Volcano boarding on Cerro Negro Nicaragua is one of the most fun things to do in the country. We booked a special tour with pick up in Managua, visit Cerro Negro, and drop off in Popoyo. Given its steep slope (41 degrees), it’s a thrill for adrenaline junkies. One of the most ultimate adventures is volcano boarding from Cerro Negro near the city of Leon. Cerro Negro is close to Leon, the most interesting city in the country. More info. From the first email I sent, questions about the tour, to the reservation, Highly professional, fun and informative. Read our practical guide covering everything you need to know before ticking volcano boarding off your extreme activities bucket list. Your email address will not be published. On and around the volcano lies a big layer of volcanic ash and rocks. This volcano is completely covered with volcanic rocks one on side and black sand on the other, which allows enjoying a unique, adrenaline-filled adventure: Volcano Sandboarding. Hike up to the top of Cerro Negro, the youngest and most active volcano of Central America and be rewarded with marvelous views of the surrounding volcanos. Read my post The Best Things To Do In Iceland. The 728 meter high volcano is still active! Then enjoy the thrill of sliding down this active volcano. With a recently waxed board and a little luck, you’ll zoom right down: r umor has it … It’s the kind of place you visit with close to zero expectations and end up falling in love with it, with its incredible vibe, with its welcoming people, to the point that you will want to go again and again. they were flexible when we added another couple at the last minute and they accommodated, Free Cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, Hotels near (MGA) Augusto C Sandino Airport, Hotels near Universidad Iberoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnologia, Hotels near Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Hotels near National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Hotels near Universidad Popular de Nicaragua, Hotels near Universidad Centroamericana de Ciencias Empresariales (UCEM), Catedral Metropolitana Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria, Puerto Salvador Allende: Tickets & Tours���, Antigua Catedral de Managua: Tickets & Tours���, Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario: Tickets & Tours���, The National Palace of Culture...: Tickets & Tours���, Mercado Roberto Huembes: Tickets & Tours���, Airport Shuttle Managua: Tickets & Tours���, Discover and book Private Cerro Negro Volcano Sandboarding on Tripadvisor, Private transport by private air conditioned vehicle, Confirmation will be received at time of booking, Not recommended for travelers with back problems, No heart problems or other serious medical conditions, A minimum of 2 people per booking is required, Dress code is smart casual (tropical and hiking clothing). Its last big eruption occurred in 1999. I have hiked many volcanoes in my life, but one thing I never thought I’d do was volcano boarding. View and download my media kit here (updated July 2019). When Cerro Negro —Nicaragua’s youngest volcano—last erupted in 1999, boulders tumbled down the western slope, creating a rocky, ascendable path. This is an extreme activity on an active volcano that can be done sitting down on a rustic design ski boards, Kind of like snowboarding except … At Casa Ivana, we work with a locally-owned and run tour company that offers Cerro Negro volcano boarding adventures for ONLY $26 ! Think of it as like snowboarding - or sand boarding - except on the black lava of an imposing volcano. You all know about my passion for volcanoes, of which I became fully aware of only once I traveled to Central America. The people at the BosaTour were amazing. An eruption in 1999 has left a wide border of black, volcanic material around … The hike up lasts about 45 minuets. Only your group will participate. Drivers are wel, My cousin and I was with Bosa tours for 3 days and the amount of things we learned and the sights we saw was beyond, We used Bosa Tours & Travel for two site seeing adventures. They look so mighty, so imposing, that you can’t help but feeling attracted to them. It consists of a gravelly basaltic cinder cone, which contrasts greatly with the surrounding verdant hillsides, and gives rise to its name, which means Black Hill. This is an extreme activity on an active volcano that can be done by using rustic design ski boards, kind of like snowboarding except that we do it on fine volcanic … Being appropriately dressed is of the utmost importance when hiking a volcano, and even more so when volcano boarding Cerro Negro. Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding Perhaps the most well-known tourist attraction of Leon is volcano boarding down Cerro Negro volcano. Designated a protected area, Cerro Negro provides the breathtaking location for this action packed tour, starting with an early morning transfer by 4WD truck. Experience volcano boarding on this adventurous 5-hour tour from León. The sport is also practiced on Mt. Cerro Negro Boarding If you are an adventurous person that is looking for something different, then volcano boarding at Cerro Negro is a great opportunity. Once again, it is all a matter of choosing the right balance between fun, adrenaline, and safety: it’s up to each and one of us to decide the speed to which we are sliding down, and to break when going too fast. Quick View. It is the youngest volcano in Central America and its last eruption happened in 1999, but don't worry its activity is monitored regularly. Sliding down Cerro Negro implies a short but somehow tough hike to its top. Needless to say, sunset views from there are simply breathtaking. Thank you for your review, we appreciate it. The Cerro Negro volcano is a young and unique volcano. This fairly young, still active volcano is a pile of black sand and rock. Private Cerro Negro Volcano Sandboarding price starts from $187.00. $209.12 per adult. Cerro Negro is a half day tour from Leon (if you would rent a car be aware that the road to the volcano is very rough). It’s one of those adventurous things you will look back and go ‘I’m so glad I did that!’ Cerro Negro Boarding was a highlight of my time in Central America and I hope you consider adding it to your Nicaragua backpacking itinerary. In this post, I explain what you should know and expect when volcano boarding Cerro Negro and share some practical tips to make the most of it. Which company provides Private Cerro Negro Volcano Sandboarding? Elizabeth did a GREAT job of helping us secure our tours. Between the hike, the actual volcano boarding, and the gorgeous views, the experience is a lot of fun: it is worth every cent and I would totally do it again (sending someone to slide before me, so I manage to catch some speed this time). Hi, my name is Claudia. Of these, a few surround Leon and some are close to Granada, Nicaragua tourist hot spot. They are all in the range of $35 USD. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Make sure to read my post “A Complete Guide To Leon Nicaragua.”. Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding. I tried to catch as much speed as possible, but I was by far the lightest in my group, yet went before everyone else, with the result that I went down terribly slow, while the rest of the group went very fast. It took me a few showers to get rid of the dust and tiny dark pebbles from my hair! It is also a unique tourism scenario providing a stunning natural setting, the opportunity to hike an active cone and see its crater, and canopy lines available for visitors. Riders hike up the volcano and slide down, sitting or standing, on a thin plywood or metal board. 5 stars and fully recommended. We are glad to know you and your group had a good time with us visiting Cero Negro and the transfer towards Popoyo. Some tourist sites mentioned may be closed due to COVID restrictions. Volcano boarding on Cerro Negro, Nicaragua is one of a kind! Elizabeth and her team are amazing. Cerro Negro has … Our professional staff operates customized tours with truly inspiring guides and local experts, and our trips are crafted with a fair dose of creativity, care, and attention; ensuring memorable and enriching experiences. I hiked Maderas, in Ometepe island. Pretty much any time you look around in Nicaragua, there is a volcano in sight. Volcano boarding outside of Leon Nicaragua is a must for anyone that like adrenelene junky sports. It is a very new volcano, the youngest in Central America, having first appeared in April 1850. And two make up Ometepe Island. Sure you can board down sand dunes in Peru , Colorado, Chile, Australia and other places, but no where else offers boarding an active volcano! Cerro Negro is the youngest volcano is Central America, and is also one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua with its last eruption being in 1999. Discover and book Private Cerro Negro Volcano Sandboarding on Tripadvisor. The landscape that surrounds Cerro Negro is lush: the vegetation at its bottom is thick, thanks to the incredibly fertile soil. Some people simply choose to go too fast and then lose control of the board. Contents. The incredible sight of Volcan Momotombo in Nicaragua. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. What makes the climb difficult is having to carry the wooden board all the way up, and fighting the strong wind which, although providing a good break from the almost unbearable heat of Leon, literally swipes away – especially when the wooden boards act like sails! (This was a full day, Our visit was extremely MAGNIFICIENT!!!! But it is volcano boarding Cerro Negro that gave me the most thrilling experience. Our guide, Leonel, was very knowledgeable about the entire area, including Leon. If you are an adventurous person that is looking for something different, sand boarding at Cerro Negro volcano is a great opportunity for you! The day of our trip, we loaded up in the back of a huge truck for the ride out to Cerro Negro. The descent is more or less fast, depending on your actual weight, on how many people have paved the track beforehand, and – obviously – on how you manage the board. Volcano boarding, in case you’re unfamiliar with the sport, is basically sledding down an ash-covered volcano. Gearing up for volcano boarding – photo courtesy of Andrew White (flickr). For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. The most popular slope is the Cerro Negro near Leon in western Nicaragua. The entrance fee to the protected area costs $5 USD. Cerro Negro is an active volcano in the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range in Nicaragua, about 10 km from the village of Malpaisillo. This is the only place where you can go volcano boarding in Nicaragua – and to my knowledge, the only place to do volcano boarding in the world. Cerro Negro first appeared in April of 1850 and is the ‘youngest’ volcano in Central America. Hike and volcano boarding on Cerro Negro Learn how your comment data is processed. The steep slopes of this black volcano lack any vegetation. These are the best guided Cerro Negro volcano boarding experiences. Formed by the first eruption in 1850, it is also the youngest volcano in Central America. Cerro Negro is located near the city of Leon and is reached within a 50 minute drive. Peer the crater that is seeping sulfur into the air and the stunning scenery. But when we approached the top the wind became TOO strong! Cerro Negro Volcano and 1/2 day tour of Managua. Learn more about me here…. Price usually includes admission fee to the park, a snack and sometimes a volcano boarding shirt to show other people how cool you are. It is a great colonial city. Needless to say, if you go volcano boarding, regardless of any protective gear, you are bound to get covered in dark dust at least on the face and hair. Follow me as I fill my life with dreams, drop the weight and inspire you to live your dreams. Once at the top, you will be handed a pair of overalls, leather gloves and goggles to wear for the descent. Leon also is the home of two volcanic lagoons Asososca and Monte Galan. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching. Volcano surfing or volcano boarding, is a sport performed on volcano slopes. There is no public transportation to go all the way to the base of the volcano, and the road is quite bumpy, so the best way to get there is on a 4WD truck. In the event of this occurring, you will be offered an alternative. 1) Sandboarding down Cerro Negro Volcano (8 people), The Bosa guides who took us volcano boarding spoke emglish well and were very engaging and warm. Review of Cerro Negro Volcano. There’s no place to rent the boards used for volcano boarding anywhere near Cerro Negro, so the most time and cost effective way to enjoy this experience is on a guided tour departing from Leon. Cerro Negro Volcano Trail is a 1.6 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Rota, León, Nicaragua that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. Private Cerro Negro Volcano Sandboarding cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. Our boards began acting like sails, the wind pushing us all over the place like rag-dolls. I Love Nicaragua!!! That’s snowboarding on a volcano! There are various companies that offer volcano boarding. Company: Bigfoot Hostel or Quetzaltrekkers. Cerro Negro Volcano Cerro Negro is the youngest volcano in Nicaragua and one of the smallest ones with 650 meters. Yasur on Tanna, Vanuatu and Mt. Bigfoot invented the sport in 2004, and has put Leon on the map for backpackers across the world! Cerro Negro volcano surfing will be one of the craziest most exhilarating travel experiences of your life. Nicaragua is a volcanic country, so be ready to have some fun. We did supermama and a few othe, We loved Nicaragua, secure and beautifull country, specially with Bosa Tour operators mas their helpfulness and obj, Excellent service and communication. Vapues Travel is a leading Nicaragua DMC, specialized in experiential and sustainable travel.