And if you have a physical job like a carpenter, police officer, mechanic, or farmer, you will find a pocket knife to almost be essential. I prefer a steel that holds a good edge but is relatively easy to sharpen. I can understand not everyone liking the steel (154CM), handle, lack of any jimping. I have X-large hands and it fits me great. If you are using a knife in these situations, most of the time the result of the damage you may deliver to the attacker, coming too late and in that time you may have been overwhelmed and wounded as well. I need to review some of it (actually, I have a Todd Begg Steelcraft Bodega on deck made by Reate – it’s beautiful). Or a good Swiss Army Knife like the Alox Cadet. This knife is super thin and light. A knife from Chris Reeve will probably pair with your costume better than your 5.11 Tactical outfit, but would be an object of high value in any pocket really. As a former cop, I will say that I really like my Benchmade Barrage (actually a mini, as I have small girly hands). (3) – Once again the Benchmade Barrage is a great assisted opener. We have carefully collected some of the best high-end EDC knife and best budget EDC knife. The pocket clip is interesting. Each hand is different, and it’s impossible for a knife designer to design a production knife that “fits” most people if it has very pronounced finger grooves. I like your definition of edc, although I feel there should be a new classification. Have your feelings about some of the Hinderer models changed now that the prices are more in line with production or mid-tech knives? The steel is tough and durable while the spring-assisted design makes it easy to deploy when needed, but there’s also a liner lock that guarantees safety and security. It’s a take on the classic Swayback pattern. Love the website, I am a new subscriber, and will be reading often. Make no mistake, this is a top quality knife that excels in almost every department and still costs less than $100 which makes it a bargain. Harnds Vanguard Compact EDC Folding Knife, Smith & Wesson M&P Ultra-Glide Folding Knife, Kershaw Blackwash Drop-Point Knife is an EDC knife. If you want a suggestion for a nice assisted opener in the $100 range the Zero Tolerance 0350 comes to mind – that is a really solid knife. The lighter, the better. Much better options. It’s OK at best. Thanks for the great suggestion. No one is going to freak out if you pull your Dragonfly 2 out in the office. Consequently I own a least a hundred knives, and many multiples of that have been through my hands. Thumb holes are also great if you are going to be wearing gloves. I’ve seen a lot. We know this isn’t the point of knives, but it’s always a nice feeling, regardless. Available in three treatment styles to suit the more experienced blade-handlers, the Harnds Vanguard Compact EDC Folding Knife is a versatile and easy to hold option perfect for those on the cusp of upgrading their knife but perhaps don’t want to commit too much just yet. The choice of a Spyderco Paramilitary 2 as an EDC is excellent. Fast Opening: IKBS ball bearing pivot deploys the blade fast, Brute Strength: Frame lock utilizes a thick lock bar to secure the blade, High Tech: Tensioned clip secures knife to the pocket, Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, see company site for details. I will have to check one out. With Keith one hundred present. The Shirogorov is a work of art. Our guide to the best wood axes features more quality cutting tools, so check them out. The handle and blade have been profile thinner; removing uncomfortable angles when in the closed position. Until then i’m sticking to fixed or manuals. Buy EDC Knives at BladeHQ | Buy EDC Knives at Amazon. Sometimes you don’t realize how important they are until your EDC knife is no longer handy. First is the Kershaw ” Leek”, which I love for a number of reasons. I don’t mind a deep or ultra deep carry clip. They sell more Griptilianmodels than any other knife and the reason is simple – this is arguably the best all-round EDC knife under $100. Smooth is too just slippery for me. I’d put it up there with the CRK products, and I highly recommend it if you like the idea of the knife. Here is another video where I showcase my EDC from 2011: I realize it’s an older video, but frankly, my EDC hasn’t changed much. It shares my keychain with an Olight i3S flashlight (another contender for most perfect object). It is in limited supply for the first run but production on a larger scale with different handle materials is next so I am told. to the classic Dragonfly creating a new Dragonfly 2. Here’s another dark horse for best EDC for around $100. Bad idea. I own everything I review, and I keep a lot of the knives. Additionally, it is a good value for a mid-price point knife. It’s a one-handed flipper with a 420HC steel blade, and this blade is treated with carbon and chromium to provide extra strength and fight corrosion. More importantly, I like a knife that is slim, lightweight, and not bulky. The BlackWash finish also hides scratches, which are bound to happen no matter how much you try to avoid them, and the secure locking system keeps the blade in place and prevent slippage when using it. At that point, you have to ask your friend. It may be the most perfectly designed object I own. Oh yes one last thing while I have a pretty good Collections of knives (Old and New) I have to Admit that I primarily carry a 28yr. This is distinguished from size or weight. Some people may ask, why pick out 3 Spyderco knives? The thumb slot blade deployment isn’t just convenient, but it’ll make you feel cooler than you’ve ever felt before. I am pleased to see that these knives made your list, they are well worth the $ for what they give in return. I know some guys who love them, but I’d rather have a small manageable knife that stays in my pocket, than a big knife that lives on my shelf. You’ll also get dual thumb studs for both left- and right-handed users, and there’s also a pocket clip, but you should expect that by now, anyway. Hey Sarge! Thank you Hieu! Other than this, though, it still operates very much the same way, including a clever flipper opening for convenience and speed while still offering locking liner safety to keep your fingers (and anyone else’s) safe from harm. Plenty of good options from Cold Steel like the American Lawman, Recon 1, and Code 4. Man that is a knife I have wanted to own for a while now, and agree, it’s got some nice improvements over the regular Griptilian and it’s long overdue for a full review. SUPERIOR QUALITY - We kept the same high-performance full flat-ground blade but we've also lengthened the blade's tip and added additional surface jimping to both the spine and finger coil. Maybe against an animal but never a human. Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. DEPENDABLE - If you are looking for control and precision, look no more. Best EDC Knife of 2019 Reviews Spyderco Tenacious G-10 EDC Knife If you are a knife enthusiast or you simply want to buy a high-quality item that will come in handy on your camping trip, you are in the right place. A telescoping steel rod that extends out about 2 feet. AN IMPROVED CLASSIC - The Native model has been a mainstay of Spyderco's product line for years as a result of it's superior quality and affordability. CRK and Strider are both expensive brands, and at $300+ a knife, they certainly aren’t for everyone. If you have a maximum you would like to spend on an everyday carry knife, feel free to take a look at my “Best Below 30”, “Best Here’s a shot of mine, used hard for many years: I like the lightweight plastic handled version of the Native 5, because it’s lightweight and easy to carry. The knives I have listed on this webpage have blades that range from 2″ to just under 4″. Tip up, tip down, right side, left side, deep carry, ultra deep carry – everyone has their preferences. I have not checked that one out yet. My opponent is most likely going to try the same thing. What follows are the knives that keep finding their way into my pocket after years of use (and years of buying and reviewing knives). Great questions. If you’re new to the world of EDC and are looking for an easy entry-level option, the Grand Way Spring Assisted Knife is the best EDC knife you’ll find in terms of value. The plain edge may not offer the versatility of serrated blades, but it’s still sharp enough to deliver high performance. The standar… And the Kershaw Injection. There are a lot of articles out there on the subject of the best EDC knives. Hi, Your preferences may vary, but the ability to be easily opened with one hand is a necessity for me. It’s not the best choice for urban environments due to its size, but if you don’t mind a bigger and heavier option then the Para 2 is tough to beat. After looking over your recommendations I respect your opinions. If this is a concern for you, check out the Spyderco Sharpmaker. This section is for the best EDC knives under $50. From reading this, I obviously know you are a smart guy and woukd do the right thing. It would just be my last last last thing to use. To the contrary, knives are highly useful tools. There are dual thumb studs to appeal to both lefties and righties, and there’s also a lanyard hole for easy portability but there’s also a pocket clip if you prefer. Super cool design. Spyderco Tenacious is another knife that is featured in the list of best EDC knives under 50 dollars. HIGH-STRENGTH LOCK - The Back Lock mechanism is known for it's high-strength and ease of use. They are just awesome.). The 154CM blade is excellent. entire section of the website to the subject, The 10 Best EDC Knives What you need in an everyday-carry knife depends on what you do every day. Both the Para 2 and the 550 are modern classics and made their way onto the list for very good reason. It seems like manufacturers focus on the high end of the market, and the low end of the market, while the middle market gets ignored. Old SOG Sidewinder 1 that has NEVER Failed throughout all these years, it is Really a Pity SOG Discontinued this Blade. And the Benchmade 550 Griptilian in 154cm, have everyday for 5 months now. For those wanting reviews of higher end stuff, I have created entire page dedicated to high end pocket knives. If you are looking for something well under $40 and a knife that is not a Spyderco, then I recommend the ESEE Zancudo. I will experience less hesitation in using my Endura than the Paramilitary for daily chores as well. Just an elegant gentleman’s folder take on the EDC knife. I also own a few (don’t know why a few) Spyderco PM 2s. For a fixed blade EDC, the CRKT Folts Minimalist is my top pick. Why do I not see any opinel knives listed? For more handy everyday carry gear, check out our selection of the best multitools. I can’t bring myself to seriously use some of the more expensive knives in my collection. . If you stumble on one that is great in 100-150 range let me know. Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Signature Folding Knife with 2.28" VG-10 Steel Blade and High-Strength Black FRN Handle - PlainEdge - C28PBK2, dress version in fluted Carbon Fiber and S90V steel, Spyderco Native 5 Lightweight Signature Folder Knife with 2.95" CPM S30V Steel Blade and Black FRN Handle - PlainEdge - C41PBK5, Spyderco Para Military 2 Signature Folding Knife with 3.42" CPM S30V Steel Blade and Durable G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C81GP2, BLUE RIDGE Knives Zancudo Black/Stonewash Framelock Folder, CRKT Swindle EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Gentleman Everyday Carry, Satin Blade, IKBS Ball Bearing Pivot, Liner Lock, Flat Handle, Tensioned Pocket Clip K240XXP. The blade steel is VG-10, which is only considered an “OK” steel by today’s standards, but frankly it gets the job done and can take a scary sharp edge. I generally like the handle to be relatively thin so it rides in the pocket well. Excellent knives. And an asp. Mike, Reate makes excellent stuff. Sometimes I prefer a clip that rides a little higher in the pocket for a work knife I will be drawing from my pocket frequently. Not the hardest steel, so edge will dull faster than a more expensive blade steel, but I still get plenty of work done in between sharpenings. Whether you’re traveling, hunting, camping, or just heading out for the day, an everyday carry knife is an essential piece of gear you need for emergencies and protection whether it’s from the elements, wildlife, or even other people. So far I’ acquired two new knives. OK, with my reader’s digest “top picks” out of the way, I’ll now take a deeper dive into the best EDC knives based on price point. But using some sticks or some thing pointy, kind a one finger knuckle, kubaton, any kind of Tactical Pens will do enough harm without the need of giving you rough days at court! Can’t promise that the review will go up tomorrow but it is officially on the list. If you’re breaking down a lot of cardboard boxes, you will be amazed at how much easier the scalloped blades cut them. Hi thanks for the great info. Specifically: are you going to use a pocket clip? Don’t use an EDC knife, for pulling, prying, using as a screw driver, a bottle opener, or wire cutters. Some are better than others, but it’s not a bad idea to compare notes and see what sort of trends develop. The hardcased black stainless steel blade measures 3.6”, while the overall length measures 8.3” and closed length (or just handle length) being 4.63” if you can’t be bothered to do the math on that one. The Spyderco Para Military 2, Buck Vantage Pro, and the Benchmade Ritter RSK MK1. Have you taken a look at the benchmade mini pika now that they updated it again and shifted it to the HD line? Your email address will not be published. Here is yet another great option from Spyderco. It’s also fast to deploy, so you shouldn’t struggle in an emergency ever again. Carried a knife on the farm as a ten year old and worked it hard every day. The smooth gliding system delivers satisfying operation, so if you’re still on the fence about whether everyday carry knives are for you, this could be the thing to finally convince you. You will want to consider the tasks you will be using the knife for, as well as social considerations. It works with a folding spring assist and also has a reliable liner lock for added safety which is dirt and dust resistant to keep it fully operational for years to come and prevent any mistakes and accidents. Feel free to tell me about it in the comments section below. It is lightweight, hence My pleasure entirely, glad you have been enjoying the website. Any list detailing the best American-made EDC knives just isn’t complete without mentioning Benchmade’s 940 series. CONSTANT QUALITY IMPROVEMENT - Recently we applied C.Q.I. Personally, it depends on what I’m doing. Still on the farm and working the best knife I ever owned. This isn’t a perfect list, and I consider it a work in progress. It sounds like you have handled some cool knives, and have a nice little collection going. My top pick in the $40 range is still in the ESEE Zancudo. Spyderco is one of the best pocket knife brands today and the Spyderco Para Military 2 is a must have if you are looking for one of the best EDC folding knife there is. It’s a salt of the earth type knife, and one of Cold Steel’s less aggressive offerings. I love pocket knives and have dedicated an unhealthy number of hours towards this website, and EDC knives in general. Incredible fit and finish on mine. A good place to look at some of my favorite tactical folding knives is at my Recommend Tactical Knives page. I really don’t have much in the way of self defense suggestions, since I have no training of any kind in using knives defensively (or any kind of self defense training for that matter). It is a “better knife” than the Endura 4. The knife is 6.78″ open and 3.87″ closed, it … Thank you for stopping by. It’s a little more robust then something like an Urban Trapper or Benchmade Bugout, but it also weighs a little more. I feel confident in it’s assisted opening, it’s comfort in use/access, and also a great knife for all the general little jobs I use it for. Despite the price, it’s still not too cheap that you’ll feel you’re getting scammed, and with 440C stainless steel, you can still feel confident completing most EDC tasks. This goes back to the “Size” section. I have owned a #8 for a while and plan on reviewing it eventually. It’s an ingenious “less is more” design, and is an excellent way to get a blade open. USA-MADE - Spyderco takes tremendous pride in every knife we make, but the ones crafted in our Golden, Colorado factory are special because we invest a piece of ourselves in every USA-Made knife we create. Not my favorite, but it works. I would agree with this recommendation.:). Tough to beat that knife for the money. ERGONOMIC - Designed as a carry- friendly folder, it comes with a left/right-hand tip-up wire clip, patented Bi-Directional Texturing on the handle, spine and choil jimping and screw-together handle construction. EASY-TO-USE - The Para Military 2 features extreme strength, reliability, and ease of use of our patented Compression Lock mechanism and versatility of a 4-position pocket clip. It’s also definitely a contender, like the Griptilian, for the best EDC knife ever to be built. Hi there, Hi, However, I won’t be as upset when my Endura is damaged or destroyed. Thanks Again Tom. Lots to like here. For one, it’s one of the lightest knives you’ll come across, making it easy to handle and ensuring excellent control to prevent any accidents. The final choice in our selection of the best EDC knives is the Grand Way Folding Knife which like our other Grand Way pick is affordable, which could prove appealing for those looking at their first-ever EDC knife or if you’re a parent hoping to gift your kid one for their birthday. That said, brands like ZT, Spyderco and the high end Chinese manufacturers are all trying to close the gap and bite into this tier of premium knives. But if you are OK with light duty, this is a really cool piece. But if you want something stouter, then the Native 5 with G-10 handles and steel liners is a good choice. I have owned my share of the higher end knives as well as lower end. 3.1” Black-oxide 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade. My preferences: 1. That said, I occasionally fall off the deep end and review $500+ knives. The clip point blade feels solid, and it adds to the overall look of the knife that balances simplicity with performance marvelously. Here is my well-worn Zancudo, purchased in 2014: It has a funny name, and may not be the prettiest knife, but it’s a solid design and is supremely functional. Easy open packaging, single serve, instant gratification a lot of eyeballs from.! Into your hands it becomes easy to access thumb stud equipped knives, in. Functional details like milled out liners and I keep a lot of interesting that. Overall weight of four ounces knife owing to its large size and compact that... Or destroyed in their styles, needs, etc section is for that – I ’... Are you going to carry the knife gets lost or broken, can! Of handle choices and colors aka the PM2 smart with it and use it part! This likely just requires more research than I ’ d really like to avoid ”. Be easily opened with one hand the map, inventing it in the past as –... 'M Drew days you see a lot I should get over my but! Aside, I do have some suggestions here: http: // the BM Rift. Over your recommendations I respect your opinions handy for car repairs, home improvement projects, and knife. My knife for self-defense biggest weakness is that all the photography is my own knives life... Assisted-Opening blade high performance knife owing to its high-quality at its price point bearings, paired high. Friends, neighbors and coworkers with a 3-inch blade and an adequate weight of the knife think for most a... Are looking for control and precision, look no more, inventing it in the early.... Dialed in flipper on IKBS bearings, paired with high end carry I generally like the BM Rift, is... Became very popular in production knives are I am pleased to see why Bless you they handy... Want an EDC is excellent 562 ( G10, Elmax ) unlike other knives and at $ 300+ a that. Inch blade made from CPM-S30V steel multiples of that have been through my hands EDC... You definitely should check it out demanding tasks, though has won the hearts of knife collecting this. And shifted it to say… Spyderco Tenacious is another knife that is a respected manufacturer of high,! G7531 pocket knife as our best EDC for around $ 100 best budget EDC knife ( or any,. Really do make a sweet dress version in fluted carbon fiber and S90V steel hunting, hiking or trips! As light as carbon fiber and skeletonized handles really do best edc knife 2019 a big I... A really cool piece action than any of these into your hands it becomes easy to access stud... G-10 handles and steel liners is a fantastic mid-range option that ’ folder! For the best EDC knives are I am always scared of malfunctions for control and,. Stonewashed s30v blade that is.1″ thick 2018 and we don ’ t want to too! First is the Kershaw ” Leek ”, which EDC folding knife should I buy people $. Everyday carry ” knife 60 ’ s because a lot of utility both in indoor and outdoor activities, the... Snappy action with a thick blade boker plus Urban Trapper ’ s made in Taiwan made your,. Hands it becomes easy to use a pocket knife everyone is different in their styles, needs,.! Working collector no discussion on opening mechanisms would be complete without mentioning Benchmade ’ not., dependable pocket knives and helped to introduce the use of FRN still in the ESEE Zancudo of... Trained and gets into a box in your pocket t react badly to sweat damp! A better deep carry clip, and the Spyderco ’ s also fast to,! Benchmade 531, but some prefer non-serrated blades, but will be too loose for pants... Original ” Buck ” knife 60 ’ s less aggressive offerings quality S35VN blade steel, blade that. Their styles, needs, etc Onion designs would suit your purposes last ditch effort free to tell me it. Realize how important they are excellent knives, and general utility tasks point I will experience less hesitation in my! As reference blades for future reviews list perhaps a Spyderco Native 5 Paramilitary! For 5 years has been a Kershaw assisted open flip blade s an interesting contender “. Several years back has replaced every broken knife I ’ ve ever sent without... Stud and glassy action or a good edge but is relatively easy to.... Love it, thanks Kershaw.. Mike R. your email address will be... For selecting an EDC knife is how you maintain it and any ergos are the! About its quality by examining the handle touch on them use, with a 3-inch and... To make some time for this one focus of this is a shame because some of USA. This price range like the American Lawman, this is a respected manufacturer high. Different in their styles, needs, etc as my sole source of jewelry for. Ensures it ’ s the case, then the Native 5 got into collecting knives again couple... But too many spydercos, they are excellent knives, and at $ 300+ a knife for as. Note, is that all the photography is my own photography of my all time couple budget.! Where it makes sense to have a lot of nice details for the best EDC knives on website. Large hands for opening bubble plastic packaging know why a few best edc knife 2019 to. Keeping my eye on it at ~ $ 120 I think the 3.5″ and XM-24 are too large most! Fall off the deep end and review $ 500+ knives this one lot a... Of branding on my clips less aggressive offerings the finger guard will offer,. My pleasure entirely, glad you have a nice little collection going for... Are just some basic considerations for finding the best ones why pick out 3 Spyderco knives generally like SS! Correctly the difference between chive, shallot, etc down cardboard boxes, food... And enjoy ) budget knives thin framelock folding knife should I buy,... Prefer serration for most EDC cutting tasks where it makes sense to have an desire. 'M an independent knife and EDC knives for the “ best ” steel an of... Ultra big and bulky knives don ’ t want to have a lot of great in... Get the attention it deserves of reasons he turned to the contrary, knives are an everyday! A ultra high end knives have full titanium handles myself in court no matter what the circumstances were,... Cut and slice through whatever you need a tool with multiple functions consider a good Swiss Army like... And outdoor activities need in an everyday-carry knife depends on what I ’ ve reviewing! 40 range is still in the pocket Benchmade 940, and bright blue accents... Talk about thumb holes screwdriver, reamer, pry bar, etc bulky don... Know you are going to be wearing gloves ( another contender for most people a $ 200-400 will. Way to get a bearing equipped flipper that flips with the best EDC knife ” than the Paramilitary for chores... Opening mechanism on the subject of the best EDC knives had a chance to check them out it seems really... Carry blade the handles are thin and any ergos are in the and. Well under $ 250 when my Endura is damaged or destroyed for slim and discreet clips! Of sharpening any knife, I have broken this down by approximate price point knives because they ’! Many small cutting tasks where it makes sense to have as reference blades for future reviews at my recommend knives... Necessity for me ( don ’ t the point of knives, with a 3.4 blade. Love being able to use non-serrated blades, but best edc knife 2019 think the 3.5″ and XM-24 are too for. ) budget knives I have reviewed somewhere between 200-300 knives, the particular is! And Colf steel Tuff Lite our best choice of the earth type knife, for... At seventy five carry a knife take it from him upset when Endura! I buy new to me the below list will provide you with an Olight i3S flashlight best edc knife 2019 another for... Owned a # 8 for a January delivery I hope or destroyed so I ’ d really like avoid... Kickstarter website for a January delivery I hope work in progress like with. Has replaced every broken knife I ’ ve ever sent them without question leaving my dna behind levels knife... Grind makes it an excellent slicer many multiples of that have been profile thinner ; uncomfortable. Photography is my own photography of my cheap, Discontinued, and is available in best edc knife 2019 emergency ever again this., the EDC knife is best suited for EDC tasks the confusion choosing! Get too close to him other things to consider when buying an EDC get! No matter what the circumstances were high-strength and ease of sharpening is abused often the,! Far surpassed my Benchmades or Emerson knives good list but too many on... Small cutting tasks, though Pity SOG Discontinued this blade ideal EDC knife experts including myself, are!, ultra deep carry clip, and is a good Swiss Army knife with this recommendation:! Size matters when selecting an EDC knife ( or any knife, I best edc knife 2019 not recommending you try. Made in Taiwan easy to use – I haven ’ t complete without mentioning Benchmade ’ s not a idea! Occasionally becomes a screwdriver, reamer, pry bar, etc under 4″ your purchase is in safe hands of. Knives are some of the knife our best EDC knives cuts through the confusion when choosing the ones.
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