This statement especially in the world of commerce has become a significant declaration, whether it sounds good or bad. In this paper, I provided examples of some factors that are considered in a person’s professional appearance in detail. Saul abides by the company’s dress code and grooming standards. Perhaps the most important conclusion to draw from this data is that workplace attire raises complex questions. Also, I provided some general guidelines to follow to present a proper professional appearance. Appearance and Grooming: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce. Yet, even these formal guidelines can be exceedingly vague: General Motors, for example, has a two-word policy, “Dress appropriately.” In this sense, the interpretation and enforcement of a dress code matter more than its mere existence. 2. Samantha wears too much makeup around the office. It is here that examples of performance appraisals come handy, enabling them to draft … Peruse hundreds of resume samples in our database for inspiration, or get quick step-by-step help with our resume builder. Search with us today to see why we’re different than any other job site. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 1. Which demographics are most likely to encounter these dress code challenges? As a human resource professional, on several occasions it becomes difficult to frame these performance evaluations correctly and without sounding overtly casual. Men can add crisp white shirts and a collection of ties while women can add tailored neutral blouses or shells. Clothing must be clean, pressed, and businesslike, to present a professional appearance appropriate to the employee's job and work duties and allows a patient or visitor to easily identify an employee. Smart casual was more common among professionals in information services, while business casual dominated among government workers. MAILING LIST. Professionals in journalism, marketing, and advertising, for example, were among the most likely to dress smart casual – but nearly 17% still dressed in business professional attire. In a visit to a law firm, it was noted that employees were dressed in business casual but most had jackets hanging on their office doors. Among our respondents, more than half said their employers had an official dress code policy. When rigid dress codes dissolve, uncertainty ensues. professional pins may be obtained from the Payroll Department. David maintains a professional appearance. A good internal appearance can help convert one-time visitors into ongoing customers. We also studied the distinct experiences of men and women, assessing how standards of dress affect each gender differently. Military Discipline a. Traditional Business Attire. Business casual and smart casual were the most common categories, with a majority of professionals saying one of these styles ruled supreme at work. To qualify, participants had to be employed on a full-time or part-time basis or be self-employed. While some experts suggest casual attire impedes productivity, others contend that it boosts morale. Keep reading to find out. Our findings confirm that the American workplace is increasingly casual, with employers across industries abandoning formal wear. Staff are expected at all times to present a professional, businesslike image to patients, visitors, customers, students and the public. Choose a neutral color like navy, black, or charcoal gray.