Sanma are popular in autumn when their fat content is high, and often sprinkled with citrus juice such as lemon juice, sudachi juice (see below) or ponzu. Plan a trip to Japan between October and December, and you will be absolutely in love with the many beautiful spots for autumn leaves. autumn. Photo about Vibrant autumn colors and traditional Japanese architecture in Kyoto. So go ahead if you’re thinking about visiting Japan in Autumn, it really is one of the best times to visitd epending on what you want to do. Momiji is the Japanese maple, one of the most beautiful trees during the autumn, with its leaves turning slowly from a fresh green to a bright yellow, a warm orange and finally an intense red. It’s supposed to look completely round and exceptionally bright and beautiful at this time. Jozankei, a 1-hour drive from Sapporo, is a popular hot spring area and a scenic spot in Hokkaido. Kazuho 和穂 peace + harvest The association of kigo with a particular season may be obvious, though sometimes it is more subtle. In addition, there are many beautiful locations that are deep relation between autumn leaves and river, traditional house, night view and much more. Probably this is because it’s harvest season and there is a huge glut of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears and persimmons (see above ). Mount Fuji with red autumn leaf. , Your email address will not be published. Typically, Japan’s autumn foliage season starts in mid September in the Hokkaido region. Daigoji Temple in Autumn, Kyoto, Japan. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Source: Romance Hanamizuki (Japanese only) The fifteenth of the eighth month in the ancient calendar (sometime between mid-September and the beginning of October in the modern day) is known as juugoya, the … Akie 秋江 autumn + bay, creek Kawaii-fy your life with a box filled with thoughtfully curated kawaii items. Japan. In Japan, the … The Japanese maple leaf is known for its deep red hue, while other deciduous trees parade about in shades of yellow, orange, gold, and brown. From mid-November to early December, the trees turn vivid hues of red, orange, and yellow. Japan is famous for its four distinct and breathtaking seasons, and many visitors to the country often consider the Japanese autumn to be the most beautiful. Shinjuku Gyoen Park in autumn, Tokyo, Japan. Perhaps you already know that the seasons are very important in Japan. Indefinite Every season in Japan is unique, offering its own version of the country’s scenery as well as exciting opportunities to discover authentic Japanese culture.. The word tsukmi contains the kanji 月 (tsuki, moon) and 見 (mi, view or watch). The viewing of autumn leaves has been a popular activity in Japan for centuries and today draws large numbers of travelers to famous koyo spots both in the mountains and in the cities. Kawaii-fy your life with a box filled with thoughtfully curated kawaii items. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Viewing period: early to late October. It’s for the purpose of promoting art and academic endeavor. This is when the moon is at its furthest point away from the earth. Oirase Stream is a body of Lake Towada, which is the largest … More info: Mt.Asahi: Welcome the First Coming of Autumn @Hokkaido’s Highest Mountain. The color crimson has always been special for Japanese people for centuries, traditionally used in literature, textiles such as kimono, and other Japanese arts, and it’s associated with autumn because of the burning autumnal tints. Japanese names associated with season: Autumn Names with the kanji that represents autumn. In Japan, autumn is known as the best season for hearty eating. Mizuho 瑞穂 auspicious + harvest It’s the one I used. A backdrop of fall foliage adds extra charm to the historical buildings and townscapes, and the city streets come alive with autumn festivals. The bright orange colour evokes autumnal feelings for many Japanese! Minoru 実 fruit Monthly Cute Subscription Box from Japan! 6 Months. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, 12 Beautiful and Untranslatable Japanese Words, 35+ Awesome Japanese Winter Words You Need To Know, FREE Websites for Japanese Reading Practice (At Every Level). Explore Lose Yourself in the Seasonal Wonderland of Okayama Prefecture Exquisite fall foliage, a crow-colored castle, a legend about an ogre-slaying peach-boy. That means that if you make a purchase after clicking on a link from my site, I may earn a commission – at no extra cost to you. Koyo describes foliage with red and yellow colors, while Momiji (紅葉) specifically applies to the intensely red maple leaves that … It might also be because we want to eat more as the weather gets cooler, in preparation for a cold winter. Please check your email now and confirm your subscription. Japanese names associated with season: Autumn. The festival has several themed venues, each with their own unique vibe, vendors, and dishes. Akiyoshi 秋吉 autumn + luck Your email address will not be published. Rakuyou means fallen or shedded leaves. Fall Foliage: Fall foliage in Japan is not a formal event, but it is by far the most celebrated part of the season. If you can't see any email from me, please check your spam folder and add me to your safe sender list! Back in the early 11th century when lady-in-waiting Murasaki Shikibu penned Tales of the Genji, famously the worlds first novel, she waxed lyrical about the autumn leaves, cherry blossom festivals, wisteria leaves and fireflies. In Japan, autumn is said to be the season of hearty appetites, and there’s no better place to enjoy it than Sapporo City. Hodaka 穂高 harvest + high Kurama Fire Festival. Genki 弦輝 string, chord + shine Most of … From the delicious foods to the beautiful fall foliage, autumn is undoubtedly my favorite season. Autumn in Japan generally begins in early to mid-October, from Japan’s northernmost prefectures, in Hokkaido and Aomori. ). There are many autumn festivals in Japan, held between September and November. It is also a time to savour many delicious Japanese autumn food varieties. After the kouyou comes rakuyou. Japan’s autumn leaves “front” starts here, on Japan’s northern island, in mid-September. Indeed, the route is often regarded one of the best autumn leaves spots in Japan. Soichiro 奏一郎 play (the instrument) + one + young man, son 2. It takes place around the date of the autumn equinox in early autumn. Address: Jozankei, Minami Ward, … What makes autumn in Japan so special? Here are some cool names that include 秋. Akio 秋生 autumn + life Japan in Autumn . It’s the one I used. Kamikochi is only accessible from mid-April to mid-November, and autumn in Japan is particularly beautiful here. This makes momiji areas some of the most popular spots for kouyou (autumn leaf) viewing. Autumn is a best season of purple, pear, sermon and “matsutake mushroom” which is a Japanese high grade mashroom used for Japanese traditional meals. the … Shiho 幸穂 happiness + harvest The Pacific saury, called “ sanma ” (秋刀魚) in Japan, is one of the foodstuffs most strongly associated with autumn. Spring and summer bring the blossoming of sakura and hydrangeas, … Including kanji that are related to art is very popular for names for autumn-born children. There is a difference in altitude and temperature in Nagano, so visitors can look to a lot of kinds of leaf-peeping. Kasa sashite/ Haha ya okurete/ Aki no ame Holding the umbrella, The mother is behind. September Events in Japan Otsukimi - Moon Viewing Festivals All Across Japan. Due to its high elevation, the leaves look their best in October. As the lazy days of summer fade away and energy returns, the autumn brings with it wonderful seasonal festivals all … Red maple leaves in autumn at Kawaguchi lake, Kawaguchigo, Japan. Parts of the island with higher elevations, such as Kogen Onsen, Mt. g.src = ''; Autumn is a best season of purple, pear, sermon and “matsutake mushroom” which is a Japanese high grade mashroom used for Japanese traditional meals. The best fall festivals. 秋 noun. We’ve made it through the thick of the summer and now can enjoy some beautiful Autumn weather. Oirase Gorge beautiful river druing the autumn season, Japan. Hiking through the Japan Alps, riding a heart-stopping cable car over dense forests, or simply walking in the park are all good ways to enjoy the bursting autumn … In Japanese this natural phenomenon is called koyo and represented by two kanji that mean crimson and leaf. Oirase Stream, Aomori. Let’s take a look at some essential Japanese vocabulary words to talk about autumn in Japan: Let’s start with 秋 (aki) – the Japanese word for autumn or fall. They are both in the maple family and so lovely and elegant that often used for names associated with autumn. Autumn in Japan - Best Time To Visit! The Autumn Color in Japan themepack comes with the breath-taking pictures in the Full HD 1920x1080 resolution. © 2020 Japanese Names .info All rights reserved. Here, women like to wear eye-catching design of kimonos and stroll down the street or along the garden paths to view beautiful autumn colors. As temperatures dip after the scorching summer, the colors of the leaves change into vibrant shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown. Akira 秋良 autumn + goodness It’s autumn in Japan and the leaves of trees reflect the vivid colors of nature. Shiori 詩織 poetry + weave. In the countryside, a lot of people grow persimmon trees in their gardens too. Shops like Daiso (a famous 100 yen shop) are full of Halloween themed treats at this time of year. Image Source Autumn in Japan ushers in the season to celebrate the new harvest and locals call it “Autumn’s Appetite”, to celebrate and try out the different kinds of seasonal food and ingredients. Related Topics: autumn cuisine autumn leaves chawan mushi dobin mushi four seasons Japanese art Japanese cuisine japanese culture maple leaves matsutake Shinichiro Takagi Will Fee Yumi Ogami Will Fee During his time at Oxford, Will's research focused primarily on Japanese postwar history and literature, with a particular emphasis on the life and work of writer Ōe Kenzaburō. As you know, Japanese people are very fond of arts, this is for what; many artists depict autumn color into their art … Before you embark on a fall trip to Japan, you should always be aware of the fall foliage forecast. Explore. The peak season for autumn leaves in Japan varies by region. I’m happy you liked it! Around October or November, momiji leaves turn the most stunning bright red colour. Well, the Japanese view autumn leaves in a similar fashion: the flushing of the canopies to the colours of a sunset pulls in the crowds to pack out every park up and down the land. Autumn in Japan - Best Time To Visit! In Japan, the 3rd of November is a national holiday called Culture Day. Thus, I am happy to share with … There are plenty of Japanese traditions to celebrate this time of year. A number of food events are held in October, and one of the biggest is the Hokkaido Food Festival. Masaaki 正秋right, correct + autumn Best time for autumn colour: mid September. var rocketlanguages={aff:'tjpn20',language:'japanese',type:'default'}; Autumn in Japan brings with it spectacular scenery of vivid orange, red, and gold splashed across the landscape. This will apply the theme to your Desktop. Fuga 楓我 kaede + myself The cascading Akiu Waterfall in Sendai In Japan, autumn is known as koyo and the natural phenomenon of the leaves changing their colour is called momiji (meaning red leaf). In Japan, people take this seasonal phenomenon to a whole new level, taking the time to look at and appreciate the changing leaves in the same way they hold cherry blossom viewing parties (hanami) in the spring.