4.8 out of 5 stars 42. The seat is 8.75" above the ground, and it's 22.25" high to the top of the pillows in the standard configuration. By pledging you agree to Kickstarter's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. “As soon as I got one into my classroom, I was like ‘This is really something that unlocks so much opportunity and play and imagination in these kids.’”. Sliding (5-Piece Set) - Contemporary/Purple. When the pandemic hit, Nugget Comfort’s production staff was attempting to catch up on outstanding orders from last year. You certainly won't regret buying pass this real discount:'Every Nugget couch ships to you with fabric already on it' in Nugget, you can buy something that is more cost effective. POSTCARD+STICKER - a handwritten note with a Nugget logo sticker: a token of our appreciation, and a bright orange reminder for you next time you're in the couch, pillow, or blanket market. “But it’s inevitable that a popular indoor product for the family spending more time at home, and doing something creative and fulfilling together with their time, is even more of a household name ... than ever.”. Amazon's Choice for nugget couch kids ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set – Lightweight Foam Shapes for Climbing, Crawling and Sliding for Toddlers and Kids (5-Piece), Contemporary 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,068 THE NUGGET 6-PACK - early graduation gifts for the crew heading to college, or functional comfort for the work-hard-play-hard office environment. Back then, Roberts couldn’t afford to spend $229 on a play couch, so she waited. It's soft and supportive at the same time — Everything but square. As COVID-19 hospitalizations soar, 911 dispatchers in San Bernardino County are sending an ambulance only to those truly in a state of physical peril. Stocks shook off a sluggish start to finish with modest gains Wednesday, nudging the Standard & Poor’s 500 index to an all-time high for the second straight day. Play on. With millions of unique furniture, décor, and housewares options, we'll help you find the perfect solution for your style and your home. The Nugget Comfort is essentially a miniature couch. Little did they realize how lucky they’d been. Roberts, a stay-at-home mom who makes kids clothing on the side, has wanted to get her children (ages 7 months, 2 years and 7 years), a Nugget since 2018, when she first saw it being praised in her moms groups on Facebook. THANK YOU - number of backers really does help, even when it doesn't do much for the number of dollars! It's soft and supportive at the same time — Everything but square. At one point we didn’t even have a couch and we just had the Nugget.”. The infinitely configurable play couch made up of four foam pieces: base, cushion, and two triangle pillows. A nugget is a foam couch that retails for $229 to $259, depending on color. The Nugget couch is made up of four pieces. It takes the place of dozens of trinkets and small toys, allowing for less cleanup and safer play. L.A. mayor announces $800 stipends for food service workers. Get our free business newsletter for insights and tips for getting by. It sits low to the ground and is geared towards kids (but can be used by any age). - Nikki H. "Nothing short of the hype." Sit up and get cozy at the same time. The bottom piece is a thicker and firmer foam, while the top piece is thinner and plusher. “Some might say it’s a little excessive,” said Vanessa Garcia, a 32-year-old graphic designer, of her family’s devotion to the product. We’ve melded it into our lives. On sites such as Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp, Nuggets are being resold for $500 to $1,000. When the Nug Lotto was announced, Roberts saw a glimmer of hope. On Facebook, there are more than 20 groups dedicated to buying, selling, trading or musing on all things Nugget. Enjoy some relaxtion and dedication with these Denver Nuggets Jersey Slide slippers! They’ve been studying brands such as Jordan, Nike, Telfar Global and Gymshark for inspiration on how to meet insatiable demand. California breaks record for hospitalizations. Expires:Nov 5, 2020 2 used. But in the event of spills, stains, smudges, and scuffs, new decor, or just a change in the seasons, it’s good to know you’ve got things — wait for it — covered. “It makes me jealous,” Roberts admits. We'll ask for your color choice before shipping: Orange, Navy, Lime, Chocolate, Pink, or Blue. Julissa James has been with the Los Angeles Times since 2019, where she’s written about culture, style and L.A. for the Calendar, Features and Metro sections. Actress Kristen Schaal just sold her leafy Los Feliz retreat for $1.89 million, or about $40,000 more than she was asking. The only problem is its manufacturer can’t keep it in stock. As hospitalizations rise, San Bernardino County limits ambulance dispatches. It has two supportive pillows shaped like large triangles, one thinner soft seat cushion, and a thicker sturdy base. Apple sued in Europe over iPhones that wear out too quickly. But that hasn’t stopped people from drawing parallels between Nugget and streetwear culture. When your friends seem to have more money than you: Getting over money envy. Here’s why, There should be nothing controversial about canceling student debt, Porsche launches effort to make carbon-neutral ‘e-gas’, Porsche, the performance-oriented German carmaker, sees a future for combustion engines that add no carbon to the air, Say goodbye to emotional-support animals in airplane cabins. Browse through our wide selection of brands, like Gracie Oaks and Children's Factory. NUGGET BLANKET - a thin-but-surprisingly-heavy microsuede blanket; reversible with a buttery-soft feel. The micro-suede cover is washable and comfortable. Fauci says U.S. may see ‘a surge upon a surge’ of coronavirus in weeks. As a college student, he started a popular T-shirt brand called Thrill City, where he came up with new concepts every few months for fans who quickly bought out the limited runs. This is for a kids toy,’” Roberts said. The company has had to quadruple its staff from 20 to around 80 people, move into a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and rethink its sales model. We’ll be here all week. She’s a graduate of Cal State Dominguez Hills and was editor of its school paper, the Bulletin. - Olivia P. "The best thing I’ve ever bought for my kids." “When I saw this product marketed as a college futon I was like, ‘Wrong,’” Fussell, now the company’s chief product officer, said. But, worried the process felt too hectic and exclusive, the company sought a way to democratize it before this year’s holiday rush. Along with choosing some of the chic colors and patterns the Nugget is known for, Fussell provides the perspective of someone who’s worked with children — and their parents — for years. Sale. “Everybody wants to be the in-type of moms, the cool moms.”. FREE US shipping! 17-32 of 180 results for "nugget couch kids" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. The Nugget couch uses a modular design so kid’s can use it as a couch, bed, fort, and other playful configurations. But I don’t think anyone could have predicted the Nugget era of COVID-19, and how it would come with a 60+% resale mark-up. The new rules, affecting stores, playgrounds and gatherings, are less severe than the stay-at-home order initiated in the spring. Nugget Comfort co-founders David Baron, left, Hannah Fussell and Ryan Cocca. We'll ask for your color choice before shipping: Navy/Orange, Lime/Orange, Chocolate/Orange, Pink/Orange, or Blue/Orange. NUGGET PILLOW - a triangle reading pillow in bed that doesn't slip, slide, or sag; or a backrest on the floor for watching cartoons. Among the most popular are Nugget Comfort Chatter & BST, a 59,000-member fan-run group where “no consumer shaming” is allowed and people can buy, sell or trade the play couches. “We have no benchmark in the furniture, nor baby product, nor kid product space, for this,” Fussell said. We'll ask for your color choice of each before shipping: Orange, Navy, Lime, Chocolate, Pink, or Blue. Pillow: Orange, Navy, Lime, Chocolate, Pink, or Blue. By the time her family finally had the disposable funds this summer, and needed the furniture more than ever as her two oldest sons were wreaking havoc on her home, it was nearly impossible to get one. “But it works for us.”. FREE US shipping! In other words, it's your magic visibility cloak. Oct 25, 2019 - Explore Maria Dietrich's board "nugget couch" on Pinterest. There was the inflatable pool era of COVID-19, the bouncy castle era of COVID-19, and even the crafting era of COVID-19. Priscilla Presley, an actress and former wife of Elvis Presley, just sold her Spanish-style retreat of 45 years for $13 million. Forts, color combinations, and bigger, badder configurations tap into a whole new level of your imagination. The Nugget is made of 4 foam pieces and can be disassembled and configured in multiple ways. 3,072 talking about this. Two-sided Blanket: Navy/Orange, Lime/Orange, Chocolate/Orange, Pink/Orange, or Blue/Orange. The Nugget Comfort is a play couch that’s growing in popularity. Savings off $39 retail. Possibly the weirdest web game you'll ever play! Buy one!" Co-founded by David Baron, Ryan Cocca and Hannah Fussell, Nugget Comfort makes four-piece furniture out of slabs of open-cell polyurethane foam that can be configured into couches, forts, castles, beds or slides, among other things. FREE US shipping! THE NUGGET (Early Bird) - the big kahuna, the full sofa. The Nugget box measures 15" x 15" x 34." “Some people just had a baby or just heard about Nugget, and they already have one.”, She compares Nugget culture among moms online to high school: “Everybody wants to be a part of that little clique,” Roberts said. Nugget is a kids furniture company, where we make furniture for growing imaginations. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Her interests include covering subcultures and niche communities in California and beyond. Here’s some inspiration on the many ways you can configure and play with the Nugget. Priscilla Presley sells Beverly Hills compound for $13 million. Be the chicken not the nugget. BLANKET+PILLOW PACK - one of each. NUGGET PILLOW - a triangle reading pillow in bed that doesn't slip, slide, or sag; or a backrest on the floor for watching cartoons. As one Instagram user commented: “The moms have gone wild.”, “It’s a weird thing for us to talk about because obviously the pandemic is not a good thing,” Cocca, Nugget’s chief marketing officer, said. Caffeine sustains her. You early adopters save $50 off $299 retail. “It’s an unintentional draw,” he said. It’s part furniture and part toy. One for your back and one for your legs, or one for you and one for a friend/spouse. L.A. County tightens COVID-19 restrictions: What you need to know. We'll ask for your color choice of each before shipping: Orange, Navy, Lime, Chocolate, Pink, or Blue. This project was the birth of Nugget - fun foam furniture for kids. It is somewhat lightweight – my kids can drag it around, and the fact that it folds up makes it easy to set aside. Initially, they saw it as an upgrade from the uncomfortable futons they would see trashed around campus once the semester ended. “But it works for us. Browse through our wide selection of brands, like Jonti-Craft and Fun Furnishings. You have searched for nugget 4 piece kids sofa and this page displays the closest product matches we have for nugget 4 piece kids sofa to buy online. Click to Save FOR $129. To relieve your purse, customers should seize the chance to go through the offer: 'Pillow Pack for $129. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. A 2014 Kickstarter campaign raised $84,748 on a $20,000 target. Will ‘vaccine nationalism’ rear its head? Although the lottery was intended to alleviate the scarcity problem, the result has been to whip the hype that much higher. The Nugget Couch can be configured in a variety of different ways to provide a creative outlet for children – which led to a huge increase in demand during the pandemic. HI international backers! The Nugget is designed to fit just as well in nooks and crannies as it does in big open rooms. It's like Christmas came early (or right on time). PILLOW 2-PACK - two pillows, same or different colors. You have searched for nugget comfort couch and this page displays the closest product matches we have for nugget comfort couch to buy online. Tyisha Roberts, a mom of three boys from Virginia, spent five hours in October trying to register for the Nug Lotto, her browser unable to load the necessary page. "My kids have used the Nugget every single day for months." The two larger pieces fold together and have large handles. You have searched for nugget kids sofa and this page displays the closest product matches we have for nugget kids sofa to buy online. Instead, the company had to send the workers home for two months with pay and benefits. 3,072 talking about this. Over the last year, Cruz Garcia’s parents have bought the 20-month-old three Nuggets to play with at home in Long Beach. One hundred thousand people registered in the first week, and that number has nearly doubled since. Savings of $70 off $299 retail. The new-inventory drops through which the Garcias nabbed their third Nugget were a hit: During a restock in August, a record-breaking 100,000 people logged on to vie for 40,000 or so available units. Play on. With millions of kids stuck indoors, playgrounds closed and parents working remotely while desperately searching for ways to distract their children, the Nugget vaulted from a cute playroom accoutrement to a must-have item for tens of thousands of families. Nugget Royale is an MMO from Pelican Party Studios, that you can play for free in your browser. But it wasn’t until Fussell, whom Cocca and Baron had known since their college days (and who is in a relationship with Cocca), joined the team as an intern in 2017 that Nugget found its niche. We'll ask for your color choices before shipping: Orange, Navy, Lime, Chocolate, Pink, or Blue. This play couch is customizable and can be used for sitting, sleeping, fort-building or anything else the kiddos can dream up. With millions of unique furniture, décor, and housewares options, we'll help you find the perfect solution for your style and your home. It comes in four pieces — two triangle pillows, one seat cushion, and one base — which kids can use to create a customized lounging space or fort. This is ridiculous. We'll ask for your color choice before shipping: Orange, Navy, Lime, Chocolate, Pink, or Blue. Fussell had worked as an elementary school teacher, as well as with Teach for America. However, due to intense demand it’s often backed up with shipping delays. Yes, every Nugget couch ships to you with fabric already on it. Co-founders David Baron and Ryan Cocca dreamed up the design for The Nugget when they were still college students, and growing tired of the small, uncomfortable, furniture typically sold to college students. Cocca and Baron came up with the idea for the Nugget when they were students at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill around 2012. The Promenade 2035 project will replace a shuttered shopping mall in Warner Center with a new “downtown district” featuring a supermarket, public plazas, high-density housing and a 10,000-seat sports and entertainment venue. We've come a long way since: turning couches into toys. Cocca’s background is in streetwear. When 20-month-old Cruz Garcia’s parents, Vanessa and Daniel, bought him his first Nugget a little more than a year ago, it was as simple as clicking a button and typing in a credit card number. Play on. L.A. signs off on $1-billion ‘mini-city’ in the west San Fernando Valley. See more ideas about nugget, playroom, baby playroom. You can’t know how other households conduct their financial affairs, so keep focusing on your own situation and how you can make it better. The U.S. officially tightens definition of service animals allowed on planes.