Otherwise I advise the kids DO NOT TOUCH THIS, even if you have a babysitter, they can’t do anything to talk you down. You cannot boil out the ibotenic acid/muscimol in many other species in this class — there’s too much, or the ratio of one to another is wrong. certianly safer than many foods we put into our bodies I would say. We fear them as very poisonous mushrooms. What follows is what I did to detoxify the mushrooms. I have been trying to dry it out on a Mayan style mushroom head sitting monkey sandstone or limestone idol I got around Catamaco Veracruz Tabasco Mexico. Both species are poisonous, containing the same types of toxins, and they are difficult or impossible to distinguish based on morphology. Interesting, while I likely wouldn’t go picking anytime soon (I don’t believe they even really grow round here; far west Montana) this was a good read. Read the entire paper here: http://mushroomthejournal.com/bestof/muscaria_revisited.pdf. I appreciate his insight and experience. Sure hope the rain comes again in Aug and Sept tho. velatipes. wont do that again… it was stupid of course but also got our attn. There were easily 8-10 large capped mushrooms just chilling in the snow – quite a pretty site. I would though recommend as all, proceed with caution. Likewise I have heard the conflicting stories of the young Viking warriors eating Amanita prior to raiding, and then saving their urine for the old men to consume, safely. Hi Hank, I will proceed to boil mine with caution, but, do you have to pick off the white spikes? Back to my grocery bag. As studies progress, it unfolds a lot of possible uses and applications in science and medicine. I live in the NE US and coniferous trees are EVERYWHERE, however i have not seen these in my lifetime growing wild in my region. There have also been more visits to the ER by folks who over-indulged in muscaria, and some of them are citing the Arora paper as the reason that they did. thanks for this spectacular read! I have read stories about feeding them to the reindeers and drinking the urine amount other tales and although I see them often in the woods I have never had the desire to try them! Yes, I ate a quart pot full of them on a back pack trip to Bighorn Crags Idaho Frank Church Wilderness in the Salmon National Forest, I misidentified them, they were just coming through the forest floor of pine duff. Quick View. Amanita Pantherina is truly a sleeping giant. This spring while hunting morels and snowballs, I picked two yellow amanita muscaria, intending to take them back to camp to identify. The mushroom spoke to me and told me it was ok to eat another piece. Pretty sure they don’t exist that far south. As to the European Caesars: it is indeed a highly valued edible in Amanita section Caesarea, but I would say that every country has its favorite edible amanita. This was the only experience I have ever had with this type of mushroom, and never in all my years of living an alternative lifestyle have I ever met another person who has tripped on this type of amanita, save the person I experienced it with. First off, fly agaric is one of the easiest mushrooms in the world to identify. The 'experts' at Telluride recommended 1/2 dry gram of Amanita with your normal cubie dose for best results without getting sick. in hind sight, olive oil only would have been better as they will be eaten soon. Why? Walk every night all kinds of mushrooms wet year no doubt we know these things as we are in the woods alot. Needless to say i have a profound respect, fascination but also fear of this amazing aspect of our world. pantherinoides is considered inedible and possibly poisonous. Can I buy them online? Hank, it seems suitable that I’m reading this on Christmas day, and it’s one of my favorites of so many fine posts. Notice: NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. And where we were on California’s Central Coast there were thousands of muscaria, a red tide in the woods. Hank, this is awesome. Before I go researching more I am curious on this: Are a. Muscaria I picked mine on the Northern Californian Coast. Angelo Crippa was an 82yr old mushroom hunter that ate a heaping plate of Amanita ocreata. Dylek: The entire purpose of this post is to tell people how NOT to trip when eating these mushrooms. Then I cut the caps into 1/4 inch slices. In April of 2016 an adult male was treated after consuming Panther Mushrooms on a Gulf Island. It was lovely. Amanitas are very popular edible species around the world (not muscaria though; the incidence of its accepted edibility was way over-stated in the Rubel/Arora paper), but in places outside of the US, amanitas are often purchased in markets, and not directly foraged by random consumers. I did learn that some specific amanitas have different amounts of magic – and too much could make you feel queasy. The destroying angel and its equally deadly relative the death cap (Amanita phalloides) contain amatoxins that cause liver and kidney failure, leading to death in about 60% of cases. I see them all the time, and have wondered about them, but not taken the plunge myself. Hi! I have read a few other recipes (incl. If you rinse them again after boiling there will be no intoxication. I once got mushrooms called Mexican red caps. STILL FEEL FINE. I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota and was walking in the forest with my dogs and saw this beautiful bright orange and white speckled mushroom. Amanita pantherina var. And although I have been picking and eating morels for over 10 years now, I am probably still a beginner when it comes to identifying mushrooms. It took about 3 hours and I began feeling light headed and dizzy. So next day tried 1/3 cup. Thanks! Rich: Exactly. Amanita muscaria mushrooms have a long history of shamanic use in some parts of Siberia. The fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) and its slightly more dangerous relative Amanita pantherina do not contain the amatoxins, instead possessing ibotenic acid that the body converts to muscimol. Great article! Went to the restroom, what a mistake (mushroom kraps: feels like you need to, but you sit there forever and the tiniest thing comes out). My colleague Greg Marley, whose excellent book Chanterelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares: The Love, Lore, and Mystique of Mushrooms goes into this at length, says that fly agaric has been a symbol of yuletide happiness in Central Europe, Russia and Scandinavia for centuries, calling it “a red light shining bright in the winter darkness.” And the people of the North, as any mushroom hunter knows, are mad about mushrooms. Bar none. The Japanese around Nagano eat Amanita muscaria as pickles, as do the Lithuanians, Finns and Russians. Feels quite similar to alcohol, but a bit more psychedelic and less intoxicating. I was anticipating a great trip story. Amanita muscaria? They also like to hide under spruces. Or stomach cramping, for that matter. I then drained the mushrooms and filled the stockpot half full with fresh water and brought that to a boil. By the time I’d screwed up enough courage to mess around with these things, about half had gone by. There is a common exchange between us Anglo ‘shroomers when we see various, “lesser” species of ‘shroom: Is it edible? If so, it is due to complications. I ended up vomiting and shitting myself. Maybe I should consider them as a food source myself. Thanks for putting those stories to rest. This info is not meant to be a reference on how to consume our product. Quite entertaining and coolio.. Anne Leathem who lives in British Columbia, only a few hours from where the puppy incident occurred reported: A few years ago we had a case of two seven-week-old puppies eating … I made porcini powder, dried quarts of porcini, made porcini risotto, and even gave some fresh ones as Christmas presents. Wow! Thanks for all the research, keep up the great work! Its use was known among almost all of the Uralic-speaking peoples of western Siberia and the Paleosiberian-speaking peoples of the Russian Far East. This gives a nice, light “psychedelic drunk” feeling at around 5 dried grams, and the tea itself tastes quite nice. You are a brave boy, Hank! I think we sautéed them but don’t recall as it is prob about 40 years ago. The moral of that article is to use lots of water and boil the hell out of the shrooms. Though some people in Russia apparently parboil and eat Amanita muscaria, it is not a practice I recommend. Andrew: Absolutely not. become a well known and wellharvested wild mushroom. When I was younger my grandfather and I would go out picking morels and the g. esculenta, which he called “beefsteak”. After that, most cultures will either fry them like normal mushrooms, or pickle them, or preserve them in oil; I happen to know that a certain set of Italians do this. It’s a wonderful fungus for musical appreciation, as well as when lots of energy is needed to do some labor, but watch out! I do suspect that within a few generations the fly agaric will Port Ludlow Washington/Olympic Peninsula says. Regular Price $17.00 Sale Price $14.45. The key to boiling seems to be time and water volume. You might guess it. Psilocybe cyanescens spore sample for ID purpose. A much more likely source is the Scandinavian/German/ English pantheon, when chief god Odin (Woden in England) with his long white beard was seen at the festival of Yuletide when he was towed around he sky in a flying chariot towed by huge hounds or wolves and often accompanied by faeries and other ‘otherworldly’ beings. of Mushroom Edibility Using the Iconic Mushroom, Amanita At the 4th hour, vomited it up(thank goodness). I just see stuff that is there in a different way. In Toledo, OH. The more wild mushrooms are eaten in a society, the greater the number of deaths. After they were dry, I ate a small piece and waited. Anthony: Yes. Forgot to add I am in the boreal forests of Central Canada about 50 deegrees north in Ontario. Hank. I own a wild mushroom business. Happy Solstice... Hope your enjoying the darkest time of the year. The one in all caps. My mother found him six hours later, incontinent, unresponsive, salivating excessivey in bed. We live close to Las Vegas, but can easily travel to surrounding states. So I dealt with them first. We accidentally fried it ate it. Amanita pantherina var. Amanita Pantherina Dried Mushroom Caps 30 g / 1 oz. Unlike the amatoxins in the deadly amanitas — the death cap and the destroying angel — ibotenic acid and muscimol are water soluble. It was a delicious mushroom fried in butter, and I suspect it will make an even better preserved mushroom, if the Italians or Russians’ experience is any indication. With autoimmune disorders, it’s not something I want to try if something went ‘wrong’, I already deal with muscle cramps/spasms, nausea, etc. We heard you could dry them and so we did in the oven ant a low temp but i cannot tell you how long, it was many years ago. Once ground to powder, about 1/4 of a teaspoon is enough for a good effect, especially nice mixed with coffee. White amanitas are almost always deadly — the destroying angel chief among them — and mistaking a destroying angel for a white muscaria will be the last mistake you ever make. Being the syllogistic forensic type, I tried to make notes, about 40 pages of gibberish that made perfect sense at the time. Can anyone give us a location, (city/state), and a time of year when they grow? We had been living in a farmhouse in a beautiful setting, with a barn and some outbuildings. I ate a dried one I purchased on line. Boiled 4 large mushrooms, then cooked in butter as well. Fried a small cap in butter last night. Live in Southern Illinois close to So.Illinois University. I ate about 8 medium sized caps, crushed into a powder and cooked into a soup. It was an intensely long strange trip. Preliminary phylogenetic investigations into the genus, Legal status of psychoactive Amanita mushrooms, "Religious use of hallucinogenic fungi: A comparison between Siberian and Mesoamerican Cultures", "41 (Isoxazole-containing mushrooms and pantherina syndrome)", "Erowid Psychoactive Amanitas Vault : Amanita gemmata (Gemmed Amanita)", "infraspecific taxa of pantherina - Amanitaceae.org - Taxonomy and Morphology of Amanita and Limacella", "Erowid Psychoactive Amanitas Vault : Amanita muscaria var. Stephen: Very true. http://www.bayareamushrooms.org. Bonus if there are fish there, too. I believes it is highly soluble in water, and and mostly concentrated on the surface of the cap. I fell fast asleep and woke up feeling slightly elevated, with a very pleasant sensation that lasted most of the day through hiking and kayaking. I appreciate you writing this with a game attitude. I posted this for advanced mushroom hunters only. Welcome to Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, the internet's largest source of recipes and know-how for wild foods. I’d love to be able to get out for morel season, though. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that it is a good idea, for all. I’m sure they’d appreciate another encounter with the this iconic mushroom on less intoxicating terms! Deadly amanitas occur all over the world, and cause deaths on a regular basis. So we made a pretty good haul of kings and a few other boletes – but sadly missed the best of it. I had to force myself to stop at 1 cap’s worth. … apparently some populations of this mushroom in the NE are wholly nontoxic. About 40 minutes later I came to my senses. As food, fly agaric does need special handling. If you saute them after the first draining you will feel a euphoria that is quite pleasant for 45 minutes. Our largest Amanita in this group is A. velatipes, also known as A. pantherina var. Maybe they combined it with wine or with pantherine …. Were folks actually dying from eating muscaria? I found a couple shiny red caps just like this but they don’t have the white dots on them. Just curious, you know. Casually touching a cap? I filled a grocery bag in no time. But I don’t recommend eating muscaria, whether boiled first or merely panfried or merely eaten dried for a more trippy experience. Good read. Eric Whitehead. Olivia: Don’t eat it. Thanks! It would be easy for a beginner to mistake a velosa for both a tan capped Amanita phalloides (death cap) or an ocreata (destroying angel); mushrooms come in many different forms and colors, even within species. It’s one of the most delicious mushrooms I’ve ever tried. I nibbled on the raw mushroom in the forest because I saw animals had been doing the same. When I drained & cleaned the mushrooms I pulled out the mature one, but forgot about the other that looked like a snowball. I live in Miami Florida , and as yet I haven’t seen any in the Everglades. What’s more, he and David Arora, who is even more reknowned in the mycological world, teamed up on a longer piece (which is linked to at the bottom of Rubel’s article) about cultural attitudes toward Amanita muscaria that provides all the detail you could need on why this mushroom has such a varied place in our minds: Food. Just found a flush of A.muscaria,or at least that is my best guess,right in a parking lot where I take my recycling I looked around for more but it was just one area that I found them,first I have seen around here,beautiful… I am a little uncertain about eating them,your information is much appreciated. I am Lithuanian who grew up in Dzukija (south Lithuanian region famous for its mushrooms). Not so with Amanita, although I didn’t take enough to feel the strength of the berserkers (nor their fury), I could sense the *strength they might be referring to, but just in the background. Want the truth and nothing but about this mushroom? I read Muscimol is a better flavor enhancer than MSG… so don’t throw out all the actives if you want a delicious and uplifting dish! possibly dating back thousands of years. With Amanita Muscaria a average dose contains around 5 to 10 grams of dried material. Yeah, deer. I assume it was a process worth repeating. Jonny: I am pretty sure that you need to detoxify first, then dry amanita muscaria. I like it! nice! I have eaten them dried with only minor hallucinatory effects. Let me say it one more time, right up here in the beginning: Unless you are an expert mushroom hunter and you can 100 percent identify this mushroom, DON’T EAT IT. Disclaimer: WHAT FOLLOWS IS NOT AN INDUCEMENT TO CONSUME AMANITA MUSCARIA, WHICH CAN BE DANGEROUS. Jul 3, 2017 - Explore FUNGI MUSHROOMS's board "Amanita pantherina", followed by 155 people on Pinterest. All the while my sack of amanitas lay neglected in the garage. Even though it has some color variation, like the yellow-orange one below, if you stick to the red and orange color phases Amanita muscaria is unmistakable. I never have! It’s white, I believe. And no one can accuse the Russians of being a fungi phobic society! I have had a copy of Arora’s Mushrooms Demystified, and didn’t start using it seriously at all until just this last year. I became interested in the topic after I found out that one of the wild mushrooms that I grew up on, gyromitra esculenta, is toxic. just got my hands on some and will be giving these a test. Thanks Hank, for hosting this very interesting thread. ~Hank. This is a very tasty mushroom. This is serious stuff, folks. We REALLY want to try these! At the same time normal humans were celebrating Yuletide with days of parties, presents and lots of alcohol. But the flavor was good .? I found fly agaric in my yard a few weeks ago, I googled it because we got a puppy and I was wondering if it was safe. Both Amanita muscaria and Amanita pantherina are large, showy, and delicious, though poisonous mushrooms (unless cooked by boiling them and then discarding the water, but if you don’t get rid of all the water, look out!). Mistake this mushroom for another amanita and you can die. Which is funny because morels have much more dangerous cell poisons compared to amanitas little nauseous tripping. I’m sorry but I cannot agree about the whole Farther Christmas and the Fly agaric theory. I followed Hank Shaw’s instructions except that I cooked the stalks along with the caps. As you said: better be safe than sorry. As is the case with humans, dogs typically go into a deep coma-like sleep a few hours after eating Amanita muscaria or Amanita pantherina. I’d really appreciate it . Never tryed it again but going to do so after reading that dry comment on wikipedia. Amanita pantherina contains the psychoactive compound muscimol, but is used as an entheogen much less often than its much more distinguishable relative Amanita muscaria. I found mushrooms that look (well I THINK they look) just like these…. , I know nothing about mushrooms at all. Like I said, dose dependent. My guess is the second boil is basically ridding the flesh and gills of the water from the last boiling which was is now essentially a muscaria tea (and probably potent). Early on, when people on the north coast of California started eating these with the help of mycological expert and world traveler David Arora (about 15 years ago), the amount of boiling and prep was less well established. The genus also contains many edible mushrooms, but mycologists discourage mushroom hunters, other than knowledgeable experts, from selecting any of these for human consumption. yes we were after some light side effects… after each eating a cap and smoking maybe 1/4 of one also we were talking and suddenly felt very tired and went and took a 16 hour peaceful but hell of a long nap! And I’m not talking about cattle, I’m talking about reindeer. But why in heaven’s name would you start with a toxic mushroom, anyway? I’ll boil them 3 or 4 times. Perry, At the very least, it will be a conversation starter, eh? Do they grow this far south, or am I wasting my time? And I agree: A lot of people are a bit too cavalier about this mushroom…. I think too many folks are drawn to experiment with these fungi without really considering the consequences, while others imagine themselves to be far more expert mycophagist’s than the reality. Psilocybe cyanescens spore sample for ID purpose. But I prefer LSD and wish it were legal. Simply delicious! Amanita excelsa is a false Panther cap but very similar to Amanita pantherina. The other gyromitra someone mentioned I think is that they call a ‘brain’ mushroom in E. WA/Idaho. There are gossips of someone, somewhere there, once upon a time eating them but the rule is- do not eat. Reflexively, I reached for another slice, then another and another. Its amanita’s season right now in Colombia!!! week-old puppies eating Amanita pantherina. As Hank has rightly pointed out, this is a well storied mushroom, with both proponents (for its entheogenic properties or its medicinal properties or even, rarely, as an edible species) and those who rightly fear it. (A side note: fly agaric appears to be attractive to dogs and cats and can kill them if they eat it, so keep it away from your pets!). But, you have given me hope that maybe this could be a great food sourse. As we walked, picking porcini and other wonderful boletes, I began having a nagging conversation with myself: You know you can eat those amanitas, right? I could find no real evidence of it being an accepted edible species in Lithuania, however. It is potentially life threatening to eat a mushroom you cannot 100% identify! The Rus–gun, swords, a bona fide military force–could NOT defeat these Eskimo-type northern steppe dwellers. So appropriate for Christmas. Edible species of Amanita include Amanita fulva, Amanita vaginata (grisette), Amanita calyptrata (coccoli), Amanita crocea, Amanita rubescens (blusher), Amanita caesarea (Caesar's mushroom), and Amanita jacksonii (American Caesar's mushroom). Be very very careful about messing with these. Nonetheless, in some cultures, the larger local edible species of Amanita are mainstays of the markets in the local growing season. Usually it provides a life-raft so to speak, and leveled out the ups and downs of a trip, but Amanita was all UP, all the time! One thing that I’ve noticed many times in association with Amanita experiences is the intense increase in ‘synchronicities’ – those potent coincidences that seem like more than mere chance, as if driven by some Cosmic intelligence. These include the death cap A. phalloides; species known as destroying angels, including A. virosa, A. bisporigera and A. ocreata; and the fool's mushroom, A. verna. By the way there was also a lot of human physical interaction between the genders! I remember reading that drying the mushroom changes the weaker of the two toxins in the ‘shroom into the stronger one, making it harder to detox later. We live in ohio. Just know what you are getting in to. Where is the best place to find these? You had just deliberately boiled away the effective ingredients of their mojo medicine, only to then watch them get slaughtered on your TV screen. Me and one guy ended huging the toilet for a while, the other guy did also but fewer and said (with good experience on drugs) that he did feel alucinogenic effects and that we should do it again but not mixing it with condensed milk like we did. You could probably boil these prior to drying and have some very tasty snacks without the enlightening effects…. interested in both the spiritual and the culinary experiences. I could easily have collected four grocery bags of them on my last trip, which would have made for lots of good eating down the line. This mushroom, the Fly Agaric, (Amanita muscaria) is red with white dots, there’s no other mushroom like this as long as you stay with the red ones, it can’t really be mistaken. Thank you, Hank. Then i grew up and ate some, with two other friends. The best way, is too get about half a cup of fresh Amanita Muscaria fresh and coming out of the ground, place the half cup in large 1 or 2 quart thermos, with 1 fresh squeezed orange, 2 black tea bags and 2 teaspoons of honey, now let the concoction brew for two hours, than pour out the fluid and strain the mushroom parts from the fluid. Second they grow close to pine, spruce and birch trees. To waste these The game got boring. All up was a great meal and dinner delight. It is being an exceptionally good year for wild mushrooms. Thank you for the article! The genus Amanita contains about 600 species of agarics, including some of the most toxic known mushrooms found worldwide, as well as some well-regarded edible species. The Netherlands. In May of 2002 an adult male was poisoned after eating mushrooms in Nanaimo, later identified as Amanita pantherina. Ate a cap raw, made me very aware of my surroundings. The mushrooms were harvested in forests of Latvia and Lithuania, in an unspoiled nature far away from cities and sources of any pollution. Definitely stronger than 3.5g cubensis. I am serious. You can see why the mystery cults had to tie their maenads up sometimes so they wouldn’t go batshit on everyone. I usually dry out my mushrooms by placing them in the round holes of the arms. I put the slices into a non-stick pan and let them dry saute for a few minutes. Yes, but don’t they need all sorts of crazy processing first? This article is about how to eat them without toxins or hallucinogens.