site). Transplant into the garden 12 to 16 in. The genus was named Armeria, the Roman word for Dianthus (or carnation), because of a supposed resemblance between the two genera, though in fact they belong to two different families. Armeria found in: Armeria maritima 'Alba', Armeria maritima 'Düsseldorfer Stolz', Armeria pseudarmeria 'Ballerina Mixed', Armeria 'Mixed', A familiar.. Loading... 0 Basket Account * Contact Help. Prior to sowing, soak the seeds in warm water for 6 to 8 hours. Seed Catalogue No. • Earliest flowering and most uniform variety • Short stems, free flowering • Suitable for spring and summer sales Established clumps can be divided in early spring. Armeria Maritima is a low-growing perennial that grows best in USDA Zones: 3 - 9. Answer . Soil Acidity: Alkaline, Neutral, Acid. ARMERIA MARITIMA SEEDS (Sea Thrift, Sea Pink) - Plant World Seeds. Taxonomy: Armeria maritima Other Names: Sea Thrift, Siberian Sea Thrift, Thrift Sea Pink, California Sea Pink, Interior Sea Pink, Lady Cushion Flower Seed Type: Perennial Sow Indoors or Outdoors: Maritima Series armeria is a full sun performer and commonly sown directly outdoors after the frost. Chris April 7, 2018 Garden, Gardening Hints And Tips, Growing from seed flowers, seeds, Thrift. English Name(s): Thrift, Sea Pink. Fruit/Seed Dormancy and Treatment-Seeds do not need pre-treatment Seed. Native to coastal regions, will thrive in seaside landscapes. BUY 2 OF THE SAME ITEM, GET A 3RD PACKET OF IT FOR FREE, Buy in bulk. Popular Varieties of Armeria maritima Grown in the UK. Sea thrift, Armeria maritima, is an herbaceous perennial in the sealavender family (Plumbaginaceae) native to mountains and temperate coastal areas of the northern hemisphere, especially northern Europe, from northern California to Iceland to Siberia.There are several geographic subspecies that vary mainly in flower morphology and pollen structure. Name – Armeria maritima Family – Plumbaginaceae Type – perennial Height – 32 to 85 feet (10 to 25 meters) Exposure – full sun Soil – rather acidic and well drained Foliage – evergreen Flowering – May to November. … Moisture: Well-drained Genus: Armeria. Prior to sowing, soak the seeds in warm water for 6 to 8 hours. A. juniperifolia × caespitosa (juniper-leaved thrift) is a compact version with tiny round pink flower heads above a green mound of green grey foliage. There are many seeds on a seedhead. The "Thrift" or " Sea Pink" is too well known to need much description other than saying it is one of the most perfect, perennial, hardy rockery or border-edge plants. Flowers: April, May, June, July, August. Elle se montre parfois remontante. Christmas Flowers & Plants. Company Reg No: 6301851 Company Reg No: 6301851 Your Basket has been updated. Propagating Armeria maritima. Armeria maritima 'Splendens Perfecta' 2 Avis clients. How to Grow Thrift - Armeria. Kept at 70°F., germination averages 25 days. Moles Seeds (UK) Ltd, Turkey Cock Lane, Stanway, Colchester, Essex, CO3 8PD, United Kingdom. Outsidepride Armeria Maritima Flower Seed - 1000 Seeds by Outsidepride. Click below to answer. Taille adulte (H x L): 0.2m x 0.3m. Back to Flowers & Plants Garden Plants. It’s easy to grow and makes a good rockery plant. Sow at temperatures of around 16 to 18°C (60 to 70°F) A compact, evergreen perennial, it forms low clumps from which long stems of soft pink blooms emerge in summer. Can you please tell me how to grow these seeds and when? Très florifère. I have some Armeria Maritima seeds, but the instructions are in Chinese. If you prefer to grow seedlings indoor then seeds should be prepared about ten weeks before they are due to be put out (early spring). Armeria maritima, the thrift, sea thrift or sea pink, is a species of flowering plant in the family Plumbaginaceae.It is a compact evergreen perennial which grows in low clumps and sends up long stems that support globes of bright pink flowers. apart. La division de la t… Growing Maritima Series Armeria Flower Garden Seeds. Il se contente d'un sol ordinaire s'il est drainant, caillouteux ou sablonneux, même pauvre et calcaire, mais pas trop sec quand même, sinon les feuilles se recroquevillent et sont moins belles. Armeria ( Thrift ) Seeds Thrift is an excellent ground cover plant for areas of full sun. Please add something or load your cart. Armeria facts, a summary list. Genus Armeria are evergreen perennials forming tufts or mats of strap-shaped or linear leaves, with long-stalked, dense clusters of small cup-shaped flowers Details A. maritima is a mat-forming evergreen perennial with dense, needle-like leaves and erect scapes to 15cm, bearing compact clusters of cup-shaped pink flowers in late spring and summer Seed sample from: 2011 Armeria maritima is a neat little plant for edging borders, or growing in a rockery or between paving stones. Found in the wild in coastal areas across the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Europe, it also occurs in parts of South America. Seed The seeds are small pale brown drops. Armeria maritima is a neat little plant for edging borders, or growing in a rockery or between paving stones. It forms evergreen tussocks of grassy leaves, and throughout spring and summer produces rounded flower heads composed of hundreds of tiny flowers in pinks or white on stems 3" to 6" high. Armeria pseudarmeria Ballerina. Height to 4in (10cm), spread to 10in (25cm). By Keeper [58 Posts, 1,047 Comments] July 11, 2011 0 found this helpful. Armeria requires few … 2. Armeria, also called sea thrift, is a superb plant that makes for great lawns. Achetez ARMERIA MARITIMA SEEDS: Livraison & retours gratuits possible (voir conditions)