Even / even if / even though. Using a single word many times in a paragraph doesn’t make any sense. Example: Although he is short-tempered, I like him. Answer; 4. Linking Words are words or phrases that show the relationship between paragraphs or sections of a text or speech. (even though) → Even though it was raining, we played golf. LINKING WORDS EXERCISES (KEY AND B&W VERSION INCLUDED) Level: elementary Age: 11-14 Downloads: 1337 LINKING WORDS (B&W … 06. Discourse makers - linking words. We have a mouse in the house. * A summary of the uses and … Linking Words & Conjunctions PDF Notes, Documents and Exercises with Answers Conjunctions As is known, we often make long sentences when communicating with people using the English language. Choice – Or, Either …… or, Neither …… nor. Thanks Shit-man. Tenses; IF-Clauses; Adjective - Adverb; Gerund and Infinitive; Modal Verbs; Reported Speech; Passive Voice; Definite and Indefinite Articles; Quantifiers; Relative Clauses; Prepositions; Questions and … "I'll take some money with me just . 04. 1. Conjunctions in English - grammar exercises. Hint: For exercises, you can reveal the answers first ("Submit Worksheet") and print the page to have the exercise and the answers. Its an opportunity for your students to practise linking words linking words the right way through a rephrasing exercise + a gap-filling one! Try these exercises to practise them. Linking Words...Choose the correct answer.. He watched a film, but he didn’t enjoy it. Take your camera with you, just _____ mine doesn't work. 4. She wasn't very rich.  She gave money to the beggar. Raju will play today if he gets a chance. They are otherwise known as connectives or linking words in English Grammar. We were afraid he should get there too late. We played golf. However, we still went to the park. Function: To provide the result of what has been stated or has occurred 1. So/Then, she goes to work. Correct! Linking Words Exercise 1. Review how to use 'despite', 'however' and 'although' here; Download this quiz in PDF here. Answer; 6. – Answer: Then 1. (even though) He was hungry he didnot demand food.. Answer; 9. * Answers for the exercises are provided. And adds two things together He plays basketball and football. Therefore 4. It is long I saw him. It was raining. Answers. 9. Connectives - Sentences. I waited for them till / until they came. It was very late. We played golf. Linking words exercises are meant to help students join sentences so as to improve their oral and written skills .They are also meant to help them get familiar with the types of questions they will find in the English National Exam .You may wish to revise THE LINKING WORDS LESSON before you do these important exercises. Connectives. thanks a lot mr Nabil for all the help you have been providing, Oh my good I was looking for like this exercise thanks. in particular. She gave money to the beggar. Some of the worksheets for this concept are L i n k i n g w o r d s, Name opinions and reasons linking words, Linking words and phrases, Con002 conjunctions and linking words, A identifying linking verbs, Connectors, Grammar complements, Useful argumentative essay words and phrases. Mr. Philips is talkative, whereas his wife is shy and reserved. Brian is good at maths his sister is good at science. ; My thoughts will be with you wherever you … (, Take a sandwich.  There might be no restaurant. Actually, I am a Ph.D. student these days. Sam is either a fool or a stupid. Conjunctions 3 - fill in the blanks. I fell asleep while I was watching TV. (, I don't early a big salary.  But if I did, I wouldn't buy a car. ID: 23059 Language: English School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: B2+, C1, C2 Age: 15+ Main content: Linking words Other contents: Add to my workbooks (36) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom Print This Page. Linking words provide greater cohesion by making it more explicit or signaling how ideas relate to one another.. As men sow, so shall they reap. 03. NB: Credits for these exercises go to MR Lionboui Mustapha. 02. I am as strong as you are. Make one sentence from the two below, using the word (s) in brackets. Hence 7. Though he is a busy, he spends time with his family. 4. (although) → Although she wasn't very rich, she gave money to the beggar. Need more practice? ; Air pollution is mainly due to smoke from cars and factories; Jalal speaks three … 08. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Answer; 5. Linking Words Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Linking Words . Cohesive Devices are generally used to convey the ideas of :–. Connectives and Linking Words. She wasn't very rich. LINKING WORDS. 1. B2 Connectives and Linking Words CON004 Fill in the correct connectives and linking words from the list. 6. Materials provided for use in the classroom or for private study. I am interested in implementing ICT in learning and bringing the best to my students, whom I do love and consider as my kids. This not only develops students' paragraph writing skills but also encourages them to become independent and creative writers. She is neither intelligent nor hard working. Although it was raining, we still went to the park. Consequently 6. therefore. There are many conjunctions … Football fans often follow their teams to foreign countries so as to support them. Make one sentence from the two below, using the word(s) in brackets. 05. The back of the Student's Book contains peer review forms and a grammar reference section. 3. Answer; 7. In the article below you will find transition words exercises with answers. Linking Words: And, But, Or, So, Because Test A1 A2 Level Exercises 16 Multiple Choice Questions With Answers Linking Words: And, But, Or, So, Because Test A1 A2 Level Exercises. Connectives and Linking Phrases (B2) CON004 - Connectives and Linking Words; CON003 - Connectives and Linking Phrases; CON002 - Connectives and Linking Phrases; CON001 - Connectives ; B1 Grammar. Hope you like it and make use of it :) keep sharing! Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. Search this site: search engine by freefind: ... linking words exercise 1 (online - make a sentence) linking words exercise 2 (online - make a sentence) linking words ex (printable) linking words ex answers (printable) make-do … We must reach there before anyone else.