?? You are quite wise, my friend. Synonym Discussion of thought. Create Your Future. People don’t understand their emotions. I am @ the peak of my struggle regarding with my cheating husband. The first thing to realize is that violent thoughts don't start as an anxiety symptom, nor do they mean anything about your personality. Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. And when I say it to you, please remember that when I say ‘I love you’, it means … I agree with everyone here you wise and should pursue more of this. Let discipline be, and for many there will be cavalry doses of patience as well. Thought definition is - something that is thought: such as. order your thoughts definition: 1. to plan what you want to say or do: 2. to plan what you want to say or do: . Also, if you have any of your own insights please share them in the comments section. Meditation is something that is allowed to happen, a total relaxation, to be a witness of your internal world who remains passive and unattached. But this post seems to suggest otherwise? Actually, this is my point: if you focus on your breath, and a thought comes, you notice it and accept it, and then you come back to your breath. This is a great article! It is an individual process to develop a sensitive alert mind that is able to remain unattached yet very attentive. Automatic thought When I met Peter in the street today, he didn’t smile at me. The idea is to simply observe them and refrain from engaging. I am thinking of repatriating to Mexico but have been frightened that it is all overrun with drug wars. Consciousness exists beyond the mind-body experience. To be mindful is to observe and label thoughts, feelings, sensations in the body in an objective manner. (I liken it to shining a light on cockroaches!) It’s the key to a clearer mind, freedom from addictions and a whole new world of possibilities! P.S. Observing your thoughts while meditating refers to the idea of trying to remove yourself from your thoughts and see them from an external perspective. In that observation which is to see the contradiction in it’s entirety, the whole internal movement, your direct perception of it will give you understanding into the causes of it and therefore be free from it. Honoring Our Thoughts and Feelings. .-= Twrl33 2eat´s last blog ..Medical Marijuana comes to… =-. The two minds. Being distracted by our thoughts doesn’t mean they’re always unproductive. You need to develop discipline in studying ones self, to understand your mind, the nature of your thought. Thank you so much Ivan. ?????????? Myself. DEFINITIONS 1. And Why Anger Management Doesn’t Work. To follow the trail of your thoughts means to agree with them. Furthermore, our thoughts can lead us astray and down a path of sin and disobedience apart from God. When I think about it now, it’s hard to imagine how I managed to be a mostly functional and successful person given how many anxious thoughts I had. I mean, the breath is the base where you can always come back. The Blake quote is one my roommate in Barcelona cherished. I wonder what he meant when Joe said that thing earlier. Author Eckhart Tolle explains that we create most of our suffering with our thoughts. Ivan, I can totally relate to being from two different worlds. Looked beautiful where you were. By finding the positive intentions behind your thoughts, you can work with your mind to find a positive reframe. There may be times when we need to think something through — perhaps a … .-= kihuPotru´s last blog ..?????????? It means being willing to work in spite of your … It means getting help. That doesn’t make the thoughts right or acceptable of course, but it does mean that your inner voice is not an enemy to be resisted. =-. If they. These days, I don’t consciously observe my thoughts, but it continues to happen naturally. But I find that engaging in arguments with these thoughts is quite draining. That is far more effective than chastising yourself for having negative thoughts in the first place! Thoughts are just stories. The things that I could see if I followed you around for a day or two. I can only point the way; you need to walk and get to know the path yourself. Regardless of the characteristics, any thoughts we deem as uncomfortable will cause us to do whatever it takes to make them go away. Much of your suffering arises from how you judge the thoughts, and making the leap that they must mean something about you as a person. Meditating does not mean to only concentrate, pure concentration makes you more closed and your mind duller. During meditation you observe your thoughts. By shining a constant light on our thoughts, i.e., bringing them into our conscious awareness through observation, we can magically transmute them into nothingness. We want you to know that you’re in our thoughts. Day 5 – When You Talk With Someone, Observe Your Thoughts. It seems like there is another "I", why am I so confused? The technical term for someone who has grown up in two different cultures, yet not being quite part of either one is called ‘third culture kid.’ I do believe we have a greater flexibility of world view due to our varied and rich experiences. =-. Your Thoughts. You have a calling too; my heart is full to know you. You realize that you can observe your thoughts, feelings, and … P.S. It’s the meaning we attach to our thoughts that causes them to stick around. I’ve never been so happy or felt so at-one-ment with a people. Would your thought be accepted as correct by other people? Click here to get it on Amazon for only $3.99. Anxiety simply causes issues that bring them out more. This article is not for everybody and it is only meant for those who wanna explore internal relationship with theme self. You get to know new cultures and you have the opportunity to develop your personality. At the heart of this practice is the idea that you are not your thoughts. Then our lives are transformed forever! Their gentle courage, their easy acceptance of me when I showed my heart and we went together into the waiting future. Becoming always implies that things will take time to change, hence our conflict. If we do an action and it feels good or we get the results we want, then we often repeat it over and over. I just picked up the Gita for the first time last week and found it INCREDIBLE. This expression is often used for telling someone who is unhappy that you are thinking about them. Your thoughts appear only to you, and are not being heard by anyone else whatsoever. One Truth: We Live in the Feeling of Thought in the Moment, We Can’t Predict the Future and We Can’t Change the Past, What is Anger? Related Articles. Not just for me, but for every human being on the planet. ... We can sit in meditation and observe our thoughts and emotions. This kind of observation is a bit different than sitting quietly in meditation, and for me, it was much more powerful. =-. You just don’t know how much you helped me. Without meaning, thoughts have no power on their own–they are just flowing energy which comes and goes. Feels like a weight that just fell off my mind after reading this ariticle. I spent my early years living between a land of cowboy hats and ostrich boots in Mexico, to the fast paced city life surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. Essentially what this means is that your thoughts could be disrupting your life more than you realize. In the enlightened state, you still use your thinking mind when needed, but in a much more focused and effective way than before. Traditions become part of your unconscious mind, so you never question them. As you develop a knack for it you will see that the number of thoughts come down on their own accord. Thank you for your’s confirmation!! Is difficult because I often attack by the unconscious even those I understand is not It means something more than ‘I like you’ or, ‘I have a crush on you’. The more you meditate and understand what meditation really is, you will create more inner space to witness and observe all your contradictions. I will always knew what "observing my thoughts" means since I have experienced it but that doesn't mean I'm able to observe my thoughts at will. Within minutes, or even seconds, you will notice thoughts drifting into your mind. And that, my friends, is what creates addictions, both big and small. I found your sight interesting so i begun reading it. © All Rights Reserved. That is a conflict. My heart seems to understand it more than my analytical mind…. (Your support enables me to share my ideas with the world. Most episodes of bruxism occur in sleep stages one and two ― which is your lighter sleep ― whereas bruxism in the later, deeper stages of sleep is much less likely. What your dreams actually mean: Dream symbols, interpretation and causes. The warning is: Some guys WILL use it to speed things up with you sexually If you're not there yet. Today I wished I could tell another highly conditioned human, “Don’t believe everything you think!” Thx for doing some thinking for the rest of us. Thank you! She is currently a transformational speaker and mentor to businesses, individuals, coaches, leaders, groups and organizations. “Identification with your mind creates an opaque screen of concepts, labels, images, words, judgments, and definitions that blocks all true relationship. It is nice to hear David's Buddhist perspective. Trying to control your thoughts still involves thinking, this is very subtle, you simply need an alert yet passive awareness, I know this sounds paradoxical and it is. It is very difficult to describe a state of being that you need to discover on your own, because my description is not going to be the described. Some people drink or take drugs, some overspend, some get lost in books, the Internet or TV, and the list goes on and on. I had assumed that the point of passively observing means to dis-identify myself from the thought, as such, becoming separate from it. Wish well. Anxiety is a perfectly normal and natural part of being a human. .-= Steve´s last blog ..2 Best Ways to Achieve Personal Success =-. Because I think or feel anxious, that doesn’t mean that I am anxious. When our thoughts don’t feel quite as uncomfortable to us (or we at least start to feel more comfortable with the uncomfortableness) we have no need for our old soothing (addictive) behaviors. Enlightenment means rising above thought, not falling back to a level below thought, the level of an animal or a plant. Wonderful post, I totally understand how difficult it can be to break free from conditioning and being how people expect us to be. “A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.” William Blake. Witnessing Your Thoughts in Yoga Practice by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati SwamiJ.com . Are you stuck in a life you don't find fulfilling ? Now don’t get me wrong, I still had plenty of thoughts, but there weren’t as many dimensions. The answer to capturing your thoughts is right there in Scripture, hidden in plain sight. thanks brett I would say that that is perfect description of it @Brett – DareToExpress.com: The article is awesome and have no words to explain. No idea at all. The path of the mystic is fun too. The first step in reframing is to observe your negative thoughts. And if mean thoughts are coming to you on a rough day, also remind yourself that you are dealing with a lot, and doing the best you can. Whatever means I could find to soothe myself, was the order of the day. Most of us live our lives without ever noticing our thoughts. I asked for an answer and God gave me your website. You can experience it for yourself right now if you want. Or rather, I seemed very crazy! Is there a more peaceful part than say, Oaxaca? Prefer listening? Just take a few slow, deep breaths and then close your eyes and notice the thoughts in your head come and go without judging them, or doing anything about them. We think in a blue sky (which means to "force" the mind to think on a thing)? I have been practicing awareness for 7 months already (since I have read Anthony de Mello’s Awareness). This simply means that we have the capacity to be mindful of what we are thinking or feeling in the present moment with non-judgmental awareness. So what does this "observing" mean if I am my mind? When you think of a real world analogy imagine being distracted by something while driving and refocusing your eyes on the road. Ivan, I want to understand and would like your help in clarifying this statement from the above post: “Capable of perceiving that the observer is the observed, that they are not separate. This helps me be less inclined to react to or hold on to the “crazy” ones. It was as if the thoughts couldn’t exist while being watched. If you are having trouble identifying the emotion, sit for a moment and pay attention to your physical sensations and thoughts. The ego may more or less have something to do with promoting those fluctuations, doesn’t matter. The ADAA explains that engaging with the thought and trying to figure out what it means, or attempting to push the thought from your mind, will likely have a negative effect. Whatever the issue, He already knows about it and wants us to feel safe enough to confess our thoughts to Him (Psalm 50:15; 91:15; 1 John 5:14–15). .-= Kirsten´s last blog ..Jan 6, Parenting Skills =-. Jill is the author of Victim of Thought: Seeing Through the Illusion of Anxiety. Some experts think dreams have specific meanings. How you conduct your life, means something about you as a person. .-= Oscar – freestyle mind´s last blog ..Motivation 101: How to Stay Motivated =-. Made me want to pick up and go to Mexico right now! In Mexico others saw me as an American or someone who was a little different than the rest. i’m trying to break free from my conditioned life…, trying to challenge my beliefs and more than that, trying to challenge myself to go for the things that i think are really important to me…. I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same results I had, but it certainly can’t hurt. It is not about stopping the mind and having no thoughts, but about observing the mind and accepting the thoughts, letting them come and go and being at peace with it. Meditation is about strengthening our awareness and mindfulness by returning to our observing nature simply observing what is happening in the present moment. 3. [Jill’s Note: If you prefer to listen rather than read, please scroll to the bottom of this post for the audio version.]. It means that we become a witness of our thoughts without engaging with them. Certainly in your spare time. See more. Of course it’s a lot easier, because there are fewer thoughts to notice overall. Until you become aware of what those tendencies are and begin to struggle with them, understand them, there is very little hope for change. Select a triggering situation to process. When we don’t know what’s going on in our heads, most of the time we act unconsciously. Just speaking another language alone shows you how differently the world can be experienced. But this is the type of mind you need to have to see things as they “are” not “what they should be”. Your mind is an instrument, a tool. @ægil: nice way of writing and great points! Eventually, this became my default state of mind. Make a list of events that trigger upsetting feelings or anger … Check out my Ebook that assists you in going from where you are to where you would like to be in life. Use a mean thought to remind yourself of who you really are: I’m glad I’m not the kind of person that would dwell or act on a thought like that.”. Likely, it sums up the reason why you haven’t been enthusiastic about making a move or even considering a relationship with your crush. It means something to me. Peer Pressure and Conformity: Do You Fear Standing Out from the Crowd? Why is it so Difficult to Agree to Disagree? What it means: Such a dream symbolizes your hidden fears and insecurities towards a relationship. some people think that our thought process has no particular reason and can be completely random. And now you can see how easily it can drive up your interest and attraction to a guy - especially when he hasn't been too clear or upfront about how he feels with you in the past. Then we proceed to suppress, distort, and escape. Observe & Accept Your Thoughts, But You Don’t Have to Follow Them. Did I see “Morelos” painted on a wall? It means you are in charge of your responses, and no one can “make you” feel a certain way without your permission. Just know that I am always observing myself and the world and will report what I learn along the way. Without my choosing I constantly felt in the middle of my surroundings. Life is always new yet we approach it with old ideas. Psychologicaly sometime I see that this thought has an external origin (society, people tell me and I internalize without questioning). No effort in trying to become, no using your thoughts to change or rationalize. If you enjoyed this post please help me out by passing it along to your friends and ‘like’ our Facebook Page. Thoughts are there to be used for a specific task, and when the task is completed, you lay them down. They're simply thoughts - the same types of thoughts that most people have and forget. The question momentarily hijacked your thought process and focused it entirely on your house or apartment. I saw it all, the street paths, the quick race of the cars for pure fun, my friends used to summon each other to the car with a whistle I can still do, we took old mountain roads to Oaxaca on white threaded tires and had no problems; I drank Mezcal and pulpe and hugged trees as I spoke to heaven, I’d lapse into perfect understanding of the Spanish conversation with chess, guitars, singing, lived downstairs in an open-air small apt, artist of popping mushroom landscapes, traveled to Puerto Angel before, before, when the pig for dinner was slaughtered outside the pristine hotel, perfect water, a beach dwelling woman had her son take us the long walk to her precious cenote and a bush of orange blossoms suddenly took flight. You will become less and less contradictory. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel now! What are the implications of living in extremes? Words used … Others think it's all speculation. Psychologically free of the past or future. The dream usually ends with that realization, and it hurts you in your real and dream life. Even if you know that no one else is going to see what you’ve written, you might feel a bit weird or foolish about it. To be able to see what “is” you need to have a mind that is: You will see that when there is an observer separating himself from the thing he observes, there must inevitably be conflict. .-= flip´s last blog ..Convince Me to Go to India =-. Eckhart Tolle says “you are not your thoughts” because when we are in observation of our mind, you are the observer OF your thoughts, not the other way around. It takes practice. There is one physical world here on earth, but billions of different internal worlds. Witnessing the flow of mind: Witnessing your thoughts is a most important aspect of Yoga practice. Kristi A. DeName. Being an observer of your self requires that you be aware of very subtle emotions, impulses, feelings in your body, and behaviors. thanks so much Steve :)…I appreciate you adding your perspective to the post@Steve: It was pretty crazy. Thoughts are anything that moves on the screen of the mind. Thanks for kind words Javier, I am glad you could connect with the post. Later on I grew to embrace it because I realized it gave me a wider vision to perceive the world. In observing this internal movement as one and not separate you will see what “is” and the conflict will cease. In this way, you may be able to let some of your thoughts go, especially if they are small details that will not have a large impact on your … Only when you’re fully conscious of your thoughts and aware of what you can control are you able to challenge negative thinking. In the enlightened state, you still use your thinking mind when needed, but in a much more focused and effective way than before. I can make myself understood in Spanish, even philosophical ideas to the amazement of my male friends and, back in CA, once conducted a successful therapy with a little girl reared by grandparents, thought her mother was a sister, ’til Abuelito (?) Jill's blog, What Did You Do With Jill? You are very welcomed thanks for contributing to my site it was actually near Parral, Chihuahua @Twrl33 2eat: it is my pleasure…glad you liked it @SheDraws: It appeared that you replied to my query re your Mexican location but I can’t read it! Observe definition, to see, watch, perceive, or notice: He observed the passersby in the street. If nothing else, it gave me a deeper appreciation of our amazing brain that is capable of having thoughts about past, present and future–simultaneously! If we truly want to change we need to observe what “is” not “what should be”. This brings a peaceful state of mind, which allows the deeper aspects of meditation and … The problem is that we see these internal manifestations as being separate, this is where conflict arises. And there’s no sense in trying to hide things from Him. Thus they ignore it just to end up thinking more and more about the same person. This is not right. But, when you only observe your thoughts, where is the base? thanks so much luna wishing you a marvelous 2010 keep doing your thing @LunaJune: Probably that’s because traveling is so important. Synonyms: notice, see, note, mark More Synonyms of observe 3. verb If you observe that something is the case, you make a remark or comment about it, especially when it is something you have noticed and thought about a lot. What a wonderfully insightful article. Click here to get it on Amazon for only $3.99, Living From Presence: How To Really Enter The Present Moment, The Seven Functions of a Clear Mind by The Stoic Epictetus, Understanding Our Emotional Energy To Have Healthy Wealthy Happy Lives, Accomplishing Our Dreams By Saying No To Things That Don’t Matter, Beginners Mind: How To Be a Student of Life, How To Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying Life, How To Consciously Eat Your Way To Happiness, Just Start! You stop worrying that the thought means something deeper about who you are. thank you i appreciate you visiting my site @Dara Bell: thanks david really appreciate you taking the time to read it :)…glad you liked it@David: My two worlds seem to crash me onto the rocky shores of “I must stand up for what I believe” from the relative quiet of just a small way out to sea. thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts… This is very difficult to describe, you must observe these movements in yourself. It comes between you and yourself, between you and your fellow man and woman, between you and nature, between you and God.”. Would it stand up in court, or be dismissed as circumstantial? As it is, I would say about 80 to 90 percent of most people’s thinking is not only repetitive and useless, but because of its dysfunctional and often negative nature, much of it … Therefore, we are not our thoughts and emotions. Very insightful, I’ve come to understand many realizations these past few weeks, and you’ve made it easier to apply them with this article. Maybe “sublime” is an accurate description of it. In a sec, i broke the concept of observer and the observed. In order to return yourself to your meditation object requires you to be conscious that you have had a thought and that that thought is not your desired focus. .-= Brett – DareToExpress.com´s last blog ..Are You Up For the Presence Challenge?