1; 10; Details; May 12, 2015 King_Fisher 0. Includes GPS coordinates for all access points, parking areas, boat ramps, campgrounds and more. Fishing immediately upstream from the Rockport Reservoir in the pre-spring runoff often yields spawning rainbows. Salt Lake City is only another 25 minutes further. Weber River Fly Fishing; Fly Fishing on the Provo River. Located near Salt Lake City and Park City. Park City Fly Fishing Company primarily focus its guide trips on the weber river between Rock Port reservoir and Echo reservoir. However, you can access the river at the Lower Weber River Diversion and then fish upstream and downstream from there. Angling traffic is light compared to the Provor river and with just a short 20-minute drive from Park City and excellent access, the Weber River is a gem. The Middle Weber has a plethora of aquatic life. Our fly fishing guides are experienced in fishing all three sections but specialize on and spend the majority of their time on the middle Provo River and the lower Provo River. South Fork Weber River is a stream located just 5.4 miles from Oakley, in Summit County, in the state of Utah, United States. Statewide, except for the upper Weber River (Holiday Park to Echo Reservoir). Lower Weber River: 10 miles east of Ogden, Utah. During the winter when the water levels are low and slow it is best to switch to small midges and mayflies to keep catching fish. Red San Juan worms and wooly buggers work well here.
All of the sections have a good amount of public access mixed with some private water. Per the Utah Supreme Court's February 2019 ruling in Stream Access Coalition v. VR Acquisitions, et al, recreational water users (including anglers, kayakers, tubers, hunters and others) need to follow the laws affecting access. I was fishing a run that was public access and hooked a 20"+ brown who put up … the Weber is largely populated by brown trout but you have a good chance at catching Rainbows and Cutthroats. This a lower flow, and the moss is in the river. The Utah Fish Planner also provides the legal fishing rules approved by the Utah Wildlife Board. These amazing private waters offer unbelievable fishing, total exclusivity, and trophy fish that don’t get harassed on a daily basis. Weber River. The Weber River is slightly smaller than the Provo River, and can be characterized as a medium sized stream perfect for wad fishing. Middle Provo River The middle Provo river is a convenient and short 15 mile drive east of Park City, Utah and as a result 1/2 day middle Provo River guide trips are our most popular trips. There are some monstrous trout in this stretch of the Weber River. It is as productive as the Provo, but gets much less attention from out of towners. Judge Keith Kelly of Utah’s 3rd District Court confirmed that the Weber was navigable where it crosses over the landowner defendant’s properties. The middle Weber River flows from the Rockport Reservoir downstream to the Echo Reservoir in Coalville and includes a mix of private and public access. Stream length: 10.0 miles Elevation: Approximately 4,920 feet Average Flow (minimum flow): The Weber River is a highly regulated river with many dams and diversions for water storage and irrigation.Water flows are frequently reduced flows.
All of the sections have a good amount of public access mixed with some private water. Brown trout … The Weber is home to rainbows, browns and cutthroat trout, in addition to whitefish, brookies and even graylings near the headwaters. If you're se. It joins the Ogden River and flows into the Great Salt Lake. Access corridor width — Recreational access is limited to the bed of the Weber River within the ordinary highwater mark. This can make fishing difficult, and you will have to clean off your flies every couple of drifts. Although it's lined by private property, access is good, thanks to agreements reached between the UDWR and local ranchers. While there is a fair amount of private land until you get into the national forests, there are some great public access areas as well. The Middle Weber winds 13 miles through farmland paralleling Interstate 80 and empties into Echo Reservoir in Coleville Utah. On the Weber you can find your own piece of river. The head waters originate in the high Unita Mountains and travel some 125 miles through canyons, valleys and two lakes (Rockport Reservoir and Echo Reservoir) before emptying into the Great Salt Lake. The shoreline is 98% owned by the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, and public access is 100% open. Whether you’re fly fishing, baitcasting or spinning your chances of getting a bite here are good. The Awesome cuttie! Weber River. Fly fishing on the Weber River is one of Utah’s overlooked gems, just a short ride from Park City Utah. The Weber River has numerous access points so it never to hard to find a bit of solitude even on the weekend. Flows can remain high, even during summer months, to provide water and irrigation downstream. KSL Outdoors: Fly fishing the Weber River February 25th, 2013 @ 10:41am. The upper Weber River, from the Rockport Reservoir to the headwaters, features some fantastic fly fishing. Early spring on the lower Weber River is a wonderful time to explore this area. Park City, Utah is only 15-20 minutes from the first access points on the Provo River and the Weber River. Weber River Fly Fishing The Weber River is between 25 to 45 minutes from … The Weber River is very similar to the more popular Provo River. There is a lot of pocket water on the lower Weber and a few small rapids that will see some kayak use. Private property runs adjacent to this public corridor, so please respect the rights of private-property owners. Post-runoff; upstream from Rockport reservoir pre-runoff for spawning rainbows and fall for spawning brown trout, Caddis, stone flies, mayflies, Flav, BWO, PMD, Yellow Sallies, and a lot of terrestrials, Parachute Adams, stimulators, elk hair caddis, small cicadas, hoppers, chubby Chernobyls, and just about anything else that floats. If you decide to give it a shot try nymphing your … A favorite hatch is the Mother’s Day caddis hatch. This section of the Weber River is outstanding, especially post runoff, and you can find great fishing all summer and into fall. Similar in size to the Provo River, the “Weeb” as it is referred to by locals, is a great alternative in the middle of the summer when the crowds on the Provo River increase. Cool, clear water begins its descent into the “Thousand Peaks Ranch,” one of the first fly-friendly sections of the river’s 125-mile trek toward the Great Salt Lake. The Weber River is flowing at ~190 cfs out of Rockport Dam. Overview. The Weber River has some exceptional hatches throughout the year, including its incredible early season, “mother’s day” caddis hatch. You can literally fly in to the Salt Lake International Airport and be fly fishing within an hour of picking up your bags. We have access to several stretches of private fly fishing in Utah creeks and rivers as well as fly-fishing-only private fly fishing lakes. The Weber River is another of Utah’s fly fishing blue ribbon gems. Although smaller, the Weber shares similar characteristics. This area that is nestled in and out of grazing land and can be home to some very large brown trout. No minimum flow. Fly Fishing The Weber River Utah. Twenty minutes northwest of Park City Utah, we have convenient and easy access to the Weber River, which, like the Provo River, has the distinction of qualifying as a blue ribbon tailwater. Public access to the 12-mile PRRP corridor is available from seven designated angler-access parking areas shown on the map below. The shoreline is 98% owned by the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, and public access is 100% open. I generally fish the Weber River between the two reservoirs. You can also access the river … The Weber is home to browns, rainbows and cutthroats. Access roads, public and private land, tributaries and reservoirs are also shown. Year-round fishing on this section of the Weber is the norm. The areas we fish are tailwaters with controlled flows. There is a mix of public and private access on this lesser known Utah river. This is a great tailwater and produces some big brown trout with an occasional cutthroat and rainbow. Pineview Reservoir is a large impoundment of the Ogden River at the top of Ogden Canyon.

weber river fly fishing access

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