With a little care, you can get the plants to send out more blooms … Basic Orchid Care for How to Make an Orchid Bloom Light for Getting Orchids to Bloom. When do orchids bloom indoors. But when they bloom in their gradation of colors with beautiful, bright petals, […] It takes tenacity, patience and attention detail that most other plants do not require. Depending on the variety at hand, the light and temperature provided should be the priority of it blooming. How To Get Indoor Orchids To Rebloom Video. If you are wondering how to make my orchid bloom, keep reading for some tips. Orchids have adorned homes and gardens since ancient times and have a full, rich history of various myths, tales and legends. For many people, this means the plants will bloom in the fall when household temperatures can drop as much as 10 degrees overnight. One of the most commonly asked questions about Orchids is how to get them to rebloom once they’ve flowered and fallen. Lastly, prepare for the bloom. Orchids are beautiful but very particular flowers. It depends on the individual orchid, but most moth orchids or Phalaenopsis will grow a new flower spike about once a year. In the video above, Miss Orchid Girl gives a bunch of tips on caring for your Orchid after the flowers fall, and what to expect every step of the way. Although most will only grow one new flower spike per year, that spike can be in bloom for a good 3-5 months! Orchid spikes can hold anywhere from three to 30 flowers and can remain flowering up to four months. Orchids blooming is not affected by it being indoors or outdoors but the right conditions being met. Phalaenopsis orchids are triggered to bloom by temperature. A few cold nights are necessary to stimulate a flower spike. Once all the conditions that enhance blooming are met, the orchid should be able to bloom. For most houseplant orchids, the lack of light is the number one reason that the orchid won’t flower. Click play above to watch! How Long Do Orchids Bloom?