Australia Post has advised us that they are currently experiencing delays for deliveries to both Australia and New Zealand. Curly Girl Method Approved Products. It is your responsibility to always check the ingredients; if you’re not sure of an ingredient, plunk it into to see if it’s curly girl approved. Unfortunately, they started putting cones in all their shampoos and conditioners, and my hair reacts badly to cones. Showing all 3 results. Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner : This moisturizing cowash will clean curls and encourage growth. Instant Freeze Gel Aussie L.L. Yes to Carrots Nourishing Shampoo. LUS was created  by real women who were struggling to find products to help embrace their unique features. Forms a loose “S” very easily straightened, Forms a definite “S” shaped like a corkscrew, Very tight curl when stretched creates an “S”, Hair intentionally matted to form "ropes", Guides and resources for easy product selection, Learn how to read your hair product labels, Easy-to-make recipes for all your haircare needs, Our editors share their top hair and skincare products, Community member favorites make up this coveted list, Share your style and browse the style of others, Chat with curl friends about your favorite curly topics. Come shopping with me again, this time at Woolworths. LUS believe in quality over quantity, which is why the core product line is built around a simple 3-step system. lesson 1 – what makes hair curly; lesson 2 – curl pattern; curly girl glossary; a simple curly girl routine – perfect for beginners; co washing 101; a curly hair side effect – the not so fabulous frizz; product … Add to wishlist. Tame any dry or frizzy strands with the Ethique Frizz Wrangler, specially designed for curly or wild, unruly hair types. Mousse Pantene No 5. 93 talking about this. Yes, to all of this. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! It looks like you're new here. customers. TréLuxe products were created to solve the curly hair woes of dryness, frizz, weak strands, and dull hair using premium quality natural ingredients and Active Botanical blends that moisturize, strengthen, and define curly and wavy hair. Sulfates aren’t technically bad for you however they do strip natural oils and moisture from your hair and scalp, which curls need. We are proud to be bringing you all of your favourite  Curly Girl Method/curl friendly brands  - we are loading new brands and products regularly so be sure to subscribe  and check out our socials to stay up to date with all the Curl Store Goss! I’m interested in trying this method as well once my hair gets a little longer. L'Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner. I’ve been working hard to compile a list of stores that you, my fellow Canadian curly girl, can buy your products from! LUS believe in quality over quantity, which is why the core product line is built around a simple 3-step system: 4. Drugstores are carrying a wide selection of silicone- and sulfate-free products now! They can also be found in shampoo. LUS products aren’t made for customers; they’re made by  customers. Bergamot Conditioner. These Curly Girl Method products are Curly Girl–approved, so you can give your curls (or waves) the damage-free care they deserve. -Aussie Instant Freeze-DevaCare Arc AnGEL-DevaCurl Light Defining Gel-Ecoco Eco Styler Krystal Styling Gel (P)-Ecoco Eco Styler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel (PH)-Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel w/ Sparkle Lites (PH)-Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel-Giovanni L.A. Natural Styling Gel-Herbal Essences Body Envy Weightless Volumizing Gel 1) wash, 2) condition, 3) all-in-one. The following EverEscents products are suitable for the Curly Girl co-wash technique. Take better care of your hair with these Curly Girl conditioners, gels, shampoos, and tools. There are a wide array of products to try from this line as well. The largest platform for CURLY HAIR in Australia & New Zealand. Orders are currently leaving the store within 3 Business Days. Enter ingredients. Want to know if a product is Curly Girl Method approved? We recognise that not all Curly's follow the CG Method - so in the spirit of inclusiveness, we are not opposed to stocking other products. A Beautiful You Hair Studio – 07 5481 2763 – Gympie, QLD. So every time you see it on one of your bottles, you are reminded to Love Ur Self… just a little more each day! If you’re outside the U.S.A., most of the brands and products mentioned in this post (excluding MopTop and Aussie Instant Freeze) can be purchased from Look Fantastic and HQ Hair who always have great discount codes and ship worldwide, often with free shipping. Helpful Products for The Curly Girl Method. I looked up a few different ones, and found that in general they are not very CG friendly (if that's what you are asking. Garnier Fructis Curl Treat Jelly. The Faith in Nature Natural Aloe Vera Conditioner contains active organic aloe vera and is suitable for normal to dry hair. Tresemme Mega Sculpting Gel. LUS Brands' mission is as simple as the products they create: To encourage you to genuinely love and accept yourself — for all that you are and for all that you are not — so your unique beauty can shine through. LA Looks Sport Gel. 3A, fine but thick, low porosity, low to medium resilience, protein sensitive but not to silk. I live in Ireland, and buy most of my curly girl approved products online. 2. Giovanni. Almost all of the products mentioned are available world-wide, and many have discount codes available on Look Fantastic – check their site banner for a valid discount code. The Aussie Mousse I found looked CG-friendly, but had DMDM Hydantoin in it - which releases formaldehyde into products. I just looked at s'poo and conditioners. And don’t forget that much-needed gel: Test out Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Gel and see how it works for you. Click here for further information. 102,142.86 Add to cart. Yes To Cucumbers Volumising Conditioner. Listed below are brands and products that you can find at Target, Walmart, Ulta, Drugstore and Amazon. A lot of their stuff has dimethicone or bis-aminopropyl dimethicone. 48 hour hold. kinky-curly™ mahogany naturals; righteous roots™ tgin; trepadora; uncle funky’s daughter® blog. CoronaVirus/COVID19 Update: Orders are currently leaving the store within 3 Business Days. We will bring you an amazing range of the best Australian and International Curl Friendly Products. Headstrong Volume Gel Aussie L.L. A full list of our EverEscents Curly Girl approved products is also shown below. 4. have a healthy relationship with their hair, that makes them want to flaunt their curly crown and empower others to do the same! Novex Mystic Black Conditioner. "Well I love that dirty water. Click submit to see if it is Curly Girl (CG) Approved! Aussie usually turns out to be a hit or miss for me, usually the latter. miracle for deep conditioning, it works quite well. ... A Curly-Girl Holy Grail Conditioner—That Costs Less Than Your Coffee. Participate in product testing surveys discussions etc. Thankfully, there are plenty of budget-friendly AND curly girl method approved products at the drugstore!