It is the perfect post-workout food. Egg whites are the quintessential post-workout food, but turkey bacon and shredded cheddar are what kick up the protein count to an impressive 23 grams. Looking for Healthy Post Workout Meal ideas & Recipes? Sugary post-workout shakes "A protein smoothie is one of my favourite post-workout meals because it can quickly nourish the body after an intense workout or … Prep time: 8 mins serves 1 The perfect post-workout meal packed with protein, nutrients, fibre and a small amount of carbs ingredients 1 avocado 1 handful cherry tomatoes 2 handfuls spinach 1 slice rye bread 2 eggs 1 wedge of lemon Balsamic vinegar Chilli flakes Extra virgin olive oil Coconut oil method 1. It’s fast, easy and delicious — what more could you want? Try an egg salad sandwich using Dave's Killer Bread ($26 for 2 loaves, buy it here). Thanks How to make it: Add 3 pieces of smoked salmon to a slice of whole-grain toast. Coconut oil method. Best Post Workout Meal for Weight Loss. serves 1. After a workout I usually try to eat a salad packed with protein to prevent my body from using it’s own muscle tissue for energy and encourage muscle synthesis. Add the cilantro chopped bits on top of the salad greens in order to coat them all with olive oil. For example, a serving of thin crust veggie pizza from a pizza restaurant provides 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of carbohydrate. click on the picture to watch the video click on the picture to watch the video . Print. Thanks Your post-workout meal is just as important as your pre-workout one. Juice of 1 large lemon Post Workout Hot & Cold Salad This entry was posted in Beef Eggs Meat Quick Meals Salads and tagged Hot And Cold Salad paleo primal salad steak on March 16, 2013 by Admin Solid morning workout, great post-workout meal, and quick post. Non-animal protein alternatives include lentils, beans, nuts and seeds as well as tofu and tempeh. Throw in … Experts say that a person should eat a post-workout meal 30-60 minutes after training. Post-Workout Meals for 80 Day Obsession Plans D-F. Post-workout, healthy fats will not interfere with physical activity performance as you are resting. I finish it off with a lemon tahini dressing for a little tang! by Guest Nutritional Chef Julie Magnussen; Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach. By Rodney Bowers. Greek yogurt has a high protein content: One container (200 g) contains … Riding high on endorphins is how I like to feel when I put together a salad. Tweet. What you eat following a workout is imperative to assisting in muscle recovery and repair to aid in growth and prevent soreness, fatigue and risk of injury. We try to stay pretty active all year long, but during June, July and August, it kicks into high gear. Pin 35. Email. Balsamic vinegar. Post-Workout Pistachio Peach Cauliflower Salad (3 of 3) Jul 21, 2016. Jun 23, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Frank White. . Tweet. Share This. Greek yogurt with berries. 2 handfuls spinach. Eating fattier foods prior to a workout can interfere with digestion by delaying gastric emptying. Bananas Everyday bananas are a portable snack you can enjoy immediately after your workout, offering carbs and potassium, two muscle-friendly, post-workout nutrients. 1/4 teaspoon salt Add a serving of whole grains to your salad such as brown rice, quinoa, millet or barley with a slice of whole-wheat bread on the side. I am new to working out, so I want to eat as healthy as possible. Special Diet. 1 green onion, sliced According to, the ideal post-workout meal combines meat, starch and cooked vegetables or a garden salad.