Here, you can walk along boardwalks enveloped by trees and surrounded by the sounds of the swamp. Bulls Island Recreation Area In Hunterdon County the Round Valley Reservoir is a premier location for winter waterfowl activity; and in Morris County, the Jersey City Reservoir in … The vestiges of prehistoric Lake Passaic are having a western flycatcher fest this season. First, a Say’s Phoebe spent a morning at the Great Swamp NWR on April 23. Lewis Morris Park. The report below shows observations of rare birds in Morris County. As far as is known, this is the first record of a Red Phalarope in Morris County since September 1, 1990, when one was located at Boonton Reservoir by two giants in the history of New Jersey birding, Rich Kane and Tom Halliwell. Alfred and Elizabeth Kay moved to Chester, New Jersey from Pittsburgh, Pa in 1924 where upon they bought several small farms. Be smart. Also, Red Phalarope juveniles are further along in their molt cycle than Red-necked Phalaropes at this time of the year. We also prevent birds from roosting in unwanted areas. Either way you will be supporting birding in New Jersey. The significance of this? This is the first documented Nelson’s Sparrow for Morris County that mocosocoBirds is aware of. Thanks to Bergen County Audubon Society, I’ve been introduced to a few. A few people looked but the Nelson’s Sparrow was not relocated. This is the first known record for this species in Morris County since David Harrison found one at the same location on September 28, 1989. In order to KEEP PARKS OPEN and all visitors a safe distance from one another ⚠️ visit close to home, ⚠️ mask up, and ⚠️ make your stay short. Garret Mountain, Woodland Park. In recent years, Troy Meadows Road has become as much of a reliable Mourning Warbler stopover as any. View local eBird checklists in the mocosocoBirds region via eBird’s Region Explorer. Nestled in Morris County, Great Swamp is an absolutely beautiful birding spot. Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park THESE LOCATIONS WERE OVERRUN YESTERDAY Tom also has the only other known Red Phalarope record for Morris County from Lake Musconetcong on August 12, 1982. The New Jersey shoreline is home to a multitude of avian species, including gulls, swallows, herons and eagles. › New Jersey › Morristown › Bird Watching. Well maintained trail, easy and non-technical. There are unbelievable birding spots in and around Bergen County. Late September is the earliest this species arrives in the state. We do PERMANENT Morris County rodent control the first time, by trapping, removing, and sealing your house shut. Jeff heard a diagnostic high-pitched call which helped to clinch the identification. Hiking in Morris County, New Jersey. Bird Watchers mainly are there from fall through spring, when there is less people around. Today the Black River County park … Even June records are rare. NJ residents can call 211 with questions or concerns about COVID-19 and to learn resources available to them. Well-maintained and marked trails traverse the Sanctuary, ranging in length from 0.3 miles to 1.3 miles and passing through upland deciduous forest, fields, woodland, and the floodplain along the headwaters of the Passaic River. This vies with Forsythe as the second-best place in New Jersey to see birds, according to Barnes. Interesting rarities have appeared in New Jersey during the past few months dominating the state’s birding attention. Garret Mountain, according to Pete Bacinski, of the New Jersey … I have to say, North Jersey gets a bad rep, but don’t believe what you hear! The previous four records are Stone Harbor in May of 2002, Cape May October 2014, and two in 2019, September 25 in Cape May, and October 5 at Sandy Hook. The mocosocoBirds Facebook page is located here and also posts timely information not found on the mocosocoBirds web site. The Cora Hartshorn Arboretum encompasses 16.5 acres in Millburn Township. This is a historic sighting. One can follow mocosocoBirds at Twitter or link to @mocosocoBirds. @mocosocoBirds at Twitter is another communications stream. Get reviews and contact details for each business including videos, opening hours and more. The Sourland Mountain Preserve offers an array of watchable wildlife including many species of migrating and nesting birds. Mocosoco Birds publishes reports of interesting birds and nature-related happenings in the New Jersey counties of Morris and Somerset. Accessibility: The trail surface is paved, smooth, and typically at least six feet wide. In the end, Red Phalarope won out over Red-necked. Fortunately, he was able to capture the moment with a camera. It is super popular in the summer with beachgoers. Here are four of my favorites: Meadowlands Environmental Center/DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst, NJ Certainly worth a visit! That is thirty years and twenty-five days ago. Late in the day on Saturday, October 3, 2020, Steve Kolb was across from the Hyatt Hotel near the intersection of Jefferson and Smith Roads in Parsippany. Looking to go birding in New Jersey? Click on a birding trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews. American Golden-Plover, Roxbury Twp., Morris Co., NJ, Sep. 21, 2020 (photo by Clint Robinson), July Record of White-crowned Sparrow in New Jersey. This trail can connect with several other trails. The previous night’s heavy migration dumped an impressive bounty of birds in the Morris area. Use the following links: The eBird Hotspot Primer is here and can also be accessed via the Hotspot menu item on the website. The 8,000 acre Refuge, located in Morris County, New Jersey, provides excellent recreational opportunities for visitors as well as protecting valuable habitat for wildlife. Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s Birds of the World online encyclopedia is here. The refuge consists of 7,768 acres of varied habitats, and the refuge has become an important resting and feeding area for more than 244 species of birds. See that post here. Lake Parsippany does not qualify as a pelagic destination but for reasons best reserved for the species themselves to divulge, a Red Phalarope, one of the most ocean-faring of shorebird species, spent the day at the southern end of the lake, viewed by many observers. Worthington State Forest, Learn social distancing tips in our video:, UPDATES ON COVID-19 in NJ And many of those species can be seen at this center. 17 Floral Street, Chatham Township, New Jersey, US (40.731, -74.406) 20. Vermilion Flycatcher, Troy Meadows, Morris Co., NJ, May 26, 2020 (photo by Ted O’Reilly), (Click on the photo for a larger image at Cornell’s Macaulay Library). The latest tweets appear on the sidebar of this page. The time frame of its appearance since 2014 falls within May 19-31, occasionally with multiple individuals observed. The New Jersey Bird Records Committee web site is here and contains the list of accepted records, the list of review species, and annual reports. World Series of Birding 2016. You can donate on line at the below web site or mail a check directly to me, Payable to NJAS-WSB and mail it to me at: 173 Carolyn Road, Union, NJ 07083-9424 and I will forward your check to New Jersey Audubon. The present environmental building which is the home of the N.J. Office of Nature Conservatory was originally their summer home until 1994 when the Morris County Park Commission acquired the building and 45 acres of land. Two Mourning Warblers were seen as recent as May 26, 2020. Find birds and bird supplies in Morris County, NJ on Yellowbook. logo design courtesy of The Haller Company Web01 11/26/2020 01:04 Quite a remarkable find in this unforgettable year of 2020. The latest tweets appear on the sidebar of this page. It already appears on the county list but without annotation. Grab your binoculars and check out the best birdwatching spots near Morris Plains, NJ. Area Birds of Interest. Stay close to home. . Instant field reports and links of interest are tweeted as they occur. That is thirty years and twenty-five days ago. He then made the right turn onto Troy Brook where the Vermilion Flycatcher was found. As far as is known, this is the first record of a Red Phalarope in Morris County since September 1, 1990, when one was located at Boonton Reservoir by two giants in the history of New Jersey birding, Rich Kane and Tom Halliwell. Great for a Sunday afternoon walk through the woods. The Sourlands is especially known for its nesting birds on the edges of their breeding areas including Summer Tanager, Winter Wren, and Black-Capped and Carolina Chickadees. Doryce Wheeler photographed a White-crowned Sparrow in her Bridgewater yard. The skinny peninsula of Sandy Hook goes for 6 miles off the New Jersey coast toward Lower New York Bay. Lots of ups and downs on the undulating hills. Easy paved path between Loantaka Way and South Street. Instant field reports and links of interest are tweeted as they occur. So for the next six to eight weeks, go just about anywhere you have a sweeping view of the sky to the north - the county's Freylingheusen Arboretum or the Central Park of … 2,136 photos. This is the area of the eBird hotspot, Jefferson Rd. Preface. The best bird guide and bird watching search engine to identify birds in the world! Jeff Ellerbusch describes this particular individual as a “hatch-year Red Phalarope pretty far along into first pre-basic molt.” The phalarope’s identification was in question for a while this afternoon based on in-person observation and photo study as the bird showed conflicting characteristics of both Red and Red-necked Phalaropes. State Parks were overrun on May 2. Sandy Hook is the “perfect storm” to make it one of the best spots for birding. This is also known as Horseshoe Lake and is the trailhead for the West Morris Greenway. Bird Watching in NJ Short Hills, New Jersey The Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary is a non-profit organization which serves as a cultural and educational center for the residents of … As Steve was trying for a squirrel photo, one particular bird piqued Steve’s curiosity and he fired off a number of photos of the Ammospiza species he was seeing. A black morph of the Eastern Gray Squirrel caught Steve’s attention and he attempted to get a photograph of it. 1,415 reviews VIEW FULL MAP. Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s Birds of the World online encyclopedia is here. Mallards, Black Ducks, and Canadian Geese will generally stay despite the ice-over of their prime pond, lake, and reservoir habitats. Separating the three phalarope species (Red, Red-necked, and Wilson’s) can be a daunting task in fall migration. New Jersey's wide variety of distinct habitats and location on the Atlantic Flyway make it a great place for bird watchers to enjoy over 400 different species of birds. Explore the most popular bird watching trails near Morristown with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers and nature lovers like you. Another sighting that has historic value for Morris County, is the American Golden-Plover found and photographed by Clint Robinson on September 21 at Freund Park, Roxbury Township.