Regular price $89.95 Sale price $49.95 Sale. We’ve revolutionized the process of purchasing a silencer so that you don’t have to worry about the details; we do. I discuss the Form 1 paperwork, tools needed, build, range test and review of the performance. We figure this thread could serve as a Q&A, as we are one of the only ones outside the company who have spent any time with these; everyone else just has a press release and our corresponding review. per page. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. JK-155R-LTK28. Brownells is your source for KNIGHTS ARMAMENT at Brownells parts and accessories. JK 155 MST Wrench. No products in the cart. by ConcealedPatriot. No products in the cart. JK Armament and Silencer Shop have teamed up to provide customers with an efficient way to buy, build and register a legal silencer that starts out as a solvent trap. MSRP $130.00 $99.00. 3 months ago . In addition to traditional distribution, we offer solutions that allow you to: The JK Armament wrench is a hexagonal 1 ½ inch wrench that is a customized, affordable, and lightweight option specifically designed for the JK Armament Modular Solvent Trap line. Categories. The thread mount comes in your choice of 1/2x28 or 5/8x24 thread pitches. 3 results. New. I go into detail on how to convert a JK Armament Modular Solvent Trap (MST) into a fully LEGAL, functional and working suppressor. Sale. © 2020 KM Tactical Gear. CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Dual-Tone Sale! Add to Wish List Add to Compare. I've seen the JK Armament solvent trap, but their price point and continuing out of stock status is making me look for other options. IN STOCK. 2 reviews Add to Wish List Add to Compare. YHM 3-Lug Mount Assembly. JK Armament. 11.4k. 0 reviews Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Expires: Jan 2, 2021. Choose an option. Special Price USD$138.58 Earn 13 Reward Points Regular Price USD$153.98. $ 2,034.99 $ 1,809.99 Add to cart F&F Donate The kits ship with the main body, a thread mount, an end cap, and eight cups (note: the cups are not baffles until they are drilled) making the kit 8.25” long, this is important information when filling out a Form 1. Categories. Details . Dry storage cups are an accessory for solvent traps that divide the interior space for emergency storing of essential items such as: Emergency storage containers - Prepper emergency storage . Shop our vast selection and save! All Categories T-shirts Hats Stickers. We also cannot be responsible for any result, consequence, damage or liability following any modifications or work done on our product after purchase. Filter. Look at all that 5.56 bulkiness! Backed up sale of used gun ★★★★★ “ I was haggling with Garrett on the price of an Norinco SKS when he came across a M1 Carbine that he thought might interest me - he was right. Showing all 6 results. Custom. FFI Desert Night Camo Style Camo Gen4 Combat Set ( … Unit price / per . PX Member. All Categories T-shirts Hats Stickers. Pricing ; New video . Adam B Gunny Sergeant. This steel-made thread mount offers a “heavy duty,” dependable, and robust addition to the JK Armament Modular Solvent Trap line. Available for In-Store Purchase and Ships from Auburn, WA. All Rights Reserved. JK Armament offers a variety of wonderful Home & Garden goods at an attractive price. JK Armament (1) Q (1) Rex Silentium (1) Rugged Suppressors (3) YHM (2) Categories. JK Armament: Related Products. Add to Cart. JK Armament 155P Modular Solvent Trap (MST) Kit - $459.00. 25% OFF at JK Armament is the best choice for you. Sort By. JK Armament (13) Q (14) Rugged Suppressors (21) Silencerco (77) SureFire (13) Thunder Beast (15) YHM (9) CATEGORIES. Search; Stock Status. JK Armament 155 MST WRENCH. Costa has a long video on his feed too. MSRP $45.00 $39.00. The perfect tool to have around while using your JK products! The JK Armament Jig Caps are available to those who wish to permanently modify their Modular Solvent Trap to a silencer and have an approved Form 1 from BATFE. Ensuring true center is extremely important for permanent alternations to solvent traps, and the JK Jig Cap paired with the Jig Drill Body offers a reliable option for customers, depending on specific needs and end use. 800-741 -0015 VIEWS. Save money immediately those voucher codes and deals for JK Armament. Introducing the all new lightweight, affordable, and American made Modular Solvent Trap (MST) Pistol / Sub Gun Kit designed for the end user! BTW, this will be built for 9mm carbines. Add to Cart. In Stock (78) Out of Stock (57) Brands. Before building your own NFA item, you file an ATF Form 1. 9 Items . Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Accessories (72) 3 Lug (7) Flash Hiders (6) Front Caps (4) Mounts and Pistons (29) Muzzle Brakes (16) Tools (11) Firearms (5) Silencers (57).223 Caliber (3).30 Caliber (22) 6.5mm Caliber (5) Handgun / Subgun (13) Large Bore (8) Rimfire (8) Uncategorized (1) CGS Fixed Barrel Spacer $ 45.00.