I need time to come around to this new idea. "The last time around" I don't know, could be the last chance or something like that. Turn around time varies depending on the services you would like performed as well the level of volume. It seems to be confusing for non-native English speakers. Random good picture Not show. ... (25) Don't expect too much of me. Don’t “this time around” and “all the time” in the same sentence contradict each other? Meaning: n. time need to prepare a vessel or ship for a return trip. : Average turnaround time during the ground war surge rate flight operations was 23 minutes. next time around phrase. If someone can give me a hand with this definitions. 20 examples: The median turnaround time for the interpretation of echocardiograms was three… Examples of turnaround time in a sentence, how to use it. We must reduce costs and shorten turnaround times. A 24 hour turn around time means a high turnover, which means more lockers for other people as well. So the ozone resides around the clock, with an exposure time much longer up here than on the valley floor. Thanks to e-procurement, the turnaround time for approving purchase requisitions is down from 2 weeks to 24 hours. 2. What does next time around expression mean? turn around time in a sentence - Use "turn around time" in a sentence 1. (27) Things are not all bad and what goes around … This time around we’re going to look at how to use the following English Idiomatic Expression in your daily English conversations: THIS TIME AROUND.. Did you just notice something odd, by the way? "The next time around" sound to me, like in the next chance or opportunity. (26) But as sales figures at the branch continued to improve, the thinking at corporate headquarters gradually started to come around. 2. Come around in a sentence up(3) down(1) Sentence count:51+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-05-07Updated:2017-05-07. Turnaround time in a sentence up(0) down(0) Sentence count:17Posted:2017-01-12Updated:2017-01-12. 1. I don't know why but "This time around" sound to me like in this season, this particular moment. (8) That many trips around the clock means each minute hand has traveled the equivalent of 10, 677 miles. : Tightened security on domestic flights has lengthened the turnaround time for aircraft. The above sentence begins and ends with the same expression, and it’s all because today’s expression THIS TIME AROUND can be used whenever:. : The aircraft turnaround time is scheduled to be no more than 25 minutes so charges are also low. (9) The company worked around the clock to repair the problem. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. This time around, it’s Obama in Ohio, doling out the perks of office — all the time.” “This time around” should refer to a specific point of time in contrast to the folowing “all the time,” which is separated by em dash. Definition of next time around in the Idioms Dictionary. What does next time around expression mean? Similar words: around the corner, around, all around, get around, go around, bum around, revolve around, round and round.