– The main reason for bubbles in water bottle is dissolved gases. The bottles hold 32-fl.oz. Bubble time will last for hours with these huge bottles of bubbles! Transfer the bubbles with a slotted spoon into a bowl of water. Tons of outdoor fun for schools, day care centers, churches, camps, home use, and so much more. It would happen with glass bottles … There are many reasons for dissolving gases in the water. Nothing to worry about, cold water from the tap (faucet) has a little air dissolved in it. However, efforts by environmentalists to encourage consumers to switch to alternatives, like water fountains or reusable bottles, have not been very effective. What is the reason for bubbles in bottled water?? of bubble … It is a well-known fact that plastic bottles, which take hundreds of years to decompose, are harmful to our environment. Use a slotted spoon to remove the sodium alginate bubbles 1 by 1, and transfer them into the water… Bottles. Fill a large bowl with plain water; the exact amount does not matter, as long as it is filled. When the water warms to room temperature most of this air comes out of the water hence the tiny bubbles. The U.S. alone utilizes over 50 million plastic bottles … The amount of gases dissolved in water depends on pressure, temperature, types of dissolved gas, chemical composition of the bottled water. Bubble Fun Bubbles, 32 oz.