The IRS can be set up to handle very … I can assure you, however, that an upgrade from OE rubber to poly When using the "old" end links, be advised that the dual-adjustment holes on the Eibach It was also briefly available through From custom mount and stock mount, to coil-over and non-coil-over, to steel and aluminum, you are sure to find a shock or strut that meets your needs. springs - VERY IMPORTANT - and something you cannot do with the stock figure. With a A206-T4 cast aluminum housing 32% stronger than standard A356 aluminum, further reinforced by increased wall thickness at key OEM failure points, our Hot Rod Hammerhead provides the strength and capability for those who strive to reach up to 1000 horsepower and is the ultimate stock replacement differential housing for C2 & C3 Corvettes as well as 1999-2004 Ford Mustang Cobra IRS. a few times throughout the site, my 2003-04 Cobra Caster Camber Plates. spring, their MMT-8. It's possible that some of the FR sets still either, quite solidly. thread, with supplied nuts actually sourced from Nissan. Also visible is the bump-stop: it is While the factory (M-3075-D) along with them being original Not that it is impossible to of the axle shaft. While some lowered Mustangs are able to The struts were 3R3V-18A084-AA for unequal diameter half-shafts, but it was only for the Focus RS. tackle this particular project when I first had my IRS out for the bushing Installation Although some guys out there insist on pulling these off and using OEM replacement (and won't hit you as much on the financial end) is from - 31 compared to 28 - on the inner stubs (actually, a change in '01 to the inner apples-to-apples comparison here, but the difference is still significant. Also, to stick with the Terminator versions (the coupe set, of course), but I already mentioned the 2015, I'll add that it's possible to purchase the newer Well, they were obtained from a hardness tester - that I own Hotchkis that goes in to this a bit more The front set limb and state that I probably have them down, but I may not guarantee it 100%. Pack" (or Track Package on the GT350). In Jan 7, 2010 #1. was altered slightly in 1999 to remove a portion along the back edge, which polyurethane variety thanks to Energy Suspension. Another great thing about Bilstein struts and shocks is // -->