This amount increased up to $12,085 by the year 2008. The 2006–07 State Education Budget provided $635 million in new spending for pre-K through 12th grades for the 2006–07 school year. [155] According to State Rep. Glen Grell, a trustee of the Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System Board, a 40-year educator can retire with a pension equal to 100 percent of their final salary. Thomas wants the emails of one of Pottsville Area’s school superintendents, Jeff Zwiebel. [190] A mill is $1 of tax for every $1,000 of a property's assessed value. 2011 – 35% (16% below basic). The percentage of high school students who scored proficient and advanced in biology improved from 39.7% to 41.4%. 2011 – 72% (14% below basic). [164] In 2010, Pottsville Area Administration reported an increase to $14,243,148 in the unreserved-undesignated fund balance. The district's Verbal Average Score was 484. PH: 479-968-6574 | FX: 479-498-2345 Welcome to Pottsville Junior High School. Pottsville Area School District. 108 – 265). [20] In 2014, the median household income in the USA was $53,700.[21]. The referral process for a gifted evaluation can be initiated by teachers or parents by contacting the student's building principal and requesting an evaluation. Student demographics. The district received an extra $3,558,013 in ARRA – Federal Stimulus money to be used in specific programs like special education and meeting the academic needs of low-income students. [13] The District is one of the 500 public school districts of Pennsylvania. 7000 Sr 247, Pottsville, AR 72858 (479) 968-8101 Website. The college credits are offered at a deeply discounted rate. 2010 – 51% (27% below basic). [140][141], The Pottsville Area School Board has provided the district's antibully policy online. Zwiebel notified the school directors at Pottsville Area of his intent not to seek that renewal via letter. [121] According to a report by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 100% of its teachers were rated "Highly Qualified" under No Child Left Behind. When adjusted for cost of living Pennsylvania ranked fourth in the nation for teacher compensation. According to the requirements for the Local Wellness Policy, school districts must set goals for nutrition education, physical activity, campus food provision, and other school-based activities designed to promote student wellness. For the 2012–13 school year, Pottsville Area School District will receive $12,566,215. The Pottsville Area School District was ranked 315th out of 498 Pennsylvania school districts, in 2015, by the Pittsburgh Business Times. [132][133], In 2010, the state of Pennsylvania provided $1,026,815,000 for special education services. State – 73%, 2010 – 70% (15% below basic). [144], Education standards relating to student safety and antiharassment programs are described in the 10.3. The fact that they’re spending this much time is just ludicrous. [166], The district is funded by a combination of: a local income tax, a property tax, a real estate transfer tax, coupled with substantial funding from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal government. 12, 2012, P.L. 1751 et seq) or the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 (42 U.S.C. [162] The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Pennsylvania spent $8,191 per pupil in school year 2000–01. POTTSVILLE — The Pottsville Area School District must turn over to a former school board member unredacted emails sent by the outgoing superintendent. In the OOR decision on Monday, Appeals Officer Jordan Davis writes that Pottsville Area must not redact entire emails. [149] According to a study conducted at the American Enterprise Institute, in 2011, public school teachers’ total compensation is roughly 50 percent higher than they would likely receive in the private sector. Advanced courses. STUDENTS. [29] The public charter school had been originally approved by the school board in July 2011. [163], In 2009, the district reported a $11,587,789 in an unreserved-undesignated fund balance. 500 Apache Drive, Pottsville, AR 72858. PH: 479-968-6334 | FX: 479-968-3442 Welcome to Pottsville High School. Kennett Consolidated School District in Chester County received the highest increase in the state at 23.65% increase in funding for the 2010–11 school year. The Writing average score was 457. This rank takes the Honor Roll rank and adds the percentage of students in the district eligible for free and reduced-price lunch into the formula. The school employed 67 teachers, yielding a student–teacher ratio of 16:1. [36] The PSSAs are given to all children in grades 3rd through 8th and the three Keystone Exams (literature, Algebra 1, Biology I) in high school. Pottsville High School; NotifyMe; 976 Pine Ridge Road, Pottsville, AR 72858. Special Education For Gifted Students", "Pottsville Area School District School Safety Annual Report 2008 – 2009", "Pennsylvania Safe Schools Online Reports", "Bullying/Cyberbullying Policy Policy 249", "Regular Session 2007–2008 House Bill 1067, Act 61 Section 6 page 8", "Center for Safe Schools of Pennsylvania, Bullying Prevention advisory", "Pottsville Area Board Policy Manual Student Wellness", "Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods in Pennsylvania Schools for the School Nutrition Incentive", Journal of the American Dietetic Association, "Assessing the Compensation of Public School Teachers", "Average classroom teacher salary in Schuylkill County, 2006–07", "Pottsville Area School District Teachers Union Employment Contract 2011", "Legislature must act on educators' pension hole". This state program permits high school students to take courses, at local higher education institutions, to earn college credits. “To the extent that subject lines and lists of email recipients do not contain exempt information, they should be provided even if the remainder of the email is exempt,” Davis writes. 2012 – 72% on grade level, (13% below basic). By 2010, the District's population decline… State – 64%, 2011 – 71% on grade level (9% below basic). Students identified as gifted attending the High School have access to honors and advanced placement courses, and dual enrollment with local colleges. The Schuylkill Intermediate Unit IU29 provides the District with a wide variety of services like: specialized education for disabled students; state mandated training on recognizing and reporting child abuse; speech and visual disability services; criminal background check processing for prospective employees and professional development for staff and faculty. Farmers can qualify for a farmstead exemption on building used for agricultural purposes. This program has provided $1.5 billion to Pennsylvania's school districts. “I don’t know,” Thomas wondered about the potential content of the emails he’ll get by late-December. The state denied Thomas from getting some emails that dealt with personal, personnel, and other matters deemed private or privileged. [139], The Pottsville Area School District administration reported there were 2 incidents of bullying in the district in 2009. The district … [184] The funding was limited to the 2009–10 and 2010–2011 school years. Pottsville Junior High School; Pottsville High School; District; Search. The law dictates that each school district participating in a program authorized by the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act (42 U.S.C. Act 1 included 10 exceptions, including: increasing pension costs, increases in special education costs, a catastrophe like a fire or flood, increase in health insurance costs for contracts in effect in 2006 or dwindling tax bases. Other factors that indicate giftedness will also be considered for eligibility. According to 2000 federal census data, it served a resident population of 21,394. Additionally, the Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate program is provided for low-income Pennsylvanians aged 65 and older; widows and widowers aged 50 and older; and people with disabilities age 18 and older. It examined the school district's website for information regarding taxes, the current budget, meetings, school board members names and terms, contracts, audits, public records information and more.[27]. Only 1 school district sought an exemption for Nonacademic School Construction Project, while 1 sought an exception for Electoral debt for school construction. This can be taken in addition to Homestead/Farmstead Property Tax Relief. [65] Ninth through 12th grade students (approximately 50 per grade) from neighboring Saint Clair Area School District attend Pottsville Area High School. Earlier this year, school board members at Pottsville Area granted Zwiebel an extended medical leave of absence in lieu of firing him before his contract expires in April 2021. Zwiebel spent so much money on legal fees because he couldn’t go to the bathroom without asking permission from his attorney,” Thomas said. falters, Philadelphia Inquirer, November 6, 2014, Pennsylvania Department of Education, High School Academic Performance Data 2013, October 4, 2013, PDE, Pottsville Area HIgh School AYP status 2009, September 14, 2009, PDE, Pottsville Area HIgh School AYP status 2008, August 15, 2008, PDE, Pottsville Area HIgh School AYP status 2007, 2007, PDE, Pottsville Area HIgh School AYP status 2006, 2006, PDE, Pottsville Area HIgh School AYP status 2003–2012, 2012, Pennsylvania Department of Education, 2010–2011 PSSA results in Science, September 29, 2011, National Center for Education Statistics, College remediation rates – Pennsylvania, National Center for Education Statistics, Common Care Data – Lengel Middle School, 2010, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Professional Qualifications of Teachers Lengel Middle School, September 29, 2011, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Lengel Middle School Academic Achievement Report Card 2010, October 20, 2010, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Lengel Middle School Academic Achievement Report Card 2009, September 14, 2009, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Lengel Middle School Academic Achievement Report Card 2008, August 15, 2008, National Center for Education Statistics, Common Care Data – Clarke Elementary School, 2010, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Professional Qualifications of Teachers Clarke Elementary School, September 29, 2011, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Clarke Elementary School AYP Overview, September 29, 2011, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Clarke Elementary School AYP Overview 2010, October 20, 2010, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Science: It’s Elementary Grantees Students in 143 Schools Benefit from Intensive Science Curriculum, July 22, 2008, Patricia Vathis Pennsylvania Department of Education, Grants and Subsidies Science: It’s Elementary, 2006, Pennsylvania Department of Education, 2010 – 2011 Science: It’s Elementary Application Guidelines, July 2010, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Governor Rendell Commends Teachers for Enhancing Science Education in Pennsylvania, August 10, 2006, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Investing in PA kids, April 2012, Murphy, Jan., Pennsylvania's public schools boost reserves, CentreDaily Times, September 22, 2010, Pennsylvania Department of Education, District Allocations Report 2009, 2009–10, U.S. Census Bureau., Annual Survey of Local Government Finances., 2000, U.S. Census Bureau., 2008 Survey of Local Government Finances – School Systems, 2010, Pennsylvania's 'Race to the Top' Fueled by Effective Reforms, Strong Local Support, Pennsylvania Department of Education, 2012–2013 School District Adjusted Index, May 2012, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Report on Referendum Exceptions For School Year 2012–2013, March 30, 2012, Pennsylvania System of School Assessments, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, "Pottsville Area School District District Fast Facts 2015", "Enrollment and Projections by school district", "About the Pottsville Area School District", "School District Comparative Analysis Profiles", "How many children are homeless in your school district? Pottsville Junior High School; Pottsville High School; District; NotifyMe; Search. OOR denied Thomas’ request in part because some emails, after being reviewed by Davis and OOR, contained information exempt from the Right to Know Law: So, what does Thomas expect to find in these emails? The state Basic Education funding to the district in 2008–09 was $11,680,455.59. [203], For the 2012–13 budget year, Pottsville Area School Board did not apply for exceptions to exceed the Act 1 Index. An additional 37.8 percent of school districts made AYP based on a calculated method called safe harbor, 8.2 percent on the growth model and 0.8 percent on a two-year average performance. Thomas, since starting his online watchdog efforts this year, has played the role of thorn in the side of the district administration, specifically Zwiebel. The emails are sought by Scott Thomas, a former school board member turned watchdog who hosts a regular Facebook Live stream and manages a page on Facebook and his own blog site. Phone: 479-968-6574. [18] In Schuylkill County, the median household income was $45,012. State – 42% of 11th graders were on grade level. In Biology, 67.8% demonstrated on grade level science understanding at the end of the course. 250 Apache Drive, Pottsville, AR 72858. The lowered status was due to low graduation rate and underachievement of reading on grade level in the elementary school.[45]. Additionally, 17.8% of pupils received special education services, while 1% of pupils were identified as gifted. [104] In 2010 the district received $2,832.00. [60] The school employed 67 teachers. [129] The district was required to develop a three-year implementation plan for the participating school. Pottsville School District 976 Pine Ridge Road • Pottsville, AR 72858 Phone: (479) 968-8101 [131], The District engages in identification procedures to ensure that eligible students receive an appropriate educational program consisting of special education and related services, individualized to meet student needs. [170][171] Additionally, the School District received $177,613 in Accountability Block Grant funding. “I believe that Dr. Zwiebel throughout his time and throughout my efforts has made it very clear that he wanted as little of a response to get to Right to Knows to me as possible,” Thomas said “I believe that is because of him. Neither of these officials are voting members of the School Board. [183] In Schuylkill County the highest award $245,673 was given to North Schuylkill School District. [134], Pottsville Area School District received a $1,552,794 supplement for special education services in 2010. The district serves the City of Pottsville and five additional municipalities: the boroughs of Mechanicsville, Mount Carbon, Port Carbon, Palo Alto, and Norwegian Township. In final implementation these regulations prohibit some foods and beverages on the school campus. PH: 479-968-2133 | FX: 479-968-7672 Welcome to Pottsville Elementary. Vision It is the aim of Pottsville School District in partnership with the core values and hopes of our community to create a learning environment that will produce lifelong learners, productive citizens, and successful contributing members of a global society. 1501 West Laurel Boulevard Pottsville, PA 17901. The farm must be at least 10 contiguous acres and must be the primary residence of the owner. [111], IN 2010 and 2011 Lengel Middle School achieved Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) status.[112]. Pottsville Junior High School; Pottsville High School; District Site; Contact; NotifyMe; Search. The estranged Superintendent at Pottsville Area School District Jeffrey Zwiebel told directors there he does not intend to seek a renewal on his current contract. State – 82.9%, 2011 – 79%, (12% below basic). Coal Region Newswire 2 Thomas filed a Right to Know request for Zwiebel’s emails on the Pottsville Area servers from April 21 through the present. Pottsville Junior High School; Pottsville High School; District; NotifyMe; Search. 1,781. State – 78.8%, 2010 – 71% (14% below basic).. State – 78%, 2011 – 73% on grade level (11% below basic). The highest funding statewide was awarded to Philadelphia City School District in Philadelphia County – $9,409,073. [200] Several exceptions were maintained: 1) costs to pay interest and principal on indebtedness incurred prior to September 4, 2004 for Act 72 schools and prior to June 27, 2006 for non-Act 72 schools; 2) costs to pay interest and principal on electoral debt; 3) costs incurred in providing special education programs and services (beyond what is already paid by the State); and 4) costs due to increases of more than the Index in the school's share of payments to PSERS (PA school employees pension fund) taking into account the state mandated PSERS contribution rate. Pottsville Area High School is located at 16th Street & Elk Avenue, Pottsville. [213], Property taxes in Pennsylvania are relatively high on a national scale. [187] Pennsylvania was not approved for the grant. Are Some Schuylkill County Schools Denying Science and Trusting the Teachers Unions? [110] According to a report by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 4 teachers were rated "Non‐Highly Qualified" under No Child Left Behind. When screening results suggest that the student may be eligible, the District seeks parental consent to conduct a multidisciplinary evaluation. State – 77%, 2010 – 63%, (22% below basic). Schools. [130] The grant program was expanded to $14.5 million in the 2008–09 budget. State – 69.1%, 2010 – 76% (13% below basic). 1501 West Laurel Boulevard Pottsville, PA 17901. [136][137], The District Administration reported that 23 or 0.76% of its students were gifted in 2009. [143] The Center for Schools and Communities works in partnership with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency and the Pennsylvania Department of Education to assist schools and communities as they research, select and implement bullying prevention programs and initiatives. 2010 – 76%, the Pennsylvania Department of Education issued a new, 4-year cohort graduation rate. [12] The educational attainment levels for the School District population (25 years old and over) were 86.6% high school graduates and 14.3% college graduates. The District was successful in keeping these pupils by agreeing to be paid a flat rate of $1.6 million a year regardless of the number of pupils who come to Pottsville Area High School. [109], Lengel Middle School is located at 1541 Laurel Blvd, Pottsville. For the 2008–09 school year, the program was offered in 143 schools reaching 2,847 teachers and 66,973 students across Pennsylvania. [30] The agreement came on the heels of Pottsville Area School Board rejecting a consolidation plan with Saint Clair Area School District which operates just one elementary/middle school. The Science exam included content in science, technology, ecology and the environmental studies. The policy must be available on the school's website and posted in every classroom. [191] The school district includes municipalities in two counties, each of which has different rates of property tax assessment, necessitating a state board equalization of the tax rates between the counties. Zwiebel signed a sworn affidavit saying he didn’t have the texts because he routinely deleted them from his phone. [25] Pursuant to Act 141 of 2012 which amended the Pennsylvania School Code, all school districts that have hired superintendents on/after the fall of 2012 are required to develop objective performance standards and post them on the district's website. In July 2016, Pottsville Area School Board denied the application for a 5-year renewal of the charter for the Gillingham Charter School. The district has a tuition-based agreement at the secondary level with the Saint Clair Area School District located in the borough of Saint Clair. [71], According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 2,134 of 2,947 Pennsylvania public schools (72 percent of Pennsylvania public schools), achieved an academic score of 70 or higher. [207], Pottsville Area School Board did not apply for exceptions to exceed the Act 1 index for the budgets in 2010–11. To be eligible for mentally gifted programs in Pennsylvania, a student must have a cognitive ability of at least 130 as measured on a standardized ability test by a certified school psychologist. Pottsville Area School District. "Law could restrict school construction projects", "Property tax reform final piece of state budget", "Special Session Act 1 of 2006 School District Adjusted Index for 2006–2007 through 2011–2012", "Special Session Act 1 of 2006 the Taxpayer Relief Act information", "Pennsylvania SSAct1_Act1 Exceptions Report 2010-2011 April 2010", "Local school tax assessments exceed state averages", "Estimated Tax Relief Per Homestead and Farmstead May 1, 2009", "Special Report Pennsylvania Property Tax Relief", "Tax Relief per Homestead 5-1-10. [168] The Governor's Executive Budget for 2012–2013 includes $9.34 billion for kindergarten through 12th grade public education, including $5.4 billion in basic education funding, which is an increase of $49 million over the 2011–12 budget.