( Log Out /  “Americans absolutely love bacon. Bacon is one of the oldest cuts of meat in history; dating back to 1500 BC. Flickr: jeffreyww. Oscar Mayer started packaging pre-sliced bacon in 1924, and soon bacon became a staple of the American family breakfast. ). It’s not really easy to make great bacon, but it’s pretty easy to make bacon. It only gets bigger every year. There probably would not have been one if this was Britain in the 1950s, given what I learned in the series “Back In Time For Dinner.”. The word bacon originates from “Bakony” which is a geographical area in Hungary. Heinz is the most popular brand for baked beans in the UK, even though its American company. When Cowin was a guest judge in an October episode of Top Chef, she asked contestants to make interesting meals using food trends that were simply overdone to the point of boredom. In the 1920s, Americans ate very light breakfasts, so public relations pioneer Edward Bernays persuaded doctors to promote bacon and eggs as a healthy breakfast in order to promote sales of bacon on behalf of Beech-Nut, a packaging company that had diversified into food production. Breakfast is the first meal taken after rising from a night's sleep, most often eaten in the early morning before undertaking the day's work. How do you spend $500 and get 250 million press impressions in 72 hours?”, “Because it’s fun,” Esch said. Colleary says that the switch to bacon-and-eggs rose from a marketing campaign: In the 1920s, Bernays* was approached by the Beech-Nut Packing Company – producers of everything from pork products to the nostalgic Beech-Nut bubble gum. Hamburgers may be described by their combined uncooked weight. It’s one of those flavors that adds so much life.”. There’s a rumor that “French” actually refers to the way the potatoes are sliced, but the food item actually predated the technique known as ‘frenching.’ Coffee cake. Bacon was one of the contenders. ), and the advent and evolution of pop culture (hello, 1950s “teen-agers”! Bernays turned to his agency’s internal doctor and asked him whether a heavier breakfast might be more beneficial for the American public. “I thought it had been obvious that bacon had jumped the shark, but apparently not everyone feels that way,” Cowin said. Bacon in the New World Queen Isabella sent eight pigs to Cuba with Christopher Columbus, but the National Pork Board credits Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto as the "father of the American Pork Industry." I'm curious to know when Bacon became a dish at the table. And it knows no regional bounds. It’s more American than apple pie. Jack in the Box rolled out the limited time bacon milkshake last year. The food world regularly speculates that in spite of its ever-appealing taste, bacon mania has had its day. “When you see it in the mainstream … in the turnaround time for when Burger King puts forth these kinds of things … that’s how you know it has been dead for about three years,” said Tom Mylan, head butcher and co-owner of Brooklyn’s The Meathook. The patron saint of bacon is Saint Anthony the abbot. Hamburg steak. “We wrote about bacon enough to spawn Bacon Insider, a parody page on Business Insider.”. In the UK, Streaky bacon is popular. * Edward Bernays was a nephew of Sigmund Freud. In the 1920s, the Beech-Nut Packing Company, hired Edward Bernays, a public relations and advertising expert, to increase consumer demand for bacon. In the late 19th century, the Hamburg steak became popular on the menus of … Why? “When I saw a bacon shaving cream press release I thought that’s it, not only are [bacon and I] living apart, but we’re broken up,” Food & Wine editor Dana Cowin told TIME. Bacon was a prolific author who wrote on a range of subjects including science, law, philosophy, religion; and he even wrote fiction. Foodbeast reporter Elie Ayrouth notes that although bacon stories don’t guarantee virality like they did perhaps in 2011 and 2012, growth hasn’t necessarily plateaued. It is written about everywhere from food blogs to general news publications. The meat dates back to the Roman Empire, although it was called petaso at the time, and has a tradition of being cheap, available, easy to cook, consistently appealing to the taste buds, and having a place in various cultures. “That’s why we’ve diversified. Any surplus raised in those years was typically sold as “barreled pork,” or that preserved with salted brine. Srirarcha was the flavor of the year last year [so they made a Sriracha candy cane… but] I don’t think it will ever go away. (His son had hit him in the face with a wiffle ball.). His works continued to have an impact for centuries after his death and one of the repercussions was t… I was watching the Alfred Hitchcock film last night, “The Creeper.” It first aired in the mid 1950s, so I’ll assume it was meant to portray a 1950s apartment. Belgian cuisine was assimilated into that of neighboring France, and soon enough “french fried potatoes” became popular in the U.S., first appearing in English in 1856. After years of dutifully playing this supporting role at breakfast, it struggled during the 1980s and 1990s as “fat-free” became the diner’s mantra. 70% of all bacon in the US is eaten at breakfast time. When did Bacon become Bacon? ( Log Out /  Eliza Leslie's Directions for Cookery (1837) listed ham sandwiches as a supper dish, but it was not until much later in the century, when soft white bread loaves became a staple of the American diet, that the sandwich became extremely popular and serviceable. “Look, there are some culinary fads that are really popular because they are really good,” Acheson said. Thus, given its lower level of charcuterie, the bacon influx allowed chefs to ease into the world of meat processing, and that’s when it started appearing on every menu and fitted into every sweet and savory form, be it topping a burger or getting incorporated into vegetable dishes. There is no American bacon or British bacon. Chef Hugh Acheson agrees. “Essentially, the bacon context is built-in, while stuff like cronuts and ramen burgers have to evolve in waves with respect to the underbelly of the Internet.”. McDonald’s recent decision to use thicker apple wood smoked bacon in some of its burgers. Beech-Nut wanted to increase consumer demand for bacon. 4. The Yorkshire and Tamworth pigs are bred specifically for bacon. She even attributes some of that growth to McDonald’s recent decision to use thicker apple wood smoked bacon in some of its burgers.