And so it is that a small glacier in Colorado is named for a pioneer of Alpine mountaineering. This is about an injury or accident Tyndall Glacier is a glacier inside of Rocky Mountain National Park. Location: Rocky Mountain National Park Date: June 8, 2012 Hikers/Skiers: Alan (clemsonmtneer), Sarah (sstratta) Ascent Route: Flattop Mountain Trail to Hallet Peak Descent Route: Tyndall Glacier to Tyndall Gorge I wanted to get one last spring ski descent in this year before hanging the skis up for the season and moving on to summer activities for good. In short, I was a flipping nightmare! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. • -225.28 m Descent, 0.6 mi We parked our car at the Bear Lake Trailhead around 7am on Saturday morning. OMG, I would have DIED, if I got up there with all that crap and couldn’t have skii’d! Very steep. I asked him a few questions but didn’t really pay too much attention to the details {typical!}. Iconic, daunting and beautiful, the Glacier … 0.4 km In spring, the north facing slopes of the Isobel Glacier provide epic corn skiing. Tyndall Glacier. Find Nearby Zones *All Mapped Areas are Approximations. You can see our lines on the glacier behind me! !—before sun came out and dried us off. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. After Will’s three knee surgeries, we’re hoping he can avoid a fourth, so we moved down towards the center of the glacier and picked our lines. • -265.42 m Descent, 0.7 mi The snow was soft in some confined spots but was firm for the most part … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. May 26, 2007 - Tyndall Glacier - Snow . 8. That’s Emerald Lake, about 1,200 feet below, Elevation Gain: ~3,500 feet, including the climb back up from the base of Tyndall. 09:30: Ready to paddle. Immediately, I noticed that there were a ton of people – definitely a holiday weekend! A Saturday morning hike sounded fantastic! • -753 ft Descent Steep. glad i can live vicariously through you while i’m stuck in the smoggy city of los angeles. After an absurdly long lunch break where we snoozed in the sun while watching fat marmots play, we ambled up to the glacier to do a little scouting. Mt. Tyndall Glacier. Have I mentioned yet that I NEED to visit Colorado? Something else? Top Rated Ski Lines. This saved a little bit of mileage. Tricky terrain. This glacier is also retreating, but can be viewed along much of the climbing route up Longs Peak. This is also the trail that leads to Hallett Peak, a very popular hike. Tyndall Glacier is a 1500' long run down one of the last remaining glaciers in RMNP. They would only do it if weather forecast was very good. Hire a guide or take a ski-mountaineering course to make the most out of your Rocky Mountain National Park ski touring. About Heads at 601510N, 1410600W, on the SW slope of Saint Elias Mountains, trends SW to Taan Fiord, 17 mi NNE of Point Riou. You are in the tree line all the way to Black Lake, but you got to see Mills Lake and some peaks along the way. As a result, I kept smacking my ski tips against rocks and getting caught in between boulders. The mountain was named for the English glaciologist and mountaineer John Tyndall. When I had seen the four mile one-way tally, I had mistakenly assumed it would be a relatively easy hike. Favourite Run: The Fall Line Shot on the Tyndall Glacier Some obstacles. A Saturday morning hike sounded fantastic! But for Elaine and I, Andrews Glacier, just east of the Continental Divide, is our glacier of habit and annual visit. — Fortunately, there was still plenty of snow! Easy access from Bear Lake increases its popularity (let's play Dodge the Tourist! 9h 00m, National Park Service - Rocky Mountain National Park. The slope angle ranges from low 30 degrees to up to 50 degrees. I think I’ll ski this one vicariously through you. Holy cow it’s beautiful! While climbing up the glacier is an approach option, the easiest and most scenic option is likely the Flattop Mountain approach.