Taxus Baccata Topiary SpiralsTaxus Baccata Spirals or Yew Spirals - one of the most iconic English trees for creating topiary,   these premium quality yew spirals are thick and dense and the deepest of greens. New search; Within results; Within results; Search for sets; Home; About us; Portfolio; Galleries; Latest uploads; Search (1); Contact us; My account; Lightbox Yew topiary description. It grows at about 10-15 cm per year which means you only need to clip it once per year. Topiary Pyramids look stunning and they are sure to create an instant impact in … Our website features a selection of our top quality topiary. If you wish to purchase or to discuss your requirements please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01257 401193 . Whether in the ground or in a container, a spiral topiary is a little touch of whimsy with a decidedly formal flair. But you can get the hands-on satisfaction of doing it yourself for less than half that amount. Creating a yew dome topiary feature from scratch. Our large pieces of tree topiary start at 3m tall and have been supplied up to 8m tall. Taxus baccata ‘Spiral’ Topiary Yew is a slow growing native evergreen with narrow dark green leaves and produces attractive cones.. A classic topiary choice for your garden. If you have a cylindrical topiary in mind, the Anglo-Japanese yew and the common yew tend to grow in a cylindrical shape, making them the perfect choice for such a project. Other Topiary Photinia. Buxus Sempervirens 40-50 Rb. The same applies to the growing of yew as a Yew Info. This image displays plant 1.5-1.75 m tall. For OVERSIZED Plant Orders delivery will be one charge of £60 for Greater & Outer London or £95 or £145 for selected Further Distance postcodes. Other Topiary Photinia. Home > Products > Topiary > Taxus baccata (Yew) - Spiral - 120-150cm. Care and Maintenance Advice. Topiary refers to perennials, shrubs are trees which have been trained or clipped into clearly defined, geometric or fanciful shapes such as balls, cubes, obelisks, pyramid cones, or tapering spirals. Buxus (Boxwood) Topiary (17) Overview of Services; Design & Commision; Supply; Care Guides. All rights reserved. Trimming would normally be done in autumn. Buxus Sempervirens 70cm And 95cm Ball. Height at 110/120cm, Specimen Spiral formed from mature english yew. They are formal, showy plants which are shaped from small trees or shrubs. Topiary is both elegant and eye-catching, perfect for adding style and … Taxus baccata (Yew) Spiral. Sharpen your shears and make a thorough assessment before you start cutting anything. Common yew (taxus baccata) makes a superb evergreen hedge, either as a garden boundary or to provide formal structure within the garden. Step 1..In the Spring let new growth develop on the yew for a while before shearing. THE MAKING OF CLASSIC TOPIARY. Growing a Topiary from an Upright Yew … To grow your own topiary, you must use an Upright Yew, or some other evergreen that has an upright growth habit. Topiary is the horticultural practice of training perennial plants by clipping the foliage and twigs of trees, shrubs and subshrubs to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes, whether geometric or fanciful. The art of using evergreen Yew to create topiary shapes has been part of English garden design for centuries. To maintain the spiral shape c ut the top level of the spiral as the tree grows. Stunning root ball Yew (Taxus baccata) Topiary Pyramids to add an interesting evergreen feature to your garden. Preshaped into a spiral they are easy to keep in. The small leaf size and ability to cope with being cut back hard has in recent years led to a resurgence of yew as a hedging plant and as a topiary specimen. Caring for Topiary; Box and Varieties; Box Heads; Cloud Shaped; English Yew; Holly ; Pleached Trees; Privet; Blog; Social Media; Terms & Conditions; Call us 01992 501055 Contact us. Topiary. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Try to find a new growth tip as close to the center of the bush as possible. The Alberta spruce is one of the more popular choices for spirals and Arborvitaes are best for designs that are more statuesque in nature, such as cones, obelisks, or even spirals. show. But shape one yourself -- it takes only an hour or two -- … Taxus or yew make great topiary. Other plants can be used like Ilex Crenata, Lonicera, Ligustrum, and Cotoneaster, but Box gives the best long term finish. If you wish to purchase or to discuss your requirements please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01257 401193 . Box and yew are good for detailed shapes such as spirals, puppies and peacocks, but they are slow growers. Photinia Plant Hire. Contact us. A classic topiary choice for your garden. There are several elements to this shape that can be used on an individual basis – the single stem could be devoid of foliage thereby creating a ball on stem, the spiral could be a … Topiary (VIEWING 1-24 of 188) ... Buxus Sempervirens 1,25 Spiral. Shapes include topiary balls, pyramids, cones, spirals, standards, cubes and domes. Spiral topiaries can be large (6 feet or more) or small (just 8 x 10 inches). Buxus Sempervirens 40-50. Box is most commonly used in Topiary, however, the likes of Yew, Portuguese Laurel and Japanese Holly have been experimented with, each creating its own unique, stunning look. If you're nervous about cutting into a large, pricey plant, create a smaller topiary first. Taxus Baccata Yew Spiral Our very own native yew, an excellent and most elegant choice for topiary. Whilst this may look complicated in actual fact, it is very simple. Height at 120/130cm. Select by Grows Rate. Topiary Spirals. You don’t have to pay a small fortune for a potted peacock, spiral conifer or box ball. These really are as sumptuous as they look in the images.Taxus Baccata is an excellent choice for topiary as it is very slow growing so it requires minimal pruning and it is very easy with a once yearly trim to keep these beautiful trees in shape. 3d Rendering. show. Yew Spiral. We have lots of topiary plants available -  other varieties of topiary spirals include Goldcrest Conifer Spirals. Add a little grace and elegance to your garden with one of our best sellers - the spiral. 4.8/5. This large Yew conifer specimen has a broad conical shape and will make a striking addition to your outdoor space. They take to clipping readily and, unlike many conifers, have the ability to regenerate from the branches if you want to cut harder to keep them small. Our native evergreen yew is well suited to topiary and is perfectly happy to be clipped and shaped either as cones or pyramids, Yew spirals, lollipops or other forms of topiary. Deep dark green foliage helps to bring out the contrast of more colourful specimens- common myth with Yew is slow growth but in actual fact grows a very respectable 30cm (1foot per year). Topiary is both elegant and eye-catching, perfect for adding style and … JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.