Instead of locking him up in prison or Arkham or wherever immortal criminals go, Batman locks him in a spaceship and blasts that bad boy into the infinite abyss of space, leaving Lord Death Man in a permanent time out. He wouldn't kill the bad … The Batman Who Laughs has actually achieved what even some of the godliest beings in the universe couldn't do: annihilate Earth. He first set out to do this by murdering the Bat-family in cold blood. Batman has a strict "no killing" policy. Listen, let's just get this out of the way: superheroes are bad. This is one of those times. In the movie Batman Begins, Batman decides to save the life of a criminal by killing the entire League of Shadows. Batman, The Bad Man Sometimes you find an argument so dumb that you really just have to respond to it. Here are five points that I have come across that really mark out Batman as a bad guy and not a man who really should be celebrated for his moral beliefs and actions. 2 Got Stephanie Brown Killed The Bat has an equally permanent solution for the immortal villain.