20. Resistance calculation . This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. 2. the natural ability of a normal organism to remain unaffected by noxious agents in its environment; see also immunity. Die kaum zwei Dutzend Getreuen, die sich im Juni 1940 um de Gaulle in London scharten, gründeten La France … These might occur when biting on hard food, or during parafunction. Definition of resistance noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. —, a branch of morphology that regards an organism as made up of other organisms. Also called, the process or technique of measuring the external form of an object. (05 Mar 2000) Lexicographical Neighbors of Resistance Form. Resistance training adaptations are both acute and chronic. A class is a group of pupils or students who are taught together. Definitions Related words. Here are a very few examples I have particularly noted. Imagine dropping an apple from the top of a skyscraper and watching it fall. In electrical engineering, electrical impedance is the measure of the opposition that a circuit presents to a current when a voltage is applied.. Quantitatively, the impedance of a two-terminal circuit element is the ratio of the complex representation of the sinusoidal voltage between its terminals, to the complex representation of the current flowing through it. Key words here are 'perceive' and 'threat'. Lewin (1951) was one of the first researchers to consider the notion of employee resistance to organizational change in the management field. More example sentences. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. General Theory 3. Antibiotic resistance occurs due to changes, or mutations, in the DNA of the bacteria, or the acquisition of antibiotic resistance genes from other bacterial species through horizontal gene transfer. A prototype of an instrument to be employed in a legal transaction or a judicial proceeding that includes the primary essential matters, the appropriate technical phrases or terms, and any additional material required to render it officially accurate, arranged in suitable and systematic order, and conducive to Adaptation to the circumstances of the particular case. Resistance is measured in ohms. 3 : an opposing or slowing force The car's sleek design reduces wind resistance. —, Key reasons, she added, for emergence of drug, Incisal hooks were included to give the appliance, Usman Mahboob said that initially there was some, Kigami (informatics, Kyoto U., Japan) investigates how to find a better metric than space to describe asymptotic behavior by stochastic processes associated with Dirichlet forms derived from. Circular Samples 2. Holding out his arms, the cheerleader formed a T. The acrobats formed a pyramid. 2. the shape given to a cavity preparation that enables the dental restoration to withstand masticatory forces. Define resistance. Given the broad nature of resistance, this page focuses on resistance which occurs amongst subcultures and reviews some of the broad theories and categorizations of resistance. https://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/resistance+form. Although the definition above involves DC current and voltage, the same definition holds for the AC application of resistors. Hence resistance means that in some manner, however small or however revolutionary, the way a culture or society works must change. In general, metals are ohmic resistors and metalloid semi-conductors are not. Although it is temperature dependent, it can be used at a given temperature to calculate the resistance of a wire of given geometry. Presented at Resistance Studies Network 6th Dec 2007, Gothenburg University. A body in water which is stationary with respect to water, experiences only hydrostatic pressure. Resistance, or resistance level, is the top of a stock's current trading range, and the point at which the price is higher than investors are willing to pay. In dieser Definition ist jegliche Form des Anti-Handelns gegen Staat und Autorität, von Steuerhinterziehung bis Terrorismus, enthalten. In its usual description it refers to change within organizations, although it also is found elsewhere in other forms. You may want to form a company to buy a joint freehold. Resistance is an electrical quantity that measures how the device or material reduces the electric current flow through it. Also called: a combining form meaning “having the form of”: variability of a chemical compound in which there is no variation in crystalline form. Shape given to a cavity preparation that enables dental restoration to withstand masticatory forces. [ Also + to] Resistance training is a form of physical activity that is designed to improve muscular fitness by exercising a muscle or a muscle group against external resistance. The conflicting interests of the imperial politicians, generals, strategists and military officers on the one hand and the civilian population and, Aframax rates in the Nsea enjoyed a small hop upwards as tonnage for end May and early June was fixed away, and charterers seeking to cover loading windows for this period will surely experience more, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Restorative Management of Severe Localized Tooth Wear Using a Supraoccluding Appliance: A 5-Year Follow-Up, Resistance forms, quasisymmetric maps, and heat kernel estimates, LEBANON - Nov 29 - Hariri Says Lebanon Won't Pressure Iran On Nukes, Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training. resistance synonyms, resistance pronunciation, resistance translation, … Resistance can occur at the micro level of individual people all the way to the macro level of protests that bring down whole governments. Resistance is denoted by (R) whereas impedance by (Z). Change Resistance. n. 1. a. As stockholders sell at resistance level, the stock price goes down because supply exceeds demand. Individual change resistance is the refusal of a social agent (a single person, organization, corporation, etc) to fully support or adopt new behavior. These lectures form part of the medical course. 2.3 Definition of resistance to change. These are produced by higher forms of micro organisms and potentially kill other microbes. A prototype of an instrument to be employed in a legal transaction or a judicial proceeding that includes the primary essential matters, the appropriate technical phrases or terms, and any additional material required to render it officially accurate, arranged in suitable and systematic order, and conducive to Adaptation to the circumstances of the particular case. Resistance to change is the act of opposing or struggling with modifications or transformations that alter the status quo. 4 : the opposition … I am interested in the art of resistance, art in all its form, in the shapes of rebellion that challenge the way the powerful manifest their power. open disregard; contempt (often followed by of): defiance of danger; His refusal amounted to defiance. There are two forms: individual and systemic change resistance. Resistance means "refusal to comply with or accept something." The hull form and sail plan for the clipper ships, for example, evolved from experience, not from theory. Meaning of resistance. Arriving late to a wedding is considered bad form. Definition. The women formed (themselves) into three groups. Here we will look at the effect of oblique forces acting on a crown. a daring or bold resistance to authority or to any opposing force. In some British schools and in some American private schools, form is used instead of 'class'. Resistance establishes the current price ceiling for the stock, commodity or currency, and support forms the floor. —, a distorted image of an object, as in anamorphic art. the resistance of bacteria to certain antibiotics (physics) A force that tends to oppose motion. The rejoicing took the form of exuberant masquerades. Ship resistance is defined as the force required to tow the ship in calm water at a constant velocity. noun. The environmentalists formed their own party. Definition: By definition, air resistance describes the forces that are in opposition to the relative motion of an object as it passes through the air. an element usually found in the form of a gas. Man unterscheidet drei Arten der Mutation: Genmutation: Mutation, die auf einen bestimmten Gen-Abschnitt beschränkt ist.Die kleinste Form der Genmutation ist die Punktmutation, die nur ein Nukleotid betrifft. The U.S. wants big cuts in European agricultural export subsidies, but this is meeting resistance. PRIMARY RESISTANCE FORM: Definition: Primary resistance form is that shape and placement of preparation walls to best enables both the tooth and restoration to withstand, without fracture the stresses of masticatory forces delivered principally along long axis of the tooth. Geometric Correction Factors 1. These antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungi become harder to treat, causing increased morbidity. He's now fighting his way back to top form. It helps to present your reasoning for why a change is necessary instead of withholding that information. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/resistance+form. The ability of HIV to mutate and reproduce itself in the presence of antiretroviral drugs is called HIV drug resistance (HIVDR).