Welcome to Inspirational Stories, we believe in holding yourself together, accepting life, and making the inspired decisions that change the horizons of their life. Vietnamese poetry originated in the form of folk poetry and proverbs. Height made a difference; some great basketball player once said you need to have game on and off the court. remember how all those New York artists sized us up like we were fresh meat? So have you ever met a Vietnam vet- I’ll bet you that you have Behind the beard the quiet fear- a grunt- maybe even air cav Against the wall- way down the hall- You don’t know their story After cap and gown- they left town- and not for fame or glory On a brown water boat or puffing smoke- even turning a wrench We are America. I wanted to add this poem because many have 'forgotten' who actually unleashed the hooror of ISIS, Al Quieda, and the Taliban on the world. "Walking Alone" by Veteran Sootekwa Williams (Comanche) "Intoxication" By Hue-Thanh Bergevin. Considering that, I didn’t seem like much of an obstacle. I stared at the sky.It was not a Minnesota sky. "Semper Fi, and Hero" by USMC Veteran Robert H. Waldruff. Well I have and in factmore than one and Illtell you this too. That was Vietnam. She has received many prestigious literary awards. The company did not like it cause they wanted to whip up the patriotic jingoism and calls for revenge. Tyler Cowen. Food People Never. The Black Virgin mountain,Just east of Tay Ninh.U. what if it requires betrayal deception whatever else it takes? In the printed version which I handed out to people, they translated into their language the word ‘*****’ and into the poem. My teammate was Lori’s best friend Erica. 2) There were nine of us.Four on each side,And Soon in the lean-to.He slept in a hammock.We all had our own taste in music.We had all purchased stereo systems at the PX.Balance was an issue. Admittedly that's an extreme example, but the truth is that all of the enjoyable things in the world get old quickly without a friend to share them with. Short poems and stories by Veterans who served in Vietnam, or by their families or friends. I turned back for one last lookAs I boarded the plane.It was a place I was sure I would never see again.Thankfully, I was wrong;But at the timeI was just so happy to be Leaving alive. Rose Kanana 9/23/2016 10:35:00 AM. Yet while the country has been ravaged by a modern history of colonialism and war, its ancient culture is rich and multilayered, and within it poetry has long had a special place. Neighborhoods fashioned from Sheets of black market pop cans.A Coca Cola house here.A Dr. Pepper house there. We are the coffin fillers. Since then, over 50 Asian American studies programs, centers, and institutes have been established on university campuses, and organizations such as Kundiman and the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, presses, and journals have helped to further cultivate Asian American poetry. "You … I used to be on Hellopoetry and then I deleted my account a long time ago. 1) We lived in a corrugated metal hootchSurrounded by sandbags. She retired from her position as a professor at Seoul National University in 2006. But, as has been pointed out by various authors, it was not too original a poem since a similar quatrain already had been penned by a T’ang dynasty poet, the Prince of Lo Pin. Michael Atkinson, who spoke about the role of the Emergency services in our society. Thank you for sharing your poem, Vietnamese Refugee Boat People Forty Years Later. For grunts out in the wild boonies,Engaged in life or death assault,The sound of choppers brought relief.At times engaging enemies,Or bringing medical supportA welcome boost, to ease their grief. Celebrating Vietnam’s diverse and thriving literary culture, the poems collected here combine elements of French Romanticism, Russian Expressionism, American Modernism, and native folk stories into a Vietnamese poetic tradition marked by vivid imagery, powerful emotions, and inventive forms. “We,” meaning my roommates and I: CJ, Trevor, and Samuel. It don’t mean nothing. 5) It was our favorite phrase.We used it for everything.They ran out of beer at the EM club.It don’t mean nothing.Someone threw a grenade  Under the Sergeant Major’s hootch.It don’t mean nothing. I would sit out on guard duty,M-60, which I had never fired, to my right,30 Claymore detonators to my front,Wondering what I would do,If the enemy came at me. But at the table, I was competing with her teammate, later on I ended up mentally competing with Cam, which didn’t do any good except to make me chain-smoke jacks and drink bourbon. Rockets, like reverse roman candles,Streaked from air to ground.Below them the earth glowed red.It had a silent beauty,Unless you realized that ten miles awayA village was being shredded to bitsBy the horrific force of Exploding metal and flaming heat. Story Themes: 1969, 1970, 25th Infantry Division, 588th Engineers, 65th Engineering Brigade, Army, Art, Brotherhood, Chopper, Coming Home, Cu Chi, Eden Prairie, Helicopter, Homesickness, James Olson, Jim Olson, Poetry, Read, Relationships, Terrain, A Twin Cities PBS initiative in collaboration with the MN PBS Stations, They could penetrate the maze of wire and explosives. Street markets with fresh foodAs far as the eye can see.Feathery cages of ducks and chickens,Heaps of melonsIn a surprising variety of shapes and colors. you’d fit right in with West Coast hippies.” he answers “what would i do in San Francisco? it is 1975 Saigon has fallen to North Vietnamese flower children resistance Watergate have all come and gone economy still in recession unemployment at 8.5 they sit on floor listen to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” then Patti Smith’s “Horses” Bayli rolls joint lights it passes to Odysseus he speaks “you know i ******* hate working for Dad what do you think i should do?” Bayli suggests “you love San Francisco why not move there? Blu was not how I was feeling. The Fire of Love: Vietnamese/English Love Poems [Tihn Yeu ...: The Fire of Love: Vietnamese/English Love Poems [Tihn Yeu Nhu Lua Am] [Minh Vien] on … Thankfully this poem helped to stop this at this factory.). 3) Our shower shack was out back.It had six spigots.Two of them worked.One night the huge water tank collapsed,Crushing the shower shack.MacMurray had showered ten minutes before. I've been collecting poems (current and historical) about political mistakes, dictators and the experience of dictatorships including fascism. I was totally moved by this poem.....I married August 28, 1966 and my 1st husband of 4 months left for Vietnam December 26, 1966 which was my last time I saw him. During my visit to Vietnam for an academic paper presentation., I took sometime to explore the villages and learnt their special dish. Lam is the cultural ambassador-par-excellence between Vietnam and the United States, and these essays prove it. The poem was read by local poets, broadcasters, personalities and politicians from the South Australia Parliament and a Federal MP & Senator. See more ideas about vietnam veterans, vietnam, veteran. Many poets, of course, have known penury and been penniless, although a few, such as Lord Byron and Alfred, Lord Tennyson, made a fortune from their poems. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Vietnamese Dictionary. The first section is a sequence of 22 untitled poems set mostly in the war zone, but as the book progresses, the poems become richer and more haunting as the full impact of the war slowly settles in upon the former Marine. I was not a combat soldier,So, I was relatively safe, unlessOur helicopter was shot at, unlessOur jeep hit a land mine, unlessOur base camp was rocketed, unlessThe enemy breached the perimeter.We were, after all, in a war zone. Dedicated to my baby sister, love you kid! It was recorded by Radio Adelaide and broadcast live as well as coverage from Channel 7 TV News. I had become known as a sort of poet and many asked me to write something, a poem about 9/11. 4) We were all clerks of various sorts.Howells was the Colonel’s aide.The “b” on Howell’s typewriter didn’t work.Howell’s vocabulary grew in Vietnam.None of his words had “b” in them.It don’t mean nothing. I had become known as a sort of poet and many asked me to write something, a poem about 9/11. The poem, I Am a Veteran, was written by Andrea Brett in 2002, three years after The Brett Family began performing in Branson, Missouri. But while Homer may have idealized his combatants and revered their triumphant, incessant fighting, the treatment of war in poetry has … An example of a ca dao being ngam can be found in Tran Anh Hung's 1996 film “Cyclo,” where the “boss lady” ngam “Little Bom” to her retarded son. thth Sitting on a bench near Her teammate roared. But now, I'm back on the site and I'm excited to start reading poetry from others in the community! She wasn’t from NOVA. In remembrance of American involvement in Vietnam, the Poetry Foundation has assembled a selection of poems from our archives that address the conflict and its aftermath. I became a widow on... Read complete story. The graceful phrases paint a vivid picture of a beautiful pre-war vietnam. poem translate: bài thơ. This is what I wrote...I hope you like it. Nui Ba Din mirrored the war.We had better electronic communication.We had more fire power.They were on their home field. For some, this was indeed a freedom bird;But many were being carried To a new kind of prison. John Balaban has been known among American poets as one whose many works are best-sellers. is it me?” he answers “yes i love you you are only one for me” she asks “well then what are you saying? I wasn’t sure what court I was on when I was in that moment. We re-crossed the International Date Line. The Chiefs of Police, Fire and Ambulence; all religious and community organisations' senior reprasentatives; the First Secretary of the British High Commission and the general public were present. Featured Shared Story. A trash talker. Primary Location During Vietnam: Cu Chi, Vietnam. Eyes blue, blue as the sky on an afternoon in July, when the weather was cool from a light rain. you looked so defenseless in white turtleneck i don’t trust Toby and all those people” Bayli cuts in “Toby Mantis is a drunken idiot!” Odysseus continues “maybe my thinking is all messed up there’s something else Bayli what if the more fame you achieve the more complicit you become with sin? This poem was performed at the University of Adelaide, Bonython Hall as a community event. I had practiced daily, playing before class, playing after class. The Firebombers by Anne Sexton. I was tall as **** for a Vietnamese American—still am tall as **** for a Vietnamese American (Don’t worry my guys, my family’s from the Southside)—and in college we had built a beer pong table, at a spot called the pink house. Once a month we sprayed the wooden floorWith diesel fuel to kill the cockroaches.The only color in the place was Soon’s easy chair.He’d ordered it from Sears.Only the mail clerk could get away with that. The company did not like it cause they wanted to whip up the patriotic jingoism and calls for revenge. Let’s go back to Hartford” suddenly memory flashes through his thoughts remembers first time he brought Bayli to Toby Mantis’s loft on lower east side Toby stretches canvases for Warhol other times when Odysseus showed up with female art students Toby routinely pawed them Toby eyed Bayli and asked “Who’s she?” Odysseus quickly turned to protect but Bayli spoke up “i’m with Odys!” Toby still grabbed but Bayli pushed him away her devotion thrills Odysseus on numerous occasions she assures him “i’m happy just to be with you” he looks at Bayli holding breath as he speaks “no we can’t go back to the past there’s no opportunity in Hartford Chicago is home it’s what i know do you remember when we were partying on Rauschenberg’s roof? And the most recent flowering of Vietnamese poetry occurred during the Vietnam War, when the energy of the people was believed to have been all consumed by the war and day-to-day survival. Vietnam Morning is an emotive poem written in 2003, which describes the reflections and recollections of his war service many years ago. The day transitions to brunch at Liberty Tavern: one mimosa and one ****** Mary; an omelet with green and red peppers; and another round of mimosas and another ****** Mary, because: why in the world not? As part of the patriotic tribute in The Bretts Show , Andrea wanted to create something original that would give honor to the military veterans who attended. A swirl of dust, then we ariseI shared the door gunner’s abode.Snaking above the jungle’s hat,First gazing straight into the sky,Then quickly downward at the roadWe avoid enemy attack. No reason. In the printed version which I handed out to people, they translated into their language the word ‘******’ and into the poem. Vietnamese literature, body of literature produced by Vietnamese-speaking people, primarily in Vietnam.. Like the river basins that have nourished Vietnam’s agricultural civilization for thousands of years, Vietnamese literature has been fed by two great tributaries: the indigenous oral literature and the written literature of Chinese influence.. I am that petite build, with that straight, black and shiny hair that every white girl envies. The writers motive is to convey a sense of peacefulness and tranquility about the pre-war surroundings, whilst implying sadness and gloominess for what is ahead. This was post-college—a house party, for young adults who wanted more from life than the typical 9-5. i don’t know do we have to talk about this right now?” he says “it’s going to get cold soon did you bring enough clothes?” she answers “no i need to buy some” he asks “will your parents help you?” she hesitates explains “i don’t know my father might be transferred to new assignment in D.C. my folks have their own worries i can’t burden them right now Odys you know i’ve been looking for a job something is bound to turn up soon” he stands paces her hands rub knees as she gazes up at him he says “Bayli i’m confused i wish we were older and knew what to do maybe we both need some time to consider things a little space to get perspective to be certain what we’re doing i’m getting pressure from my parents i can’t think clearly” one side of Bayli’s face makes strange grimace “Odys what do you want? Unit: 588th Engineers, 65th Engineering Brigade, 25th Infantry Div. HA NOI — Vietnamese poetry has been printed in a new bilingual collection titled Huong Tho Viet (Scent of Vietnamese Poetry). The Queen,Tony Blair, Australian Governor General and many other public dignitaries sent messages of support for the work being read. The oral poetry tradition is purely native. Oh, my stoic... whatever happened to you? Danger came from unexpected places. The world political disorder brings out the pain and … Despite signs of regeneration during the Renovation years, Chanh's receptive poems detect, as in the following title and lines of one poem, the "Low Pressure System" affecting Vietnamese society: "I hear cries of a newborn. 6) We were just on the edge of the war.We daily viewed it in our hospital’s beds,In the eyes of our men returned from the field.A year earlier, Cu Chi had been under attack.Four years later it was under Communist control.After we left they discovered the Cu Chi tunnels.Turns out the enemy was underneath us all along. A thumping helicopter blade,The pulsing heart of Vietnam.One flying over yet today,Brings me to Southeast Asia’s realm. Beach blonde hair. Or maybe I was. The State Premier was represented by the Hon. I could talk all day about how she looked, how she dressed. Thankfully this poem helped to stop this at this factory.) Odys what’s happening to us? As the movement to use Nôm accelerated in the 18th century, many poets produced works in … The first collection of its kind includes work by authors from several generations and social trends such as Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Ho Xuan Huong, Tan Da, Han Mac Tu and The Lu. War has long figured as a theme in poetry—after all, some of the world's oldest surviving poems are about great armies and heroic battles. poems inspired by my second trip to Saigon in 24 years, the rest of the coffee poems can be found at, (Where I worked, they set up TV’s in the cafeteria to watch the continuing coverage of the events of 9/11. Hopefully, my creative work is something you can find connect with and find meaning in. Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. For some, this was indeed a freedom bird; 1969, 1970, 25th Infantry Division, 588th Engineers, 65th Engineering Brigade, Army, Art, Brotherhood, Chopper, Coming Home, Cu Chi, Eden Prairie, Helicopter, Homesickness, James Olson, Jim Olson, Poetry, Read, Relationships, Terrain, Terms and Conditions for Submitting Your Story. Spice Up Your Date Night With These Ultra-sexy Poems That Will Be Just What You Need To Dial Up The Mood And Are Guaranteed To Turn You Both On. On Being Asked To Write A Poem Against The War In Vietnam poem by Hayden Carruth. S. fire support camps surrounding its base.Viet Cong controlling the middle of the mountain.In the night, they came off the mountain to wreak havoc. i sense your thoughts drifting where were you last night in bed?” his voice grows stressed “i don’t know we were happy in Hartford Chicago is different tougher money security play more important roles maybe my doubting hasn’t anything to do with us maybe it’s environment around us character and weight of this city my parents figuring out how to pull this off” Bayli’s voice rises “did you ever consider maybe returning to Chicago and me coming here is mistake? It is very meaningful, and powerful poem with strong message to the next generation: Thank you Human Race, Thank you for your human love, Vietnamese people are welcomed citizens of the world. I expected a rowdy flight home.At liftoff a rousing cheerCatapulted us upward.G.I.s laughed and pinnedTheir Purple Hearts to theUniforms of smiling flight attendants.After a few moments of backslappingThe plane went silent. She sank the shot. Too much of everything.People flooding the city from the north.Apartments overflowing,Streets overflowing,Cars overflowing.No one is smiling.Everything is happening too fast,As if time is running out. Apr 25, 2019 - Explore Winifred H's board "Vietnam Veterans quotes" on Pinterest. maybe you should run from me go find someone stronger i feel like i’m not good enough for you i hear what i’m saying and feel ashamed” tears well in Bayli’s eyes as she questions “Odys what are you saying?” he answers “i don’t know i don’t know what we should do i know i love you Bayli i apologize for upsetting you let’s talk tomorrow” he reaches holds her in his arms needle keeps skipping at end of Patti Smith record. In the distance Cobra gunships were attacking. The name Vietnam was first officially adopted in 1802 by Emperor Gia Long, and was adopted again in 1945 with the founding of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh. From the Publisher: “Vietnam — the very word raises many associations for Westerners. Lori was more than appearance; more body language; more eye contact; more southern twang; and more astuteness, than a TED Talk combined with NPR, combined with The New Yorker, combined with Al-Jazeera and linked with Wikipedia on a ***** binge. I met Lori at a beer pong table. who are you searching for? I had a girlfriend at the time—let’s just call her Voldy. In the distance Cobra gunships were attacking,Far enough away that I couldn’t hear them.Pink and white tracers danced in swirling arcs. But all I could hear was Lori’s voice; soft as the piano notes played by Sakamoto’s right hand, loud as the piano notes played by Sakamoto’s left hand. I can see their faces. Updated: 10 October 2020 . Sometimes the choppers saving life.Sometimes the choppers bringing death.Some bearing cross of red and white.Some baring hideous shark’s teeth. Vietnamese Proverbs (92 Proverbs) ... Inspirational Stories - Poems - Quotes. The best poems about being poor, selected by Dr Oliver Tearle ‘Poetry’ is close to ‘poverty’, and not just because the words sound so similar, sharing all but one letter. She was from Weston, FL. It's too much trouble, and a lot of people don't like asking for help, especially if the interaction involves some linguistic awkwardness. The LZ Sally Poetry Page [..songs from the I Corps] The poetry which follows here was written by combat veterans. I looked back at those behind me,Quiet faces, some tearstained faces.After a gasp of exuberance,They had quickly drawnBack into themselves.I couldn’t tell if they wereLooking backward or forward,But they had quietly drifted somewhere. Although born under these unimpressive circumstances, Vietnamese poetry soon flourished with a very distinctive voice of its own for the next four centuries, under the Ly and the Tran dynasties. She shot first, her right arm shaped like a swan, the type of swan that sits on a lake in the middle of a spring morning, the type of morning when the sky is blue with the eyes of a girl who has seen too much, been through too much, and has heard too much.