its because I only slept for 4 hours last night. You’ll squat 3 days on both weeks and the program is as follows: Week 1. Millions of unemployed Americans will get a $300 per week federal UI boost through March with new stimulus bill. This 4-day per week regimen will probably include … Choose to either increase 2.5 kg/lb or 5 kg/lb per week. If you’re familiar with the program and are just looking for a calculator to compute loads, click here or here for the app. It … Day 1: 6 reps for 6 sets – 70% of your 1 rep max Day 3: 5 reps for 7 sets – 75% of your 1 rep max Day 5: 4 reps for 8 sets – 80% of your 1 rep max Day 6: 3 reps for 10 sets – 85% of your 1 rep max Week 2. Week 1 – Squats 3 days in a row working up towards heavy singles. Day 1 – 3 x 8 @ 65%, 1 x 5 @ 70%, 2 x 2 @ 75%, 1 x 1 @80%. In terms of volume of days per week, the RSR sticks at three days a week throughout whereas Smolov includes four days of work during the Base Cycle. If you do decide to mix in a little accessory work, keep it brief. $5 FLAT RATE. The squat routine is a strength program broken down into four phases which last for a total of 13 weeks. Smolov Jr Versions Program Sets x Reps Sets x Reps Sets x Reps Sets x Reps Smolov Jr 4x9 5x7 7x5 10x3 Smolov Jr Alt 6x6 7x5 9x4 10x3 1RM Squat: 1 RM date Week 2 Increase Week 3 … Because I use them every week lol. Each week, depending on how the previous week went, you will add weight according to the table. Variation (3 days, 4 weeks) For those of you familiar with the Smolov Jr. squat program, what are your opinions on the variation where instead of 4 days per week, you do the standard M/W/F, then do the 10x3 day on monday instead of Saturday? Smolov Jr. It is also very often used for Bench Press. Week 2 – You will use the same schedule as the first week, but increase by 10-20 Lb. It’s insane, but it totally works. However, if you stick with it and add weight intelligently, you should make great progress on your lifts. Smolov Jr. is an abbreviated version of the Smolov squatting protocol. Smolov Jr. is a popular variant from the original Smolov squat cycle. This page will detail the Smolov Jr. protocol, for more information about the full 13 week Smolov protocol, head here. Honestly, I used Strong for years and then they changed and went to crap. Smolov Jr. is a three-week program that comes from the Russian squat routine known as Smolov. Eat plenty, and sleep deeply each night. Week 2 – Squats every other day with low volume. You can also print, or download. should i rest for 2 days and do it again? It is also very often used for bench press. Day D: 10x3 @ 85% of your 1rm. 170%75%80%85% 10×3 Monday, 8×4 Tuesday, 7×5 Thursday, 6×6 Friday. Just plug in your maxes, and let it do the calculations. No need to break out your calculator though, we’ve got one that will automatically calculate loads based on your 1RM. 270% + 5 to 10lbs75% + 5 to 10lbs80% + 5 to 10lbs85% + 5 to 10lbs If you fail a day, do not increase for the next week. Like Smolov, results vary drastically between lifters. If you are looking to run a short three week cycle to improve a lift, Smolov Jr. might be for you. Went with the @stoicgear and so far I have zero complaints. I tested my bench this week from the 3-week cycle of Smolov Jr. and I stayed about the same as I was before by about a 5 lb. If you can get those results on 2 rather than 3 workouts a week, it's better to go the 2-a-week … When you are finished with a workout day you can use the checkboxes to check that day off. Week 3-6 – Base Mesocycle Smolov Jr. is an abbreviated version of the Smolov squatting protocol. Each week the same repetition scheme is repeated. This drops to … "Wish I would have found them sooner. At a high level, the program consists of the following: Phase In This initial two week phase is all about getting […] Published Mon, Dec 21 2020 11:21 AM EST Updated Mon, Dec 21 2020 3… Each week the same repetition scheme is repeated. The App. Exactly the same except add 20lbsto each weight in Week 1. The Smolov Jr. has you benching four times a week combining heavy weights and high volume. Here’s the layout, and you want to make sure you don’t miss a session: Week 1. A beginner lifter will make better long term progress off of a more suitable beginner routine. The difference is, Smolov Jr. can be used in a variety of different lifts, and is only three weeks long. ADVANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF POWERLIFTING. Bench Routine. Below is the full routine, and a link where you can customize, print, or download to your device. ", "I absolutely love them. Whether you are attempting the squat or bench press version, injury is always a risk with high intensity workouts. It is typically recommended to avoid doing accessory work doing a Smolov cycle. This is the beginning of the base cycle for the Smolov Full Squat Routine and the last week for the Smolov Jr. The weights used on each day are based on your one rep max according to the table below. If you do have a solid base level of experience, Smolov Jr. is a great way to try out higher volume and frequency. Week 3 – Again, same format, but increase another 5-10 Lb over week 2. This is how my Smolov Jr week 3 worked out : Mon – 6 sets, 6 reps at 70% = 55kg; Wed – 7 sets, 5 reps at 75% = 57.5kg; Fri – 8 sets, 4 reps at 80% = 62kg; Sat – 10 sets, 3 reps at 85% = 65kg; I followed the same protocols for warming up and recovering as I had done in weeks 1 and 2. The full Smolov cycle is a brutal 13 week reckoning. Use one of the schemes below. Lift Unlimited features some of the strongest athletes around, and we're proud to share their progress! Cult of Strength. It is not unheard of for someone to group two Smolov Jr. cycles together (with a one week rest between) and see a 30 to 60+ lbs increase in their squat. Day C: 8x4 @ 80% of your 1rm. Smolov Jr. Back Squat: 3 weeks: 4 days / wk ~1 hour: Quick bump in squat strengths: Upper body, deadlifts, front squat : Able to use for Pressing as well. ATG Smolov Jr Spreadsheet There are different Smolov Jr Set & Rep Schemes out there. But again Friday was my toughest day. Throughout the program, Smolov demands three to four days per week, with some weeks squatting back to back days. For example, if you are running this routine for Bench Press, you should squat alongside this program as normal. It is often run for the squat or the bench press. Use the spreadsheet below to calculate the proper weights according to a recently tested max. Went to SBD’s but they're almost $100 and not too far behind Strong with durability, then I found you guys and I won’t go with anything else. Week 1 example: Mon – 6 sets, 6 reps at 70%; Wed – 7 sets, 5 reps at 75%; Fri – 8 sets, 4 reps at 80%; Sat – 10 sets, 3 reps at 85%; Week 2 – You will use the same schedule as the first week, but increase by … what should I do if I only did 5 sets from 10 sets of 3 on the first week day 4? The Smolov Squat Routine is a weight training program for increasing your squat strength, originating from Russia.It is named after its creator, Sergey Smolov “the Russian Master of Sports”. Day B: 7x5 @ 75% of your 1rm. Absolutely zero elbow pain. Another difference is Smolov Jr. can be used on other lifts besides the squat and is actually quite commonly used on the bench press. Then, the rest of this week includes lunges for recovery. The logic at play is that exposing the body to a stimulus more often will result in faster adaptation, leading to you getting bigger and stronger. I'll defintely be recommending your sleeves. You have a top quality product for a great price! Lifters are reporting 20-35 Lb increases to the bigger lifts like Squats and Deadlifts, and about 15-30 Lb on the Bench Press in three short weeks. This program will reinforce and refine your technique, mak… (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});Smolov Jr. is an abbreviated version of the Smolov squatting protocol. The following is a guest post from forum member Harrison, a competitive powerlifter and weightlifter who added 15kg to his bench in 3 weeks.I (Yusef) have added some of my own notes at the end of my experience with Smolov Jr as well. Smolov Jr Week 3 Day 1 Bench Press 6 x 6 w 250Lbs Flys 35 x 10 x 5 Dumbell Rows 65 x 12 75 x 12 85 x 12 95 x 12 Day 2 Bench Press 7 x 5 w 265Lbs #4LIFTSCOMPETITION. Again, just with the week to week weight increments, you can use the way your body feels and make a judgement call here. I’ve been doing beltless singles going up 10-20 lbs a week. All 3 weeks you will be training 4 days per week, with the weight increasing each week. Every 3 weeks I will reset and ramp them back up until the end of my squat program and then test out. My 2nd cycle of Smolov Jr I added 10 lbs on Week 2 and 15 lbs on Week 3. The original Smolov Jr. program was based on high frequency training, essentially you do the major lifts (bench/squat/deadlift 4 times per week). and matched my starting number, but it is; what it is. If you complete your order within the next: Do not start too heavy, especially if you are not used to such high frequency. Generates a 3 week workout based on your current 1 rep maximum Day 2 – Exactly the same as day 1. 370% + 10 to 20lbs75% + 10 to 20lbs80% + 10 to 20lbs85% + 10 to 20lbs. I’ve had good luck with 5×5 @ 60% for speed on Tues/Thurs. Smolov Jr Calculator. This can either be tested with a true best effort or by attempting your best in the 2-5 rep range and using a 1RM calculatorto estimate your best lift. Pretty rude of me! US ONLY. This microcycle is used as preparation and really should not feel too heavy. Week 2. Each week, depending on how the previous week went, you will add weight according to the table. Elbow sleeves may help keep pain away while benching. I think Doing the lift four days a week should be enough work on all the surrounding muscles. difference. Just make sure you do not stress the knees going into the Base Mesocycle. A strenuous workout routine like the Smolov Jr should not be attempted with anything less than perfect technique. Smolov Jr. He stretched it out to 4 weeks with only 3 workouts per week, the percentages stayed the same, but the set/rep scheme was 6×6, 7×5, 8×4, 10×3 (this is setsxreps). © 2020 Lift Holdings, LLC. If you want to run Smolov jr. consecutively, go light for “week 4”. No need to break out your calculator though, we’ve got one that will automatically calculate loadsbased on your 1RM. The weights used on each day are based on your one rep max according to the table below. Join Today and Lift Heavier Shit. What about Smolov Jr? To reduce the risk of injury, make sure your technique is up to par before you begin. Do your best to focus on technique throughout your Smolov cycle and it will yield major dividends. No lifting on the weekend. Since you add 5-10 lbs for week 2 and 5-10 lbs for week three, week 1 should be super solid (even with 4 hours sleep). Day 1 – 6 sets of 6 reps @ 70% 1RM Day 2 – 7 sets of 5 reps @ 75% 1RM Day 3 – 8 sets of 4 reps @ 80% 1RM Day 4 – 10 sets of 3 reps @ 80% 1RM 1RM = 1 Rep Max., the heaviest you can lift for a single repetition in that exercise. Even if you intend to improve a particular compound lift, this program can serve you pretty well. Explained. The big difference is it’s 1/5 as long and not nearly as taxing on your body. Smolov Jr Program for Squat and Bench Press. Accessory work and other recovery impeding lifts are not recommended on this program due to the high volume and frequency. Week Day 1 - 6 x 6 Day 2 - 7 x 5 Day 3 - 8 x 4 Day 4 - 10 x 3 Make sure recovery is priority. So did you stretch the Smolov Jr. to 6 weeks by doing only 2 bench workouts a week rather than the 3 or did you do something else for the last 2 weeks. There’s also a “Smolov Jr.” which was Pavel T’s reformulation of the first 3-week cycle. Unlike the full Smolov program, Smolov Jr can be run twice in a row if a week of rest is taken between cycles. Here is what you can expect during each training week for Smolov Jr. Use the spreadsheet below to calculate the proper weights according to a recently tested max. ", For all general inquiries, please contact us at. Smolov JR involves benching 4 times a week for three weeks. Smolov Jr. uses these percentages: Day A: 6x6 @ 70% of your 1rm. Week 3. For the second week, you increase the weights by 5%, then the third week you increase by 2.5%. Think about it. This high volume, high frequency routine will have you lifting four days per week, with the option to spread it over three days per week. It doesn't really matter, I added 15 lbs to my 1RM after each cycle. For those of you that would like to dabble in the program, but don’t want to devote a full 13 weeks, the Smolov Jr. variation is a good option. In the tables below, all percentages are based off your 1 rep max (check out our smolov calculator or app to compute your weights). For the first week, you do as written. Sticking exclusively with the squats and / or bench press will take you a long way though. While not quite as difficult as its bigger brother, Smolov, this variation is still geared toward the intermediate and advanced lifter. The Smolov Jr. training protocol is known for its high volume and high-frequency approach in which you are required to train your body 4-times a week. I have Pioneer phantom wraps, SBD wraps, and Gangsta wraps and these are by far my favorite. The amount of weight added each week is subjective. The great thing about squatting or benching 4 days a week is that you can get really good at them. That's excellent. No more spreadsheets and printouts. Note: Smolov suggests adding explosive jumps and pylos in these two weeks. So far, so good! High frequency training is especially beneficial for raw lifter… Day 3 – 4 x 5 @ 70%, 1 x 3 @ 75%, 2 x 2 @ 80%, 1 x 1 @90%. Exactly the same except add 10lbsto each weight in Week 1. The Smolov Cycle is an intense 13 week squating regimen that’ll have you pushing your limits in the squat cage 4 days per week. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Smolov Jr is a shorter version of the full Smolov program, lasting only 3 weeks. All the data is saved in the app so the next time you open the app you know exactly what day you are on. All 3 weeks you will be training 4 days per week, with the weight increasing each week. Start from the beginning, but I would also add that you are starting with a “max” that is too high. Smolov Jr. is a 4 day per week program that extends over a period of 3 weeks. Three-day per week total body strength program. For deadlifts I pull sumo style. Smolov Program; Smolov Jr. 20 Repsquat; Contact Us; The Program. Enter your 1 rep max and let the app calculate the workouts for you. I probably could have added the 5 lbs. Prioritizing frequency over concentrated volume has grown in popularity over the past few years because it works, and works well. It is recommended to do your Smolov Jr. cycle first in the day, then the rest of your normal session following. Affordable and very well made. It’ll be tough work for sure, but can pay off handsomely in the end. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Overall training went well. This is a very intense program that will see you squatting up to four times a week with little in the way of accessory work. The amount of weight added each week is subjective. Strength is, after all, a skill, and practice makes perfect. For muscle groups that do not affect the lift you are focusing this cycle on, just proceed as normal. Smolov is a 13 week weightlifting program used to increase your strength in the Back Squat.It is recommended that you complete this routine only if your back squat has reached a plateau.. Smolov Jr. Calculator. Strength gains have been noted between 50–130 pounds (22–58 kg). My first cycle of Smolov Jr for bench I added 15 lbs on Week 2 and 10 lbs on Week 3. N.B: These are not four consecutive days and shoul… Which do you think is more likely to make you stronger: 52 sessions on the bench a year, or 104 sessions? The first step to this (or any) workout is perfecting your technique. ", "First time using elbow sleeves today and I really like them. Smolov Jr. is a 4 day per week program that extends over a period of 3 weeks. ", "I'm going to be honest, I use my Stoic's the most. FREE SHIPPING OVER $75. If the lifts were super easy, add 10 lbs in week 1 and another 10 for week 2. Bring a pen to the gym, and scribble off the days/sets as you go! If you failed sets or so … Although, bench didn’t quite go as planned. Intended for a quick 3-week peak. All Rights Reserved. Not convinced? Good luck. I also suggest reversing order of the days. Even in the video you see some sleeves are still in their bag. Do the heavy sets early in the week when supporting muscles are fresh. If you failed sets or so hammered by soreness that you waddled around all week, it’s best to leave the weights the same for the following week. To edit the spreadsheet customized to your lifts, click HERE. For many of you, this 4-day per week regimen will include some of the toughest sets you’ve ever attempted. Anyway, my first time posting and I write three posts.