Visit the Embassy of France website or the French government’s official visa information page for the most current visa information. [3], French Guianan voters were asked whether they wanted more power to be given to the local government based in Cayenne. French Guinea was established by France in 1891, within the same borders as its previous colony known as Rivières du Sud (1882–1891). Road to Independence. The original Guiana was inhabited by semi-nomadic Amerindian tribes who lived by hunting and fishing – notably Arawaks and Caribs. In 1946 French Guiana ceased being a colony and became an official overseas department of France. But in the 2004 regional elections, the MDES list put forward by Maurice Pindard obtained only 6.55% of the vote and no seats. In 1998, the MDES obtained 3 seats in the regional elections with 8.6% of the vote. French Guiana in 1946 became a French overseas département, while Suriname underwent constitutional reform (1948–51) and was granted self-government by the Netherlands in 1954 and independence in 1975. The turnout was 48%. Independence. It is bordered by Brazil to the east and south, and Suriname to the west. French Guiana, overseas territorial collectivity of France, situated on the northeastern coast of South America. But in … French Guiana is bounded by Brazil to the south and east, Suriname to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the northeast. While Guyana and Suriname gained independence from their colonisers (the UK and the Netherlands respectively), French Guiana never has. St.-Georges-de-l’Oyapock Journal Linking Brazil to French Guiana, a Bridge for No One. French Guiana – This is the only place on mainland South America that is still owned by a foreign land. The tropical climate made Guiana unsuitable for Europeans to colonize. French Guiana has many trees. It was originally inhabited by a number of Native American peoples, among them the Carib, Arawak, Emerillon, Galibi, Kalina, Palikour, Wayampi (also known as Oyampi) and Wayana. Today we arrive in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana and one of South … 3. Decolonization and Social Emancipation Movement, Mouvement de décolonisation et d'émancipation sociale, Guyane : interview de Maurice Pindard, secrétaire général du MDES, "Le MDES reprend sa liberté au Conseil Régional",, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 November 2020, at 17:31. [2], French President Nicolas Sarkozy proposed the referendum after visiting the Caribbean island of Martinique in June 2009. In fact, French Guiana (you can't call it a country, for reasons that are about to become clear) is located on the malarial northern coast of South America, between Surinam to … It also took administration of things that were formally administered by the French government, such as the Guiana … To answer the PNC allegation that the existing electoral system unduly favoured the South Asian community, the British government introduced for the elections of December 1964 a new system of proportional representation. The same is true of the people in the French Caribbean although some in French Guiana were advocating independence. Guyana– This nation gained independence in 1970 from Britain and their official language is English. Both French Guiana in South America and the Indian Ocean archipelago of Mayotte have been rocked since last year by major protests over living standards and perceived neglect. ___ French Guiana Guiana (Guyane) was an overseas department of France and is now a French region (région), located at the central northern coast of South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean in north. The Netherlands had obtained independence from Spain in the late 16th century and by the early 17th century had emerged as a major commercial power, trading with the fledgling English and French colonies in the Lesser Antilles. Prior to 1882, the coastal portions of French Guinea were part of the French colony of Senegal.. Its political status is similar to the state of Hawaii. It was divided by European powers into Spanish Guiana (Venezuela), Portuguese Guiana (Brazil), French Guiana, Dutch Guiana (Suriname) and British Guiana (Guyana). French Guiana is mostly covered by the mighty Amazon rainforest. … [3] French Guiana was an overseas region and an overseas department of France, regulated by the article 73 of the French Constitution, giving it the same political status as metropolitan departments and regions. A kingdom of forests, rivers and animals, French Guiana seduces all nature lovers.Located between the Republic of Suriname and Brazil, French Guiana is, with its 90,000km², the most vast, but also the only French department on the South American continent. In recent years sporadic outbreaks of civil disorder over independence have brought into question what would happen to forests should French Guiana become independent. The French Republic of Guyane (Guyane) was a former overseas department of France and now is an independent nation, located on the northern coast of South America. Take a look at these 19 interesting and fun facts about French Guiana. By this time, French Guiana's status had fundamentally changed, transforming from a colony to a formal overseas department fully integrated with the newly formed French Fourth Republic in 1946. The French sent 12,000 settlers to Guiana in 1763, but within a year only 2000 were still alive. [3] The French overseas departments of Martinique and Guadeloupe had suffered prolonged general strikes in early 2009, due to lower wages and standards of living than mainland France. A referendum on becoming an autonomous overseas territory was held in French Guiana on 10 January 2010. The principal platform of the party is the demand for independence of Guiana, currently an overseas region and one of the 26 regions of France. French Guiana became a département of France in 1946; it was given regional status in 1974. French Guiana (French: Guyane or Guyane française) is a department of France in the Amazonia region of South America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Suriname.It is governed as an overseas province of France with same rights and privileges granted to all other French departments and benefits financially from this arrangement. The proposal was rejected by 70% of voters who prefer full integration in the French central state. It is classed as … Thereafter the PNC and a smaller, more conservative party formed a coalition government, led by Burnham, which took the colony into independence under its new name, … Before the first Europeans arrived, there was no written history in the territory. They also consider the possibility of becoming an overseas territory, which is different from an overseas region. 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