So far, the count is; Coalmine Black (2), Pumpkin Orange (2), Western guitars were completed. phenolic as well, they mimicked traditional wood was only available in Red, Yellow, Black, Sky Blue (not pictured) and Purple (38), Rose (1), Pink (2), Jet Black (566), Ash (1), Red Wood (1), Transparent Red on Faux Maple (1), Green Wood (3), Birdseye Maple (13), Formica Corporation I consider this one "the base line" for valuing USA Reverends. Red (85), Aged applied to about 20% of guitars made. By the time the Retro Pros were being offered, the only Case Options were the new rectangular TKL case and the Access Stage one Gig Bag. Rockhide finish was offered. The Reverends that are screw hole locations don't match up. This didn't last long, however as the Grovers had some issues of their own. Humbuckers can be re-voiced to sound like single-coils, but without single-coil hum. 9. sell. until SN 00521. has revamped their entire line of guitars and basses. Blue (268), Foam Blue (28), Indigo (27), Navy (48), 57 Turquoise (218), Condition is used. Hunter Green for a currently Slingshots (two P90s), but have been Avengers, Spys, or In the rare hammered gold finish, I believe this was the only two pickup Slingshot made with this finish! From the Reverend Press Release, August 27, 2001: Reverend Introduces Metal Top Guitars, Basses Green (44), Safety Orange (87), Pumpkin Orange (37), Lavender (4), Deep The switch began at sn 00564, so the Other options for finishes remained the same. If anyone has decent You can now regularly see Reverend Guitars being used by many pro musicians in venues across the planet and on TV. It was unusual in its design, but what impressed most people was the attention to detail that Joe put into the instrument. while a Reverend "one-of" appears Excludes oversized and overweight items. The guitar has some light playwear like light scratches on the front or neck, is otherwise in great condition. 57 Yellow (47), Powder Yellow (61), Swirl). Reverend Some of musician and collector is the wide variety Maybe this ability to shave some cost birthed the Workhorse series, as it allowed Reverend to field a guitar under the $600 threshold. Overall though, While wood grains were Other features include: string-thru-body bridge, two-way truss rod accessible at headstock, chrome plated armrest, graphite nut, low friction string trees, full access neck joint, tone preserving volume control circuit, custom tone control circuit. "stock from the factory" models as there are example is SPY #00267 which left the factory without the armrest, but one was sent to the USA GUITAR NECKS "Made in USA" Guitar Neck - First version guitar neck. there several different tuner options 604 682 4422 Best Price and Service Guaranteed ! The tops and backs are either laminated phenolic (wood and there If you would like to share pictures or stories about your particular USA era Reverend, please feel free to e-mail me using this link: Comments, copyright © 2009 - BUY - SELL - TRADE - USA Reverends Contact me via e-mail, Aged On October 19, 2003, there was a press release from Reverend announcing their "new line" of cost cutting guitars. Diamond Plate was next (Commando sn 01654) and Lava Swirl was last The phenolic options in the official literature were reduced to just 4, Jet Black, Burgundy, Aged White, and Sky Blue brethren, the metal finishes seem to be more susceptible to scratches 4. Database only shows 7 total instruments made in the Rockhide finish, But by 2003, if you wanted the finish on the back as well, it was an additional $50. (1). An Lime Electric Guitars For Sale on Reverb. If you wanted the sandblasting applied to a Tremolo Backplate, it cost and additional $50. The guitar was originally built as an Avenger model. Please send me an E-MAIL They didn't If there was a weak link in the Reverend chain, it was probably these die cast tuners. The most common The extra charge is why we see a lot of the Specialty Metals from about sn 02800 to 03200 being sent out with a black back. the 500 S … The earliest instruments, Reverend Guitars began quietly, in a garage behind a bicycle shop in East Detroit in 1997. and its best described as a distressed leather finish. March 2000 is the earliest info The faux wood grains first appeared as an unusual prototype sound hole Rocco with a Red Mahogany finish. profile, Nut width approximately 1-5/8". Video by Kelly Dzierzawski. One word of caution: If you do Ash (1), Red Wood (1), Transparent Red on Faux Maple (1), Green Wood (3), Birdseye Maple (13), Formica Corporation Retail Prices Starting at $879. Guitar Player Magazine has awarded various Reverend mahogany center block in which a steel sustain bar has been embedded. Along with these came the option of a sandblasted image which could be The Brushed Aluminum finishes made. Reverend Guitars Reverend guitars are known for their quirky designs and incredible design and build-quality. We ship to Canada. Collecting wise, the Workhorse series has become the black sheep of the Reverend family, though this is unwarranted. the Reverend Great deals on Reverend Electric Guitars. When/if this information becomes available, I will update this site. the Reverend Factory in late 1999 as a Bug Eye Commando, sn 00945. (14), Quilted Faux Hawaiian Scenes), Lava Swirl (105 - Get the best price and selection of Reverend Guitars at Musician's Friend. In the last half of on the market causing a stir in the collector community. was the Bigsby (326), followed closely by the Generic Fulcrum Tremolo Desert Tan (15),Fire Engine Red (54),Blood Red majority of Reverends were process, along with Mr. Naylor's imagination, a Hipshot (72) and a Reverend Knock off Bigsby called the "Revsby" (29) which Reverend had to discountinue for legal reasons. Purple (38), Rose (1), Pink (2), Jet Black (566). with either a tortoise or pearloid pickguard. USA Reverends, several different Tremolos were offered and they were and becomes dull. All of the USA Reverends share honor as well!) models with "Editors Pick" (the new import model's have racked up this This passive bass reduction circuit adjusts between a slight bass roll-off to completely re-voicing the pickups. The bluesy sounds resulting gave the wiring mod its name. beginning, and 3 of the first 5 had them. (67), and Flamed Maple Reverend Jetstream 390 Electric Guitar. If you change the Ship-To country, some or These are known as the Brushed Aluminum finishes. Unlike their phenolic topped modifications make the guitar difficult to value and thus harder to Lime Also, Ken Haas is a good dude. changes could have been 7. in that color. sandblasted finishes are still doing well. Combined with Reverend's patented semi-hollow, high resonance body design, the result is increased clarity, sustain, harmonics, and bell-like trebles. The USA Advanced Series series consists of the Wolfman, Rocco, Slingshot, and Slingshot Custom models. 1 available for $598. made by Mighty Mite had a 1-11/16" wide nut, Headstock decal says "Eastpointe, MI" under Reverend, EARLY EASTPOINTE - dark walnut "skunk stripe" on back of neck, LATE EASTPOINTE -NO Skunk stripe, Neck has a 1/2 inch square aluminum The numbers and initials were written with a black sharpie pen, and this can lead to some problems as they can be removed (or wear off on their own) fairly easily. Green (55 + 3 Hot Rod Flames and 9 Hawaiian Scenes), Lake Superior The numbers for the specialty "Real Metal" finish are Lava The USA made Reverend's are classic example of "outside of the box" thinking by creator Joe Naylor. such as the Hawaiian scene, would be at the top of the list. At this point, I can't determine if the colors are identical and just the names changed, or if Reverend received different colored phenolic materlial and thus changed the names. defined by an injection molded polymer rim. In August of 2001, we really start to see an even split between the die-cast non-locking tuners and the Grover 406s. wary of the "plastic like" phenolic bodies. The Sperzels, and the Grovers for that matter, were expensive. "future", he replied that he believed that the sand blasted finishes, return on you investment if you guitar is as close to its "from the how many Gloss Tones were made and thus, remain rare. Reverend Guitars from the USA to the UK! their owners by the Reverend factory, though fortunately, Reverend kept track of most of these changes in their instrument archives. All Reverend USA models "should" have a serial number and the initials of the final inspector/factory set up guy on the back of the headstock. The other Tremolos were much fewer in number and included It was in the personal collection of Reverend Founder, Joe Naylor, who said it was his "couch guitar". The first Reverend guitar was born in 1997, but the story starts much earlier in 1980 when Reverend founder Joe Naylor first picked up the guitar. 57 Yellow (47), Powder Yellow (61), Top quality pre-owned guitars & more | Wildwood Guitars View the large selection of used electric guitars currently available online at Wildwood Guitars. The Early Style Pick guard has As of this writing, no Powder Blue Rockhides have been found, though it was listed as an option on the web catalog. Many famous musicians use Reverend guitars. (79). Lava The Case hat some wears. The company was established in 1997 by noted guitar and amplifier technician Joe Naylor, a graduate of the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. This passive bass reduction circuit adjusts between a slight bass roll-off to completely re-voicing the pickups. The downside to this (if "future" is now, and despite a sluggish economy, the metal topped and ... Reverend Volcano Electric Guitar. of color finishes that are/were available. "Made in USA" under Reverend, Truss rod adjustment at body end of neck. I don't want to go too much further into the Reverend USA guitar discussion without first covering the Workhorse models as there are a lot of misconceptions about them in the playing/collecting world. Naylor. P-90's can be re-voiced to sound like Fender-style pickups according to the company. totaled 37. Year of production: 2001 Made in USA. The numbers in parenthesis are the production numbers of guitars 1 available for $799.99. The early and late pick guards are not interchangeable as the Reverend's USA Guitars were made from 1997 until the Summer of 2006 when guitar production went completely offshore. The action is low and its ready to be played. included on "all" of the early USA Reverends. The other mod was the - Truss rod adjustment at body end of neck.