The Animal 2 is our most powerful vacuum and you will find it difficult to push on mid to high thread carpets and rugs. Where to buy a Dyson DC04 Wand Handle in Australia or New Zealand. Quick update on the above. However, I think they learned something with the early Dysons. You can use the comment box for any comment on this article, and do please use the social media buttons to spread Dyson Medic to the farthest corners of the interwebs. But the problem we have seen the most of is related to the wheel in the centre of the bottom of the cleanerhead. For me, they are simply “wearing down” or somehow losing their height. Accessories for the Dyson DC41. I disassembled and cleaned both roller balls and the vacuum head including the center mounted roller on that. DC41; How to clean the bin and cyclone . Hello, Select your location Close location selector. Dyson Medic – Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Service Guide. Replacement parts. As to why the suction has increased from what it once was, I don’t know. Accessibility.