They are bred and raised all over the … She is darker and more slender than the hen of that species, with a proportionately longer tail (half her 60–80 cm length). $7.99. $6.99. LA-205 Yellow Golden Juvenile Pheasant $93.75. Red Golden Pheasant Chrysolophus pictus Red Goldens are a favorite of backyard aviculturists because they are hardy and quite easy to raise - not to mention that the males are absolutely stunning in appearance. What does a golden pheasant look like? Please Choose Color: Natural Cock Natural Hen Dyed Olive Dyed Golden Yellow Dyed Black Dyed Chocolate Brown Apr 15, 2019: wanted to buy pheasant eggs ornamental by: john Ornamental Pheasants (Red Golden, Yellow Golden, Cinnamon Golden, Lady Amherst) eggs will you have any for sale please send me a price list of the red golden eggs and yellow golden eggs and lady amhurst eggs thank you please email me at or text me 570-295 7278 It has a pale brown tail with darker tan spots, and brown, rather than blue on its wings. Bishop Auckland, Durham. Shipping is extremely high,but I do ship.Rather you pick them up. The red golden pheasants are most common variety of golden pheasants. Shop For Pheasants at Stromberg's! The beautiful golden pheasant is a well known aviary bird, they are hardy and easy to keep, and are often the first pheasant a beginner acquires. Red golden hen pheasants x3 wanted willing to travel northeast. . She is darker and more slender than the hen of that species, with a proportionately shorter tail … To request that a wing be clipped, please call 1-800-456-3280. SOLD OUT EXCEPT FOR TWO 2020 MALES. The chicks fledge after 12 – 14 days. Gray Jungle Fowl. 20 Ringneck Hen Pheasant Body Plumage Feathers - US Seller. (Immature male's plumage like that of a female.). They have finely barred tail with dark wings. They are good for natural insect control on farms and homesteads, and frequently raised as meat birds. Report. THEY ARE AVAILABLE AS MALE/FEMALE PAIRS AT THIS TIME! Incubation time is around 22 – 23 days. Yellow Golden Pheasant : $100.00 : Full Skin. Enter your name, email address and your question or message and click. The hen … Our birds have been recently tested by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and we hold a Pullorum and Avian ... Peach Pied Golden cock & hen. Checking for a previously submitted rating... Yellow Golden Pheasant - Juvenile - M/F Pair. Males are brightly colored with yellow crown and lower back. The males are very striking birds, sporting their plumage of scarlet red, a silky yellow crest, an orange and black ruff, green upper back feathers … Unusually large for a pure Golden Pheasant; You may be able to see traces of red in the crest besides that at the very tip; Traces of green in the breast; Red in the lower back or rump; A Golden hen should be small, also with yellow legs and no tinge of red in the crown. Please Contact With Details . Females are rusty red with finely barred black feathers. In full colour ready for breeding. Phone ... Amherst 75.00 pr extra males 35.00 ea. / Juvenile Pheasants Yellow Golden Pheasant Mandarin Duck hen and her babies Grey Peacock Pheasants Grey Peacock Pheasant Young Impeyans (Himalayan Monals) ~6-7 months old (male on right) Elliot Pheasant White Crested Kalij Temminck Tragopan Temminck Tragopan Young … these pheasants need buddys because they get lonely i ordered 15 and i gave away 14 and that was a mastake because my yellow golden pheasant was lonely and i am still looking for another one. There are many color phases of the color mutation called yellow golden. Blue wings, crest and ruff are the same as normal golden are the other features. This is an unmistakable pheasant, with a golden-yellow crest with a hint of red at the tip, a golden rump and bright red body. The life span of a Golden Pheasant is 5 – 6 years. Would you like to correct it? Male & Female Yellow Golden Pheasant. Get the best deals on Pheasant Yellow Craft Feathers and find everything you'll need to make your crafting ideas come to life with Report. | Privacy Policy PLEASE NOTE! SOLD OUT. We reserve the right to change or discontinue Free Shipping at any time. Yellow Golden Juvenile Pheasant $ 93.75. The Muscovy Duck is the one domestic duck that is not derived from the Mallard. It's no wonder Sloggers chicken daffodil-yellow shoes are popular. | Your IP Address: Yellow Golden Pheasants come from the mountains of Central China. Impeyan Pheasant with Blue Peacock. Males acquire their bright colours during their second year of life but are sexually mature in their first year. 2019 Jones 200.00 pr,extra hen 100.00. :                                                                                                                                           Yellow Golden Pheasant           $65.00/pair      Hens or Singles:   $45.00  a piece, Red Golden Pheasant           $60.00/pair    Hens oe singles: $40.00 a piece, Reeve's Pheasant                 $60.00/pair      hens or singles:: $40.00, Elliot's Pheasant                   $130.00/pair     Hens or singles:   $80.00. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Perfect for doing chores in your coop and run, or gardening. Yellow Golden Juvenile Pheasant LA-205 0.00. Join the Flock. Reeve's Pheasant $60.00/pair hens or singles:: $40.00. Prairie Ridge Aviary offers the following ornamental pheasants for sale:  Express shipping and box is available at $130 for one bird, $175 for two birds, and $350 for three or four birds. Sorry, they are only available in pairs at this time. The golden pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus) is one of the most popular pheasant species in captivity. They are almost similar to red pheasants only difference is the color where yellow replace the red. Red Golden Pheasant $60.00/pair Hens oe singles: $40.00 a piece. The deep orange "cape" can be spread in display, appearing as an alternating black and orange fan that covers all of the face except its bright yellow eye,with a pinpoint black pupil. Color: Yellow. Pied Golden. Report. By 1955 the Yellow Golden mutants were breeding true. 2 watching. Eligible items are marked on the product details page. Yellow Golden Pheasant - Juvenile - M/F Pair - Ratings and Reviews. Its name comes from the male's beautiful Yellow and gold plumage. The table below shows availability for the next several weeks. ... Yellow golden pheasant. Initial breedings were with a normal hen and normal heterozygous chicks were produced. The plumage and features differ greatly between the sexes. The plumage and features differ greatly between the sexes. / Juvenile Birds This breed may be available for future dates. Free shipping. Your email address appears to be invalid. Your message was sent. They do not require a large aviary and can be kept with other bird species, such as waterfowl, doves, pigeons or peafowl. Applies to delivery addresses in the continental U.S. only. The first ship date for everything in your cart is, These items have been added to your wish list. Name: Posted: 11/23/2020. They are not pinioned. Males have very striking color. Pheasant. These stylish yellow, poultry-patterned clogs are comfortable, waterproof, washable, durable, and easy to slip on.