The CAT Centralised Database is a two-year project funded by the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) from November 2016 to October 2018 Officially launched on 15 October 2018 A web-tool with searchable data and credit transfer arrangement 3 For many international students, beginning at a college and finishing at a university is a strategic choice, as most Canadian colleges offer: 1. more affordable tuition; 2. smaller class sizes; 3. more relaxed entrance requirements; and 4. flexible start dates. Understanding contemporary protest movements, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Modelling, The Pain of Unbelonging: Writing from Canada, South America and Australasia, A special topic in international politics, Families, Youth and Society: Contemporary Issues, New product development and open innovation, Public Management (Business Government Relations), Population Environment and Sustainability, History of Modern and Contemporary East Asia, Japanese Art 3(HGP)(Japanese Ceramics: History and Practice), Special Topics in Social Sciences 2(HGP)(International Relations: An Analytical Overview), Special Topics in Social Sciences 6(HGP)(The Many Dimensions of Globalisation), Philosophical Topics on the ideal images of human beings: Conversations Between Japanese and the Western Culture, Japanese Immigration Policy in a Comparative Perspective, Japanese Immigration Policy in A Comparative Perspective, Introduction to Japan's History and Culture, Crossing Borders: Adapting to Japan and Adapting to the World, Innovative Technologies for Japan's Aging Society, Responding to the Challenges of Aging Societies, Buddhism and Social Change in Contemporary Asia, Arts/Art Workshop: Discovering Arts and Culture in Japan, Deep Culture Difference: Understanding Japan Through Cross-Cultural Comparison, Otaku Culture in Japan and its Transnational Relation, "Philosophical Topics on the Ideal Images of Human Beings, Conversations between Japanese and the Western Culture", An introduction to Japanese History: Surveying Japan's Pre-Modern Past, Children, Youth, and Migration: Everyday Experiences in Japan and Beyond, English and English Language Education in East Asia, English as a Global Language in Asian Contexts, Law and Development in East Asian Countries, Nationalism: from Inception to Southeast Asia, Policy Implications of Economic Integration in Asia, Urban geography I: growth, function and pattern of cities, Environmental change and socio-political conflicts, Ethnicity Minority, and Diversity in Japan, Studies in the Japanese Historical Sources and Documents, Twentieth century Japan: History, state and society, Seminar in International Politics: Japanese Foreign Economic Policy, Seminar on Media and Representations: historical introduction to analytic, Seminar in Special Topics: Foreign Policy International Conflicts and Challenges of Creating Sustainable Peace, Seminar in Global Liberal Arts: Global Challenges and Japan, Seminar in Global Liberal ArtsVI (2):Global Challenges and Japan, Lectures on Special Topics V [Asian and Japanese Studies], The City: Histories of Urbanism and the Built Environment, Energy: Its Evolution and Environmental Impacts, APM- Korean Popular Culture in the Global Age, Global Environmental Politics and Policies, Introduction to Management Information System, Organization and Human resource management, Social Behavior and Individual Differences, Two Koreas: Modern Korean History and Society, Emerging Issues on Peace and Unification of the Korean Peninsula, Development Policies in the Global Context, Theory and practice in family counselling, Greater China: A multi-disciplinary introduction, The Cultural Politics of the 21st Century, Issues in Anglophone Literature and Cinema, Special Topics: Comparative Studies of English and Korean Literature, Topics in Korean Studies: Globalization and Multiculturalism, Contemporary Korean Culture and the Korean Culture Wave, Topics in Korean visual culture and cultural studies, Introduction to Korean culture and society, International Politics of the Korean Peninsula, Korean political system and culture in transformation, Culture, Media, and the Politics of Beauty, International political economy of east Asia in post development, Case Studies of the United Nations: Law, Politics and Practice, Issues and interventions in mental health settings, Volunteering Service (Dream Study Mentoring Ethel Village Volunteering Team), History of China: Philosophy and Religion, Understanding China: Past, Present and Future, Foundations of Psychological Interventions, General Psychology III: Language and Cognition, Observing and Representing: History of the Senses, Culture and Identity in a Globalising Europe, Culture and Identity in a Globalizing Europe, Research Methods: Advanced Document Analysis, Urban Development & Poverty in the 21st Century, Reading the City: Amsterdam Literary Classics, The Middle East: History, Politics and Economy, Moral development, delinquency and treatment, Lifelong Learning: Personal, Organizational, and Societal Perspectives, Clinical Psychology & Brain and Cognition, International Relations of the Middle East, Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies, An introduction to Global Environmental Politics and Governance, Networks and Corporate Power: An Introduction to Political Network Analysis, Geopolitics and security in the Middle East and Central Asia, Who Governs the EU? Result of credit transfer will be released via the System. I … This Credit Transfer Database contains successful credit transfer applications in the past. The MFA at HKU. The Medieval World, 500-1500, Spanish Language for International Mobility 1, French Language for International Mobility 3, Scotland's Cultural Landscape - Nation, Heritage and the Arts, Psychology and Biology of Mental Disorders 4H, Neuropsychological Deficits (International Only), International History and International Relations, Introduction to Conflict Analysis and Resolution, International Organisation: The UN System, International Organization: The U.N. System, Governance & Politics of Contemporary China, The Care and Protection of Children and Families, The Third Sector: Charities and Social Enterprises in Modern Societies, Evaluating Evidence: Becoming a Smart Research Consumer, Mental Health: Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment, The Making of the Modern City: In Search of Utopia, Urban studies: social and cultural perspectives, Extreme Right Parties in Contemporary Europe, Sexuality and Gender: Diversity and Society, The Making of Contemporary US Foreign Policy, Youth Crime, Youth Justice and Social Control, Topics and Issues in Developmental Psychology, Interventions to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing, Individual Differences in Mental Health and Wellbeing, Sociology of Nature, Environment and Risk, Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology, Themes in Early Modern European History c.1500-1789, Anthropology of International Development, Emotion: Extending Appraisal and Feedback Approaches, Enterprise and the Environment Summer School, Corporate social responsibility and environmental auditing, International Relations between the two World Wars 1914-1945, Memory, Attention, and Information Processing, Psychological Disorders: Risk and Resilience, Empires and revolutions in continental Europe, 1905-1923, (Re)constructing Environments, People and Places, Foreign Policy Analysis and International Security, Psychology of Art: Aesthetics and Individual Differences in Visual Function, Communicating Psychology and Neuroscience, Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience, Mind and knowledge: an introduction to philosophy, Anthropology, Indigenous Peoples and Resource Extraction, Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges & Opportunities, Sustainable Development: Tools for Action, Politics of Governance: The European Union, Research Skills and Methods in Political Science, Political Change: The European Union as a Global Actor, Principles of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, States and Markets: An Introduction to International Political Economy, Political Economy and the Liberal-Democratic State, East Asian Transformations: A Political Economy Perspective, Transformations: Gender, Reproduction and Contemporary Society, Relationship and Family Change: Demographic and Sociological Perspectives, The Well-Being of Children and Young People, Preference & Choice: The Role of Perception, Action & Memory, Critical Perspectives on Social Psychology, Introduction to Statistics (with calculus), Introduction to Clinical and Counseling Psychology, A dream in the heart: varieties of Asian American culture, Introduction to Health and Human Sexuality, Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Culture and history of Latin America through texts, International Law and International Relations, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, Introduction to Probability and Statistics, International Relations in Western Europe, From Slavery to the White House: African American History and Culture, Creative Nonfiction: Essays in Journalism, Special Topics in Urban Policy and Research: Los Angeles as Global City, Introduction to Political Science: Comparative Politics, Political Opinion and Electoral Behaviour, Interests Groups & Social Movements Political Science, Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology, Industrial/Organizatioal (1/O) Psychology, Introduction to Applied Behavioral Science, Case Study in American Studies: American Gun Culture, Contemporary Issues in International Politics, Introduction to the Internet, WWW, and Multimedia Systems, Global Communication and Comparative Journalism, Principles of Advertising and Public Relations, International Organizations and Global issues, Educational Psychology 301: How people learn, PSYCHOLOGY 601: Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology, Introduction to Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Introduction to Computing and Programming, Introduction to Data Analysis and Econometrics, Corruption, Governance, and Reform in the 21st Century. Please see Transferability of Credits for additional details. Internships. Credit Transfer Policy of the UGC-funded Universities ... HKU -- (exchange only) -- Searchable web database HKUST -- -- Searchable web database ... data •To facilitate the credit transfer application process •To save time and effort searching historical credit transfer records •To reduce stress and Mentality. Plagiarism Warning. The HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme (HKUWW) provides exchange places from partner institutions (or host institutions) of the University for one to two semester(s). Final decision of credit transfer will be rested with the course offering department. Nature-Culture-Society Relationships in the USSR / Russia and Eastern Europe, Contemporary European Politics and Integration, Advances in Democratic Theory and Research, Migration and Mobility in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, Europe Displaced: Culture and Society in Contemporary Ukraine, The Impact of Public Activism on Government Communications in Ukraine, Multi-Ethnicity, Social Work and the Welfare State, Continuities and Discontinuities, Connections and Disconnections, Methodology (Level II) and global seminar, Organization, governance and performances of agrofood chains. No data. database, but for credit recognition and transfer purposes, it is recommended that you select courses that are similar to those offered in HKU in content, contact hours and assessment method. REGULATIONS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE IN FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY AND DATA ANALYTICS (MSc[FTDA]) (See also General Regulations and Regulations for Taught Postgraduate Curricula)The degree of Master of Science in Financial Technology and Data Analytics (MSc(FTDA)) is a postgraduate degree awarded for the satisfactory completion of a prescribed curriculum in the Faculty … Please read HKU’s Turnitin webpage for information on this originality checking engine, which “offers originality checking on students' work for proper citation or potential plagiarism. Cross-disciplinary perspectives, Danish Society: A Sociological Perspective, Greenland at the Crossroads: Climate change, Asian interests in the Arctic and developments in Greenland. Contact Us. 2. Don’t forget to check the credit conversion to determine the number of courses that you need to take at the host university. The actual transfer of credits happens after you have returned to HKU. Approval for course equivalency and transferred credits would be considered on a case-by-case basis. No Credit Transfer will be granted to the Higher Diploma in Architectural Studies programme due ... * The application fee will be refunded if your application for credit transfer is based on HKU SPACE award bearing courses /programmes. ABOUT THE HANDBOOK; ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY; DATES OF SEMESTERS FOR FULL-TIME FIRST-YEAR UNDERGRADUATES 2017-2018 How Magazines Have Become Media Brands, Screening Socalism: Visual Culture in Eastern Europe, Ethnic and Racial Minorities in France and the United Kingdom, Gender and Social Movements: North and South, Right and Left, "Political Communication in the Age of ""Fake News""", Behavioral Methods for Studying Political Behavior, Dystopia: Dark Political Visions in the Arts, the Art of Doomsday Prophecy, Education and Social Inequalities in Western Countries, Europe in the World: Actors, Structures, and Processes, European political and economic institutions and processes, Paper Tales: Bureaucracy in Politics, Media, and History, Representing Alterity: Postcolonial French Cinema, Comparative Government and Public Administration in Europe, New Perspectives on Economic Geography and the Economics of Innovation, The British and American Health Care System Since the 1930s, The Evolution of American Political Campaigns, Language and Methodology Follow-up Training, B1 Level, Cross Cultural Communication and Management, Intellectual Property and Economic Theory, Authoritarian Upgrading in Comparative Perspective, Political Institutions for Sustainability, EU regional policies and European integration, Industrial and Organisational Psychology (basic), Historical-Sociological Analyses of Science and Society, Postcolonial Social Theory: An Introduction, Algorithms and Computational Complexity I, Introduction to data structures and algorithms, Algorithms and Computational Complexity II, The Foreign Policy of the European Union in a Changing World. … However, the actual transfer of exchange credits happens when you return to HKU. Since the implementation of the four-year undergraduate curriculum in 2012, the University has seized the opportunity to continuously improve its credit unit system. Transfer Credit by Institution Courses; Application for Course Mapping (video) Application for Credit Transfer (video) On Entry; During Study; Important Notes. For those that are looking for multiple degrees, certificates, or diplomas, this may be a … This Credit Transfer Database contains successful credit transfer applications in the past. 2 ... to verify the data provided by me in this application where necessary. (A) Faculty Cap Policy on Credit Transfer to HKU Arts Major/ Minor from 2014-15 Onwards: 1. To filter course results by a specific KU Core code enter your choice from the list below into the search field after you have selected a school. The CAT Centralised Database is a two-year project funded by the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) from November 2016 to October 2018 Officially launched on 15 October 2018 A web-tool with searchable data and credit transfer arrangement 3 Additionally, colleges focus on ‘hands-on’ learning, allowing students to gain practical experience and complement the academic program typically supplied by the university. The University’s credit unit system is based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). News. GENERAL INFORMATION. Credit Transfer Database This database only holds the course equivalence information of successful credit transfer applications in the past. Eyewitness Psychology: How Can Knowledge on Memory Help Us Understand and Facilitate the Creation of Witness Testimonies? HKU Undergraduate Handbook - University of Hong Kong. Yes. You may not use Promotional Credit for any fees or charges for Reserved Instances, Amazon Mechanical Turk, AWS Support, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Route 53 domain name registration or transfer, any upfront fee for any Service, or for any other Services as may be designated by AWS from time to time (collectively, "Ineligible Services"). I also Academic Advising. However, there is no guarantee that the courses will be transferred as listed at the time you are on exchange. Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University), Russian Foreign Ministry Diplomatic Academy, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, University of Illinois at Urbanna-Champaign, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Unmapped advanced course for Politics and Public Administration, China's New Approaches to Asia Pacific Security, International Organisations in World Politics, Public policy-making: theories and application, Human Growth, Development and Ageing for Exercise Scientists, Intercultural Communication in Everyday Life, Human behaviour and the social environment (I), Australia and The World: 1788 to the Present, Unmapped advanced course for Journalism and Media Studies, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management, Freedom Dreams: Foundations in Gender Studies, Global Cultures, Media Flows: Creating and Consuming (Popular) Culture, Phonology: An introduction to the study of sound systems, Indigenous Scholarship & the Interplay of Knowledges, Unmapped introductory course for Journalism and Media Studies, Foundations Health & Lifespan Development, Individual Differences, Personality & Assessment, Beyond Lies and Spin: Why Politics Matters, Counselling: Engagement, Assessment and Brief Intervention, Introduction to quantitative methods in psychology, History & Philosophy of Psychology and Psychiatry, Looking for Australia: From the Deep Past to Federation, Joint Study - German as a Foreign Language I (partly A1), Political Communication and Electoral Analysis - Enhanced Level, Life World, Life Forms: Individual and Society 1: Sociology of Gender Relations: Cross-cultural perspectives, Unmapped advanced course for Social Work and Social Administration, Introduction to geographic information systems, Understanding and simulating the impacts of global change, Understanding Cities with Geospatial Analysis and Social Media, German as a Foreign Language. Website developed by, Science Distinguished Visiting Scholars Scheme, Strategic Moves, Quick Facts and Achievements, International Exposure and Global Outlook, To the Science Taught Postgraduate Programmes at HKU, To the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at University of Melbourne. Do I get credits for the courses I completed during exchange? Job Openings. THE HKU GUILD: HOME FOR THE CREATIVE ARTS. Final decision of credit transfer will be rested with the course offering department. Some HKU Faculties have credit transfer database listing out past credit transfer records for reference. ... Credit Transfer. The application for credit transfer should be submitted to the ... * The application fee will be refunded if your application for credit transfer is based on HKU SPACE award bearing ... to verify the data provided by me in this application where necessary. Political Control of the Bureaucracy or Bureaucratic Politics? Information for Outgoing Exchange / Visiting Students. Details are as follows: Copyright © 2020. Below are the quick links: Credit transfer during study Credit transfer course equivalence database Credit Transfer Students may apply for credit transfer for the credits they have obtained at the host institution during their exchange studies to fulfill their degree requirements of HKU, while granting of credits is subject to the completion and actual grade (s) achieved of the courses. Organizational Control Systems and their Effects on Behavior, Organizational Failure in Public Administration, Activism. Credit Accumulation and Transfer Policy The University of Hong Kong first introduced a credit unit system in 1998 as part of its Institutional Curriculum Reform initiative. Up to 50% of the transferred credits to HKU can be counted towards each of the Arts major/ minor requirements.In other words, students should complete at least 50% of each of the Arts major/ minor requirements at HKU. Application procedures including the deadlines will be sent to your HKU email account in due course. information of successful credit transfer applications in the past years. Democracy between populism, technocracy, and compromise. If the database does not include the courses that you wish to enroll at the host institution or you would like to transfer the course and proposed with another course equivalence, you may ask for a preliminary assessment of the credit transfer with the following procedures: ... PSYC courses taken in HKU; Level 1. Applications to HKUWW should be made via the International Affairs Office (IAO). For more information on KU Core courses, see . If you wish to transfer credits, you must apply for credit transfer in advance according to your Faculty’s regulations and requirement. 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Students can apply for credit transfer and/or leave of absence, view the progress and the result of the credit transfer application through the system. The World of the English: Language. If you have doubts on this, consult your Faculty Office. Guidelines on application for credit transfer for exchange studies Reference database: a summary of approved credit transfer records since 2017-18 (sorted by insititution or by programme) (c) ... (current students can also submit an application via HKU Portal) When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. If you would like to request an evaluation of a course(s) not appearing in the database, simply send us an email to with your name, UID (if you are a current student), name of the institution where the course was taken, the course ID and course title at the transfer institution, along with a detailed course syllabus. French Language-Level A1 / French A1 / Fran, Post-1945 International Relations: The Global Cold War, History Of The Modern World, Xx-Xxi Century: War-Power-Territoriality, War, Peace and the Sovereign State: Political Thought from Machiavelli to Kant, French politics: Understanding the stakes of French political life (1958-2018), Sex, Gender, and War : Another History of the 20th Century Europe, People and Places: Art and Nation in Great Britain, Digital Society and the Sociological Imagination, Citizen Politics and Democracy in Times of Crisis, FRENCH POLITICS : Understanding the stakes of French political life (1958-2016), Non-State Actors, Transnationalism and Diaspora Politics, Between Fiction And Politics, (Mis)Representations Of The United Nations In Literature And Movies, Competing for Influence: A Comparison of Soft Power and Public Diplomacy Models in World Politics, The Euro, migration and climate change: European challenges and opportunities, Introduction to Japanese Politics and Society, Workshop in Diplomacy and International Negotiation, Finance and Society: How Human Societies have Innovated to Deal with Risk, Magazine Publishing in the 21st Century : A Survival Guide.