They serve as the Magus’ (the cult’s leader) most trusted servants. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Discover all 40k bitz for Chaos Cultists at BitzStore and make your miniatures unique with all the conversion elements available. He has no illusions about the power of Chaos, what it does, and the danger it poses to the Old World. Minimum changes and your cultists will look much better than their standard version. [2a], While describing why people join cults reveals much of a cult’s purpose and function, it says little of how and why cults form. What could drive an individual to disgrace everything he is by founding an organisation whose soul purpose is to dismantle the order of the Empire? Scholars, politicians, priests, craftsmen, farmers, soldiers, and members of almost every other profession have come under the sway of Chaos in their time, and often recruited their fellows. Contains all the pieces to build 5 Chaos Cultists Models are designed to push-fit together, no glue required Models carry a mixture of close combat and ranged weapons Tools, paints, and glue sold separately Designed and manufactured by Games Workshop It includes the true members of the cult who understand their allegiance and actively further the interests of the group. However, regardless of how easily replaceable these endless hordes of meatshields are, it shouldn’t mean that they deserve any less attention when modelling your army. [2b], Although a Chaos cult can involve a great number of people, only a select few are aware of the organisation’s true purpose. The diseased heart of any cult is the coven. [3b], Those who follow the teachings of Tzeentch are dedicated to change in all its forms. [1a], The one thing all cults have in common is that their existence is concealed from the common eye, so that Witch Hunters and templars are not immediately alerted to their existence. Since the Empire has a number of different secret societies that have nothing to do with Chaos, this makes discovering actual Chaos cults to be a far more daunting task for those that seek to destroy them. Brand: Games Workshop. All available Chaos Space Marines Chaos Cultists bits are from new Warhammer 40k Games Workshop miniature boxes. Cultists of Nurgle are also remarkably cheery — Nurgle is seen as a “loving” god who teaches his followers to accept the diseases that mar their body as a sign of his approval and grace. These exceptionally detailed snap-fit models carry a mixture of close combat weapons and ranged weapons, including spiked maces, flails, autoguns and auto pistols. 20x Chaos Cultist models. His creed of mindless, wanton destruction appeals only to the utterly psychotic and violent, which take to the battlefield with the unabashed urge to kill, burn, and maim. Likewise, the cult might broker to gain a foothold in a profitable trade, positioning itself for some future plot and machination. [2b], The instructions issued by the patron, regardless of whether it sources from the familiar or the God itself, seem to follow no logical course. [1a], Chaos Cults vary enormously in size, strength, purpose, and membership, from tiny conspiratorial cells in the heart of the Empire to whole villages that have secretly given their allegiance to Chaos. [2a], Cults are often formed around a personality, an individual charismatic enough to seduce men and women away from right thinking and good beliefs. This leader is deeply corrupted by Chaos and bears one of its horrid rewards. The book has 24 pages and is black and white throughout. While they might retain something of their beliefs and honour, the corruption siphons away their resolve, turning them against the very things they love and respect. The Cultists are the big upside here; Chaos Space Marine armies need troops, and taking squads of 10 cultists at 40 points each to fill out a Battalion is a very good strategy. Not exactly a weapon to strike fear in the heart of your opponent. one in which all units share some keyword in the detachment, Chaos Cultists gain the Despoilers of the Galaxy special rule. Chaos Cultists This unit contains 1 Cultist Champion and 9 Chaos Cultists. Cults simply seek to sustain themselves, and if growth results, all the better. See more ideas about Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer 40000. These figures (of which so far consist of 12 models) come from CP Models in their Sci-fi Trench warfare range, and are a mix of both Brits & Germans. This army has been expertly assembled so that virtually no figure is identical. Cultists take advantage of these times to recruit new followers with promises of delights and decadence. These magical creatures are similar to those employed by the Magisters but are always lowly creatures or impish Daemons. When so installed, a cult can become extremely dangerous, for if it controls the lives of many citizens, it can condemn them to a fate of corruption. Use any sets to … A notable exception to this being when PDF troopsjoin the fray, with or without their superiors' knowledg… From the decadent cults of Slaanesh in Altdorf, to the secret temple of Khorne beneath the Imperial Barracks in Nuln, among the plague survivors who turn to Nurgle in thanks and supplication, to the power-hungry merchants making sacrifices to Tzeentch, there is almost no section of society that is untouched by the corruption of the Ruinous Powers. Indeed, a number of clandestine groups have a charitable public face that they hide behind and many have joined a Chaos cult without realising just what they were getting into. Cultists generally conceal their double lives behind a veneer of respectability, explaining why the Witch Hunters have such a hard time stamping out the many and varied cults that erode the morality of the Empire. Too twisted to walk among mankind, the Magus must operate behind the scenes, issuing commands and edicts to his Acolytes, who in turn communicate the cult’s wishes to the rest of the organisation.