We usually start the incubator towards the end of March so the first hatches are in April. Two available-take 2 for $50. Our incubator will run into September. The Partridge Chantecler was created in the 1930's in Alberta, Canada. I refer specifically to the warning. As I catch up on chicken emails, I realize a posting might be helpful! The are fed certified non-gmo, certified organic feed and grains and are free ranged as the weather permits. They are beautifully marked and well camouflaged for free ranging. ... How Ontario’s long-term care homes became houses of horror. ~ Ruth”. http://www.fayrehalefarm.com/chanteclers/. What colors do you have in the Chanteclers. Chantecler (White & Partridge): Dual purpose bird 6.5-8 pounds with pale brown eggs. Today I officially ended the 2013 breeding season for Fayrehale White Chanteclers! Thanks for the great information here on the Chanteclers. Hi! Our Chanteclers are a mix of  3 Canadian Import lines and the American Bisco line. how man cockerels? We all have our preferences and hopefully we can appreciate all good breeds. Yes, Jim, we can do smaller orders w/ local pickup. Partridge ChanteclerS Available >>EGGS SALES WHEN in SEASON. The White Chantecler will always remain part of our lives as we keep our flock for our own use (eggs and meat) and possibly some small local sales/sharing. converse with and buy from individual breeders who have a dedicated passion for the breeds they are working with! He crossed the Partridge Wyandotte, Partridge Cochin, Dark Cornish, and the Rose Comb Brown Leghorn, to create the Partridge Chantecler. We are rolling you to 2014. My original Bisco line birds were hatched under a broody hen. “Peggy is great and we’re assuming she’s still a she! Our new little fluffy addition to our family arrived on Sunday afternoon, just as you predicted. When you see someone publicly attack another by name, you have the biggest red flag there is! Are a super cold-hardy dual purpose Canadian Breed. I will e-mail you also as I do not know if people who post comments receive a notice if a reply is posted. Those that missed out on 2013, waited until September to inquire. White Chantecler first developed in the early 1900s for winter hardiness, this chicken doesn’t have a large comb or wattles which can get frostbitten in sub-zero temperatures, and has a downy undercoat for extra insulation. Cockerel – Oswald. I do have hens who indicate they indicate they want to brood — spread and fluff them selves out and give me a gentle peck when I disrupt them:):) The breed is not known for broodiness as some heritage breeds are. If I came up to pick them up would that size order be possible. We pride ourselves in having played a prominent role in saving this marvelous heritage breed that nearly disappeared. With this in mind, if you want Chantecler chicks, ORDER NOW! Too many of you waited too late to express your needs. All Rights Reserved. If you must deal with a hatchery, deal with a big one and understand what hatchery birds often are — can be fun and fine sources depending on your purpose. Ultimately he came up with a bird that he called the “Albertan”. The Albertan (regardless of what it s called) is a totally separate breed. Chantecler (White & Partridge): Dual purpose bird 6.5-8 pounds with pale brown eggs. I am in and out of their pens multiple times a day. Duck eggs. Their reward for their hard work and another successful year. Here in Vermont we were enjoying 60 degrees and rain (and mud:) last week. love your birds, presume your out of chicks at this stage of the game, remember them from poultry class at macdonald college in ste anne de bellve back in 1980, interesting bird…..i live anong mohawk river just wet of alabany new york…am interested. I would like to ideally end up with 5-6 hens and one rooster. Just as Brother Wilfrid made a series of crosses to come up with his “ideal”, so did Dr Wilkinson. Email: fayrehale@gmail.com for address. We accept checks and Money orders. History of the Partridge Chantecler Originally called the Albertan. Unfortunately they go after more that the White Chantecler! It’s been just perfect. This mature Chantecler cock is with a mature Chantecler hen in the “grow pen” where we raised over 100 late hatchlings for the freezer. KNOW that they have not been bastardized by unknowing? Position on the list is in order of when payment is received. Short Video of  White Chantecler Chick Hatching From Eggs We Mailed (8/14/2013), Here, In a Later Clip the White Chantecler Chick greets you. The last four are of the mature flock. — They damn the Dominique (an early American breed I love and have had in the past!) Fantastic. Interact with. So many of you enjoyed hearing about Peggy that I thought I would bring you up to date! Beautiful, glossy feathered. The so called “Partridge Chantecler” is in fact another Canadian breed – the Albertan. The small comb and wattles allow this breed to withstand the cold Canadian winters without worry of frostbite. It will be my first attempt at backyard chickens. Hatched May 28th 2020. We stop eating them:) so all Chantecler eggs are for production. I am extremely happy and they seem to be also. Based on some unfortunate experiences in 2012 we will not consider an order valid until we have money in hand. I AM MORE INTERESTED IN TRADING 1 or both to introduce a new line to my hens. This really shows egg development well……AMAZING what happens in 21 days! You can contact us at fayrehale@gmail.com. We do ship eggs but I would have to check about sending them across the border. We will start the incubator in late March and do our fertility check. I have 2 cochin banties and 2 Speckled Sussex. She will be very loved here… thank you so much!! That said, we can still manage your order in a timely fashion. We will be continuing with our Chantecler Breeding Program. While we are not in a position to offer refunds, we are able to work with you and roll your order over to a more convenient time. Ultimately he came up with a bird that he called the “Albertan”. WHO ever is doing this! Our chickens are bred to standard and exhibit in APA sanctioned shows. IT IS TIME to order your Chantecler Chicks for 2018! PLAN NOW For Your 2014 Chicks and Hatching Eggs! I want a look of wisdom and a nice full body that promises both eggs and eating. Please visit our on-line store Cirrus Hill Farm On-Line Store Welcome to Cirrus Hill Farm Heritage Poultry, Meaford We have retired from breeding, Continue reading SO, please, when seeking poultry, deal with real breeders who have a passion for what they do and not “chicken mills” that are just looking for a fast buck. — Our Chickens are an important segment of our lives, HOWEVER, we are not a hatchery and they are not our entire life! We are a small private breeder, not a hatchery. breeders. or unscrupulous? It was written by Gina Bisco, an American breeder of the White Chantecler. I have waited as long as 20 months after placing and paying for an order before my chicks could be sent. We have gathered up the Chanteclers after their “free range vacation”  and they are preparing for the 2014 season! It was nice to receive a call from one of the TOP breeders of the Chantecler this morning! Barred Plymouth Rock: This veteran of all the brown egg breeds is still available in quantity. A friend recommended this interesting breed. I assume all poultry needs that ?? Pens with multiple Cocks! I realize it’s late in the season to be thinking about raising chickens…..but then again, a friend of mine in VT started me on my own chicken adventure when she gave me a couple dozen colored eggs and her incubator to hatch some layers in my living room in December! They have small wattles and a tiny pad of a cushion comb. PLEASE be vigilant! Thank you, 3 more have hatched and 2 eggs to go which did hatch:)  (8/15/2013), Chicks shipping out every week. You are correct in the fact it will be Spring 2014. Wilkinson of Edmonton Alberta. Right now we are winding down a great 2013 season and have two more larger orders that will be picked up here at Fayrehale before we give the girls a much deserved rest and turn then out! Please do not mess up the breed! We will be carrying this Chantecler Ornament when we open Shops At Fayrehale ! Law requires that we mail a minimum of 25 chicks. Here are a few pictures taken yesterday. At 20 weeks they are filling out nicely. Brother Wilfrid was the poultryman in charge of the flocks at the Cistercian Trappist Monastery at Oka, Quebec, a small community located west of Montreal on the north shore of the Ottawa River. And why not? Top. Dr. JE Wilkinson of Alberta specifically developed the breed as a utility bird which would thrive despite harsh winter weather. They are in no way Chanteclers! IT HAS BEEN DECIDED to go a little longer!!!! This one mature pair was in with all the youngsters that we were growing out… some to add to flock and others to eat. I would like to purchase for this year, not finding any contact info, and I don’t do facebook. Cushion combs and small wattles prevent frostbite while a well-feathered, dual-purpose body conserves heat during cold winters. , You can keep up to date by following our Facebook page  and keeping an eye on our website. The breed is noted for having nearly no wattles and a small cushion comb – the comb appearing much like a small round button sitting low on the head. I would like to purchase 6-10 Chantecler Chickens. The Partridge Chantacler originated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada using Partridge Wyandottes, Partridge Cochins, Dark Cornish and Rose Comb Brown Leghorns. Here is information on cooking heritage birds. Maple sat on her for Sun and Mon but today she is out exploring her world ~ acting quite healthy and spry. Heritage breed chickens. The older birds experienced a selection process and some will be feeding us this winter. The Original Heritage Canadian Breed. Breeding season is over so they are turned out until winter. Mom (Maple) is very proud indeed! I took four of the hand painted glass ornaments to the Post Office and these are the mailing rates: https://www.facebook.com/ShopsAtFayrehale. The so called “Partridge Chantecler” is a totally separate Canadian Breed developed in Western Canada – The Albertan. The Chantecler chicken is a composite breed, derived from the following: Dark Cornish, White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, White Wyandotte, Columbian Wyandotte and White Plymouth Rock.. Chanteclers Gathered for the Winter and in a Hoop House. I checked on importing eggs into Canada, and this is what I found: http://www.inspection.gc.ca/animals/terrestrial-animals/imports/policies/semen-and-embryos/2002-3/eng/1321037138426/1321037512456, Reference Section 12 for importing Hatching Eggs. It has been created specifically for us by a Vermont Artisan! Partridge Chantecler. It is important to note that they actually had nothing at all to do with Brother Wilfrid’s White Chanteclers and that they were essentially completely different breeds. I have been reading up on this breed and am very interested 6/9/14. HISTORY. It is cool to compare them and this list is the best of what we have had! Good luck finding the breed you want from a serious and passionate breeder source. Are a super cold-hardy dual purpose Canadian Breed. The Partridge Chantecler was admitted into Standard in 1935. we will hatch and ship Chantecler chicks for another year or two, We will continue to do our part to preserve this great, We will be carrying this Chantecler Ornament when we open. I would think if one wee to do so, they should start w/ chicks. Chicks scheduled to be shipped are incubated so that they hatch on a Monday and go out the same day. Please visit our on-line store Cirrus Hill Farm On-Line Store Welcome to Cirrus Hill Farm Heritage Poultry, Meaford We have retired from breeding, Continue reading This from a Canadian Breeder who worked to preserve both Chanteclers and Albertans. I like their eye to look like an Eagle’s eye. $25 ea. They have a beautiful and elegant plumage and produce delicious brown eggs. I assumed sending live chicks would be more bother than either one of us would care to deal with. Aggressive behavior has never been experienced by me and except for this targeted slam against me, I have never heard of anyone else with an issue. This is a serious issue if we are to maintain THE Chantecler. 1 or 2 ornaments  $16.75 + $2.60 (Ins) International First Class, 3 or 4 ornaments  $24.15 + $2.60 (Ins) International First Class. Patridge Wyandottes, Patridge Cochins, Dark Cornish, and rose comb Brown Leghorns were used to create them. ... #2 - I have 4 hens from the rooster in Flock #1 and a 1 year old rooster I bought in Stonewall Manitoba, he is from an Ontario egg hatch. Alternatively, are you aware of any breeders in the Moncton, New Brunswick area? Now I must warn about this impure intrusion in all my publicity. From 1908 to 1918, Brother Wilfrid crossed these breeds until he developed the bird that demonstrated all of the traits he required. Word and pitures from her family today. The breed is noted for having nearly no wattles and a small cushion comb – the comb appearing much like a small round button sitting low on the head. Thank you for your continued support as we work to preserve the Chantecler. The Chantecler ornaments will be available in six colors! The partridge population is considerably smaller . Would you let me know how to place an order with you? There is probably someone some where playing with a small bird w/ Chantecler characteristics but they will not have a Chantecler. We have started taking and receiving orders for 2017. so it is an easy scoot to safety if any winged shadows appear! I know people keep them in the south even though bred for cold climate. The Partridge Chantecler was admitted into Standard in 1935. Part of that was timing! Thanks for checking in on her ~ I’ll tell her you were asking! Thanks. NEITHER should ever be crossed with Whites and sold as Whites! They know how to work the open grass w/ cover close. My children have enjoyed lots of quiet time observing and loving her. She’s become quite friendly to us too! If your goal is to build up a flock of no-nonsense, practical farm chickens, White Chanteclers are the ideal choice. We find more and more people treating us like a commercial hatchery —  We are dedicated breeders of two very important Heritage breeds –, The list is manageable and has room for you. I will e-mail you with payment details. – The Chantecler is ONLY the White Large Fowl developed by Brother Wilfrid. If extremely hot, they would require shade and airflow that is caused by shaded areas.