The steel plate appears to be an epoxy(?) The advantage: more safety for the visitor, less risk for the operator. 10+ in stock. add-on, so I figured it should be quite possible to mould/press the fitting for it to a smaller carabiner, without too much weight penalty. The steel insert at the apex prevents premature wear and sharp edges from appearing. EDELRID has closed this safety loophole with the revolutionary Smart Belay―a system of communicating pulley-carabiners. Add to cart. It also makes sense to use them on crux bolts when working routes, to avoid battering the karabiner on the bolt too much. For their newest locking carabiners, the entire goal was to create a locker that could easily rotate through eyelets, like a bolt hanger or belay device. Edelrid HMS Bulletproof Screw Carabiner, Slate, 737250006630, MPN: 737250006630, UPC: 4052285661410, Code: 1EP-CL4-LTPFS-737250006630 Compare ( 0 ) 1 item has been added If one carabiner is open the other carabiner realizes this, and - used properly - it will not open until the other carabiner is clipped and closed on the safety cable. GEAR CARABINER. The GigaJul is a belay device that allows the user to switch from assisted to “manual” mode. The Edelrid Pure Screw is a small screwgate carabiner with improved handling and a weight saving construction. Edelrid Pure Screw. 3. Original price. The integrated pulley-carabiners are designed specifically for zip-lines and replace the double pulley. PriceGuarantee . Filter — Show Filters. I eventually bought the Edelrid steel HMS carabiner to pair with the Jul2, which works perfectly. $124.00. Edelrid HMS Strike FG . High-rope courses with conventional self-belay devices still harbor the risk of visitors accidentally disengaging themselves completely from the safety wire. Robust HMS carabiner with Keylock closure. The Mega Jul is Edelrid’s most versatile belay and abseil device made of solid stainless steel for durability. Keylock closure system for optimum handling when clipping and unclipping, H-profile construction ensures best use of material and minimal weight, Available with and without belay loop retainer clip. Accidental complete disconnection from the safety wire is therefore practically impossible. Edelrid Mega Jul | $29.95 ★★★★. UKClimbing is a vibrant web site with rich content and an amazing community. If one carabiner is open the other carabiner realizes this, and when will not open until the other carabiner is clipped and closed on the safety cable. Highly recommend Edelrid products as I have a number of them and … The Edelrid HMS Bullet Screw is a large robust HMS carabiner with a wide gate opening size and keylock closure for a clean snag-free nose when clipping and un-clipping. Tech specs. The ideal belay carabiner for those use to the traditional locking design. At first, the company made braids and cords. $70.95. Edelrid Belay Device and Carabiner vs others. $19.95. Great for running belay devices or connecting to other hardware. Ocun WeBee Lady Set $ 239.95; CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Carabiners (or Karabiners, Krabs, Crabs, Biners!) Check it out: The Edelrid Bulletproof carabiner is a hybrid carabiner that combines the benefits of steel and aluminium. ... Edelrid Aranya Accessory Carabiner £3.95 £4.50. We got an early set of the basic Bulletproof months ago, and have been using it as a quickdraw combination for some time. In the end, a Steel carabiner+ Jul2 is still cheaper and lighter than a Grigri + aluminum carabiner… Edelrid. Great for running belay devices or connecting to other hardware. The self-belay revolution! Edelrid say: The name says it all, an innovative & robust hybrid carabiner. Carrying a couple of these as quickdraw sets when sport climbing will save wear on your rope and everyone else's lower-offs. Edelrid Mega Jul. The Edelrid Mega Jul is a pretty special bit of kit. Ideal for use with a belay device or for belay stations. Bulletproofs in stock + lots of Edelrid climbing hardware. Accessory Carabiners. It is available in a variety of styles and sets including a quickdraw set and a belay set with the Mega JUL. Edelrid HMS Strike FG $ 49.95; Select options. Edelrid Giga Jul . Edelrid Attila £72.00 £80.00. Carabiners are a key part of any belay chain. The end result is a karabiner that combines the lightness of a normal aluminium model, with the strength and wear-resistance, where it really matters, of a steel karabiner. Make Offer - Edelrid carabiner For Climbing. The steel insert adds surprisingly little weight, so unless you are going super-lightweight on alpine or mountain trad, then the extra mass really isn't an issue. Small screw gate carabiner for all vertical activities. Features - H-profile construction ensures best possible use of material and minimal weight - Keylock closure mechanism for optimum handling when clipping and unclipping. Edelrid Bulletproof Bent Gate Carabiner The name says it all. But the Bulletproof is a real step forward. It is really with the bigger HMS karabiner used for belays or top-roping that the Bulletproof stands out as an exceptional realisation of a practical idea. Small eyelet for releasing unit with a carabiner when bringing up your partner Suitable for 7.8 - 10.5 mm double and twin ropes The spring bar of the HMS Bulletproof Screw FG holds the carabiner in place when belaying to prevent cross loading 4.8 out of 5 stars 141. The review is very nice and the product genuinely  interesting. COVID-19 Update: We are open - accepting & shipping orders | … This improves handling for better stance organization or … The Pure Screw features a keylock closure system that helps to prevent annoying snagging when clipping and unclipping, and its H-Profile construction sheds weight where possible without compromising strength for a lighter carry. If one carabiner is open the other carabiner realizes this, and when being utilized properly – will not open until the other carabiner is clipped and closed on the safety cable. Edelrid Attila £72.00 £80.00. xs edelrid harness with storage bag, carabiner & belay. Steel Oval Twist Weight: 192 g Easy-to-handle steel carabiner for various applications, e.g. ZUBEHOER. EDELRID are a German climbing gear manufacturing company, founded in 1863. Julius Edelmann was a salesman and mountaineer, Carl Ridder a technician, who specialised in braiding machines. An innovative bit of design means that the Mega Jul auto-locks when the climber falls, once locked you can lower them by … You can expect durability and longevity out of this device thanks to its stainless steel construction. You can help us by becoming a UKC Supporter. The Edelrid HMS Bulleptroof Screw carabiner is designed for ultimate durability, thanks to a special stainless steel insert which prevents wear from both rope friction and bolt hangers.