Botanical name: Quercus imbricaria. Willow oaks are no relation to willows but they seem to soak up water in a similar fashion. It naturally prefers bottom lands, flood plains, and rich upland soils. Quercus virginiana Live Oak 36. A place where you can begin to discover the unique charactertistics of individual trees. The leaf margin is smooth. Cercis canadensis. Features spear-shaped leaves that are 2–5" long , each with a tiny bristle at the tip. Family Name (Scientific and Common): Oak (Fagaceae), Manner of Culture: Landscape Tree  /  Native, Stem (or Trunk) Diameter: More Than The Diameter of a Coffee-Mug, Characteristics of Mature (Brownish) Bark: Lines Go Up-Down, Length of Leaf (or Leaflet): Between the Length of a Credit Card and a Writing-Pen, Patterns of Main-Veins on Leaf (or Leaflet): Pinnate, Change in Color of Foliage in October: Changes to Yellow, Size of Individual Flower: Smaller than a Quarter, Fruit Desirable to Birds or Squirrels: Yes, Louisville Plants That Are Most Easily Confused With This One: Members of the willow family. Willow oak (Quercus phellos) is a common oak, deciduous with simple leaves. Morella cerifera Wax Myrtle 35. There is probably a forest right in your own back yard. Steve Nix is a natural resources consultant and a former forest resources analyst for the state of Alabama. Willow Oak: Favorite Wildlife Food and Landscape Tree. Willow Oaks is an incredibly rich and bountiful recreational hunting property. Virginia Pine 41. A member of the Willow Family (Salicaceae), black willow is a small to medium-sized tree 30 to 60 ft high and about 14 inches in diameter with a broad, irregular crown and a superficial root system. Lobatae), native to the eastern and south-central United States, found in all the coastal states from New Jersey to Texas, and inland as far as Oklahoma, Kentucky, and southern Missouri. Page prepared by: Tolerates poorly drained soil. Leaves 4-6 inches long, also lance shaped.....Shingle Oak 18. Blackjack Oak (Quercus marilandica) Height 20-50' Characteristics: The leaves are up to 7 inches long, leathery, with a brown, very hairy under-surface. American persimmon 40. Post Oak, a Common Tree in North America. The most significant particularity of the willow oak is the shape of its leaves, which are narrow and slender and very similar to that of the willow tree. Trees, like all named biological organisms, have both common and scientific (Latin bi-nomial) names. Pinus virginiana. Information about the Shingle Oak Moderately drought-tolerant in most soils, Red Oak is well-suited as a street tree and other areas with at least fair soil. or Willow Oak. Both names are listed for each tree species covered in this handbook. Quercus nigra, the water oak, is an oak in the red oak group (Quercus sect. Simple and compound refer to whether or not a leaf the leaf is divided. Pinus taeda. This is a desirable landscaping plant especially for along streets or boulevards and golf courses. In his publication, Deciduous Trees & Shrubs of Central Minnesota, Stephen G. Saupe, Ph.D., biology professor, has offered silhouettes of some of the common species in Minnesota as well as throughout North America. To make sure you are looking at a leaf and not a leaflet, look … This area of North Carolina is regarded as the states trophy belt for whitetail deer and Willow Oaks is known to be one of its garden spots. Louisville Plants That Are Most Easily Confused With This One: Members of the willow family. Alternate, Simple, Smooth 33. The acorn crop begins at about 15 years of age and continues as the tree matures. Where do willow oak trees grow? Best planted in the spring from the field (spring, summer or fall from containers) in full sun or part shade, Red Oak does best in well … Simple Leaves: Lobed and Unlobed. Unique Morphological Features of Plant: This plant has simple not complex leaves unlike most members of the oak family. Bringing you personalized door hangers, custom monograms, wall art, and anything else you can imagine. It is a member of the red oak family and has distinctive longish, linear leaves to a 5" length maximum. Diospyros virginiana. One of the interesting facts about willow oak trees is their relation to red oaks. Scarlet Oak, A Top 100 Common Tree in North America. Simple leaves have a single blade attached to a stem known as a petiole. Balsam fir The leaves of Shingle oak are green, glossy, oblong oval, and up to 20 cm (7.9 in) long. Compound leaves have multiple blades known as leaflets. The willow oak naturally ranges from New Jersey to Florida and as far west as Texas. It occurs in lowlands and up to … You can also distinguish this oak from willows because of the … Common Name Latin Name Common Name Latin Name ; Conifers: Evergreen . Instead, willow oaks have narrow willow … Willow Oak "Pin Oak" (Quercus phellos) Height 50-80' Characteristics: This oak is named for its willow-like leaves. The Weeping Willow leaf (scientific name: Salix Alba 'Tristis') is actually a simple leaf. Eastern White Pine 8. The waxy leaves have tiny bristles at the tip. Leaves are simple, alternate, deciduous, narrow, lance-shaped, with tapered bases, rounded base, finely toothed These diagrams were designed to help his students study leaf form. Yields acorns that are round and up to ½" long with a thin saucer-like cap. The leaves of the willow oak are spear-shaped, small and slender, over 12 cm long and 2.5 cm broad. Quercus phellos. The willow oak is a strong and beautiful tree that shares similarities with other oaks but is unique in many other ways that make it such an attractive tree to behold. Loblolly Pine 42. Water Oak, A Common Tree in North America ... Bark. Simple Alternate Unlobed Entire – Redbud & Pawpaw Simple Alternate Unlobed Entire – Sweetbay Magnolia & Willow Oak Simple Alternate Unlobed Serrate – Holly, Chestnut, Beech & Chestnut Oak The leaves are light green to yellow-brown in color and turn pale yellow in fall. Despite their diversity, there are two basic leaf types--"simple" and "compound"--and simple leaves can be grouped further into those that are "entire" or more or less "lobed." They are in the red oak group but do not have the characteristic lobed leaves of the red oaks. They thrive in floodplains and near streams or marshes, but the trees are remarkably drought tolerant, too. Unique Morphological Features of Plant: This plant has simple not complex leaves unlike most members of the oak family. Foliage of Flowering Dogwood (above left) is a good example of a simple, entire leaf, while that of White Oak (above right) is simple and lobed. … Common Name(s): Willow Oak. Features simple, obovate-oblong to oblong leaves that are 3½–7½" long with bristle-like teeth terminating the 12–16 parallel veins. Black Oak, a Common Tree in North America, How to Identify Deciduous Trees by Their Leaves, Laurel Oak, a Common Tree in North America, Willow Oak: Favorite Wildlife Food and Landscape Tree, Water Oak, A Common Tree in North America, How to Identify a Tree by Its Leaves, Flowers, or Bark, Scarlet Oak, A Top 100 Common Tree in North America, The Difference Between a Simple and Compound Tree Leaf, How to Identify a Tree Using Leaf Shape, Margin, and Venation, Eastern Cottonwood: A Top 100 Common Tree in North America, B.S., Forest Resource Management, University of Georgia, Leaf simple, pinnately veined, flat based, Leaf simple, heart-shaped to nearly round, Leaf simple, doubly serrated, base inequilateral, Leaf simple, entire or slightly wavy margin, arc-veined, Leaf simple, two-lobed tip, two side lobes, Leaf simple, evergreen, plastic-like, fuzzy underneath, Leaf 1 to 2 inches long plus petiole length, Leaf simple, margin serrate, venation pinnate, Leaf palmately lobed and alternate ranked, Leaf simple, unlobed, one lobe and two-lobed (tri-shaped). The underside of the leaf is bright and tomentose. Sassafras 27. When Jiro, son of Hades, shows up to claim her soul--the soul her mother bartered away--Yesenia has no choice but to accompany him to the underworld. :) But because of its appearance on the branches, it is sometimes mistaken as a compound leaf instead. Quercus imbricaria Shingle Oak 37. Poisonous: None of Plant. They open a brilliant yellow to golden yellow color in the spring, turning dark lustrous green in summer and yellow to golden brown in the fall. Fall color is an orange-gold to yellow in mid-autumn. The leaflets of a compound leaf can be distinguished from simple leaves by the absence of leaf buds from the base of their stems. He is a member of the Society of American Foresters. willow oak 3. We would like to acknowledge the forethought and hard work of our past Envirothon Advisor Ms. Nancy Bittler for her dedication to the Venturing Crew 202 Envirothon Team and the countless hours she spent in creating this website for our use. Pestiness (weedy, hard to control): No . Willow Oak Leaf, Scientific Name: Quercus phellos. The Venture Crew Team owes their success to dedicated individuals like Ms. Nancy, Ms.… SIMPLE: LOBED: 3-shaped (unlobed, lobed, and lobed on same tree): Serrate margin = MULBERRY Smooth margin = SASSAFRAS One-shape: Palmate veins: 3-5 balanced lobes, less than 4in, opposite = MAPLE Serrate = RED MAPLE Smooth = SUGAR MAPLE Large, 3+ main veins, serrate, 3-5 shallow lobes = SYCAMORE 4 shallow lobes, truncated tip = POPLAR Sassafras albidum. Quercus laurifolia Laurel Oak … Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. © 2020 South Carolina Native Plant Society | PO Box 1311, Chester, SC 29706. It has a dense and usually rounded crown. However, it is the diversity of the wildlife that makes this property a true gem. simple - one single leaf attaches to petiole compound - one petiole has many small leaflets lobes - leaf has a deeply wavy margin, the indentations are called sinuses ... Leaves 2-5 inches long, lance shaped.....Willow Oak 17. Here are some leaf silhouettes inspired by Dr. Saupe's collection. Distinguishable from most other oaks because of the narrow leaves without lobes or teeth. Common serviceberry 30. Start studying Common Leaves of East Texas. What do you do when an immortal God tells you that your soul belongs to Hades? At Bellarmine it can be found around or near most all the parking lots. The Difference Between a Simple and Compound Tree Leaf. It is noted for rapid growth and long life (over 50 years). Lobed Simple Leaf Blackjack Oak Pin Oak Post Oak Red Maple Sassafras Southern Red Oak Sweetgum Sycamore Turkey Oak Water Oak White Oak Yellow Poplar. Grows in a pyramidal shape in its youth then an oblong-oval to rounded shape at maturity. An excellent shade tree for any landscape. The willow oak received its name because its leaves look like those of willow trees but it produces acorns that are characteristic of the oak family. The Weeping Willow leaf (scientific name: Salix Alba 'Tristis') is actually a simple leaf. Our signs are made right here in the USA made out of ACM material. Eastern Redbud 43. Turkey Oak 28 Water Oak 29 White Oak Bark is light in color 30 Willow Oak 31 Winged Elm Most stems will have corky projectiles that look like wings 32 Yellow Hawthorn 33 Yellow-Poplar 34 Compound Leaves 35 Boxelder 36 Honeylocust Has large seed pods and large thorns, double pinnately compound 37 Pecan 13 leaflets normally 38 Mockernut Hickory A Tree Identification Booklet for South Carolina Forests. Swamp white oak is a striking tree with attractive peeling bark, especially on young trees. :) But because of its appearance on the branches, it is sometimes mistaken as a compound leaf instead. Pinus strobus. One caution: these images are not to scale, so refer to the leaf size description. Quercus phellos Willow Oak 34. Perfect for any event or gift. The lustrous, lobed leaves have a two-tone appearance, dark green on top with a silvery-white underside.