There are plenty of others that are more serious. Will God adjust the path of the jetstream for us? Our prayer time is an opportunity to acknowledge the reality that God is responsible for the soul of another. Two weeks later, my friend ap… When we whisper quietly during our morning commute? So, Wilkinson says, chaos might give "space for God to work in unusual and specific ways within the scientific description of the world". And it's not because we need to talk louder or speak more clearly. Wilkinson cites influential philosophers like Voltaire, Spinoza and Hume, whose scepticism led to a 'de-miraclizing' of the New Testament. When we pray and heaven is silent, then we need to get silent too. And Jesus didn't really walk on water, it was just a sandbank and the disciples were a bit confused. Books like this help us to have confidence that whatever prayer is, it isn't a waste of time: God can act in the world and he is able to answer our prayers.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'christiantoday_com-banner-1','ezslot_4',119,'0','0'])); David Wilkinson's book When I Pray, What Does God Do? So for example, the 'miracle' of the loaves and fishes was really a miracle of sharing, because the example of the little boy who brought Jesus his food inspired others to do the same. And what about everyone who's really hoping for a bit of rain on their allotments? When we seek God in His Word, we start to yearn for more than what we want to hear. But we do … How great that God lets us contribute. Dora Pete. What we need is what God can do. Praying about your troubles will ease your load! But those are ordinary problems that everyone faces, and there are rich resources to help us in the Bible and in our fellowship with other Christians. We all wonder sometimes exactly what prayer achieves. Should evangelicals engage with Living in Love and Faith? When I pray, what does God do? In prayer you are praising Him for all that He has done and is yet to do. But we now know that the world doesn't operate like that at all. Prayer has the amazing power of making your world slow down. He also talk about the idea that prayer is just about changing the person who prays, rather than expecting God to do anything. Think about how amazing that is! David Wilkinson is the principal of St John's College, Durham and in a former life was an astrophysicist. Praying to God is an act of worship. We need to be still and know that he is God, and thank him for the opportunity to trust him. That's not irrelevant, because science is based on the idea that you can explain the world. C. Modern Story I originally went to seminary because I wanted to become equipped to do God's work. If we're honest, we have all asked it at one time or another. Stay up to date with the latest Christian news! It's this view that stems from the notion that miracles, in which God intervenes in the world to break the natural laws that he has created, are just impossible. But could we predict systems if we had a big enough computer? He warns against the 'slot machine of faith' idea, where if we just pray hard enough God will do what we ask, and the 'health and wealth' heresy that God wants us to be rich. In the Bible, God commands people, multiple times, to pray. This is what God has said he would most surely do. No, says Wilkinson. is available here. Every time you pray, God is listening. Predicting where, in the absence of friction, they'd all end up after one minute should be simple enough. It's ordered and orderly. If we're honest, we have all asked it at one time or another. The answer lies in understanding what prayer … Call to Action To predict their positions accurately we'd need to take into account effects as small as the gravitational attraction of an election on the very edge of our galaxy – and a computer bigger than the universe.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'christiantoday_com-box-4','ezslot_3',117,'0','0'])); This means that at the macro level as well as the micro, the idea that the world is fixed and predictable is just wrong, and that arguments against an interventionist God don't work. Again, he quotes John Polkinghorne, who says that chaos means that the world is open to the future: "This means that we can pray and God responds by working in the openness of a chaotic system.". But these examples are on the fringe of our worries about prayer. But why do we need to pray? But if God can overturn the rules of the world he's made, there's a problem. When you’ve been praying and praying about something, and yet God hasn’t answered, maybe it’s just not the right time for what you’re praying for. Or there's the super-spiritual person who regularly prays for a parking space and finds that God never lets her down. We pray because prayer is the antidote to anxiety. Registered in England and Wales 5090917, Christian Today, International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2BN, When prayer is hard: 10 Bible verses to help you talk to God, Pete Greig: Why I struggle with prayer but keep coming back for more, The Rosetta mission and the meaning of life: What space discovery tells us about our place in the universe, Trainee vicars to get science lessons to help them understand the modern world, Is there life on Mars? Prayer is still mysterious. How we pray for others is less important; that we prayed is most important. God … We are told in 1 John 5:14-15 to have confidence when we come to God in prayer, knowing He hears us and will grant whatever we ask as long as it is in His will. Sign up for Beliefnet's Salt and Light newsletter. "It is a world that is unpicturable, uncertain, and in which the cause of events cannot be fully specified.". 2:13). God is eagerly awaiting your prayers. Do we know what's happening? So, suggests Wilkinson, there's plenty of room for God to act, because the system isn't closed at all. To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. God is eager to take on your burden and love you the entire way! Second, it is the fact that God chooses the time to answer our prayers when we pray. Please click here to learn how. Quantum theory doesn't answer all our questions, Wilkinson says cautiously, but it "may be one dimension of how God works in the world". Again, this undermines Newton's idea that the world is predictable. Do we really know what's going on when we pray? We aren't sure how that works, either – does God just mark it with a sort of spiritual bollard? His own view is that claiming science rules out miracles is folly. Call to Action He also writes about 'chaos theory'. Survey reveals increasing support for defying church coronavirus restrictions. So what does God do when believers pray for one another? Praise God! But actually the system is chaotic. When you pray you are joining with all Christians past and present, lifting your voices to God in perfect harmony! Beliefnet is a lifestyle website providing feature editorial content around the topics of inspiration, spirituality, health, wellness, love and family, news and entertainment.