Snacking culture is gaining traction in Poland as consumers are becoming increasingly busy with work and leisure activities. European grocery sales saw a big spike in the first lockdown as people spent more time at home and less on foodservice. This is Part 2 and eventually, there will be a final Part 3. So, the fresh dill gives the soup lots of the unique taste and some wonderful flavor. It has… well, a mushroom taste and, generally speaking, if any one likes mushrooms, they will be enraptured by Polish mushroom soups. A global database of new consumer packaged goods launches in 86 markets. Let me share with you a few beautiful shots of Budapest. For many years, rosol was being considered a sort of noble soup. Stay near the soup at all times. However, this is not like the sour taste of lemon. Next Post: Salmon Patties with easy sauce » Reader Interactions. Filed Under: Cooking Class, French, Polish, Soup, Spanish, Summer, Vegetables Tagged With: cold soups, cooking class, summer soups. A barley soup is a traditional Polish soup cooked on vegetable or meat stock with barley groats as a base for the taste. The expert-led global market intelligence solution for the household and personal care sectors. There are 45 calories in 100 ml Polish Cherry Soup. Beet barszcz and white barszcz, made with kielbasa-cooking water, are the most common. Sweetness originates from natural sugar content in beetroot, whereas the addition of some sour milk, kefir or yoghurt brings a sour flavor about. Regina brings over 10 years of experience working in leading market research and strategic analysis agencies, where she has provided insights and strategic recommendations to leading global FMCG organisations and packaging manufacturers, retailers and governmental bodies within Eastern Europe and also globally. Email marketing performance metrics to track and assess competitor and industry activity. These Polish soups, also known in some other cuisines of Slavic countries, are served cold and with an addition of pasta. How can brands make snacking at home more exciting? A distinctive feature of this exclusive food is its sour taste. I wish you good luck in exploring Polish tastes and… Smacznego! As the latter is capturing consumer attention, soup manufacturers are offering bolder innovations in terms of flavours, eating occasions and positioning. You will have the chance to meet our expert analysts and find out about our products and services. Compulsory additions to zurek soup are hard-boiled eggs and a peculiar Polish raw sausage. Sometimes rosol is dished up with a home-made traditional Polish pasta called kluski or makaron. All types of borscht are delicious, and that's what really matters. Since the latter is an aromatic extract of this nice traditional Polish soup, it is absolutely delicious. Czernina also known as czarnina, czarna polewka, juszka and czarna zalewajka is an Old Polish soup, based on broth and blood of duck, chicken or rabbit (in past also goose). Servings: 4 to 6; Print; 5 1/2 cups pitted fresh sweet, ripe cherries, divided 2 cups water 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice 4 sheets lasagna noodles, cooked according to package directions (I use Tinkyada) Put 4 cups (960mL) of the cherries and water in a large saucepan. At the same time, the healthier lifestyles of many consumers are boosting demand for nutritious and balanced snacking products. Blend ripe avocados with tomato, cream, shallots, and chicken stock to make this rich and creamy soup. It is made from sorrel – small green leaves growing wild here and there on meadows and in the suburbs. One of the many splendid Polish mushroom soups is known as mushroom borscht (barszcz grzybowy in Polish) and, according to tradition, it is served for the Christmas Eve supper. Lori. Even some Poles, however, do not give enough credit to these shreds, and they confine themselves to eating a mere stock. Oftentimes, Polish zurek soup is dished up in a special hollowed out loaf of bread (see photo below). These are well-known in other European cuisines, too. The blood was collected in a bowl with vinegar with vigorous stirring, which protects it against clotting. Also, you may be interested in Polish mushroom sauces. Garlic and a marjoram are the most important spices. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Polish Cherry Soup including 1 oz and 100 g. Regina Maiseviciute joined Mintel in 2013 as a Food and Drink Analyst for Poland. Fresh cherries and some creative ingredients make this a tasty treat or fancy meal opener. Would you like to taste some delicious foods not choosing on spec? Gazpacho: Cold (chilled) A Spanish soup made of pureed tomato and vegetables. I strongly recommend you this great Polish recipe: the sorrel soup. Stir and remove from heat and chill. The world's leading market intelligence agency.Our expert analysis of the highest quality data and market research will help you grow your business. It is cooked on meat stock. Fast and Simple to Make White borscht is a Polish soup closely related to zurek. The finished soup has a silky smooth consistency with the cherries being the only texture in there. However, drawing on my knowledge of what many people from Poland consider to be good food, I should add that my statement is rather an exception, since everyone seems to like the Polish soup made of cucumbers ;). more, "Flaki po polsku", flaki in a Polish manner recipe, Polish tomato soup – zupa pomidorowa recipe. Personally, I am not very fond of this Polish food. To sum up, both egg and Polish kielbasa are thrown into a plate with zurek soup. Polish tomato soup is served with pasta, but also frequently with rice or potatoes. A pea soup is a universal multinational soup, known in many countries. According to some Peoples, czernina is one of the best traditional Polish soups – also very natural one. As a rule Polish cuisine flinches from any vegetables in the borscht. When this syrup is cool, blend in the … A great point in it is that sorrel leaves are sour in a pleasant and delicate way. Browse our library of reports ranging from consumer data to unsurpassed market knowledge. Our culture nurtures amazing talent and encourages creativity and autonomy. In Poland the pea soup is prepared from pea and cooked with bacon on beef stock. The expert-led, all-encompassing research resource for higher learning. Even today, allegedly for the sake of tradition, pea soup is served during army or charity events. Still, mushrooms dominate both a list of ingredients and a bunch of tastes and aromas of the resulting Polish food. Unique data & local expertise, unlock everything about the Indian consumer. And you need to add the wonderful cold cherry soup that is a feature of summer in Hungary. Polish soups made from mushrooms are treated with a great respect by the Poles. Today this tradition isn't cultivated anymore in all Polish homes, also because of the long time required by the preparation of the broth. This is one of those Polish soups I especially enjoy. A tomato soup, known in Poland as zupa pomidorowa or even more simply pomidorowka, is a soup of an Italian origin, which has been popular in Poland for many years. Zurek or zur is a very traditional Polish soup. Capitalising on the growing interest in ready-to-eat soups and the convenience that such products can provide, Profi, a Polish brand of soups, ready meals and savoury spreads, introduced a range of sweet, fruit-based soups in the summer of 2016. Traditional Polish recipes suggest adding some lemon juice or vinegar. However, the taste of red beet dominates with its characteristic delicate flavor of natural sweetness. It is worthwhile to prepare czernina in larger quantities, because the soup heated repeatedly gets even better. This regional Polish soup is much more tart than a typical kapusniak, the name of which derives from the word kapusta, meaning cabbage. Furthermore, sweet flavours can help expand prepared soup consumption into snacking occasions. The first soup is brighter and almost always served with mashed potatoes sprinkled generously with bacon crackling, some fried onion, dill or parsley leaves and laid on a separate plate. Ukrainians are certain that it is their traditional food. Many variations of the dill soup exist. The first place to look to understand markets and consumers, enabling you to make better decisions faster. How will conflicting consumer behaviour disrupt the beauty and personal care landscape? The beetroot version, however, is my favourite. Together with a cucumber soup, barley soup, whether Polish broth - rosol, pomidorowka is another basic Polish food amongst simple, everyday soups. Jan 14, 2018 - As guaranteed by #1 website on Polish food & recipes To this day there are arguments over who invented borscht. Cherry with soup 9 recipes. All Polish mushroom soups are cooked on meat and vegetable stock. The Poles 'worship' dill and parsley leaves, profusely used to decorate and season many Polish foods. This soup originally rose as the effect of long-term cooking of meat which a long time ago was preserved by salting and drying. Actually, this Polish-Lithuanian soup is yet another kind of red borscht. Cold borscht: Cold (chilled) A Lithuanian soup, usually made in summer time. Going to visit Poland? This great Polish soup is often eaten with some bread or roll. Nowadays, most Poles who do not have access to live poultry, buy duck blood from a trusted farmer or in butcher shops in form of a frozen product, since freezing preserves the quality and nutritional values. Kapusniak is usually prepared on bacon or ribs stock, oftentimes with an addition of some diced sausage. It is based on beet. Flaki is a very popular traditional Polish soup. Depending on the original recipe, the Polish soup grochowka can be anything from semi-transparent and thin, to a very dense mousse soup. This can bring new opportunities for sweet-flavoured, fruit-based soups in single-serve packaging to explore an on-the-go snacking positioning for busy consumers. A cabbage soup is a tasty dish known in Polish, Slovak and Ukrainian cuisine. Hence, on account of a respect for the Lord's Day, Polish chicken broth was served at Sunday dinner in many Polish families. It is possible to eat these leaves raw even during your stroll. This cold sour cherry soup is a bit more tart, making it a great starter dish. It is worthwhile mentioning that the white borscht is a closely related soup. Think compotes of summer stone fruits like peaches, cherries, and plums, sometimes apples or pears, sweetened with just enough sugar to enhance the fruit. Some people cook the sorrel soup on smoked meat, claiming that it tastes even better. SGN-PL SW zupa-mleczna.PNG 123 × 74; 572 bytes. Oftentimes, the Poles brew it with an addition of pea or beans which, as far as I know, is not done in Ukraine. Mintel's global public relations team is pleased to provide accredited journalists with access to our research, arrange interviews with our expert analysts and share the latest insights. How will you stay ahead of the shifting consumer landscape and your competitors strategy? May 8, 2014 at 5:03 am. It’s not just beet soup that the Poles like to eat cold, I’ve also tried versions of ‘chłodnik’ – the term itself meaning ‘chilled’ – made with things like spinach and eggs, cucumbers, and also fruit. Yummy! And that is the essential difference between Polish red borscht (see above) and Ukrainian borscht, which is always rich in vegetables. And that is the second difference between the original soup and its Polish version. Besides the beetroot, sour cucumbers and young beet leaves are common ingredients of a chlodnik soup. For a lot of years rosol was considered to be a kind of a noble soup and on account of the respect for the Lord's Day – Sunday, broth was traditionally served on that day in most Polish families. Fitness brands are looking beyond the pandemic, 6 opportunities for consumer brands to tap into in lockdown 2.0: Part 2. Ingredients: For the fava bean soup: 700 g dried fava beans, soaked in filtered water for 12 hours, drained then rinsed under cold running water 1 small shallot, p... Watermelon and tomato fresh soup (1 vote), (5) Starter Very Easy 10 min 216 kcal. It is hard to describe the magic of this soup – you just have to make it and see. Seven core drivers of consumer behaviour that will shape global markets over the next 10 years. Actually, the name of this soup derives from a word chlod (in fact "chłód") that means coolness. In the Tatra Mountains region the cabbage soup is made exclusively from sauerkraut, and as such it is called kwasnica. This is why the word flaki simply means in Polish 'guts'. I don't doubt it, however, I have to date not had the chance to try such a recipe on my own. The chilled cherry soup recipe is served cold, which means it is cooked them cooled to room temperature and finally chilled in the fridge. The third version of this delicious Polish soup is a red borsch with cream. 03 of 07 In many Polish homes zurek soup is a traditional food eaten during Easter holidays. As Mintel’s Trend Never Say Die explores, updated and revived products can be sold as ‘proven to work’ and appealing to multiple generations, as well as offering the reassurance and charm of tangibility and heritage. Polish broth is a dish which is being prepared for a relatively long time. Soup enjoys a healthy reputation as a meal or meal component among Polish consumers. Mintel Field Services provides authentic consumer reporting with data that monitors competition and informs sales strategy.