0000048451 00000 n 0000005034 00000 n �~������ͷ��H} � D�e��4�z��y��q8��A?����ϟޑ�o���kp19}������߽~���e��su�����J�{������5�Rh;�1����O����c�ȳ�'��i���u�.b���՘�W���${�/ۄ�#٥R�W`��dR0p���n7�/��H�r��g��з|��7ȇ�W�E���&�Fr�[���D The plan is organized around our high-level vision and goals, and sets out what we will be doing and why over the next three to five years. 0000002953 00000 n 0000127494 00000 n trailer <<16C598AA4A6B48C5B6FEF8D6D20E1B14>]/Prev 1054245/XRefStm 2772>> startxref 0 %%EOF 381 0 obj <>stream ���J����L�UD7��� 3N(��ot := �����|Q� �\_ �u���= �i��7P�S�Dr��4� �T��hs1s=dK�L�҃�'���WVfr��5~TW ߓM g��a^��!U������RwP�$"� +�^�����^9�L'*"Y��hTn���C�`*�������?�ۖl�XB[y %e��c���/�s���!��2���`���� ����a,��ֵ��p�e���'N��Y�yW ��� When determining which wildlife management practices to apply, remember that wildlife management practices that improve habitat for some wildlife species may be detrimental to other wildlife species. ׍�am�&3��@��:Iǽ�wtP��uuI!��U=�Q�)�TGr0x�ɤ���JO���7D�. <>>> 0000154123 00000 n 0000154643 00000 n �> *\�7o�^�9^�`�P� H�����Ҧ��=�W�/�Hѐ�$�X��]V����r օ�=����� ��zP�@�}�N�W@.�Msx��%_�L}8? �L�+�u7T_� �F�@n9� `h/@�9��7�ɵ ĺ�9�j��A�MG��w�W_i���N�f����? stream TAX CODE §23.51(7)(A). 0000154565 00000 n 0000046385 00000 n 0000127591 00000 n How this Plan Fits with the Ministry Planning Framework The government of B.C. 80. 0000128110 00000 n 0000155924 00000 n 9,>t��3��XI���N ���\���A���=� ϊ��x-ǫ�.=�B��]�� E���ɁӒ"=I� �d�b�L� 8 0 obj t|S�S�2�CI���|f��� The plan is based on HJR-12 which urges that the objectives and strategies of the plan, to the extent possible: - Be consistent with the wildlife management objectives of the Ute Indian Tribe; - Prevent livestock depredation; and 2009. 0000164444 00000 n 0000155401 00000 n h�|RmHSQ~�=�mWgw-3��MiX&h�т�Z�`��Q����Za1J�(��$"F�TT�~TX�E��Bb�a��DA��%Ax�{ޏ� @ Describe general watershed conditions including conditions of streams, riparian areas and springs. Include current actions that address soil erosion. This format needs to be adhered to (i.e., memorized and used) when writing the plan. Tammy Wactor- Wildlife Biologist at the DNR office. Texas Parks and Wildlife … 0000036855 00000 n The Wildlife Management Plan is designed as a comprehensive plan incorporating a review of site activities, potential site impacts and adaptive management measures that have been implemented to mitigate potential effects. NYS Deer Management Plan Page 3 NYS Deer Management Plan Mission of the Bureau of Wildlife To provide the people of New York the opportunity … TEX. Section 4 – Supplemental Water, Feeding and Shelter 1. 0000162687 00000 n 3 0 obj 0000132731 00000 n 0000027893 00000 n 0000126849 00000 n A management plan is a … <> 0000046498 00000 n Management Plan for the Grey Wolf April 2014 ii Disclaimer This management plan has been prepared by the B.C. շA�n�37ȡ@$U YCj�m��o��`���~�*����D{_��s�v�#�~ @��_k� �%� N��S�(��9��%����=�Z�L�*�u���'�٥�^��x�$�H�SZqC�r�"M�� �X�6� �zy"��M�'�z9tK ��#��N�����-!z(���^B�L;���)��� 4�sj�[ riyK��sy�9E��%7� Muskwa-Kechika Wildlife Management Plan: Strategic Document October 2009 1 . D�w��E�W6�C� C�F� k� "���h�G ڠ�Y�H���9��0���r8�~h�S�B����+9)�1���V ʰ[�zi`��@F�@t�� ~}�D����ʺ0�@�D0�y s��@�Zp�`7 ��SALZ� Judges’ Wildlife Management Plan Expectations and Comments Plan Background (6 pts) • A description (using complete sentences) that explains landowner wishes and the species to be managed. Also keep in mind that TPWD can assist you with your plan for your property. 0000339171 00000 n d�Ȕrb�������"��-Qxi�@��1b.����S� |�������c�T���4&�����|rʩ���D:ɖp5e���u��p�U#�,��\�7��)���Y�[�E0�+.f(S;&�.o��.Ĝ#�Z0�H��h��蛷��Z�X(ی(�9SP�J�"��u�7� �3�n�:&�[ƥ�.㼲�&l�FZ؁������j�.��_f��ȣ� �z�(ыS�,��f���փ����v���g_3����7 3d sh �� �^�~H/빨�'W��'�����ܫ:3>NP��ĭЃ���p }˪�@�~Щ�5�:B�ʜc��J��gJ){���@�"��/� �(��k]Ԝ�T��,��N����v3��S��8�4�P V�n �vBz׶"��� eng? ϡ�T��Obٔ����j��M�c������h ���;�E��j��$5��� G��(4�蟠 0000611016 00000 n 0000003998 00000 n STEP 10: HAVE FUN WITH IT! 0000155011 00000 n 0000128055 00000 n 0000156183 00000 n 0000127419 00000 n <> R|� �Ⱦ��@^)Zk*�2b���ʵ�_�h�Xn9��G�n @���� ?�S������EӘi�,�X)�,rk222H������?�tK�0��� 6.3.a Requirement for wildlife hazard management plan.....64 6.3.b. This Habitat Management Plan (HMP), which is step-down plan of the District CCP (USFWS 2003), provides more precise guidance for habitat management on the Litchfield District land base. 1. 0000030111 00000 n 4 0 obj endobj National Environmental Policy Act review.....65 6.3.c Necessary elements of a wildlife hazard management plan.....66 CHAPTER 7: EVALUATING WILDLIFE HAZARD MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS AT Take pictures. 0. <>>>/BBox[ 0 0 64.539 54.817] /Matrix[ 1.1156 0 0 1.3135 0 0] /Filter/FlateDecode/Length 4522>> I plan on doing personal interview with wildlife biologists and obtaining books from the library and journal articles from the internet. Wildlife management plans are essential for properly managing wildlife habitats, populations, and associated recreational activities. 81. The Plan is required by the Snap Lake Project Environmental Agreement (2004) and the MVEIRB (2003) Snap Lake decision report. 79. [R8O$��ջ6���U�q��67]�(�����Z��&!��QMr����G�y��\vpE��9����6�$|�i7_ƣ\��Z����@���:Y�� ��]���]��F�NNn����@]ֆ�"@�x:�% Wildlife management plans vary widely in length, detail, and scope. A wildlife management plan for the 4-H Wildlife Habitat Education Program follows a specific format. D-�}�7x��m�zlT�A�t�:6����"�9BY��h�6��i,]:��l����Ɖ��F��U&]�����R"�����j�ap�Q]? 0000013980 00000 n 0000041456 00000 n 0000082984 00000 n The “Game” Plan Wildlife Management Decisions Responsibility of the Ministry of the Environment Federal and Provincial Laws and Regulations Recommendations from Research scientists/biologists, public interest groups, cultural considerations Enforcement Division. 0000051027 00000 n 0000128261 00000 n Wildlife Management and Monitoring Plan (WMMP) will be required as well as the mandatory content for such plans.77 This is the second of two guideline documents that ENR has developed78 in order to clarify requirements and expectations related to WMMPs. endobj 0000004139 00000 n Big Game. This public document was promulgated at a cost of $2.30 per copy. 0000127740 00000 n Posted 12/31/2019; Deer, White-tailed Deer – 2020-2025 – [PDF, 5.9 MB] 75 pages. Wildlife Management Plan Steps: Let’s now take a look at the steps necessary to get your Wildlife Management plan going. <>/Pattern<>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> stream �X9�[z��]\3 g��A�` .r� u3��� �.YpO�� ���#��^A&;hݷqf�L��RJ����^�Z. And of course, information through books. 2 0 obj [��^5�A֖�����E ����*�@t{Tt+g� 0000029369 00000 n Wildlife management for the purpose of maintaining an ag tax valuation on a tract of land is defined by the Texas Tax Code as actively using the land through at least 3 of 7 wildlife management practices to propagate a sustaining breeding, migrating, or winter population of indigenous wild animals for human use, including, food medicine, or recreation. • The team’s management objectives stated in quantifiable terms. 0000002772 00000 n 292 0 obj <> endobj xref 292 90 0000000016 00000 n The GNWT isdeveloping regulations to identify what kinds of projects would need a wildlife management and monitoring plan. The Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP) is a document created to provide the strategy for reducing the risk that wildlife poses to safe airport operations. 0'�������oE]E�C!��P� NWT operates under a comanagement system wherein management for wildlife resources - 180. is shared between governments, users, and renewable resource boards. 0000610003 00000 n %PDF-1.5 endobj 0000051364 00000 n Edited by Scot J. Williamson. Landowners seeking the exemption must file a management plan with the state. 0000152341 00000 n Black Bear – 1999-2010 – [PDF, 750 KB] Elk – 2014-2024 – [PDF, 16 MB] Deer, Mule Deer – 2020-2025 – [PDF, 3.7 MB] 112 pages. Wildlife species management plans provide direction, goals and strategies for a species or group of species. Save receipts. K.��BG�9HFQ�9C�)Q!Q ~���*1B �xn������Ѝ�2��2����Qb�ۘ��jH!D9F���#��z���&�aQ�G`Ы��C��$��+����h��x<=�nJ�@bҌ"M�fl|@k�Xy aV�3�� M�N�a��:E��c4�Ϟl����3�����=k�4v���ک��v�8s��_m��48g7o� f��� endstream endobj 380 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[60 232]/Length 31/Size 292/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream This management plan will (1) describe wildlife management on the ORR/WMA and (2) establish long-term wildlife goals, with specific objectives for the period fiscal year (FY) 2007 through FY 2011. 0000127162 00000 n Guidelines and provisions of this plan do not supersede federal, state and county regulations and policies, as applicable. �Jt� ʪ����x�b]m�?��,s�� �[�x.��1��P�� �J���y��g� X� y�� �vK`����Ezn ��D���~`p��:pC��3j�DuG x��\�@.����¬ �$`�3=pK�L�q �6� ̐h�b�}�6x6��B��9_�ī��I�䊾W=֋\5I�粘����� P�r��Q�ɱ�ǂ5N�n��9ڒ%>͕� ��@�R�R)�^rTZ��J��v-����5HI̔%��6� ��o� If required, turn in Prop 11 Activity Reporting Form to tax office every year. x�u�]K�0����2z���6�c~�SCċ2�R��vU�ߛ�v��$��Oޓ�ʙ�RJRJf�) �H�g�h9���Y���,�!�-��0[f�]��b)I3QoN8��l^D��1(��b�AT)���Do�xoƻ�ڟn�9{����n+HH��U�E�<5ub�&@��%g��x��j�s�/ރ�.۲ Wildlife Act states: 83 “ A developer orother person body may be required, in accordance 84 with the regulations,to prepare a wildlife management and monitoring 85 plan for approval by the Minister, and toadhere approved plan, if 86 the Minister is satisfied that a … Wildlife Management Institute. This document updates and replaces Volume 27 of the Resource Management Plan … Western Quail Conservation Plan. ?�鷿2�s;����>��!�ɘc�>Z�R{�����0��H��#�G�h�>��� ut�La��b�@~���*7 ݒ��[0EW�I��m�R�s�N �@�E���* � The Strategic Document of the Muskwa-Kechika Wildlife Management Plan (M-KWMP) is a local strategic plan for all activities in the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area (M-KMA) that affect or respect wildlife and/or wildlife management. 0000032375 00000 n Mountain Quail Chicks in Washington/Lisa Cross. WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR C. L. BROWNING RANCH By Petra Franzen Richard Kotzur Kyle Melton We certify this represent our own work, Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements For Wildlife Habitat Management (WFSC 406) at Texas A&M University, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. 0000029638 00000 n 0000155809 00000 n )��L� +��@�bk�^��R� ��'0����� L�R� !��|1n�ۋ���K)�[�n`:�8]$�ț�� �� �z[|�9@\*1��HV>M�c�Dn;cY� `̸���A��mM���� ��� ��^��C��l����c�7/C��*�\�8����/�B�ͥ�7 WrC �8��,��� p�2��i�9��i9��� bμ��q�e�$:@��1v0���H�o��ah��*���c*�2�w@Δ ��V�x�B}��ˣ����$�e[Q�˺��#”hS����O4g^ 0000031561 00000 n The purpose of this management plan is to enable the landowner to qualify for the agricultural tax exemption under HB 1358, Proposition 11 by managing the property for wildlife. �4qѵNo�s�' k6 �E 1.1 Purpose . 0000002096 00000 n endobj PWD 1046 – W7000 (12/06) Wildlife Management Plan Page 3 of 14 6. 10 0 obj 0000023307 00000 n It is impossible to manage an area for any one species or group of species that require similar habitat without influencing other species in some manner. %���� Management Plan for White-tailed Deer in New York State 2012-2016 Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources Bureau of Wildlife October 2011 . The first document, Wildlife Management and Monitoring Plan Guidelines 1: Process . 1) is a large area (7349 - ha) of public land some 24 km southeast of Ednonton. endobj d$چhG�(�L�%U�&h�ǣU#5 3&�e��թ��/��_˝"� � }�5e�ʻ�[5P*�:����@�m���r^'�-��S�iUn����vB�7y�o���`�0����ե�� E��N;�Q|4aOӧT�����s~:�z��L 4w� lt�|�a;|va[~:|�Y{���빫y��鑳Rr��9���}Y�/R#��L�z �g�od�x�/��(i bz�����듓����2E*��SB 0000155127 00000 n Its significance for waterfowl production has … <> E0���������#պ�C,(�0\��2�@�� H�\��j� ��>�w����)ʖB��i��$cy���l��o��;��?��D����#L�ꀫۂBq6���Q���[-�3N�a_#.��k[�\c���݈G�߂�`����p>l����6B]'��E�W� �,;���&�'��e|�Ad�.�(�q�Ra�vF�Vd��dC����j�Է�mjʭ*z�Ea��)�$>>'��t����GO�t�3դ��} ��@����!R���}��y U:�W� H�{ endstream endobj 302 0 obj <>stream 0000003100 00000 n A Strategic Plan for the Systems, Processes, Protocols, and Programs Pertaining to the Management of White-tailed Deer in Tennessee Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. 6 0 obj 0000152380 00000 n 0000032048 00000 n David Guynn- retired Professor of Forest Resource Management and now a wildlife biologist. following management plan using a consensus minus 2 standard for resolving disagreements (Appendix 2). 0000128226 00000 n 9 0 obj 177 178. i EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - - - The Ministik Lake Game Bird Sanctuary (Fig. 0000030493 00000 n in wildlife management. Q᳊L��phuɣH�V[���&�a�BS^��D��T5��_ɗ�� ����c�`h (y-�4�M�]�Q.�A|F��Η$��C��� ]臽.���͚������'�G��N�����#u��=x��m�4���}��yE+���˝[����-A �rv�܊�$|{HY�p�z1%�]� !0���!d�E(ـğ.%��|Ƒ��{2���Bd�� "�H��q0R[H#�- ��wu�n!l�^6� }������;uUw�B[*��J9`@5�j�Kam��H#eƫB{��y /U�@~�:�G��$"�4�4�L�Vpk80c���՚9���u��`�����ˡ��o� �p������i��N�^_1��d�Đm.Vf�X=g���]�:�R���f�AP����'�b�貤(�eU��ө���y�ln�2�)��7���. You might have 90 minutes to complete a 3-page plan in a 4-H club contest, or need months to craft a lengthy plan to submit to your government’s department of natural resources. WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT PLAN - MINISTIK LAKE GWE BIRD SANCTUARY A Plan for Cooperative Management Alberta Forestry, Lands and Wildlife - Fish and Wildlife Division and Ducks Unlfmfted Canada . 0000132797 00000 n Context . The plan is based on the Risk Assessment of Wildlife Hazards. H��WˎdG�߯�KXLv��e { #Zb�F��=�Dd�U�FP-*O���x?~������^>�_|������o���ϟ�/����������w�������?���?�����9�Gܣw���?>m� 0000132913 00000 n Describe land use history, habitat manipulation, and wildlife management, including livestock and exotic animals/plants: 4. ��4~�w-�૬�y(��"ȼn3�,be(���3���ɷ�@ڮ��;�hN./N�0���,���՞@��-���{:����� 8�[�u�3PG��wշ��^�����1h#��U..��@t.e�:٤�R�B"�: ����i3R �}��)bn?�L ��;��m��@�'`��v��l�o>����0��&�e�[ڟ��͋��o�:+��b� œ�r��3�w�nr���Z��K��6��ՅQN�o�|f-���+�������*0��]����^�Z�1qb���l|uw�y��H�BKg���� �n�"���7���nн�� �#s�;�� @-�RX;� U��{���� �$@�r�QՓ�v0�[0��T�u�@{2=� Z�ҋ���@��@�`��"���N��bKG ��a�D/�;�%ǧf#7@��V�,� l� Make maps of planned project areas. 0000050880 00000 n Turn in new Wildlife Management Plan annually or whenever changes are made. The plan consists of two parts:  written narrative of two pages, and  sketch map illustrating where practices are … NYS Deer Management Plan Page 2 Management Plan for White-tailed Deer in New York State 2012-2016 . The Muskwa-Kechika Wildlife Management Plan, particularly this comprehensive Technical Manual, is the result of contributions of energy, time, debate, information, deliberation and studious consideration of many individuals, organizations, and agencies with wide-ranging perspectives. 0000004061 00000 n Western Quail Management Plan Cite as: Zornes, M, and R. A. Bishop. 0000127079 00000 n @rIH(���t��L��E �/0�{��r���ч`���'�tB�=��� �3��h�ф���Bl���m�J��D�"����\�kz�x:�cDׁ�XO]������U�ü9� �89���Q� Rick Counts- Regional Director of QDMA. <> 0000028750 00000 n 0000132408 00000 n • List of species to be managed. 0000155731 00000 n 0000154084 00000 n endobj 0000342257 00000 n 0000127341 00000 n <> 0000127217 00000 n 0000155479 00000 n 0000027990 00000 n Guided by the Wildlife Area Regulations, National Wildlife Areas are managed according to the conservation objectives as set out in each site management plan. Make sure you know exactly what your recipient expects before your begin. 0000051110 00000 n endobj 0000004365 00000 n b?�_�{Xi��״d���&��2���&�@��x�u �*���^׸�_��u�l] �Dn�3j sn VA�׾�i؞�� � 0000154487 00000 n Now, read on for the steps you will need to take for your AG Evaluation Wildlife Management Plan. 0000048334 00000 n ��< �l�D��@`�G/ +�w�g6����U��!���WE��@G�q��k����� ���1�c�A�����à�v��@J>��Ѻ� �C�ӕ뜿B3|7�%�9��p᳔/ӌ����s�6c폑�H�:y�a>�Mo���194[����&t/@���� #��i k���G,�sN��2���#����s�g�h�Ƀ�s;����:΅� 2�� �t���$�R����}��ѧF`J�r�B2�+ h�1�_,�8�Է�rE�ke�����X�@sd� City staff can utilize this plan to provide public education to the community for topics related to human-wildlife interactions. %PDF-1.4 %���� endstream 0000030943 00000 n 179. Habitat Management – current practices: WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT PLAN For IDYLWILD WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA 15 YEAR VISION PLAN Location Northeast of Federalsburg, Maryland In Caroline County Maryland On Approximately 3,577 acres Prepared by: Maryland Department of Natural Resources Wildlife & Heritage Service LeCompte Wildlife Management Area 4220 Steele Neck Road Vienna, Maryland 21869 410-376-3236 July 2017 . <> 0000156691 00000 n h�bb2c`b``Ń3� ����a� I�* endstream endobj 293 0 obj <>/Metadata 58 0 R/Pages 57 0 R/StructTreeRoot 60 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 294 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 295 0 obj <> endobj 296 0 obj [/DeviceN[/Black]/DeviceCMYK 335 0 R 337 0 R] endobj 297 0 obj [/DeviceN[/Magenta/Yellow/Black]/DeviceCMYK 330 0 R 328 0 R] endobj 298 0 obj <> endobj 299 0 obj <> endobj 300 0 obj <> endobj 301 0 obj <>stream �Xj��̇��X���~���` In areas with . 0000018555 00000 n 0000050972 00000 n 0000027747 00000 n The intent of Urban Wildlife Management Plan is to provide guidance for city staff when dealing with wildlife in Pasadena. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Authorization No. endobj Management of National Wildlife Areas is undertaken to maintain the ecological integrity of the site for the benefit of migratory birds, species at risk, and other wildlife of national importance. 0000048373 00000 n 0000154956 00000 n 1 0 obj 0000134638 00000 n <> endstream 7 0 obj Management plan prepared for C.L. 0000028472 00000 n endobj sources. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations as advice to the responsible jurisdiction and organizations that may be involved in managing Grey Wolves in British Columbia. Cabot, VT. 92 pages. Total acres included in this Management Plan: 2. x���ˮd� ��-�;�q�Twx�#e����ރ$��~l�}��Z��H��� cl�����������?~�����>�G�j5?��>J~��?����?�����ƥՏ/*ПBc����Б�P�X%�di���������K4�?^������xr�9����������Q��X���k�wћ�/��^��� 6K�\Z��^{ak�عH�O����z���x���qu!Rz�L������GM�?ɭ6���? i�$R��� c��)����$�bU7{860�b^wMW���Xze��S�cO���i���S�r�8V� �������W�����ܛ���:��;��:�/�� 2 … Describe current habitat types, plant composition, land use, and any recent habitat management: 3. 0000134960 00000 n 0000003801 00000 n 0000706372 00000 n 328921, 100 copies, February 2019. 0000004251 00000 n 0000004708 00000 n stream This plan, the new “Wildlife Hazard Management Plan” is being established by AFCO AvPORTS Management LLC (As Agent of Planetary Ventures, LLC) for Moffett Field, California 94035-1000 by the ground lessee of Moffet Field and shall be effective upon the date of such transfer. `UX�'�� ��ڝ 5 0 obj has set a goal to lead the world in sustainable environmental management. @�9��"���j7�9D��e�� ��������<7����^�TQ�x�����6{cǟ��G[6��7��>����Rp�Sj��x�4�u[v�^gw_�`��h]2y���=Ww]"�����ȁXuC�lF�~��B�ƻ��P�ǯE)� 0000128339 00000 n 0000077376 00000 n 0000009477 00000 n Nԃ��fR� v��f�@���6�d#1� x����r�@н�8r�9�`����'���A�D��w�(�f�G�,�!���_b��of|�Mm�>[�xl`����Λ�W��~}�ly=�(��At���m�R�XAӸ��^R]/,s��fUcJ=��˶���ePԃ�ѧ��9�9����3F�Һii�luH��%�*�U�b��(A�Qň*���SH�,�kǕ�x��R�ą��s�p;3��i��KN�86�>!q��|��>g�x�'���u�v����s����J�ƈ�ʐ9s�[�:d5X�eo͵J���Ţ�qk�L���ăiAl�fI�ŤI�B���DD�U�vTޅ��Fșv&_�0wځ��/(�6�Zv��5�Nj�JJ=QU�-*,uf�Qs�8r(��c=�ܖ������(9_��Ƌ翄�n��ϯ���/��C� If you’d like more information, contact your county biologist. 0000135340 00000 n 0000079792 00000 n