4. It is great for relaxing the muscles which increases their extensibility and overall makes them work more effectively with their antagonistic counterparts. They have handles and are made of a combination of materials. 3. Check out some of the fascia massagers below that are featured in this article. -Do myofascial release without paying a physical therapist Muscle Roller Stick is the perfect solution for all the issues above Why Buy from Supremus Sports? Does foam rolling work by proprioceptive stimulation? Muscle roller sticks are modern and man made. Easily stores and stows in your gym bag or back-pack for portable use wherever you need soothing relief. Perfect to easily hit you legs, including the Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves, and Anterior Tibialis. The stick is comprised of a bar with rollers about 1 inch thick attached. Here, I review two foam rollers–the Trigger Point Grid foam roller and the GoFit Extreme Massage Roller–and two massage sticks–the Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager and the GoFit Extreme Massage Bar. The Trigger Point Grid. Always, always, always stick to rolling your muscles, rather than ligaments like your IT band or joints like your knees or elbows, de Mille says. Before I dive into why foam rollers are used, I would like to quickly gloss over a term you may or may not be familiar with: “fascia”. 1. It has both a mechanical and metabolic role². Fascia is a connective tissue that encases all muscles, organs, glands, neural pathways and blood vessels². Topping the list of muscle roller sticks that work is this fascia massage stick. - Our Muscle Roller Stick is a "STIFF" stick. You then run it along the muscle. 2. It stretches the muscles and ligaments. This allows it to glide smoothly across your body while conforming to shape slightly. 1) Fascia and Cellulite Blaster Massage Stick. Yes, but maybe not for the reasons you’ve heard. Click here to purchase a muscle roller stick. Foam rolling may improve athletic performance and flexibility and reduce workout soreness and muscle pain. 4. You can use it on any relaxed muscle. This massage stick can easily be used seated comfortably on the bench you just sanitized! If the use of foam rollers has pretty much exploded in the past decade, it only stands to reason that the muscle roller stick will greatly gain in popularity as well. A few models are handheld foam rollers, but most of them are not made of foam. NOTE: This is not the roller stick reviewed in this video. You press the stick against a body part, like the thigh, and add pressure. You … It allows you to effectively apply pressure to the problem area. Muscle rolling can be a great way to help loosen up muscles, relieve muscle pain, muscle spasms, and soreness. I have come to rely on these tools to keep my muscles healthy for the reasons described in my previous article. They often have a textured surface with soft bumps or spikes to press into the skin and muscles. Muscle roller sticks are also much more affordable! I often hear claims that foam rolling works by proprioceptive enhancement – stimulating mechanoreceptors in the muscles and/or fascia, such as golgi tendon organs, or muscle spindle fibers, or … Here's how to use a foam roller. The TUFF STX Muscle Roller is made in the USA and features a steel core that extends through the handles. They usually have moving parts that roll over the skin as you use it to press up and down the muscles.