Those tokens can often stall enough to win you the game if need be. TAGS articles, constructed, analysis, modern, decklist, kyle boggemes, team constructed, 01232020, tourament report First of all: don't die! Core Set 2020 Singles Sealed Product. Theros: Beyond Death Singles Sealed Product. 4:11:41 . Rarity (main - side) 5 - 1 Mythic Rares. Latest Set: Core Set 2020. Channel TomM – Legacy Esper Stoneblade. ARCHETYPE ANALYSIS . Modern Esper Control decklists Rank Name Colors Event Players Date Singularity Price(*) 1st (5-0) Players: Esper Control — By WaToO MTGO Modern League. Tabletop Effective Date: March 10, 2020. Modern (esper) midrange deck. Export to CSV; Export to Text; Export to Arena; Print Decklist View mode: Listing. Its current price is around 838$. Format: Legacy - SOI Location: 2016 Time Vault Games Open Legacy - Tacoma - 6/25 Finished: 1st Place Tweet. I get to play some of my favorite creatures of all time in Blue/White Stoneblade so things are looking up. Edit. Popular Modern Magic: the Gathering decks with prices from the latest tournament results. By Zach Allen / April 13, 2019 October 10, 2019. 10/10/2020 6 of 28 Blade Control: Roberto Sartini: Torneo Medio di Magic - Quarta Edizione: 27/09/2020 8 of 50 Esper Blade: Samuele Dagani: Back DOJO : 30/08/2020 6 of 30 Blade Control: Decoutan: MTGO Legacy Preliminary: 18/08/2020 2 Stoneblade: WhiteFaces: MTGO Legacy Challenge: 27/07/2020 MTGO Modern League. (60 cards, 30 distinct) - Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Sword of Fire and Ice, Sword of Feast and Famine, Force of Negation, Marsh Flats, Snapcaster Mage, Stoneforge Mystic This thread is archived. The information presented on this site about Magic: The Gathering, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. 0 Likes 0 Comments. MTG Arena Effective Date: March 12, 2020. Modern League. 2 Dark Confidant 4 Deathrite Shaman 2 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy 4 Stoneforge Mystic 2 True-Name Nemesis. At all other times, it’s reactive. No, it is not as fast or as powerful as Legacy Stoneblade, but it could be solid considering that the core of the deck excluding Jitte is allowed in Modern. Esper Stoneblade Primer (Main Deck) Hello everybody! CordoTwin (5-0) Decklist Stats Sample Hand. Signature Spellbook: Gideon Singles Sealed Product. Whirza 4. Channel TomM – Legacy Esper Stoneblade ... the major events and changes in the format—and a new Modern Deckbuilding contest! (Esper Control is also known as Esper Control, Esper Stoneblade or WUB Control). Once Upon a Time is banned. How to play Esper Stoneblade [Modern] Updated: Oct 9, 2019. The idea started with a little spark provided by Sam Black. hide. Its current price is around 876$. After some discussion, we recognized the potential best decks as: 1. Over the past months, Once Upon a Time has become one of the most played cards in Modern, contributing to several of the most popular and … In the month before the GP, we saw the banning of the best-performing decks, and as such had to figure out what we wanted to play. facematt. Tron 2. Share Article. By Tom Martell / January 14, 2015 October 10, 2019. Posted in MTGO Standings on August 4, 2020 . We have collected the top Esper Stoneblade Modern … Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. I swapped Force of Will with Force of Negation, which is alright, and the cantrips have to be a little bit less quality because of modern cards that are legal. Grixis Death Shadow 7. Card Database; Rules; Banned & Restricted List; STORY; NEWS; Accounts; Card Database; Locator; NEWS ARCHIVES - ARTICLES MTGO Standings. I stopped playing Modern in the midst of 2016’s Eldrazi Winter. bant stoneblade 2020 Modern GWU (Bant) GWUB Stoneblade. Esper Stoneblade Primer Sideboard | MTGMintCard. In the esper draw go shells thoughtseize is bad because it doesn't generate any card advantage and is tempo negative but in this deck i see it as buying time to get your "combo" (teachings + whatever answer you're looking for) and once you have the teachings engine going card advantage isn't exactly hard to come by. Account ; Lang & Currency Advanced Search Multiple Search. Step 1: Telling a mate how bad Esper Goryo's currently is, since it basically hit like a noodle most of the time while executing neat Goryo moves back when I played that list, even though I really love the deck. im just moving away from simic merfolk since i really dislike the aggro playstyle. Esper [[symbol:U]][[symbol:B]][[symbol:W]] modern i actually use. It tries to disrupt the opponent using counterspells in combination with discard spells. Sort by: Creature (32) 3 Gravecrawler 4 … Modern; All Formats; Resources. Cards: 60: Avg. Latest Sets. Modern. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. February 24 2020 - Modern Gifts Storm with Andrew Shrout - Duration: 4:11:41. View All Sets → Card Search → ... Esper Stoneblade by Cody Lindgelbach. report. share. stats for deck esper stoneblade - modern. Modern Horizons Singles Sealed Product. Avg. Singles ; Sealed; Card Lots; Combos; Accessories; Buylist × Edit Language & Currency. Dredge, with a big question mark. Today in "Know Thy Enemy" we will be playing what I believe might secretly be one of the best decks in #modern: Bant Stoneblade. It typically says "counter target fetch land" in Modern. This site © 2020, LLC Thanks for reading! (*) Singularity measures the grade of deviation from the standard average deck on that archetype. test We have collected the top Esper Stoneblade Modern decks from the latest tournaments. Avg. Also worth noting: Mangara of Corondor Leonin Arbiter Kitchen Finks Sin Collector Lifebane Zombie Not a creature but Lingering Souls is a pretty solid Esper card. TCGPlayer 1164.49 - 958.45 . Modern Esper Sto ... U/R Polymorph; UWR Command; Kibster's Modern Esper Stoneblade. A few weeks ago, Wizards decided to shake up legacy by banning Deathrite Shaman and Gitaxian Probe.Although Grixis Delver and 4c Czech Pile have been my go-to legacy decks for the past year, I was stoked about the announcement, as it meant I now had the opportunity to play my favorite deck again – Esper Stoneblade! Reviving Esper Control in Modern: 2nd Place at SCG Cleveland. Terms of Use | Nightveil Specter could be good. Currency Reference *All payment will be calculated in USD. Edit . Help | Legacy Guide Part VIII: Control Decks. esper stoneblade. This deck is Modern legal. Thus, I can’t stand playing the deck and am surprised when it does well. decks tournaments metagame users sign up try the mtgo importer. (Esper Stoneblade is also known as Esper Stoneblade, Esper Control or WUB Junk). Step 2: Seeing Esper Goryo's in the new 5-0 dump. Maindeck 60. Upvote 0. Titanshift 3. Updated Apr 25, 2020 by aeonsies using our MTG Deck Builder. Core Set 2020 Singles Sealed Product. Value: $801.11. Top Modern Esper Stoneblade Decks. We quickly ruled out Devoted Druid, as the resurgence of Jund and other midrange strategies hurt the fragile creatu… By Reid Duke / June 14, 2017 February 19, 2020. (*) Prices based in average price in TCGPLAYER.COM store. I came back recently because of Jace, the Mind Sculptor. (Changes to Brawl, Historic, Legacy, and Modern, but NOT Pioneer) Modern:. Upvote 0. Latest Set: Core Set 2020. SHOP. SHOP. Esper Stoneblade is a midrange deck that tries to abuse Stoneforge Mystic and some of the most powerful equipment printed, like Batterskull and Umezawa’s Jitte. Step 3: [Please insert your suggestion in the comments below.] February 17, 2020 - Modern UW Stoneblade - Duration: 4:03:03. 12 - 2 Uncommons. I will explain all the card choice and some cards that could be included. Last Modified On: 9/2/2019 Market Median Low $1,151.03 $1,314.03 $928.29 Buy This Deck! Round 8 (Modern): Arnaud Hocquemiller vs. Guillaume Wafo-Tapa - 2019 Mythic Championship IV - Duration: 58:21. ... Singles Sealed Product. Once upon a time, Modern was my favorite Constructed format and the only one I played regularly. “Stoneblade” has been a staple archetype in Legacy for years, and derives its name from the standard decks of old. JTMS and Stoneforge are so powerful together that the deck has cycled through numerous iterations: deathblade, esper blade, jeskai blade, and the current favorite UW Stoneblade. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. if you're not part of the modern control discord, I'd suggest joining. DMCA requests | Oko, you will not be missed. Interface Language. Because they are a blue-based deck they can often shift their role from being aggressive or midrange, to being pure control with cards like 32 - 9 Rares. Esper Stoneblade by Meryn. With Top banned, control decks have suffered. Esper Stoneblade by Meryn. mtgmintcard. Shark Typhoon in Modern StoneBlade. 02/11/2020: MTGO Modern Preliminary : Unknown 28/10/2020: MTGO Modern League: Unknown 27/10/2020: Page 1 of 57 Next Last Tier decks in the past 30 days 1º 4c Control 23 tops 2º Rakdos 21 tops 3º Other 15 tops 4º Tron 13 tops Archetypes 4c Control 76 4c Ramp Control 1 5c Mizzet 230 Abzan 2 Ad Nauseam 291 Affinity 257 All Spells 9 Amulet Titan 913 Ascendancy 58 Azorius Control 896 … Check out while we play this list through a … Updated Nov 09, 2020 by HokutoMagic using our MTG Deck Builder. Burn 6. This site is unaffiliated. Modern Horizons Singles Sealed Product. Hello everybody, this is the followup of the previous article where I explained how to build a Esper Stoneblade Deck. ... 2017 February 19, 2020. preferably esper, since i allways wanted to play esper. Esper control is still fine, though veil can be a frustrating card. -Kyle. Hello everybody, today I will talk you about my favourite deck in Modern: Esper Stoneblade, with a decklist created and tuned by myself. Edit Live Edit. But if you insist on playing control, there are still options. save. He played an Esper Planeswalkers list at the SCG Regionals early in March, and by his account it wasn’t super successful. Commander 2019 Singles Sealed Product. Well it happened.Stoneforge Mystic has been unbanned in Modern. Esper Stoneblade constructed deck list and prices for the Magic the Gathering TCG. Contact | Card Kingdom 990.31 - 1031.31 . 57%. 4:03:03 【 EDH Gameplay 】 ☀️ HELIOD SUN-CROWNED ☀️ - … Maindeck 60. Last Modified On: 9/2/2019 Market Median Low $1,151.03 $1,314.03 $928.29 Buy This Deck! Privacy statement | Decklists; Decklists. Quickly after the price settled, I purchased a playset and bought into Bant Snowblade. Magic Online Effective Date: March 10, 2020. 10-Nov -2020 $969 $487 Singularity: 57%. This website is not produced, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. Format: Modern. In this article I will explain how to play this deck and sideboard plan against a variety of the deck in the meta, starting from the previous list, and the odds from my experiece. With this color mix, you've access to a lot of card that let you to stay alive. And it’s very good at that, but that won’t always work. The deck just struggles when its cards don’t line up, which is far more likely thanks to being more reactive. So where should we start with control in modern? Esper Stoneblade Primer [Modern] Updated: Oct 8, 2019. Tools. But if you insist on playing control, there are still options. Is there a decently playable esper deck in modern? Format: Modern. Anything/Something with Stoneforge MysticShop Now 8. Edit Live Edit. Stoneblade is primarily counters, and if those don’t line up correctly, it’s just finished. Commander 2019 Singles Sealed Product. 6 - 1 Commons. High. Feeds | Jarvis Yu 1,061 views. Discord Server | If you want to find "singular" or "roguish" decks, take a look at the ones with high singularity. Throne of Eldraine Singles Sealed Product. Magic: The Gathering Esports 15,622 views I’ve only played him once in Constructed, with a borrowed Esper Stoneblade deck back in 2012. A high singularity means that the deck is running cards that are less common in that archetype. Deck Help. Latest Sets. Magic Online - Modern League: UW Blade - 1st Run - … ( 10/10/2020 6 of 28 Blade Control: Roberto Sartini: Torneo Medio di Magic - Quarta Edizione: 27/09/2020 8 of 50 Esper Blade: Samuele Dagani: Back DOJO : 30/08/2020 6 of 30 Blade Control: Decoutan: MTGO Legacy Preliminary: 18/08/2020 2 Stoneblade: WhiteFaces: MTGO Legacy Challenge: 27/07/2020 Deck Price: MAIN DECK. Devoted DruidShop Nowcombo 5. Path-Snap-Path then start blocking is the only way to fight out from a creature swarm, a line that fares poorly against swaths of tougher beaters. Stoneblade leans heavily on Batterskull holding the ground. Esper Stoneblade constructed deck list and prices for the Magic the Gathering TCG. With Top banned, control decks have suffered. 38 comments. Toggle navigation. Does Stoneforge Mystic give Modern Maverick Hope? Modern has a breath of new life and I couldn't be more excited. Hello Folks, currently im looking for a modern midrangy -kind of deck. I fell in love with the deck and admittedly loved Oko despite how disgustingly strong he was. Hello, So I've been a huge fan of the Stoneblade package since the unbanning late last summer. Tom Martell tests some Legacy on Magic Online with Esper Stoneblade! If you're looking for a standard build, go for the ones with a lower one. Esper Stoneblade 9.11.2019 Modern WUB (Esper) lvl10cpu. This has been a pretty common talking point within the Modern community for the past few years when it came to the Magic the Gathering banned and restricted announcements and I personally (as a huge fan of fair magic) couldn’t be happier with this outcome. A complete list of the top Modern tier 1 decks updated to November 2020. Statistics; Export. Jarvis Yu 280 views. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. Low. Stoneblade leans heavily on Batterskull holding the ground. The Lotus Box Octagon - Modern 2 on 2020-11-28. Advice for Esper Stoneblade. There is a channel for esper there. If you’re looking for inspiration for a brew, Sam’s content is a fantastic place to start. Playtest v1. Early Disruption. stats for deck esper stoneblade - modern. Pl Deck Player Price; 1st Mono-Blue Tron Mono-Blue Tron Mono-Blue Tron: thomas Davies: 107 tix $ 487 - 2nd Amulet Titan Amulet Titan Amulet Titan: Steven Jacobsen : 214 tix $ 607 - 3rd Humans Humans Humans: Max Vervoort: 376 tix $ 727 - 4th Heliod Company Heliod Company Heliod Company: Eli Tucker: 360 tix $ 678 - 5th Temur Uro Temur Uro … Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Share Tweet Share. Signature Spellbook: Gideon ... Modern Horizons Singles … 85% Upvoted. I was not good at it. Check out Kogamo’s build of StoneBlade; a recent 5-0 deck list: View this post on Instagram. Listing; Spoiler; Compact Type: Deck Idea Format: mod Modern All cards legal Approx. Tom Martell tests some Legacy on Magic Online with Esper Stoneblade! Or opponent’s will kill the ‘Skull, and there goes the whole plan.