In 2019 she received the Changemaker Catalyst Award to research the role of Vernacular Architecture in retaining cultural identities, reducing costs and environmental impact in India. “Vernacular architecture is a perfect adaptation to the climate, materials, and resources,” notes Harrison. It is imperative to understand that the vernacular architecture of Indonesia is continuously evolving in sync with anthropology and everyday living. Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum. Though vernacular aspects are seemingly forgotten in modern architecture, certain architects have now started embracing regionalism and cultural building tradition. Buildings & Landscapes. Bhumika Shirole is a junior at Tulane majoring in Architecture with a minor in SISE. This research ties into her interest in Human Centered Design and Public Interest Design. With rapid technological advancements and urbanization, incorporating knowledge of vernacular construction has proved to be a step forward in terms of sustainable architecture. Buildings & Landscapes is the leading source for scholarly work on vernacular architecture of North America and beyond. Let’s understand the basic framework of traditional Indonesian architecture, and its incorporation by the architectural … Wooden architecture, earthen buildings, even one stone house-elements of Romania's very rich vernacular and ethnologic heritage-are exposed in Village Museum's open-air … The journal continues VAF’s tradition of scholarly publication going back to the first Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture in 1982. She is a 2018-2019 Taylor CM fellow. “It’s is a really smart place from which to start designing.” There are examples of vernacular buildings across the globe that demonstrate sustainable solutions to local conditions.