The boat will then slowly leave the bank and head down the river Seine. . Your sweetheart won't have time to realize what is happening before the pink and white perfumed shower will have fallen down on the park in a marvelously enchanting deluge. You'll then let your sweetheart know that he/she's in for a tender moment of relaxation. Under the opulent gilding of one of the wings of the dinning room, the red curtain through which your waiter will have appeared and disappeared will be opened, thus providing you with an amazing view of an unexpected corridor glistening with beauty. Continue your way to the Winter Garden, where from the terrace you may admire, the most dazzling sights the city of Love has to offer. A magic lamp which today we will entrust you with so that it will grant you your dearest wish : to declare your love in a palace of a thousand and one nights. Your vehicle will turn into a driveway and you'll cruise alongside a magnificent row of three hundred year old linden trees. Like all the other passengers of the cruise, you will then look up to gaze in amazement at this spectacular display of sparkling lights and enchantment. Upon arriving back at the castle, you'll return to your car, starry-eyed and spellbound You are close to history's great monuments. Review of Captain Morgan's Pirate Ship. If you wish the petals to be all the same color, please also indicate your partner's favorite color. You'll be the explorers in a world of a thousand and one voyages - a world into which you'll be welcomed. As the last rays of sunshine disappear behind the monuments, you'll admire their wonderful facades while locked in each other's arms and drifting away to the melodious harmonies of a Louis Armstrong number. The boat has specific audio equipment ; therefore you could bring your iPod with your own music. My first experience at Captain Morgan's Pirate Ship was beyond amazing. Perfect for a romantic occasion or fun-loving families, the tour is the perfect way to see the landmarks of the world famous park without getting worn out. The vegetation, which will appear to extend out its hand to greet you, will become increasingly adorned with splendor as you get closer to your surprise destination. Looking on the left, you will see the Eiffel Tower, standing in all its beauty on the other side. You stop where you want. The return trip in a Bentley S3 from your hotel or place of residence (Paris/neighboring towns) to the castle and back. The host of Romantic Tour Amsterdam was really positive and made us see Amsterdam in a different light." Then return to Paris around 9PM and back in your hotel by 10PM. Reviewed October 3, 2015 . The second plane will then all of a sudden descend several hundred feet, to thus reveal... on its wings... your unbelievable declaration of love ! Travel in style with our marvellous river cruise experiences. He'll regularly be looking around his shoulder to see if he's being followed. All inclusive package includes hor d’oeuvres, entree’s and chocolate Strawberries. After savoring one of the most spectacular views of the French capital, you'll weave hand in hand through the maze of poetic alleyways in the ancient Montmartre district. The experience lasts on average for 4 hours, including transport, with the departure from your hotel or residence being between 11 and 11:30am. (tastings included). A calming painting experience where you could indulge yourself creating art in the dimming but cozy environment. Dinner for two people accompanied by the wines and champagne mentioned below. You'll decide to stop and sit down outside the La Maison Rose caf� in order to find out what's contained in the parcel. Naturally, you'll be happy to have such an unforgettable souvenir drawn for her (make sure you have 10 euros ready to pay for the portrait so that your partner doesn't get suspicious). When the lights go out, you can find the luminescence surprises revealing before your eyes. While sharing with each other an ounce of sweetness on the edge of your delicate dessert spoon, you'll suddenly notice a rumbling, or you could say roaring, noise outside. your entire love will flower with happiness !
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