We are still searching for copper, palladium, and other required metals. Captain Sandra Hiroshi William Hague served as an officer in the Earth-Minbari War. Affiliation Ryan was with them for quite some time. He spent the last year putting his people in key places. We were coming back from a meeting with some officials on Orion 7 when we were ambushed. If he finds out we're here... Captain Sandra Hiroshi Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Christopher Franke - Babylon 5: Severed Dreams at Discogs. Ryan offered to leave and perhaps draw off some of the enemy fire, but Sheridan insisted they make a stand together. Launch fighters. He became chairman of Earthforce's Joint Chiefs of Staff, and, later, the first leader of the Earth Alliance Resistance against the authoritarian regime of Earth Alliance President Morgan Clark. HIROSHI! : : Where's General Hague? In 2260, John Sheridan and General Hague found solid evidence that Clark had arranged the assassination of Santiago. So those ships are ordered to seize command of Babylon 5, arrest and detain its captain and the rest of the command staff, and to put the station under the direct authority of President Clark and the Nightwatch. : They won't intervene. I should be there when the others arrive. That's the irony. In 2260, Major Ryan was serving as the second in command of Hague's flagship, the destroyer EAS Alexander. The task force soon arrived, and when Sheridan rejected their demand for surrender, the Battle For B5 Independence began. : If this is where we make our stand then... this is where we'll do it. Hiroshi! Captain John Sheridan : Needing to repair his vessel and plan their next move, Ryan brought the ship to Babylon 5, knowing Captain John Sheridan had been a close ally of Hague. We've heard. Reluctantly, and at the urging of acting XO Bill Trainor, Ryan ordered the Alexander to destroy the Clarkstown. And in the case of Major Ryan, well... the entire chain of command does tend to become a bit more flexible if you're in open rebellion, I'm sure. Ryan got to know the Captain, learning of wife back home on Earth, his three small children and his Abyssinian cat named Max. : Built by the Earth Alliance in the 2250s, its goal is to maintain peace among the various alien races by providing a sanctuary where grievances and negotiations can be worked out among duly appointed ambassadors. How close? Episode Review of Babylon 5 Season 3: "Severed Dreams" Warning: all of my reviews contain spoilers. Babylon 5. Ah, his power base is back on Earth where he has Nightwatch and the bulk of our forces. Gender [sets mug he's holding on table and faces Sheridan] Major Ed Ryan : If you think it would be any help, we could try to jump, maybe draw some of the fire away from Babylon 5, give you a chance to negotiate. We intercepted attack orders relayed to the Agrippa and the Roanoke. Captain Sandra Hiroshi Captain Smith's task force opens fire first. : Cmdr. Major Ed Ryan . Kim Miyori as Captain Hiroshi. Earth Alliance had gained more technology than any other race in the known Babylon 5 universe: Dilgar, Narn, Centauri, Shadow, Minbari, and Vorlon tech all at one point in time. How long until they get here? Dexter Smith : Brown Right down their throats! Major Ed Ryan It's time someone made them face reality." Before being violently taken off the air, ISN reported that Orion VII and Proxima III had declared independence in response. However, Straczynski didn't know his full name, so when he asked to have McGill contacted to set up a meeting about casting him, his assistant asked if he meant Bruce, and Straczynski said yes. Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Kail, Nov 21, 2015. J. Michael Straczynski was the first to do it, in the third season of Babylon 5. Anyone who raises a voice is immediately arrested and charged with treason, Under conditions like that, it's... it's easier to keep quiet. Earth AllianceEarthforceEarth Alliance Resistance Clark's afraid of losing the other colonies, so he's sending elite forces to seize direct control of any colony or outpost that might move against him. He already knows. Capt. Captain John Sheridan A few senators have managed to escape Earthdome, shock troops are out in force everywhere, Paris, London, New York, Moscow, New Delhi. Get out of there! At about the same time, … Captain Sandra Hiroshi General William Hague was a Human Earthforce officer. Major Ed Ryan : I'd better get back to my ship. Male Babylon 5 wasn't in a position to coordinate the Earth Alliance ships … Hiroshi, an ally of Ryan, informed him and Sheridan that Clark had ordered a fleet to seize Babylon 5, arrest the senior staff, and place it under his direct control. : : No. Major Ryan, Captain, we've just jumped in from Orion 7. The Grey Council is not what it was. Captain. [continues]  The name of its military force is EarthForce. Susan Ivanova They also engage in fierce dogfights with the enemy Starfuries. Cmdr. Oh, he's overextended already. They may not receive you well, if they will see you at all." Here they come! Captain John Sheridan Cmdr. : The Earth Alliance was a major galactic superpower in the Babylon 5 universe. We're on our own. Straczynski,…continued → Actor Jerry Doyle, playing Security Chief Michael Garibaldi, broke his right arm and right wrist during filming of combat scenes, his arm being seen bent in unusual directions as he releases his helmet. The two … He planned to track down any other defecting ships and bring them together to hopefully end the Civil War.[1]. After the war, he continued to rise up through the ranks. : Major Ryan went on to command the Alexander in the battle against forces sent by President Clark to destroy it and capture Babylon 5, before leaving to locate other Earth Alliance ships that would fight against Clark and to draw fire from Babylon 5. Major Ed Ryan History [edit | edit source] In the summer of 2259 General Hague introduced Major Ryan to the Captain of the EAS Clarkstown, a friend of Hague's from his Academy days. Captain John Sheridan They're hooking up with some heavy reinforcements on the way in. Just before Clark's task force arrived, Sheridan announced that Babylon 5 would declare independence from the Earth Alliance until Clark is removed from office. However, during the meeting news came that Clark had ordered the bombing of civilian targets on Mars. We've got fire on all decks now. In his absence, I've tried to carry on as best I can. Ryan decided to take his ship out after it finished repairs, diverting some attention away from the station. He doesn't want to risk Babylon 5 breaking away. Dr. San … Bill Trainor Babylon 5 is a five-mile long space station located in neutral space. : Release Dates : General Hague was killed in our last firefight. -- Major Ryan in Babylon 5:"Severed Dreams" "Delenn, please be careful. Yeah? Babylon 5 and Twin Peaks:Revelations and the 8 Miles Between Them On January 9, 2017, J. Michael Straczynski tweeted, “Talk about foreshadowing: Laura in Twin Peaks says ‘I’ll see you again in 25 years.’ Now the new series comes.” His tweet referred to the forthcoming return to television of the 1990–1 series Twin Peaks. What's the reaction? "They will see me whether they like it or not. Especially Earth Alliance, according to Major Ryan on the Alexander." Michael Garibaldi Hague managed to get the evidence introduced in the Senate, which caused an uproar. Captain John Sheridan : The character of Major Ryan was an addition to the script when it was discovered that 'Robert Foxworth' could not return as General Hague. : The version of the teleplay presented herein features General William Hague, as played by Robert Foxworth. Captain John Sheridan Delenn receives disturbing news from a Ranger. Bruce McGill, "That's what makes this war different than anything we've ever fought before: this time we know everyone we kill. : In the late 2250s he was a direct subordinate of General William Hague. Marcus and Franklin are stuck together on a mission to Mars so to pass the time, Marcus starts singing the "Major General" song. Major Ed Ryan Possibly one of the finest episodes of any Sci-Fi shows produced, Severed Dreams is one of the defining episodes of the show. Maybe less. Major Ed Ryan "Matters of Honor" launched Babylon 5's third season with the introduction of the White Star, a spacecraft added to enable more of the action to take place away from the station. : Ryan was hopeful that Mars, which had rejected the martial law order, could form a coalition against Clark. : Official Sites Ivanova leads the stations' Starfury wings in assaulting the Loyalist ships, hoping to occupy them long enough to allow the destroyers to take them down. He sent a message ahead so that just as he arrived the station could cut all outgoing communication channels. Brown Susan Ivanova Complete your Christopher Franke collection. : It's bloody unlikely, and pretty improper in any case. : In the case of B5 and Sinclair's "trial," it was supposed to be improper, though, wasn't it? Captain Sandra Hiroshi Most of them have welcomed martial law. We just intercepted a coded message from Earthforce Command. Human Major There's nothing we can do now except... Major Ed Ryan Tim Walker, Nov 19, 2016 Following EA President Clark's martial law decree and dissolution of the Earth Senate, Ryan remained loyal to Hague and assisted him in an attempted coup that ultimately failed. I thought it was pretty funny that when they were casting Major Ryan, they asked for one actor named McGill but got a different one (they wanted Everett, but got Bruce). They've started bombing Mars. Meanwhile, the EAS Churchill under the command of Captain Sandra Hiroshi jumped into B5 space. ... Major Ryan is now commanding the Alexander, since General Hague was recently killed in combat. Major Ryan had taken over what should have been General Hague's job of organizing them all. Major Ed Ryan was an Earthforce officer who defected with General William Hague during the Earth Alliance Civil War. : Captain Sandra Hiroshi The name of its military force is EarthForce. Ryan commanded the Alexander with Bill Trainor as his second-in-command. Captain John Sheridan The battle ended in a victory for the rebels, but at a high cost. : : https://babylon5.fandom.com/wiki/Ed_Ryan?oldid=64867. They know if they push too far, they'll be shut down. Major Ed Ryan Susan Ivanova This is Captain Dexter Smith of the Earth Alliance Destroyer Agrippa to Babylon 5 and renegade ships. Specifically, it is the year 2260 (each season is supposed to be one full year). Babylon 5. Bystander Syndrome: As part of toeing a fine line, ISN kept mum about all the atrocities going on outside of Earth. Bus Crash: Hague is killed in action before reaching Babylon 5. I repeat, they're bombing Mars. "Well, we have found iron, titanium, cobolt, and silver. Earth was a sore subject. Captain Sandra Hiroshi Capt. [Hiroshi rams her ship into another vessel]. Hiroshi? : When President Clark tries to seize control of Babylon 5 by force, Sheridan is faced with the prospect of severing the station's ties with Earth. | : In 2259 Hague introduced him to the Captain of the EAS Clarkstown. : | The version that aired in 1996 (and subsequently earned Babylon 5 its second Hugo Award) featured Major Ed Ryan, Hague's aide-de-camp in the general's stead. Major Ed Ryan Originally, J. Michael Straczynski intended to cast McGill in the role of Major Ryan in the Babylon 5 (1993) episode "Severed Dreams". : : Our primary systems are hit. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I'm sorry to be the bearer of such bad news, Captain, but I thought you should know. Mars has rejected martial law. (Behind the scenes, his actor was double-booked to appear on Deep Space Nine, as Major Ryan explains in an outtake). ", Major Ed Ryan was an Earthforce officer who defected with General William Hague during the Earth Alliance Civil War.[1]. Major Ed Ryan I just can't believe so many people in Earthforce would go along with all this. Despite the miscommunication, the actual casting, nevertheless, worked out well. We'd better pull out before we jeopardize Babylon 5 further. I should be there when the others arrive. -- Lennier and Delenn in Babylon 5:"Severed Dreams" "G'kar, thank you for your help. You are ordered to surrender your commands and prepare to be boarded. From Babylon 5: The Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski, vol. It's too late. Eye color : Technical Specs. Bring us in closer to the enemy. : Unless he pushes back. [Played by Bruce McGill] Rank : : Earthforce's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General William Hague, suspected that Clark was involved in the assassination, and began a low-level counter-conspiracy that included Captain John Sheridan. : Company Credits This resulted in an outtake in which Bruce McGill, upon his character boarding Babylon 5 and being asked where General Hague was, … : Foxworth's character on this show was a loyalist fighting against a coup on Earth, while his character on Deep Space 9 … Yeah, the peace of the gun. Thank you, Major.

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