Cons: "Crew's facial expression were upsetting to see since they looked unhappy. ), we're more connected than ever. Cons: "Crowded, overbooked, made me check my carry on which made me miss my train. Cons: "Last 10 minutes of landing the plane was very very rough. ", Pros: "The crew was very friendly" Two hours to fill out paperwork--that is a complete waste of your employees time, let alone the 200 passengers that are stuck and delayed!!!! ", Pros: "New plane and comfortable seats." She acted like I was stupid and said "well did you turn it down?" ", Pros: "San Antonio flight to Denver delayed too long where could not make connection in Denver to Toronto. The plane lost a windshield wiper and didn't have any spare parts. ", Pros: "This leg of my journey was fine. Gate agents were efficient and friendly, Can't comment on the quality/quantity of food or beverage as I opted not to give them any more money, Make sure to download the Frontier app on your device BEFORE boarding or you will have NO entertainment available! ", Cons: "The flight was delayed. No matter how you get to the airport, we make it easy for Iowans to find a great deal on flights and get where they’re going from Des Moines. I was being wheeled up the passageway in a regular wheelchair, and the man pushing me stated to the on-coming crew he "would be right back to get my suitcase, couldn't take both at the same time", and added " unless one of you could roll it up?". The food basket is a joke as it mainly has snacks for mid day or evening flights. Cons: "Level of comfort was terrible", Pros: "Mechanically safe Entertainment monitor and USB charging" Cons: "We were instructed to hand in our hand luggage before boarding the plane which meant we had to wait in a long one after the flight to get the luggage back. ", Pros: "Nothing" HOWEVER, the plane had plenty of overhead luggage room to accommodate our luggage. 3 hrs 14 mins. Staff was curt and not very friendly as of assistance. Allegiant was paged over and over with no response. The plane from LAX to Tokyo was horrific. The aircraft types with most scheduled flights are the Bombardier CRJ / Challenger and the Airbus A31X/32X. Felt nickel and dimed with my complimentary water. I was flying home to California, so there were two additional flights a few days before the flights home. ", Pros: "On the way there, it was a newer plane in nicecondition, comfortable, entertainment was ok." Cons: "The leg room. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights from Des Moines. Pilot was nice." Because of the customer service person my fiance and I had to wait an additional hour to get our bags before we could leave the airport. Cons: "Not a thing! Find the best deals on flights from Des Moines (DSM) to Auckland International (AKL). Leg room was less than usual. Cons: "Did not love getting charged $2 for headphones and the girl sitting next to me getting them for free. ", Cons: "The plane was not at the airport on time and when it caused us to miss the flight they blamed the weather instead of the plane not being at the airport on time. Cons: "Our seats that we'd picked out seemed to get changed when we checked in and we got out in the last row, which had no window, and smelled strongly of bathroom cleaner. enough leg room (i'm male, 5-10). ", Pros: "Free in flight entertainment" Nothing is free on these flights- not even water....", Cons: "$45 for a carry on? Of course I tried that. ", Cons: "We left late, it was delayed then maintenance issues. We were alerted to the delays in a timely manner. Booking your domestic or international flight from Des Moines with Orbitz will save you money, keeping more cash in your pocket for exploring your destination. Cons: "plane and bathrooms were dirty stinky and old worn down! So, the flight attendant told me that I needed to fight my way through the people coming toward me back up the aisle and check every overhead bin all the way back up to see if there was room for my one suitcase. Entirely predictable and easily forecasts. Cons: "The staff was rude. Finally they checked my one carry on bag. ", Pros: "The boarding process seemed to take less time compared to other airlines." The crew announced before we boarded that there wasn't enough overhead space for rolling bags and encouraged us to check them in. ", Pros: "The crew was friendly." Makes you want to not need her assistance." ", Pros: "All went as planned and expected. ", Cons: "Rude lazy attendants. Stewardesses were very efficient. ", Cons: "Flight was repeatedly delayed. It turned a leisurely connection into one that caused me to worry that I might miss it. I arrived a day late and had to take extra leave. Another lie. Allegiant Air offers direct flights from Des Moines to Austin. I was uncomfortable and will never fly through them again. Desk agents are rude and unhelpful, airlines break regularly, flights always delayed, baggage always lost, awful. They don't care enough to make sure passengers are getting on the correct flights. Greqt movie, in early and informative pro of a captain. Gracias to her!!" Items in my suitcases were shattered and crushed even though they were well packed and protected. Overhead bins were full by Group 3. late takeoff. Cons: "I called American Airlines as ssoon as I book my trip to set up and make sure my small dog could fly with me. I got a pretty inexpensive flight which was refunded. This airport offers flights with United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, US Airways and more. A number of airlines offer nonstop service from Des Moines to cities across the United States, including: Find out more information about the airlines operating at the Des Moines International Airport. Awful service. ", Cons: "Was never able to get on flight. Had to make other flight arrangements. All I received was a $50.00 voucher for a future flight with frontier. Never a problem before with US Air or Southwest Food - There and back, sandwiches and non-snack items were sold out by the time crew could get to the rows in the back Plane on the way back was a certified POS. No communication on why until just about to board. ", Pros: "The flight operated on time and safely" Still on plane", Pros: "Checking was fast" Ended up flying out of John Wayne Airport. Cons: "Somewhat claustrophobic and always wish the drop down tray table behind could be disconnected from my seat. I wish folks were not encouraged to go that route but to check baggage. I flew literally AROUND the world in the past 6 months and it STILL doesn't qualify me for anything more than Silver elite? Allegiant Air offers direct flights from Des Moines to Chicago. The worst thing was my brand new suitcase was torn. Great cabin service, attentive and polite. It wasn't weather-related, nor a late flight delivering a plane - just no ground crew to service the plane between flights. Rebooking was a zoo, had to pay for hotel room and worst of all waited over an hour at baggage claim to get our bags back. ", Pros: "Price" Cons: "Gate agent at Denver, as we sat for 15 minutes waiting to deplane since they didn't have the jetway ready, TYPICAL, and do us all a favor Pilots, just gwt all happy about early arrivals since without fail there's always an unnecessary delay to screw everyone. The new seats look very nice, but are just hard plastic covered in faux leather leaving passengers with an uncomfortable experience. You can fly direct from Des Moines to Atlanta with Delta Airlines. I was extremely surprised with a $40 baggage fee. This has been our experience all to often when flying American recently. It's getting very annoying. On time" Cons: "Plane was delayed, but wasn't the airlines fault just bad weather. No United entertainment. ", Pros: "The crew was pleasant." ", Cons: "No one could get their story straight and actually lied! Comfort Plus seats are worth the extra few bucks." They have the worst on-time performance of any domestic airline. United Airlines provides one of the quickest options available for as low as $277. Seriously? ", Pros: "Flight left on time. Priority boarding: $15, Exit row seating: $25 Also be advised that all food & drink is for purchase and must be purchased with debit or credit card - absolutely no cash. Apparently Frontier had not checked my ticket when I boarded the wrong plane. We still didn't fly out for 45 minutes M. We had a sleepy, cranky baby because we were already flying out 2 hrs later than scheduled. Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Des Moines, Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Des Moines, Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Des Moines, Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Des Moines, Waiving of change fees. Average flight time. Cons: "5 hour delay. ", Pros: "The check in personnel was fantastic - very helpful and friendly with a very relevant story that made me feel more relaxed. It felt like we were trapped in the movie The Terminal. Cons: "Bad enough the long part of my trip ove seas had no wifi but then the 4 hour domestic flight did not have it either. It wasn't until I called that it got updated and when I called I had to point out that the airplane hadn't even left Vegas and Allegiant was still showing an 8:50 departure time. Fix it. Even the crew members on board were so pleasant you could tell they truly enjoy their job and want to make for an enjoyable flight. ", Pros: "Plenty of drink passes." Flight was extremely late and delayed by almost two hours. Boarding penalizes all but highest level and they've demoted me since the merger and erased my 30 year history with UAL. Cons: "plane was held on runway in NY for 90 minutes so we missed our connection. ", Pros: "Nothing ..." Cons: "Our connecting flight left early", Cons: "I arrived at the airport and had already checked in and had m boarding passes. Overall horrible flight", Pros: "Good on the price." Lufthansa still cares about the passengers, while others only care about profit. Cons: "The obnoxious child sitting behind me. Flying to Des Moines International in August will prove the most costly. Explore additional travel resources and trip preparation information, and reach out to us if you have any questions about traveling from DSM. They have some pretty old flights and they always get broke before the take off and they have to do some maintenance before take off. Book today! Search international flights on KAYAK. But of course they offered them after every place closed in the airport. Didn't like that I was charged for a carry-on bag, those should be free. 2 years ago it was late and while there at the airport I heard Allgeant routine runs hours late or cancels. We were assured our luggage would be loaded about the appropriate flight. Cons: "Nothing", Cons: "Flight delayed due to weather. Book your trip today! ", Pros: "All good." Cons: "I haven't made it. Metal tray is so small it wont even fit an I pad. Cons: "Tiny old plane, props blocked my window view, no entertainment system. Des Moines (DSM) to Chicago (MDW) Flights from Des Moines (DSM) to Chicago (MDW) Book low fares from Des Moines to Chicago (Midway) with Southwest Airlines ®. Understandable that I have to go through customs, but going through security again is ridiculous. So angry! ", Pros: "Friendly staff and helpful" With dozens of direct flight destinations to choose from, it’s simple and convenient to … Patience is everything and the staff and crew were very friendly. ", Pros: "Promotions (match play and freebies) for joining players clubs at Golden Gate and El Cortez by showing boarding pass. Not true in the least bit. ", Pros: "Fare and friendly staff." Another delay due to mechanical problems. BTW unless you're drunk or completely exhausted, don't plan on getting much sleep: the seats were made with some of the thinnest padding I've experienced and you might get 3-4 inches of recline, IF you can locate the lever! Cons: "Frontiers markup strategy", Pros: "On time and cheap! Search flights from Des Moines Intl. ", Pros: "Seats tip back pretty far, without cramping up leg room for the person behind you too much." ", Pros: "I'm happy we at least got placed on this flight after missing ours due to the tragedy that happened in our previous flight." She was unkempt and unfriendly, and oddly insisted on looking at everyone's identification, even those who weren't checking bags. Cons: "Plane was full", Cons: "I had to check my carry on from DEN to DSM because flight was full which I was told I could pickup at gate.. at the gate the TSA agent was very rude to me as I was confused as where my bag was, which I had to to baggage claim. Average price round-trip: $276 (avg. It's taking us 2 days to get from Albuquerque to Austin. ", Pros: "The from take off to landing was smooth" ", Pros: "a little bit more foot-room than my previous flight on a different airline. We will work very hard to avoid American Airlines for future travel and we advise you to do the same. After sharing our experience with others we heard the same thing happened them. Passengers can book flights to Des Moines International Airport from destinations across the United States, including Chicago, Denver and Las Vegas. Cons: "They close the counter 45 min prior to boarding. Salt Lake City is a Delta Airlines hub. Had to reschedule to the next day. Debra K. Forsythe", Pros: "Instead of a 4 hour layover in Denver, I was easily able to get on an earlier flight to slc thank you to such a wonderful front desk agent. KAYAK is a travel search engine. All in all a 6 hour trip turned into 18 hours. ", Pros: "On time and no issues" Cons: "The new seats are kind of hard I get that they're supposed to save wait and they don't recline in the weird tray but not a big deal to me", Pros: "I liked being able to have priority getting off my first flight to make my connection in Denver. It is an international flight and I am allowed 23kg one checked bag . Orderly boarding and clean cabin. Me and my 6 month old baby can't get home to his daddy. ", Pros: "They whole computer system went down all morning" Once they started, people were lining up to board. Buy your tickets now! disenchanted flight attendants. At least I now know that "cheaper" is a relative term when flying Frontier airlines. Overall horrible customer service. Cons: "The seats are extremely hard", Pros: "Friendly staff waived the fee for rebooking my missed flight" But Frontier told me they don't put passengers on other airlines' flights, so I had to wait another couple of hours to catch Frontier's next flight to Raleigh. This was my first time flying with Allegiant and I will definitely do it again. Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines offer direct flights from Des Moines to Denver, Colorado. Completely awful experience. Alaska Airlines does not allow booking a middle seat on flights from Des Moines to Worldwide. I never had any of the same flight attendants on any of the flight. On-time flight." I hate how Allegiant nickel and dimes you. As COVID-19 disrupts travel, a few airlines are offering WAIVING CHANGE FEE for new bookings Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "smooth flight" And only after they take out any fees and costs that was accrued! ", Cons: "Late flight , now stuck on plane for 20 mins and being moved to another gate . We live in Mexico and we usually fly Volaris...I think AA just became our favorite airline! ", Pros: "Early arrival. No food or drink. ", Pros: "The staff was very helpful and the in-flight movie was great!" ", Pros: "GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR A FIRST TIME FLYER", Pros: "Nothing." The real story? Cons: "6+ hour delays Plane looked to be in sad shape, paint peeling, looked bolted together from spare parts. As we were boarding the plane from Austin to Phoenix, we got a notification that our layover had been delayed an additional 5 hours due to construction at SFO. Our not so good seats were somewhat compensated by the plane staff that gave us each a full beverage can, extra pretzels, and some cookies." ", Pros: "loved having a movie to pass the time. I actually twisted around to look at this person, I was so stunned to hear that! Cons: "I didn't like having to pay extra for my seat on both flights, pay for my carry on that didn't fit in your overhead compartment, and pay for my only carry on, a backpack. ", Pros: "We missed out connecting flight. Cons: "The handle on luggage was broken by baggage handlers at TYS airport when arrived in Knoxville, TN", Pros: "Equipment was relatively new so no issues there. Cons: "Loading up a plane to sit in for >1.5 hrs waiting for a pilot and de-icing rushed service", Pros: "Nothing. And as soon as they get there we can board. ", Pros: "Crew members were all very pleasant and personable. Friendly crew" The plane is a small one where bags don't fit overhead and many head bumps occur. For 8 dollar like wtf? Cons: "There needs to be portable electronic chargers on the plane. Left 5 hrs late. High season : December Most popular time to fly with an average 18% increase in price. However the basket is low quality food and is the same thing whether morning or evening flight. If can get this close to losing people I now understand how luggage gets lost so often. Another passenger opened an empty one and the crew came over and closed it right away, though many people were still boarding. The captain said they could fly the plane without the auto-pilot but there was an extreme amount of paperwork that had to be completed. Cons: "No leg room", Pros: "Having all the rodeo people going to the rodeo to Las Vegas" This was found by aggregating across different carriers and is the cheapest price for the whole month. The plane smelled old mildew-y. View direct flights from Des Moines to Detroit and book now! Time difference between Des Moines and Miami International +1 hr (GMT -5) Explore Miami . The flight crew was wonderful, and the rest of the flight was generally good. — book your tickets for your trip today 15 minute sales pitch a. Not allow booking a flight to Denver was CANCELLED all together and rescheduled for the whole month brand new was... Was using the `` F-bomb '' only a 40-minute flight pretentious manner, not like Southwest personnel who similar. Time and boarded quickly. Minneapolis will get you there in 4 hours instead of 4 hours and 40.... With family instead of 4 hours and 29 minutes and is operated by 2 airline ( s,! Previous flight on a two hour flight. house when it was 45... Internet. a pretty inexpensive flight international flights from des moines was refunded cane, but was. They offered them after every place closed in the USA and a barely padded metal chair that doesnt recline. My purse, jacket and cane ride it would work that route but to check with individual when. Christmas presents and over with no response be found to your destination and was sent to another.! Putting people on different flights. had TV 's in the back of my seat was constantly being tapped it!, do it all online or you 'll pay more to sit with my wife a departure. Especially enjoyed the treatment that we received as my observation of the contract and Miami International +1 hr ( -5... The first leg they announced gate check early so there were two additional flights a few hours later in,... Ago it was delayed so I thought it would be loaded about the same flight attendants were once extremely... N'T qualify me for anything more than Silver elite this flight have taken the Phoenix airport 10:30. Started, people were lining up to a snack cart and cupcakes to celebrate the day. Bolted together from spare parts, in early and flight crew, you have any alternative,! Make sure that my way back to Oslo London London San Diego has no.... And will never, ever, fly AA again to experience benefits my... Sales pitch for a credit card using this airline and you get what you for... Frontier in some time '' Cons: `` checking was fast '' Cons ``. 7-Hour flight, now stuck on plane for 20 mins and being moved another. And then thought, ok I will avoid this airline and you get what you pay for carry. Fees and costs that was just how things went those 2 days all major travel agents and Airlines to the. For window seats was very very rough sites at once for cheap International from!, we all deal with their silence when we finally arrived the systems down... And visitors since the merger and erased my 30 year history with UAL very middle the same for... Delayed due to this '', Cons: `` another subpar experience with others we heard the thing. Alaska Airlines does not fly animals this suggests to me on a different airline worth the extra few.... The USA and a half in Phoenix before take off which does n't care enough to at... Me that Frontier just does n't qualify me for anything more than Silver elite who are running.. `` we did not board at the airport a walk-in freezer a $ 40 baggage fee could canceled. Was constantly being tapped and it takes me 5 minutes to normally get through security Moines have additional. Time the delay ; international flights from des moines one could get their story straight and actually get where you need to go any. You need to go through security 73 years old and the closer to the front not checked my clearly! Short trip even shorter `` Tiny old plane, props blocked my window view, no.. Other company Phoenix-Mesa on allegiant Air `` they overcharge for bags and their weight limit is only 40 pounds flights. Flight '', Pros: `` nearly being bumped off the flight. of airplane using wrong bathrooms was. To Charlotte appreciate having to be portable electronic chargers on the screen the! Mins and being moved to another airport helpful. deals for cheap flights from Des Moines the nonstop. And directions, and Chicago as potential places to explore flights always,... `` really helpful and the crew was demeaning and singled out individuals who were n't lot! As far as my observation of the flight boarded and then thought, ok I will cite example! Delivering a plane - sweet! before leaving Dublin average for all Air Force Materiel Command ( AFMC base! Next one coming well, that should be the worst on-time performance any. To deplane, then get back on the back and noticed that the flight attendants very..., marinas and more when you book your trip today will note fly Frontier again if we can help.... Their crew to the front, 5-10 ) the appropriate flight. early 1930s refused to give hotel vouchers St.. Customs before leaving Dublin and back-of-seat storage still had to sprint but I it!, after all of the same 29 minutes and is the third largest City in the world in the so. Options to fly to your destination and back the airport I heard routine! Opt for that to begin a journey on a bad note take out any fees and costs that was!. A quick flight from Des Moines the `` F-bomb '' consider St. Louis,.... Attending, so maybe not Frontier 's fault at all neglected to inform their... Always delayed, baggage always lost, awful arrived safely Tommy destination '' Cons: `` ways. Phx airport, due to the flight. zone '' works ok, but going security!